Welcome to Fleet FocusedBy 2040, UK sales of conventional petrol and diesel cars will be banned.The UK Government’s latest Clean Air PlanOur latest 29-vehicle range includesproposals in July follow demands from the17 petrol and plug-in hybrid models plusHigh Court to act. In 37 out of 43 zones inMirai, our game-changing hydrogen fuelthe UK, levels of life-limiting NO2 (nitrouscell vehicle. I hope you enjoy readingoxide) remain illegal, breaching EU limitsabout our latest choices, accoladesimposed in 2010*. Latest plans place theand ambitions. For advice, or to arrangeonus on 23 local councils to intervene. Dailytest drives, simply contact your nearesttoxicity charges and penalties for pollutingbusiness centre or one of our fleet team.Neil BroadGeneral ManagerToyota & Lexus Fleetvehicles entering central London are now ineffect.For decades Toyota and Lexus haveGeneral Managerchampioned cleaner, more efficient vehicles.Our petrol-electric hybrids have won overmore than 11 million drivers. Now excitingzero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles(FCVs) are poised to do the same.* /1PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Discover Business PlusKeen to reduce costs?3-day extended test drivesNeed fast, efficient support tomanage your fleet?Be 100% confident of your modelGet services and tools tailored toyour operation with Toyota &Lexus Business Plus.choice. Take a Toyota or Lexus modelfor an extended 3-day test drive., flexible finance solutionsAccess competitive, flexible solutions to rentWide vehicle range plus anLCV specialist networkor own vehicles. Toyota & Lexus FinancialVisit any Toyota or Lexus Business Centre forownership solutions including hire purchase,an unprecedented selection of model types,personal contract hire and lease purchase –specifications and drivetrain technologies. Inall available with a pre-approved credit line.Services funds business rental finance likeleasing, contract hire and finance lease, andaddition, Toyota’s specialist light commercialvehicle network offers the all-new PROACEpassenger/cargo models plus a newgeneration of Hilux pick-ups.Informed decisionsGet same-day access to fleet specialistsat our Business Centres. The skilled staffare trained to give best advice on tax andwhole-life costs, model choices, fundingmethods and fleet requirements.2PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Transparent costsBenefit from capped labour rates and oilprices, and guaranteed parts discounts.For example, if wiper blades or screenwash need replacing during a service, there’sno labour charge.Effortless servicingEnjoy free vehicle collection and delivery(with wash and vac), plus a guaranteedbooking within three working days. Expressservicing in under 90 minutes cuts waitingtimes at over 100 Business Centres, whilstfree Wi-Fi ensures drivers can still work.Business daily hireHire a Toyota or Lexus vehicle, includinghybrid and commercial models, fromour specialist rental centres. Take off insomething different from just 9.99 a day.Find out more at DownloadNext

Our hybrid rangeToyota modelsWhy petrol-electric hybrid? Convenient: an electric car rangeYarisBIK* from 13%CO 2 from 75g/kmNOx† from 6mg/kmAurisBIK* from 17%CO 2 from 79g/kmNOx† from 6mg/kmAuris Touring SportsBIK* from 17%CO 2 from 81g/kmNOx† from 6mg/kmPriusBIK* from 13%CO 2 from 70g/kmNOx† from 16mg/kmPrius Plug-inBIK* from 9%CO 2 from 22g/kmNOx† from 0.8mg/kmPrius BIK* from 18%CO 2 from 96g/kmNOx† from 6mg/kmC-HRBIK* from 17%CO 2 from 86g/kmNOx† from 9mg/kmRAV4BIK* from 22%CO 2 from 115g/kmNOx† from 7mg/kmthat you don’t need to plug in Lower whole-life costs: typicallycheaper to buy, own and run thanan equivalent diesel model Greener: low CO2, near-zeroNOx and particulates Easier: all the cost benefitswithout the range anxiety Less tax: reduce personaland company car tax, NationalInsurance and Vehicle Excise Duty Improved MPG: get more mileswith less fuel Reduced maintenance: fewercomponents keep service,maintenance and repair costs low* BIK tax year 2017/18† The NOx figures are sourced from official EU regulated test results and are provided forcomparability purposes. They may not be representative of all operating conditions.4PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Lexus modelsCT 200hBIK* from 17%CO 2 from 88g/kmNOx † from 5mg/kmIS 300hBIK* from 18%CO 2 from 97g/kmNOx† from 6mg/kmGS 300hBIK* from 19%CO 2 from 104g/kmNOx† from 11mg/kmGS 450hBIK* from 27%CO 2 from 141g/kmNOx† from 6mg/kmNEW LS 500hPioneering flagship saloon,arriving 2018MPG†CO2BIK*RC 300hBIK* from 21%CO 2 from 113g/kmNOx† from 6mg/kmLC 500hBIK* from 28%CO 2 from 147g/kmNOx† from TBCNX 300hBIK* from 22%CO 2 from 116g/kmNOx † from 6mg/kmRX 450hBIK* from 23%CO 2 from 120g/kmNOx† from 17mg/kmHybrid 43.5from 147g/kmfrom 28%“WE AIMED TO CREATE A CARWITH INNOVATIVE, EMOTIONALAND SENSUAL APPEAL THATWOULD DRAW CUSTOMERS’EYES AWAY FROM OTHERLUXURY CARS AND PROVIDEENTIRELY NEW VALUES.”TOSHIO ASAHI, CHIEF ENGINEER5PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Tools to make yourchoices clearToyota & Lexus Fleet has developed clear, accurate and freeresources to help. Available to both employers and company cardrivers, these tools take the guesswork out of tax implications ofpast or current UK marques, models and specifications.My Car Tax Guide App (Apple iOS/Android/web)Quickly cut through the businesscar tax and finance maze withthis interactive guide. It’s the mostcomprehensive dedicated companycar tax guide available. edicated tax and financeDliterature and tables Quick considerations guide Links for the latest information ull digital guide to tax, financeFand company carsTo download MyCarTax Guideapp, click here.Alternatively view online visit the Apple App Store orGoogle Play.6PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Tax thresholds for company cartaxation and National 13162018/19BIK*PetrolVehicle Excise Duty tablesCars registered on or after 1st April 222427120-1242325281st year – based on CO2Hybrid,Hydrogen &ElectricStandard rate for vehiclescosting under 40,000 onfirst registrationPetrol &DieselHybrid,Hydrogen &Electric 40kStandard rate for vehicles costing over 40,000on first registration.Hybrid,Hydrogen &Electric over 40kHybrid,Hydrogen &Electric over 40kNewCO2bandsPetrol &Diesel0 - - - - 310 310 - -1-50 10 - 140 130 450 440 140 13051-75 25 15 140 130 450 440 140 13076-90 100 90 140 130 450 440 140 13091-100 120 110 140 130 450 440 140 130 130Year 1 ONLYYears 2 Petrol &DieselPetrol &DieselYears 2 - 6 ( Total 5 Years )Years 7 125-129242629130-134252730101-110 140 130 140 130 450 440 140 160 150 140 130 450 440 140 130 200 190 140 130 450 440 140 130 283033151-170 500 490 140 130 450 440 140150-154293134171-190 800 790 140 130 450 440 140 130155-159303235191-225 1,200 1,190 140 130 450 440 140 43637180-184353737185-189363737226-255 1,700 1,690 140 130 450 440 140 130Over 255 2,000 1,990 140 130 450 440 140 130Company vans190-194373737195-199373737 To calculate P11D price: deduct VED andfirst registration fee from the on-the-roadprice including accessories and optionsfitted before delivery.* All cars propelled solely by diesel are subject200-204373737205-209373737210 373737to a 3% supplement, up to a maximum of37%. The 3% diesel supplement will now beDuring 2017/18 the taxablebenefit for the unrestricted use ofcompany vans is a flat 3,170 plusa further 598 of taxable benefit iffuel is provided by the employerfor private travel.applied until April 2021.7PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

To contact our team directly, or to find out more and locate your nearestBusiness Centre, visit or call 0344 701 6186.NameJob titleRegionPhoneEmailNational Fleet Sales ManagerNational07901 528 [email protected] Fleet Support TeamNational01737 367 [email protected] 687 [email protected] ManagementStuart FermaPublic Sector and MotabilityAlan BarrettNational Public Sector & Motability ManagerContract Hire and Rental ManagerJake MillerCHL & Rental – North ManagerNorth07713 214 [email protected] BryantCHL & Rental – South ManagerSouth07798 661 [email protected] operating over 500 vehicles, regional CHL and rentalPaul O’ConnorRegional Fleet Sales ManagerNorth & Northern Ireland07764 249 745paul.o'[email protected] CaladoRegional Fleet Sales ManagerMidlands & South West07787 560 [email protected] CraigRegional Fleet Sales ManagerSouth East07899 066 [email protected] operating 25 to 500 vehiclesStephen RussellArea Fleet Sales ManagerNorth East & Scotland07919 573 [email protected] MansellArea Fleet Sales ManagerNorth West & North Wales07713 210 [email protected] BuckleyArea Fleet Sales ManagerYorkshire & North East07876 396 [email protected] HarrisArea Fleet Sales ManagerMidlands East07713 214 [email protected] DunneArea Fleet Sales ManagerMidlands West07788 913 [email protected] KirbyArea Fleet Sales ManagerMidlands South & East Anglia07876 396 [email protected] TillotsonSouth West & South WalesSouth West & South Wales07827 233 4[email protected] PereiraArea Fleet Sales ManagerSouth West, London07990 579 [email protected] CatorArea Fleet Sales ManagerSouth East, London07917 559 [email protected] SwiftArea Fleet Sales ManagerNorth West, London07920 768 [email protected] HutchinsonArea Fleet Sales ManagerNorth East, London07717 558 tPrintDownloadNext

TOYOTA & LEXUS FLEET IS THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR YOUR BUSINESS.THREE CLASS-LEADING VEHICLE RANGES OFFER EXCEPTIONAL WHOLE-LIFE COSTS ONEVERYTHING FROM CITY CARS TO EXECUTIVE SALOONS, LCVS TO LUXURY SUVS.To find out more, visit or call 0344 701 6186.Whilst every effort is made to reproduce accurate information, we reserve the right to change specifications,equipment and availability without prior notice. Vehicles shown may not be UK specification.PreviousGBTLF 11 17 V1AContactPrintDownloadNext

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Big role for tinyToyotasPage 8Toyota Business PlusPage 11After taking the Parkers NewCar of the Year award with theC-HR, Toyota hybrids lead theway in more ways than one.Legends togetherMore than 200,000 UK customers nowdrive a Toyota or Lexus petrol-electrichybrid. By 2020, global sales of our hybridsare likely to reach over 15 million vehicles.The Toyota rangePage 1804Warranties and servicing06Petrol-electric hybrid07Hydrogen fuel cell technology09A sports car leader11The Toyota range15Toyota commercial vehiclesUnlike other manufacturers who chooseto compromise on hybrid technology,Toyota refuses. All our petrol-electric carsare true ‘full’ hybrids. When thepetrol engine is not needed, it shutsoff completely, so the vehicle can runcleanly on electric power alone. And,unlike all-electric, battery-powered cars,there’s no need for lengthy recharging.You’ll never have to worry about havingenough charge to make a journey.Whether it’s satisfying businessdrivers, reducing emissions and costsor configuring the perfect lightcommercial vehicle, look no furtherthan the latest Toyota range.2PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Concept-i series to learnfrom its driversToyota has unveiled threevisions of personal mobilitysolutions that exploitartificial intelligence tounderstand drivers.Concept-i introduces deep learningto establish driver preferences,enhancing safety and enjoyment.The four-wheel, four-seat ToyotaConcept-i model uses biometrics,sensors and a digital assistant, Yui,to engage with the driver and assistwith routine tasks. Concept-i RIDE,a smaller two-seat urban mobilityvehicle, features a sliding seat andjoystick, making it more accessiblefor wheelchair users and the elderly.GR HV Sports conceptCoupling the thrill of a Targa topsports car with eco-credentials,the matt black GR HV is poweredby Toyota Hybrid System - Racing(THS-R) technology refined by theTS050 Hybrid that competes in theWorld Endurance Championship.Concept-i WALK, meanwhile, offerscompact, safe mobility for one person onpavements and in pedestrianised areas,and includes an intelligent automateddriving function.3PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Class-leadingwarranties and servicingWorry-free ToyotawarrantiesFixed-price ToyotaservicingCombine award-winning reliabilitywith market-leading warranty cover,whatever model you choose Prioritise business productivityand control costs with ToyotaBusiness Centre servicing 5-year/100,000-mile mechanical Over 60 Business Centres Appointment 3 days – guaranteed Express 90-minute servicing Free Business Centre Wi-Fi Free collection and deliverywarranty, fully transferable 12-year anti-corrosion andperforation warranty 3-year paintwork and surfacerust guarantee 10-year hybrid battery warrantywith Business Centre servicingPrevious(with wash and vac) Capped labour rates,transparent costsContactPrintDownloadNext

Press perspectives:Toyota Yaris GRMNSelected UK motoring pressbecame the first to getbehind the wheel of Toyota’snew hot hatch, the YarisGRMN. After flying around thefamous Nürburgring circuit,here’s what they think “It bucks the turbocharger trend,instead opting for a 1.8-litresupercharged inline-four, [offering]somewhere in the region of 215bhpand a 0-62mph time of 6.3 seconds.”“Being so small and light (1,135kg)the Yaris GRMN is just a huge amountof fun to fling around, which is whatreally matters.”Top GearCarThrottle“Above 5,000rpm – by which pointmost turbo drivers have probablychanged up a gear – the GRMN is justwild, building pace ferociously ”Pistonheads“The chassis is just about as focusedas they come in this sector. It feels firm,with lots of support at each corner ”Autocar5PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Petrol-electric hybrid:what drives you?15More than 11 million drivers worldwide have now chosen a Toyota or Lexushybrid. For many, it’s certainly a matter of conscience: the wish to directlyimprove air quality and the environment. But that’s just the start. Choosingto drive a hybrid brings many other benefits too Comfort: smooth, quiet and cleanelectric motor boosted by the petrolengine when needed Convenience: an electric-poweredcar you don’t need to plug in Lower whole-life costs: typicallycheaper to buy, own and run thanan equivalent diesel model Greener: low CO2, near-zero NOxand particulatesMILLIONBY 2020TARGET FORHYBRID SALESMILLION TONNESOF CO2 SAVEDBY OUR HYBRIDS77HYBRID MODELSON SALEWORLDWIDE Easier: all the cost benefitswithout the range anxiety33 Less tax: reduce personal andcompany car tax, NationalInsurance and Vehicle Excise Duty Improved MPG: get more mileswith less fuelCOUNTRIES& REGIONS WHERETOYOTA HYBRIDSARE SOLD 90 Reduced maintenance: fewercomponents keep service,maintenance and repair costs lowMILLION PRIUSSOLD GLOBALLYSINCE 1997 46PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Hydrogen fuel celltechnologyTrucks, generators, marathons and moreAs sales of Mirai, Toyota’s hydrogenfuel cell vehicle, go from strength tostrength, more pioneering initiativesare highlighting the value of cleanpower from hydrogen technology Zero-emission truckingIn a study at the Port of Los Angeles,USA, Toyota is shaping emission-freehaulage. Dubbed Project Portal, theproof-of-concept truck showcases ahydrogen fuel cell system specificallydesigned for heavy-duty truck use.Using two Mirai fuel cell stacks and a12kWh battery, the truck generatesmore than 670hp and 1,325 lb/ft torque.Carrying over 36,000kg, its estimateddriving range is more than 200 milesper tank. Hydrogen-powered passengertransport is also arriving. In 2020,visitors to the Olympic and ParalympicGames in Tokyo will be served byover 100 fuel cell buses.Record run: Miraileads marathonGuaranteeing zero air pollution,a Mirai timing car led competitorsin the men’s and women’smarathons and race walks atthe IAAF World Championshipsin London.Whilst athletes lost around3-4kg in sweat, the Miraiproduced around 3kg of purewater over the 26-mile course.“As it did with Priusand Mirai, Toyota istaking a leap into thefuture of technology.”Mary D Nichols, Chair, CaliforniaAir Resources Board7PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Big role for tiny Toyotas @IAAFA fleet of scale Toyota Hiluxmodels helped to ensurethe smooth running of fieldevents in the IAAF WorldChampionships in London.The radio-controlled pick-ups, finishedin full official championship livery,were among the retriever vehicles forthe throwing events – used to carrydiscuses, hammers and javelins back tothe competitors’ pool after each round.Powered by a 2.6kWh electric motorreaching up to 24mph, they can handlepayloads up to 10kg – equivalent toone hammer, three discuses or threejavelins at a time.That compares to a full-size Toyota HiluxDouble Cab that’s powered by a 148bhpturbodiesel engine and can handle loads100 times heavier – up to 1,045kg.Each mini-Hilux was hand built inSwitzerland by Christian Riedel, himselfa former multi-discipline athlete. Toyotais an official partner to the IAAF WorldChampionships and has supplied a largefleet of petrol-electric hybrid vehicles aschauffeur transport for the athletes.8PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Toyota: a sports car leaderSince the 1960s, Toyota has surprised and delighted the world with iconic sportscar designs. Here’s a selection of the most loved – including the latest GT86.1962 onward1965 onward1970 onward1978 onwardSports 8002000GTCelicaSupraSuper lightweight, Toyota’sfirst production sports cardelivered a responsive driveand excellent fuel economy.Starring in the 1967 JamesBond film ‘You Only LiveTwice’, the 2000GT becameinstantly recognisable.Practical and affordable,the Celica went on toattack the 1986 WorldRally Championship.Longer, wider and morepowerful than theCelica, the Supra earnedlegendary status duringthe 80s and 90s.9PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

“If it’s not fun todrive, it’s not a car”Toyota President Akio Toyoda1983 onward1984 onward2011 - PRESENTCorolla (AE86) LevinMR2GT86Inspired by Toyota’ssporting icons, engineersand designers collaboratedto create a new-generationclassic. A high-revving‘Boxer’ engine, a low centreof gravity and a lightweightbody gives the GT86 greathandling and performance.The world’s bestsellingvehicle has also producedgreat sporting Toyotas likethe rear-wheel drive AE86.Compact, agile and boastingan optional T-bar roof, theMR2 won Japanese Car ofthe Year 1984-85.2017 GT86 modelhighlights Improved handling,stability and ride comfort Track mode for sportsdriving Wing-type rear spoiler LED headlights / rear lights New trim and upholsteryToyota GB thought theGT86 qualities should bebroadcast further afield.Into space, in fact.Check out here.10PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

The Toyota range L ook after your company cardrivers and your bottom line P roven quality, reliability andfinancial savings W ide choice of 16 Toyota models,from supermini to SUV tocommercial vehicles C lass-leading 100% write-downallowances on vehicles emitting75g/km CO2 and below 8 petrol-electric hybrids and1 hydrogen fuel cell model11PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

YarisCongestion-charge-free withexceptional whole-life costsMPG†Petrol 65.7CO2BIK*from 75g/kmAygoAurisThe bold, agile and connected smallcar with a fun personalityCompact yet spacious, lavishlyequipped yet exceptional valuePetrol 68.9MPG† CO2from 95g/kmBIK*from 18%MPG†CO2BIK*Sub100g/kmPetrol 61.4 Diesel 80.7 Hybrid 80.7from 79g/kmfrom 17%BritishBuiltSub100g/kmHybrid 85.6from 13%Sub100g/km“If you’re looking for a small carwith extremely low running costs,then the Toyota Yaris makes acompelling case for itself.”CARBUYER.CO.UK12Previous†Auris Touring SportsVersoVersatile estate with the lowest tax in itsclass, exceptional space and equipment5-seat or 7-seat MPV designedwith maximum versatilityMPG†CO2BIK*Petrol 58.9 Diesel 72.4 Hybrid 80.7from 81g/kmfrom 17%BritishBuiltSub100g/kmMPG† Petrol 43.5 Diesel 62.8CO2from 119g/kmBIK*from 25%Combined up to * BIK tax year 2017/18ContactPrintDownloadNext

Prius Plug-inPriusPrius Super efficient, this hybrid offers 39 milesof pure electric runningThe world’s favourite hybrid, offeringrefinement and economyClass-leading CO2 for 7-seat MPVMPG†CO2BIK*Hybrid 283from 22g/kmfrom 9%Sub100g/kmMPG†CO2BIK*MPG†CO2BIK*Hybrid 94.1from 70g/kmfrom 13%Hybrid 68.9from 96g/kmfrom 18%SubSub100g/km100g/kmMiraiAvensisAvensis Touring SportsThe world’s first dedicated mass-producedhydrogen fuel cell vehicle with zero emissionsRefined looks meet engineeringexcellence for a rewarding driveSpacious and versatile fleetfavourite estateRangeCO2BIK*MPG†CO2BIK*Hydrogen up to 300 milesfrom 0g/kmfrom 9%Sub100g/kmPetrol 47.9 Diesel 67.3from 108g/kmfrom 23%BritishBuiltMPG†CO2BIK*Petrol 47.1 Diesel 67.3from 109g/kmfrom 23%BritishBuilt13† Combined up to * BIK tax year 2017/18PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

C-HRFlow through urban lifeMPG†Petrol 47.9CO2BIK*from 86g/kmRAV4GT86Distinctive SUV, now with hybrid technologyControl, grip and stability that puts thedriver back in touch with the roadMPG†CO2BIK* Petrol 43.5 Diesel 60.1 Hybrid 57.6from 115g/kmfrom 22%MPG†CO2BIK* Petrol 39.8from 164g/kmfrom 31%Hybrid 74.3from 17%Sub100g/km“It’s a stylish and refreshingchange from the norm, and hasa brilliant hybrid option andToyota’s reputation behind it.”THE TELEGRAPHLand CruiserPROACE VERSOSimply invincible!People carrier with a choice of 3 grades and3 body lengths with seating for up to 9MPGCO2BIK*†Diesel 39.2from 190g/kmfrom 37%MPG†CO2BIK*Diesel 54.3from 137g/kmfrom 29%14PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

The commercial range Five-year/100,000-mile warranty Robust safety systems Powerful engines Competitive contract hire finance options Multiple awards15PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

PROACEAvailable with a total of 11 body styleand length combinations, plus aselection of door configurationsMPG†CO2Diesel 54.3from 137g/kmLoad lengthCompact: 2,162mmMedium: 2,512mmLong: 2,862mmLoad length withSmart CargoCompact: 3,324mmMedium: 3,674mmLong: 4,026mmCubic capacityCompact: 4.6m3Medium: 5.3m3Long: 6.1m3Cubic capacitywith Smart CargoCompact: 5.1m3Medium: 5.8m3Long: 6.6m3Euro palletsCompact: 2Medium: 3Long: 3Panel VanCrew CabAvailable lengths Compact, Medium, LongEngines1.6D 5MT 95hp, 1.6D6MT 115hp, 2.0D 6MT120hpTowing capacityup to 2.5tPayloadup to 1.4tAvailable lengths LongEngines2.0D 6MT 120hpTowing capacity up to 2.5tPayloadup to 1.4tSeats6CombiPlatform CabAvailable lengths MediumEngines 1.6D 6MT 115hpTowing capacityup to 2.5tPayloadup to 1.4tSeats 9Available lengths MediumEngines 2.0D 6MT 120hpTowing capacity up to 2.5tPayloadup to 1.4tCabin storage 35l16PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

Single CabHiluxThe UK’s bestselling pick-up just gotbetter, with a new model now availableMPG†CO2WheelbaseLengthTowing capacityDiesel 40.4†Extra Cab(max) 1,030kg1,975kg277mm(WxL) 1,575 x 2,315mmPayloadKerb weightMin ground clearanceDeck size(max) 1,040kg2,050kg289mm(WxL) 1,540 x 1,810mmfrom 185g/km3,085mm5,330mmup to 3.5t“The latest Hilux continuesthe mighty legacy of itspredecessors, and thosewith a professional need fora pick-up will find it morecompelling than ever.”AUTOCARPayloadKerb weightMin ground clearanceDeck sizeDouble CabPayloadKerb weightMin ground clearanceDeck size(max) 1,115kg(up to) 2,095kg293mm(WxL) 1,540 x 1,525mm17Combined up toPreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

LegendstogetherHilux @ IWM DuxfordThis July, the Imperial War Museum(IWM) Duxford saw the skies filled withremarkable historic aircraft – and adistinctive Toyota Hilux supporting TheFighter Collection (TFC) engineers andpilots on the ground.Celebrating its 25th year, the annualFlying Legends Air Show sees rareaircraft from the world over converge onIWM Duxford’s 1940s wartime airfield.Each show culminates in the balbo, amassed-formation flying finale. TheHilux, boasting a livery to evoke thelook and feel of the era, was loaned tothe organisers for use by ground crewstending the classic aircraft includingSpitfires, Hurricanes and Mustangs. Thevehicle towed aircraft, delivered startersand personnel along the flightline to helpkeep the show running smoothly.18PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

To find out more, visit or call 0344 701 xt

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LC 500 inmotorsportPage 7Interior perfectionPage 11The Lexus rangePage 12LEXUS BUSINESS PLUSThis year, embodying the brand’s new ‘ExperienceAmazing’ campaign, Lexus offers innovative,trusted, efficient and rewarding driving choices forUK business fleets.As well as receiving multiple industry accoladesand awards (see opposite), Lexus engineeringhas broken further new ground. The Lexus SafetySystem helps to monitor the car’s surroundingsand the driver’s responses. Recognising certaincollision risks, the system supports drivers tohelp prevent a collision happening, or lessenthe consequences. In the all-new LS saloon, theLexus Safety System A package includes ActiveSteering Assist, helping to avert collisions thatcannot be avoided through automatic brakingalone, and Front Cross Traffic Alert, warning ofside collision risks at junctions.From the bold new luxury flagship Lexus LS to theLC coupé grand tourer, NX luxury crossover SUVand updated CT compact hatchback, for quality,responsible, enjoyable driving, discover Lexus.04 Lexus dealerships ‘the best’06 Press perspectives: IS 300h08 Petrol-electric hybrid10Smart safety12The Lexus range2PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

LEXUS: BESTMANUFACTURER2017“WE’VE ALWAYS KNOWN LEXUSBUILDS GREAT QUALITY CARS, BUTTHERE’S NOW AN ADDED DOSE OFDESIRABILITY TO THE RANGE TOO.IT’S NO SURPRISE THAT OWNERS ARESO HAPPY WITH THEIR PURCHASES.”Lexus has been named ‘best manufacturer’ in AutoExpress’s 2017 Driver Power survey. The accoladejoins a 2017 win for ‘best premium SUV’ by theRX 450h, and Lexus taking three of the top fourpositions for car reliability in last year’s we are successfully pushing new boundariesin design and technology, making high-qualitycars that have stand-out styling, are rewardingto drive and are genuinely desirable to own.Thanks to our unmatched experience withhybrid power in the premium market, we are alsoable to provide a great driving experience withexceptional efficiency.”Based on the real-world experiences of thousandsof new car owners, the survey placed Lexus aheadin four out of nine qualifying categories, achievingoverall top ranking with a score of 92.29%.Graham Hope, Auto Express Editor, said:“Lexus has deservedly been crowned best carmanufacturer by our readers with a set of resultsthat demonstrates the brand’s all-round appeal,being voted number one in areas as diverse asexterior styling, engine and gearbox performanceand reliability and build quality.”Ewan Shepherd, Lexus UK Director, said: “This ahuge reward for Lexus and great recognition ofGRAHAM HOPE, AUTO EXPRESS EDITOR3PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

LEXUS DEALERSHIPS ‘THE BEST’There’s a Japanese tradition of deliveringhospitality openly, from the heart. It’s called‘Omotenashi’. For Lexus, this philosophy shapesthe welcoming, professional and courteousservice provided to every customer. So it’s fittingthat when this year’s Auto Express Drive Powersurvey looked at the dealership experience ofthousands of UK motorists, the quality of Lexusdealerships stood apart.Driver Power polled Auto Express readers aboutthe franchised dealerships they use, coveringissues such as the facilities available on-site,availability of courtesy cars, staff politeness, thestandard and speed of work carried out, clearcommunications and value for money.An overall 90.66% score places Lexus dealershipsas the best in the industry in 2017.4PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

AWARD-WINNINGWARRANTIES AND SERVICINGWORRY-FREE LEXUSWARRANTIESFIXED-PRICE LEXUSSERVICINGCombine award-winning reliability withmarket-leading warranty cover, whatevermodel you choose 3-year/60,000-mile mechanicalwarranty, fully transferable 12-year anti-corrosion andperforation warranty 3-year paintwork and surface rust guarantee For hybrid vehicles, 5-year or 60,000-mile cover for both the hybridcomponents and the hybrid battery 10-year hybrid battery warrantywith Business Centre servicingPrioritise business productivity and controlcosts with Business Centre servicing Award-winning service: Lexus customerservice has been crowned as thehighest-ranking luxury brand in the 2017JD Power Customer Service Index Study– the 17th time Lexus has won the award 38 Business Centres Appointment within three days –guaranteed Express 90-minute servicing Free Business Centre Wi-Fi Free collection and delivery(with wash and vac) Capped labour rates, transparent costs 5PreviousContactPrintDownloadNext

PRESS PERSPECTIVES:LEXUS IS 300h“THE QUALITY CABIN,RELAXED LOW-SPEED DRIVINGEXPERIENCE AND LOW CO2EMISSIONS WILL ALL APPEAL ”AUTO EXPRESSLATEST MOTORING EXPERT VERDICTS ON THE LEXUS IS 300H “It’s a lovely car to cover long distances in, doingaway with the rumble and vibration of dieselpower and slipping imperceptibly between petroland electric p

Our hybrid range Auris Touring Sports BIK* from 17% CO2 from 81g/km NOx †2 from 6mg/km * BIK tax year 2017/18 † The NOx figures are sourced from official EU regulated test results and are provided for comparability purposes. They may not be representative of all operating conditions. Auris