Customer number:0 4 8 0Koelnmesse GmbHPostfach 21076050532 KölnGermanyTel 49 221 821 2868Fax 49 221 821-3099e-mail:[email protected] Applicationfor group organizersMust be returned. Valid only in conjunctionwith filled out list of goods (form 1.30/1.31)!25.- 29.08.202121.1 Adress*( service recipient on invoice):Company/Name:Stand construction2.1 Stand construction by Koelnmesse requested?noyes3Advertising spaces3.1 Are you interested in advertising spaces on the de,P.O. Box:Postcode,town:State,country:4Further information4.1 Is there a different invoice or correspondence recipient?yes (please submit form 1.11)noPhone:Data Protection Notice:e-mail:Internet:*These information will be published in all lists of exhibitors.Owner/Managing Director:MsMrCorrespondence der the letter:Contact person for the event is:MrMsTel.:Cell:e-mail:1.3 We are registered with the:Commercial registerAt theMagistrate Court in:CommercialRegister no.:1.4 Turnover tax ID number (VAT):(Required information for companies from EU countries)1.5 We belong to the following associations:You can read our Data Protection Notice in the complete participationdocuments and at any time would like to stay in touch with you in the future, in order to keepyou appropriately informed of events and similar services. That's whywe would like to ask for your consent to contact via electronic media. I hereby permit Koelnmesse GmbH, as well as its responsiblesubsidiary abroad and its commercial agents, to send me informationby e-mail about future similar trade fairs/events/platforms that areorganized in Germany and abroad. A list of the subsidiaries andcommercial agents of Koelnmesse GmbH, as well as further detailsabout data protection, can be found in the complete documentcontaining the participation documents. It can also be accessed at anytime at can withdraw my consent at any time in the future (by sending an email to [email protected]).We would like to pass your information on to the conceptual sponsorof gamescom, game - the German Games Industry Association e.V., sothat they can also contact you with information on events.Declaration of consent to the transfer of data to other companiesand to their contacting you: I consent to the transfer of my data to the conceptual sponsor ofgamescom, game - Association of the German Games Industry e.V.and its member organisations and to being contacted with advertisingby these companies. I can withdraw my consent at any time in thefuture (by sending an e-mail to [email protected]).By signing and returning the application form, we acknowledge thatthe General and the Special Sections of Koelnmesse GmbH’sConditions of Participation as well as the General Terms andConditions Services, the Terms of Use - Digital Services (hybrid) andthe current safety measures #B-SAFE4business are binding for ourcompany.The details you have filled in on form 1.10 concerning the billingaddress are binding. Please fill out the document 1.11 for a differentinvoice address.Only valid in conjunction with filled out list of goods (form1.30/1.31)!The registration of the individual group participants will take placesubsequently via an Excel sheet provided by Koelnmesse.Place, date, legally binding signature and company stamp of the group organizer

1.10//221.12Name of group organizer:Customer number:0 4 8 02Standwunsch (Mindeststandgrößeentertainmentarea / open: 1225m-2) 29 August2021We orderthe followingstand area at a price of (excluding VAT):2.1entertainmentareaWir bestellen folgende Standfläche zum Preis von(zzgl.Mehrwertsteuer):Standrental(stand construction by exhibitor)Fläche in m2Frontbreitein m min areaSpace entertainmentmaxTiefein sqmmminmaxArea inBei Anmeldung bis einschließlich 17.02.2014Frontal width in metresminmaxStandmieteStandart:Depth in metresminEckstand Reihenstand maxbis 150 m2126,00 Euro / m2132,00 Euro / m2222bis500m111,00Euro/mPlease choose the desired stand format! 116,00 Euro / mKopfstandBlockstand pricepermsqm2bis 150137,00 Euro / m2143,00 Euro / m222bis 500 m121,00 Euro / m126,00 Euro / m2501 – 1.000 m2106,00 Euro / m2111,00 Euro / m2ab 1.001 m285,00 Euro / m290,00 Euro / m2Application2.2 business genuntil 29.04.2021Stand formatfrom 30.04.2021für die business area!Terraceupto150sqm143.00 158.00 Eine Flächenbuchung in der business area ist nurin areamöglich.standup to 500 sqm 126.50 141.50 Unternehmen ohne endverbraucherrelevante Produkte sindvon dieserCornerstandRegelungup to 150ausgenommensqm 149.50 (vgl. Besondere164.50Teilnahme bedingungen Pkt. 3).up to 500 sqm 132.50 147.50 Two-cornerupfolgendeto 150 sqm154.50 zum Preis 169.50Wir bestellenStandflächevon (zzgl. Mehrwertsteuer):stand151-500 sqm 138.00 153.00 135.50 Standart: 501-1.000 sqm 120.50 from1.001sqm97.00 112.00 Eigener Standbauin derstandbusinessareaden Hallendem AusIslandup to150insqm162.004 und 5 ist 177.00 stellerdie Errichtung von Besprechungskabinen mit eigenem Standsqm 143.50158.50 151-500bau gestattet.Bitte beachtenSie die Regularien.501-1.000 sqm 126.50 Fläche in m2from 1.001 sqm 102.00 Frontbreite in m minmax141.50 117.00 Bei Anmeldung nach dem 17.02.2014Outdoor space: Reihenstand Eckstand promotionalspacein inadditionto a minstand in the entertainmentarea apply specialFor 150bookingoutdoorspacebism2 an area at the141,00Euro/ m2as an additional147,00 Euro / theoutsidemay notbe /biggerbis500 m2 The space booked126,00Euro/ m2 area131,00Eurom2 than the stand in the entertainment area.Flächenmiete: 83,00 Euro/m² Kopfstand 2 Blockstand 2until 29.04.2021 from 30.04.2021Application(Preis gilt für Aussteller mit endverbraucherrelevantenArea150in sqmbism2152,00 Euro / m158,00 Euro / mProduktenund einer Fläche in69.00der entertainmentarea)Outdoor space 74.00 bis 500 m2136,00 Euro / m2141,00 Euro / m2222Flächenmiete:126,00Euro/m²501 – 1.000 m121,00 Euro / m126,00 Euro / m2(Preisfür Aussteller area):ohne endverbraucherrelevanteAdditionalall exhibitorsownstandconstructionin thegiltentertainmentab 1.001 costsm2 (valid for 100,00Euro / mwith105,00Euro/ m2Produkte und keiner Fläche in der entertainment area)Additional to the above-mentioned stand prices it will be charged:Doppelgeschoss- 0.60Euro/sqm AUMA feeSpätbucherzuschlag nach dem 17.02.2014: 15,00 Euro / m2DoppelgeschossigeStandbauweise- 10.00Euro/sqm flat-rateenergy fee vorgesehen:- downpaymentfor services (see Item 3.4, Special Participation Conditions)Standbau durch Koelnmesse GmbH: ja nein- obligatorymarketingPackage) (see Item 8.2, Special ParticipationConditions) and2Obergeschoss:46,00servicesEuro / m(DigitalBesprechungskabine- VATin der business area für Aussteller mitUniversitäten, Fachhochschulen und Bildungseinrichtungen:endverbraucherrelevanten Produktenbusinessareabis/ open:25 - 27August 2021Bei Anmeldungeinschließlich17.02.2014171,00 Euro/m2 12 m² – 20 tionwithbookingastandareaintheentertainmentarea. Companies164,00Euro/m2StandmieteStandart: 20 m²:without products eTermsofParticipation,SpecialSection,Item 3) andSpätbucherzuschlagbeiReihenstandEckstand Anmeldung nach dem 17.02.2014:15,00 Euro/m2have to pay a surcharge of 500,00Euro.73,00 Euro/ m280,00 Euro / m2 Kopfstand 2 Blockstand 2BesprechungskabineEuro/ m of (excluding91,00 VAT):Euro / mWe order the following stand85,00area ata pricein der business area für Aussteller ohne endverbraucherSpacebusiness nacharea dem 17.02.2014BeiAnmeldungrelevante 2 12 m² – 20 m²:2Area in sqm 20m²:208,00Euro/mReihenstandEckstand until 29.04.2021from30.04.2021 83,00 Euro / m290,00 Euro / m2Spätbucherzuschlag bei.withstandinthe94.00 109.00 Frontal width in metresminmaxAnmeldung nach dem 17.02.2014:15,00 Euro/m2 Kopfstand 2 Blockstand 2entertainmentarea95,00Depth in metresmin Euro / mmax101,00 Euro / mBitte.reichenzusätzlichwithoutSiestandin the das entsprechende143.00 158.00 Freigelände:Bestellformular (S.13a, S.13b) ein.entertainmentarea*Pleasethe desired standformat!Für chooseeine Flächenbuchungauf demFreigelände als zusätzlicheDer Standbau erfolgt durch die Koelnmesse GmbH.Promotionfläche neben einem Stand in der entertainment area* Surchargefor companies withoutstandin thearea:gelten spezielleKonditionen.DieFlächeaufentertainmentdem 014: 15,00Eurostand/ m2Type of stand:TerraceCorner500.00darf Euronicht größer als der Stand in der entertainment area sein.Zuschlag für UnternehmenohnestandendverbraucherrelevanteTwo cornerIsland standAnmeldung bis einschließlich 17.02.2014Produkte: 500,00 EuroFreifläche: 61,00 Euro/m²Additionalcosts(validall exhibitors with own stand constructionNebenkosten:in the business area):Anmeldungnachdemfor17.02.2014Preisezzgl. MwSt und 0,60 Euro/m² icesitwillbechargedFreifläche: 66,00 Euro/m²Die Energiekosten betragen 7,50 Euro pro m² belegte Stand- 0.60 Euro/sqm AUMA feefläche als anteilige Energiekostenpauschale.Nebenkosten:- 10.00Euro/sqm flat-rate energy fee- downfor undservicesItemAUMA-Gebühr.3.4, Special Participation Conditions)Die Nebenkosten-Abschlagszahlung (NKA) für ServicePreisepaymentzzgl. MwSt0,60(seeEuro/m²- obligatorymarketingservices7,50(Digital(see Item8.2, Special ParticipationConditions)Leistungen wirdauf Basisandder angerechneten Leistungen derDie EnergiekostenbetragenEuro Package)pro m² belegteStandVorveranstaltungerhoben.- VATfläche als anteilige Energiekostenpauschale.Für Aussteller, die an der Vorveranstaltung nicht teilgenommenDie Nebenkosten-Abschlagszahlung (NKA) für Servicehaben, beträgt die Abschlagszahlung 550,00 Euro netto.Leistungen wird auf Basis der angerechneten Leistungen derVorveranstaltung erhoben.Für Aussteller, die an der Vorveranstaltung nicht teilgenommenhaben, beträgt die Abschlagszahlung 550,00 Euro netto.Declaration according to Item 3 of the Conditions of Participation, Special SectionIf a stand in the business area without the occupation of a stand in the entertainment area is requested, please confirm the following:We confirm that we do not possess any end-user relevant products for the entertainment area and hereby declare that we agree to pay theflat-rate surcharge in the amount of 500.00 Euro due in such a case to Koelnmesse GmbH.

Customer number:0 4 8 0Name of main exhibitor:Koelnmesse GmbHPostfach 21076050532 KölnGermanyTel 49 221 821 2868Fax 49 221 global1Enclosure to the applicationfor main exhibitorInvoice address /Address forcorrespondence25. - 29.08.2021Invoice addressIf the invoice should be sent to an address other than the onegiven in Form 1.10( service recipient), please enter it below:Language of correspondence:GermanEnglishCompany/Name: (give legal status such as “Limited”, “Corporation” etc.)PO no.:Street:Postcode,town:Postcode,P.O. Box:Postcode,town:State,country:Please note:The registered company will be obliged to settle the invoice if therecipient of the invoice fails to effect payment.Phone:e-mail:21.11Address for correspondenceIf correspondence should be sent to an address other than theone given in Form 1.10, please enter it below:The invoice information you provide are bindingly and laterchanges will be charged with a fee of 100 Euro per modification.(See article 3.9 Conditions of Participation Special Section)Language of correspondence:GermanEnglishCompany/Name: (give legal status such as “Limited”, “Corporation” etc.)Contact:MrStreet:Postcode,town:Postcode,P.O. , date, legally binding signature and company stamp of the main exhibitorMsFunction:Tel.:Fax:email:Please note:You can read our Data Protection Notice in the completeparticipation documents and at any time

Customer number:0 4 8 0Name of main exhibitor:Koelnmesse GmbHPostfach 21076050532 KölnGermanyTel 49 221 821 2868Fax 49 221 globalList of GoodsMust be returned by– Main exhibitor– Co-exhibitor– Additionally represented companiesPlease fill in and return with your application.1.3025. - 29.08.2021Name of co-exhibitor / additionally represented company: (Pleasefill in a separate List of Goods for each company)Please note:This directory of products shall not be considered the basis forautomatic entry in the directory of products in the official fairmedia. Our official contractual Partners will provide you with allorder information and documents for the marketing Servicesoffered.Global OpportunitiesPlease indicate your interest to exhibit at any of the following Koelnmesse portfolio events:gamescom asia, 14.-17. October 2021, SingaporePlease tick the List of Goods and target/sales markets. (Please tick the appropriate products you intent to show at the exhibition)Our target/sales markets are:AfricaThe AmericasUSASouth AfricaWest AfricaCanadaEast AfricaMexicoNorth AfricaColombiaBrazilOthers Central AmericaOthers South AmericaAsiaChinaJapanSouth East AsiaIndiaMiddle EastEuropeWestern EuropeNorthern EuropeSouthern EuropeRussiaTurkeyOthers Eastern EuropeOceaniaAustraliaNew ZealandOthers OceaniaPlease note that direct sales of exhibits or samples from the booths are not permitted. This regulation does not apply to exhibitors who areexhibiting merchandise products in the merchandise area (see form esPCConsolesHandheldsTabletsMobile phones/smart phonesNetbooks/NotebooksAugmented RealityMixed RealityVirtual Reality (VR)Mobile VRComponents/AccessoriesMonitorsProjectorsInput peripherals (joysticks, mice, trackballs,microphones, gamepads, remote controls etc.)Portable VR TechnologiesLoudspeakersDrivesGraphics cardsSound cardsControllersKeyboardsSteering wheels/pedalsDisplaysMemory CardsAdaptersNetworks/serverseToysMedia duplicators/blank 10103/020103/030HeadphonesOtherGaming-ChairsCare, cleaning, repairCare/cleaningRepair/maintenanceFoil/special /020203/030203/040203/050203/060Entertainment (Games)Action/AdventureJump and RunRacing gamesRole-playing ily EntertainmentEdutainmentLearning softwareSchool softwareLanguagesChildren’s softwareOnline edutainmentInfotainmentDigital photography, image processingCartography/travelHome useMusicDesktop utilitiesFilm/TV processing

1.30 / 2Name of co-exhibitor / additionally /030204/040204/050204/060205/000205/010Online Infotainment/Home BusinessDevelopmentDeveloper in generalDeveloper PCDeveloper consolesDeveloper handheldsMiddlewareOther servicesOther softwareOther 301/050301/060eSportseSportseSports organizereSports leagueeSports associationeSports facility providerSports marketerTraining and further education401/000Training and further education401/010 Training institutions401/020 Educational institutions401/030 UniversitiesAssociations/public institutions501/000Associations/public institutions501/010 Ministeries501/020 Associations/clubs501/030 Initiatives501/040 OrganisationsService providers601/000Service providers601/010 Agencies601/020 Merchandising agencies601/030 Merchandising licensees601/040 Consulting/other services601/050 Shopfitting601/060 Media packaging601/070 Pressing plants601/080 Payment services601/090 ChancelleryMedia, telecommunications and internet701/000Telecommunications and internet701/010 Telecomms content providers701/020 Internet service providers701/030 Internet content providers701/040 App Stores/Downloadportals701/050 Network operator701/060 Telecomms provider702/000Media702/010 Publishing houses702/020 Print media702/030 Media events702/040 Videos702/050 DVDs702/060 Online media702/070 Social networkOther801/010Food supplements for gamersCustomer number:0 4 8 0

Conditions of ParticipationSpecial Section1Organiser, event, venue and dates,visitor admission1.1 Titlegamescom is being organised by Koelnmesse GmbH, Messeplatz 1, 50679Cologne, Germany. The conceptual sponsor is game - the German GamesIndustry Association e.V.The marks 30 2017 028 979.0, wordmark: GAMESCOM and 30 2017 028980.4 word/design mark (in the following referred to as "gamescom brands")are registered for the benefit of game.Gamescom will be held at the Cologne Exhibition Centre fromWednesday, 25 August to Sunday, 29 August 2021.gamescomCologne, 25 - 29 August 20213.1 have to be fully vacated by 24.08.2021 at 07:00 a.m. From this point on, itis no longer possible to make further deliveries with vehicles nor use thelogistic areas of hall 3.1. Dismantling in the business area is possible fromFriday, 27 August 2021, 08:00 p.m. and has to be finished on Sunday, 29August 2021 at 12:00 p.m./midnight.Please note the following hall opening times in the business area during thebuild up and dismantling period of gamescom:Build up business area / halls 2-4,1120.08.2021: 06:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m./midnight21.08. - 23.08.2021: 00:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m./midnight24.08.2021: 00:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.Dismantling business area / halls 2-4,1127.08.2021: 08:00 p.m. - 12:00 p.m./midnight28.08. - 29.08.2021: 00:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m./midnight1.2 Opening hoursentertainment area:Wednesday, 25 August 2021*Thursday, 26 August 2021**Friday, 27 August 2021**Saturday, 28 August 2021Sunday, 29 August 2021business area:25 August 202126 – 27 August 202128 – 29 August 202109:00 a.m. – 07:00 p.m.09:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.09:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.09:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.09:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.09:00 a.m. – 07:00 p.m.09:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.will remain closed* Trade Visitors and Media Day. The organiser can grant access to a limitednumber of private visitors on Wednesday.**Admission for private visitors from 10:00 a.m. The organiser can grantaccess to a limited number of private visitors on Wednesday andThursday from 09:00 a.m.1.3 Stand build up and dismantlingentertainment area: Stand build up may begin in the entertainment area at06:00 a.m. on Sunday, 15 August 2021. Build up must be completed by nolater than 06:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 24 August 2021. The aisles must becompletely cleared by this time. Dismantling of the exhibition stand and thegoods presentation may not begin before the end of the event at 08:00 p.m.on Sunday, 29 August 2021. Admission for dismantling personnel from 08:00p.m. Trucks will be permitted to enter from 10:00 p.m. Dismantling of allstands and exhibits in halls 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 must be finished by 12:00 p.m./midnight on Tuesday, 31 August 2021.Please note the following hall opening times in the entertainment area duringthe build up and dismantling period of gamescom:Build up entertainment area / halls 5 - 1015.08. - 20.08.2021:06:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m./midnight21.08. - 23.08.2021:00:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m./midnight24.08.2021:00:00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m.Dismantling entertainment area / halls 5 - 1029.08.2021:08:00 p.m. - 12:00 p.m./midnight30.08. - 31.08.2021:00:00 p.m. - 12:00 p.m./midnightDismantling outdoor spaces29.08.2021:05:00 p.m. - 08:00 area: In the business area you can start stand build up at 06:00 a.m.on Friday, 20 August 2021 and have to be finished on Tuesday, 24 August 2021at 06:00 p.m. The aisles must be completely cleared by this time.Note: All construction activities in the outdoor and logistic areas of hall 3.1have to be completed one day before (23.08.2021 at 08:00 p.m.) the otherconstruction activities area completed. The outdoor and logistic areas of hallPlease note that the dismantling deadlines are mandatory and must thereforebe observed. Depending on the hall in question, all stands and exhibits mustbe completely dismantled by 12 midnight on 29 or 31 August. Moreover, all ofthe stand construction materials and other objects must have been completlyremoved from the halls and the outdoor area by these deadlines. Koelnmessewill remove and destroy all materials and objects that remain in the halls orthe outdoor area after these deadlines and do so at the respective exhibitor'srisk and expense. Koelnmesse can store such objects in exceptional cases,provided the items left at the exhibition centre are obviously valuable.Koelnmesse's further claims remain unaffected. Claims of whatever kindagainst Koelnmesse, and in particular claims for damages, are excluded in suchcases.The exhibitor is liable to Koelnmesse for any damages arising as a result offailure to observe these provisions. Should claims be made againstKoelnmesse as a result of failure to observe these provisions the exhibitorexempts Koelnmesse from all such claims.Koelnmesse is entitled to demand payment of a security in the amount of 5,000.00 to be refunded after the correct and timely return of the area;there is no entitlement to payment of interest. This security is to guaranteeclaims arising from the contractual relationship, in particular regarding thetimely clearing of the stand area.Furthermore, late clearing of the stand area is a serious violation of theConditions of Participation. In the event of any violation of this condition,Koelnmesse is entitled to impose a fine of up to 2,500.00 (depending on theseverity of the violation) for each such violation and / or to exclude theexhibitor from subsequent events.1.4 Visitor admissionThe exhibition is open to the general public. The business area is only open totrade visitors and media representatives. Children are allowed to visitgamecom without somebody s company as from 12 years.2Eligibility to participate2.1 ExhibitorsOnly manufacturers that are entered in the Commercial Register or in theHandicrafts Register are permitted to participate at gamescom. Suchproducers must exhibit products that correspond to the focus of the event(see the list of products). You may only participate as an exhibitor if theexhibited products are manufactured or developed by your company itself ordeveloped or produced on its behalf and exclusively marketed or, in the caseof services, exclusively provided by your company.You can exhibit for the companies you represent as a Commercialrepresentative, sales company, association and importer insofar as the goodsexhibited are not offered by any other company at the trade fair and youpossess the necessary rights to present the exhibits.Koelnmesse also requires that proof of the nature of the manufacturer’sbusiness or of the activities as the manufacturer’s sales company or importer

2Conditions of Participation Special Sectionbe submitted in appropriate form on demand.Decisions on company admissions, eligible products and the location ofexhibitor stands will be made by Koelnmesse. In the event of a rejection, youwill receive a separate letter.All exhibited products and services must correspond to the focus of the event.See the accompanying list of products, form 1.30/1.31. The products must benew ex-works. Products and services that do not correspond to the list ofproducts and used products may not be exhibited or offered.2.2 Co-exhibitorsThe participation of co-exhibitors and / or additionally represented companiesat gamescom is possible. A special application and an acceptance by theorganiser are required for the use of the stand area by a co-exhibitor (see ItemV of the General Conditions of Participation).2.3 Group participationThe participation of group participants in the gamescom is possible. A specialapplication (Form 1.12) and approval by the group organizer is required for theuse of the stand area by a group participant (see Item V of the General Sectionof the Conditions of Participation).3Participation fees and other costsand 3.3) plus the obligatory marketing services (Digital Package); seeItem 8.2, Special Participation area:Only companies being located with an own stand area in the entertainmentarea can allocate a stand area as main- or co-exhibitor in the business area.Co-exhibitors represented in the entertainment area not entitled to bookspace in the business area. Companies without end user related products areexempt from this regulation.This application form includes a written declaration that enables companiesnot carrying end user related products (companies which do not produce/manufacture Products sold to end user under an own label/name, such asdevelopers, distributors, service enterprises, etc.) and not renting space in theentertainment area to book space in the business area. In order to do so, thewritten declaration must be submitted and a flat-rate surcharge of 500.00Euro must be paid. Co-exhibitors who are only located in the business area arealso obliged to pay this surcharge. Exceptions to this rule can only bepermitted if specifically applied for. In case you show end user relatedproducts on your stand in the business area without booking a stand in theentertainment area we reserve the right to exclude the products from yourstand.As an exhibitor in the business area you can expect the following costs:3.1 Participation feeAs an exhibitor you can expect the following costs:Stand rental feeentertainment areaOn application by 29 April 2021:Stand rental feeup to 150 sqmup to 500 sqmStand rental feeup to 150 sqmup to 500 sqm501 –1.000 sqmfrom 1.001 sqmTerrace stand(1 side open)143.00 Euro / sqm126.50 Euro / sqmCorner stand(2 sides open)149.50 Euro / sqm132.50 Euro / sqmTwo corner stand(3 sides open)154.50 Euro / sqm138.00 Euro / sqm120.50 Euro / sqm97.00 Euro / sqmIsland stand(4 sides open)162.00 Euro / sqm143.50 Euro / sqm126.50 Euro / sqm102.00 Euro / sqmThese prices are valid by application until 29 April 2021.We charge an addition of 15.00 Euro/sqm by booking from 30 April 2021.Two-storey 48.00 Euro / sqmOutdoor spaceOutdoor spaceby 29.04.2021from 30.04.202169.00 Euro / sqm74.00 Euro / sqmThe participation fee does not include the provision of stand partitionwalls or other special construction elements.The following costs are valid for exhibitors with consumer relevant productsand their own space in the entertainment area:On application by 29 April 2021:94.00 Euro/sqmFor registration from 30 April 2021: 109.00 Euro/sqmThe following costs are valid for exhibitors without consumer relevantproducts and no space in the entertainment area:On application by 29 April 2021:143.00 Euro/sqmOn application from 30 April 2021: 158.00 Euro/sqmSurcharge for companies without end user related products: 500.00 EuroPrices do not include VAT, flat-rate energy fee (in the amount of 10.00Euro/sqm) and AUMA fee (in the amount of 0.60 Euro/sqm; s. item 3.2and 3.3) plus the obligatory marketing services (Digital Package); seeItem 8.2, Special Participation Conditions.Supplement:The stand area or space rented by an exhibitor in the business area may onlymeasure up to 1.5 times the size of the exhibitor’s rented stand area in theentertainment area. This does not apply to stand areas of under 20 sqm; insuch a case, the area in the business area may be up to a maximum of doublethe area rented in the entertainment area.If a stand in the business area is desired, companies with consumer-relatedproducts have to book a space in the entertainment area as well. This excludescompanies that offer exclusively pure merchandising products.The participation fee covers the rental of exhibition space for the entireduration of the fair, including the stipulated build up and dismantling periods;a specific number of exhibitor and stand construction passes – see Item 5.1;the use of all technical and service facilities in the exhibition halls; advice byKoelnmesse experts on organization, advertising and public relations work foryour participation; complimentary materials for visitor advertising; rooms forpress conferences; and press contact services.outdoor space:For booking an area at the outdoor space as an additional promotional spacein addition to a stand in the entertainment area apply the following specialconditions. The space booked in the outside area may not be bigger than thestand in the entertainment area.For two-storey exhibition stands, the actual allotted area in the upper storeyfollowing the technical inspection is calculated at. 48.00 Euro/sqm.Outdoor area:On application by 29 April 2021:On application from 30 April 2021:The participation fee will be calculated according to the dimensions of thestand area allocated. Hall pillars and other fixed construction elementspresent in the rented stand area do not provide grounds for a reduction in theparticipation fee.Prices do not include VAT, flat-rate energy fee (in the amount of 10.00Euro/sqm) and AUMA fee (in the amount of 0.60 Euro/sqm; s. item 3.2and 3.3) plus the obligatory marketing services (Digital Package); seeItem 8.2, Special Participation Conditions.Prices do not include VAT, flat-rate energy fee (in the amount of 10.00Euro/sqm) and AUMA fee (in the amount of 0.60 Euro/sqm; s. item 3.269.00 Euro/sqm74.00 Euro/sqm

Conditions of Participation Special Section3.2 AUMA feeThe Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (Ausstellungs- undMesseausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft e. V. – AUMA) charges you a fee of0.60 Euro per sqm of exhibition space for representing your interests.Koelnmesse will calculate

50532 Köln Germany Tel 49 221 821 2868 Fax 49 221 821-3099 e-mail: [email protected] Enclosure to the application for main exhibitor Invoice address /Address for correspondence 1 Invoice address If the invoice should be sent to an address other than the one