Fact Sheet Hochschule MannheimGeneral InformationName of InstitutionERASMUS CodeWebsiteInformation for Incoming studentsPresident of Hochschule MannheimAddressHochschule Mannheim (HSMA)Mannheim University of Applied SciencesD html (English)Information on our websiteInternational Student GuideProf. Dr. Astrid Hedtke-BeckerHochschule MannheimPaul-Wittsack-Str. 1068163 MannheimGermanyInternational OfficeHead of the International OfficeE-mailPhoneErasmus Institutional CoordinatorE-mailPhoneAssistance for incoming studentsE-mailPhoneMs Ann Mü[email protected] 49 621 292 6447Ms Nicole [email protected] 49 621 292 6876Ms Karin [email protected] 49 621 292 6588Academic Year 2021/2022Winter SemesterSemester dates: 1st September 2021 – 28th February 2022Classes begin: 28th September 2021Christmas break: 18th December 2021 – 9th January 2022Classes end: 21st January 2022Exam Period: 31st January 2022 – 18th February 2022Intensive German language course offered in September before classesstart.For more information about course dates and placement tests, please contactMs Katrin Heimerl, [email protected] SemesterSemester dates: 1st March 2022 – 31st August 2022Classes begin: 22nd March 2022Spring break: 7th June 2022 – 10th June 2022Classes end: 1st July 2022Exam Period: not published yetIntensive German language course at intermediate level: two weeks inMarch 2022 before classes begin.For more information about course dates and placement tests, please contactMs Katrin Heimerl, [email protected] Fact Sheet Hochschule MannheimLast Update: October 4, 2021

Erasmus Nomination ProcedurePlease send all nominations to [email protected]. Please provide the followinginformation in the nomination: Name of studentE-Mail address of studentStudy cycle of student (Bachelor or Master)Department of study at the Hochschule MannheimErasmus Application ProcedureStudents need to submit complete applications as one PDF document via e-mail to [email protected] by the respective deadlines listed below.The student application consists of: Application FormCurriculum vitaeLetter of motivationTranscript of recordsProof of knowledge of GermanProof of knowledge of English, if student is planning to take courses taught in EnglishErasmus Learning AgreementErasmus Application DeadlinesWinter SemesterSummer Semester31st May15th NovemberLiving in MannheimInformation about MannheimThe city of Mannheim is located in the federal state of BadenWürttemberg, where the rivers Rhine and Neckar converge. Theworld-famous Heidelberg is only a stone's throw away.Mannheim has roundabout 310,000 inhabitants. This makes it thethird largest city in Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart andKarlsruhe. Mannheim scores with many metropolitan qualities andhas a diverse cultural offering, but has retained a bit of small-towncharm. The chaos and anonymity of the big city are alien to her.AccomodationCost of livingMannheim is home to people from around 170 different nations.Diversity, acceptance and cosmopolitanism are values that areactively lived in Mannheim. Find out more: student residences operated by Studierendenwerk Mannheim(Approx. 200-425 /month)Min. 700,- /monthVisa requirementsEU nationalsNon-EU nationalsNo visa requiredFor information on visa requirements students can check with ourFederal Foreign Office.2

Health insuranceAll students in Germany must have health insurance. For more information see our InternationalStudent Guide.EU nationalsIn most cases, EU nationals have an EHIC (European HealthInsurance Card) and do not need to take out additional healthinsurance in Germany.Non-EU nationalsNon-EU nationals should check if they are sufficiently insured.Language of instructionGermanEnglishMost courses in our study degrees are taught in German.Intensive German language classes are offered at ourLanguage Center before classes begin.Certain departments of the university offer courses in English,please see course catalogue below.Departments & Departmental CoordinatorsBiotechnologyBiotechnologieDepartment websiteElectrical EngineeringElektrotechnikDepartment websiteDesignGestaltungDepartment websiteComputer ScienceInformatikDepartment websiteInformation TechnologyInformationstechnikDepartment websiteMechanical EngineeringMaschinenbauDepartment websiteSocial WorkSozialwesenDepartment websiteChemical Process EngineeringVerfahrens- und ChemietechnikDepartment websiteEngineering and ManagementWirtschaftsingenieurwesenDepartment websiteProf. Dr. Karin [email protected] 49 621 292 6812Prof. Dr. Martin [email protected] 49 621 292 6522Prof. Kai [email protected] 49 621 292 6844Prof. Dr. Markus [email protected] 49 621 292 6246Prof. Dr. Mark HastenteufelContact person for Bachelor [email protected] 49 621 292 6546Prof. Dr. Eckart KörnerContact person for Master [email protected] 49 621 292 6552Prof. Dr. S. [email protected] 49 621 292 6201Prof. Dr. Katharina Mü[email protected] 49 621 292 6724Prof. Dr. Werner [email protected] 49 621 292 6805Ms Sarah Onigbanj[email protected] 49 621 292 6409Prof. Dr. Stephan [email protected] 49 621 292 60893

Course CatalogueBiotechnologyBiotechnologieBachelor courses, description in German:Bachelor Biologische ChemieBachelor BiotechnologieMaster courses, description in English:Master BiotechnologyElectrical EngineeringElektrotechnikBachelor courses, description in German:Bachelor ElektrotechnikBachelor courses, description in English:Bachelor Electrical EngineeringMaster courses, description in German:Master ElektrotechnikMaster MechatronikBachelor and Master IngenieurpädagogikDesignGestaltungBachelor courses, description in German:Bachelor KommunikationsdesignMaster courses, description in German:Master KommunikationsdesignComputer ScienceInformatikBachelor courses, description in German:Bachelor Cyber SecurityBachelor InformatikBachelor Medizinische InformatikBachelor Unternehmens- und WirtschaftsinformatikMaster courses, description in German:Master InformatikInformation TechnologyInformationstechnikBachelor courses, description in German:Bachelor Informationstechnik/ElektronikBachelor MedizintechnikBachelor Technische InformatikBachelor Mechatronik (Schwerpunkt Mechatronik in der Elektronik)Master courses, description in German:Master Informationstechnik und MedizintechnikMaster courses, description in English:Master in Information TechnologyMechanical EngineeringMaschinenbauInternational semester, courses in EnglishBachelor courses, description in German:Bachelor MaschinenbauBachelor Mechatronik (Schwerpunkt Mechatronik im Maschinenbau)Master courses, description in German:Master MaschinenbauSummer School6-week summer school (May to June) with courses in English, moreinformation can be found here.4

Course Catalogue continuedSocial WorkSozialwesenBachelor courses, description in German:Bachelor Soziale ArbeitMaster courses, description in German:Master Soziale ArbeitChemical Process EngineeringVerfahrens- und ChemietechnikBachelor courses, description in German:Bachelor Chemische TechnikBachelor Nachhaltige Technische ProzesseBachelor VerfahrenstechnikMaster courses, description in German:Master Verfahrens- und ChemietechnikEngineering and ManagementWirtschaftsingenieurwesenBachelor courses, description in German and English:Bachelor WirtschaftsingenieurwesenBachelor Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen International (Engineering andManagement International)Master courses, description in German and English:Master Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen5

Living in Mannheim Information about Mannheim The city of Mannheim is located in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, where the rivers Rhine and Neckar converge. The world-famous Heidelberg is only a stone's throw away. Mannheim has roundabout 310,000 inhabitants. This makes it the th