The 2020 Academic year Covid 19 expenses for safety and security Maintenance: trees cut down, plumbing before DID came in forrepairs Due to loss in School fee Income during Covid 19, DPS no longer has anest egg/surplus funds New gas stoves in Hospitality Studies New MTN Computer Lab – No cost to DPS On-line classes, drive through for collection of work sheets, reportcards, paper and printing and goods for ‘at home teaching’. School readiness 2021 stationery packs

Origin and Governing of School FeesNew SGB Elections 2021Please give your name forward for elections before the close of school 15 December 2020 at reception or send an e-mail to:[email protected] do School Fees come from and why are they a priority debt? Priority debt because it is Governed by South African Schools Act 84 of 1996 Responsibilities of governing body: section 36: State has to provide as per Chapter 4, section 34 of SASA. Section 39: School fees at public schools Section 40: Parent’s liability for payment of school fees Section 41: Enforcement of payment of school fees(1) A parent is liable to pay school fees determined in terms of section 39 unless or to the extent that he or she has been exempted from payment in“(1) A yofschoolbya publicprocessfeesschoolmayof lawbemustdeterminedenforcetake allthereasonablepaymentand chargedofmeasuresschoolat a publicfeeswithinbyschoolparentsits meansonlywhoif toa resolutionaresupplementliable dopted40bybythea majorityState in ofterms of this Act.”order toattendingparentsimprove n sectionby38the(2).”school to all learners at the school.”

Grant received from Department of EducationAcademic Grant R 4 951 800What can the funds be used for: Transport Grant: Transport costs, new vehicles,LTSMinsurance of vehicles, petrol, repairs and maintenanceof vehicles Nutrition Grant: Ring-fenced for Nutrition scheme only.MaintenanceServicesDaily food, weekly food parcels, holiday food parcelsand Santa Shoe boxes SSRC Grant: Expenses according to the business planhanded in for the Special Schools Resource Centre.Grade R Grant: Ring-fenced for Grade R only.12%50%38%

Income & ExpenseGDEItem SGBGDE SGBSchool FundsSchool FundsIncomeR 13 000 000R 15 000 000R 28 000 000ExpensesR 10 400 000R 15 800 000R 26 000 000BalanceR 2 600 000R – 800 000The R 2 600 000 is ringfenced and can not beused to pay expense.The R -800 000 is adeficit and a directshortfall on expenses.

Monthly Overheads To keep the doors openExpenses are items like (Annualized)Monthly Costs for2020R 832 140No academic expensesare includedSalariesR 525 000Services R 125 000Maintenance R 60 000Lease agreements R 80 000Other Costs R 42 140ExpensesExpensesSGBGDEAcademicExpensesHuman ResourcesR 81 288343 893292Finance ExpensesMaintenance ExpensesDay to Day ExpensesR 7 136 298R 1 857 055R 134 830Computers & ElectronicsSGB MaintenanceR 302 140R 32 000SGBSportGradeR ExpensesR 234123 798400Transport ExpensesR 3 564 470Nutrition ExpensesR 65 000TotalSSRC ExpenseExpensesSGBRR 15184826150819Day to Day ExpensesR 2 575 434

Payments needed monthlyExemptions: 2020Protected by Law – same law that governs charge of schoolfees. No compensation due to grant calculationPrimary School 24 %High School 18,77%Total amount ofExemptions 202043%R 4 612 151Includes Wards of the state, SassaR 1 370 270Grants & Foster CareR207340172%Avg payment perlearnerlearners’ school fees has tobe paid monthlyIs the percentage of learners’needing to pay

Payments needed monthlyHandovers: 2020Parents refusing to pay or have not applied for exemption, etcNew Hand overs 54Repeat offenders 76Exemptions 42,79%Non Payers 22,93%Total learners paying13066% 4,7m34.28%R207340172%Avg payment perlearnerlearners’ school fees has tobe paid monthlyIs the percentage of learners’needing to pay

No Fee School? Still need to form a SGB with all theSGB Staff 34 of 98 staff (34,69%)allocated functions except being able toPsychologistscharge school fees and purchase own5-3text books, stationery etc. GDE Officials that can not makepractical exams due to not receivingpetrol money. No pay-slips due to noTherapists &Social Worker20-321521-12914-8614-212Administration &Support Staffpaper etc. We’ll have to wait for delivery from thedepartment for all books, text books,stationery and no additional staff.Grade R -3 including all classassistants and PT teacher18-414Grade 4-6Grade 7-12

Cost of Private Therapy per monthGrade R Learner: Mainstream SchoolGrade R Learner: Delta Park SchoolSchool FeesR2 200School FeesR2 200Art Classes (during break)Included in R 2 200Art Classes (during break)R1 052Speech TherapyR2 100Total – R 5 502Speech TherapyIncluded in R 2 200Total – R 2 200

Assumptions 2021 556 learners All academic requirements have been catered for SGB Staff: No increase in 2021, Provision for Bonus in December 2021 depending oncash-flow All Staff: 38 A Top ups: 50% for 2021 (Cash flow/ cash on hand will determine)

Fundraising 2021 All fundraising will go to salary account; Record will be kept for departmental fundraising to give through to departmentswhen a new ‘nest-egg/surplus’ has been built up; Delta Dash 2021 to go ahead - Covid 19 allowing Fundraising from parents do not work as you saw earlier in presentation(Exemptions, SASSA Grants.) We need to get the community and corporatesinvolved to assist. Section 18 (a) receipt for corporates to deduct any donationbefore paying tax.

Resolutions for 20211. Resolution to charge School Fees – All parents shall be obligated to pay school feesin terms of Section 40 of the South African Schools Act (SASA), unless they havebeen granted exemption from payment of school fees;2. Resolution to accept that All money received will first be allocated to outstandingschool fees; (To prevent prescription)3. Resolution to acknowledge the Exemption Regulations as stipulated by theDepartment – The criteria for the total, partial or conditional exemption of a parent,who are unable to pay compulsory school fees, be determined in accordance withthe criteria set out in The Exemption of Parents from School Fees Regulation (asamended in Government Gazette 39392 of 17 November 2006);4. Resolution to accept that all outstanding school fees will be collected in strictaccordance with section 41 of SASA;

Resolutions for 20215. Resolution to accept the appointment of additional staff, allowances and paymentsto Department Staff with section 38a approval from the Department of Education;6. Resolution to accept the academic and extra mural programme that defines thecompulsory participation in the full programme of the school;7. Resolution to accept the additional academic and extra mural programme thatdefines the voluntary participation with additional costs;8. Resolution to accept the school Budget for 2021 as proposed by the SchoolGoverning Body as tabled in terms of section 38 of the South African Schools Act tobe approved by the majority of parents present;9. Resolution to authorize the School Governing Body to supplement any deficits thatmay arise on budgeted amounts for particular budget items, from surpluses thatmay arise on other items, provided that the total budget shall not be exceededwithout obtaining the approval of parents at a meeting;

Resolutions for 202110. Resolution to authorize the School Governing Body to invest surplus funds in asecond bank account at one of the majority banks with approval of the Departmentof Education;11. School Fees to increase as follows:Grade R -3 including Incredibles: Increase with 5.03% to R 24 900.00 per annumGrade 4-9 including Persevero Class: increase with 5.01% to R 24 300.00 perannumGrade 10 – 12: increase with 5.15% to R 25 400.00 per annum12. Although School Fees are due and payable on the first day of school, the SchoolGoverning Body will allow x 12 equal payments starting on 25th January 2021 andending 20th December 202113. Early Bird discounts as follows:15% Discount if EFT PAYMENT is received by 31 December 202010% Discount if EFT PAYMENT is received by 28 February 2021NO DISCOUNT on CASH or CARD payments due to cost of service.

QuestionsThank you forattending

GDE SGB School Funds Item GDE SGB School Funds Income R 13 000 000 R 15 000 000 R 28 000 000 Expenses R 10 400 000 R 15 800 000 R 26 000 000 Balance R 2 600 000 R –800 000 The R