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ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONSCybersecurityexperts on your sideIndependence, integrity, insight,expertise: these are the pillars onwhich ESET builds its award-winningcybersecurity solutions.As one of very few private global ITsecurity companies, we’re proud to beowned by true security enthusiasts,the architects of our first software.Empowered by their vision, withoutpressure from investors, we havecomplete freedom to make the rightchoices for the ultimate protection ofour customers. That freedom is oneof key factors behind more than 20years of consistent revenue growthand global expansion.Being based in the EuropeanUnion, we adhere to the strictestregulations, but the root of ESET’sintegrity lies in its culture. We havealways believed that security cannotexist without clients’ trust. Weearn it with responsible industrypractices, full transparency and astubborn resistance to exploit trendybuzzwords. Our experts share theirresearch at universities, globalconferences and via our industryleading security blog, Although we partner withlaw enforcement to combatcybercrime, regardless of its origin,we are not beholden to anyone –neither governments, intelligenceagencies, powerful organizations norindividuals.Instead of listening to self-entitledauthorities, we have made it our ruleto always listen to the customer.You are our inspiration. Your needsprovide our direction. So, even thoughwe are completely independent, whatwe create depends on you.Profound insight, combined withresearch assembled at 13 globalR&D centers and human-trainedmachine learning, enables our expertsto create multilayered technologythat sets new quality standards forthe protection of even the largestorganizations.All this, because we are always onyour side.

ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONSFor more than 30 years, we’ve been helping organizations and people protecttheir digital world. From a small dynamic company we’ve grown into a digitalbrand. Many things have changed, but our core aspirations, philosophyand values remain the same – to build a more secure digital world whereorganizations and people everywhere can truly Enjoy Safer Technology.Richard Marko, Chief Executive Officer, ESET

ESET was named theonly Challenger inGartner’s 2019 MagicQuadrant for EndpointProtectionGARTNER’S ASSESSMENT WAS BASED ON ESET’S COMPLETENESS OFVISION AND ABILITY TO EXECUTE.“In our view, to be named the only Challengerin the Gartner Magic Quadrant last year was ahuge achievement for ESET; to have received therecognition for a second year running proves ourdetermination to continue to deliver the best inendpoint protection, detection and response toenterprises.”Ignacio SbampatoChief Business Officer at ESETIn 2019 Magic Quadrant forEndpoint Protection Platforms,Gartner states that they evaluatedsolutions with an emphasis onhardening, detection of advancedand fileless attacks, and responsecapabilities, favoring clouddelivered solutions that provide afusion of products and services.At ESET we believe that thepositioning as a Challenger forthe second year validates ourability to provide an easyto-use, comprehensive andconsistent endpoint protectionproduct and is reflective of theincreasing market share in allcrucial segments for ESET, fromEnterprise, SMB to Consumer.ESET prides itself on its highdetection and small footprint;quality of customer serviceoffering and believes its placementin the Gartner Magic Quadranthighlights its dedication to thehighest possible service for allESET clients.Access full complimentary 19Gartner Inc, Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms, Peter Firstbrook, Lawrence Pingree, Dionisio Zumerle, Prateek Bhajanka, Paul Webber, August 20,2019.Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’sresearch organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research,including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally, and is used herein with permission. Allrights reserved.

ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONSIt’s a very lightweight antivirusapplication with a powerful detectionengine. Easy to install and ew/806870Why customerstrust ESET“ESET shares its knowledge and experience ofsecurity in the broadest sense of the word. They arenot just concerned with their own products, butwith what they can truly do for the customer. ESETconstantly contributes ideas that make a positivecontribution. For example, ESET Threat Intelligencesolution, which enables us to examine phishingemails better and faster.”“We do occasionallylook at other productsin the market, butfind that nothingcan beat ESET’sproactive detection,system scan speed andperformance.”Rick van de Westelaken, De Volksbank,Netherlands7500 seatsFeatured products:ESET Endpoint SecurityESET Threat IntelligenceTony Beazer,Infrastructure Officerat Dorset CountyCouncilGartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on theirown experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

SOME OF OUR CUSTOMERS3%3%13-18monthsprotected by ESET since 2017protected by ESET since 2016more than 9,000 endpointsmore than 14.000 endpoints18monthsor more19%36%10-120-3monthsprotected by ESET since 2016ISP security partner since 2008more than 4,000 mailboxes2 million customer basemonths11%7-9months64%ESET customer since 2010,Protected by ESET since 2010,13,250 endpointsMore than 30,000 endpoints28%4-6months“ESET has been our reliable security solution foryears. It does what it has to do; you do not haveto worry. In short, ESET stands for: reliability,quality and service.”Jos Savelkoul, Team Leader ICT-Department;Zuyderland Hospital, Netherlands 10,000 seats64% of ESET customers seeROI in less than 6 months,75% within 9 monthsBased on the results of independent, third-party surveys that asked ESET business customers to ratetheir experiences using ESET solutions.

AWARDS AND ANALYST RECOGNITIONAWARDS AND ANALYST RECOGNITIONESET achieves highestBest performance in EnhancedESET continually receivesscore in all SE Labs testsReal-World Test of Enterprisethe Approved Businessin 2018 and badgeESET has the most VB100ESET Endpoint Security is aESET achieves stellar results inawards of all endpoint vendors.leader in Endpoint Protectionthe category of usability in theSuites on G2annual test.302520Source:AV-ComparativesPerformance test,April 20191510MicrosoftAviraTrend vastTotal DefenseTencentMcAfeeVIPREK70ESET5Tested for impact on systems in production, ESET had the overall best - lowestimpact score. The test consisted of file copying, archiving and archiving,application installing, and launching apps and downloading mance-test-april-2019/ESET actively contributes to MITREATT&CK knowledgebase withsubmissions such as on OceanLotus(APT32), or Ebury. We continueworking on new cotributions towardsexpanding the knowledge base evenfurther.ESET received the highest scorespossible in the OS support,Corporate vision and focus, andsecurity community involvementcriteria in The Forrester WaveTM:Endpoint Security Suites, Q3 2019.KuppingerCole praises ESET forconsistently strong results inindependent tests. The analystfirm highlights “the rare technicalcapability of being able to scanthe Unified Extensible FirmwareInterface (UEFI)” and thus the abilityto become “the first vendor to catchLoJax UEFI rootkit in the wild.”ESET rated ‘Top Player’ in 2019Radicati Endpoint Security reportassessing 17 endpoint securityvendors according to two maincriteria: functionality and strategicvision.“ESET Endpoint Security is a featurerich solution for protecting almostall operating systems in use today.In addition to robust anti-malwarecapabilities, ESET is a suite ofintegrated endpoint security featuresincluding firewall, and file integritymonitoring.The IDC’s Worldwide Mobile ThreatManagement Software 2019-2019names ESET a major player inmobile threat management.

ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONSESET IN NUMBERS110m usersworldwide400k businesscustomers200 countries& territories13globalR&D officesProven. Trusted.Global solutionswith local supportESET security solutions are localized in 38 languages and we have presencein more that 200 countries and territories globally. Organizations around theworld can rely on our highly-responsive professionals for technical and customersupport provided in the local language.

ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONSWhy customers wantto partner with ESETWe have the freedom of action to do always what we considerbest for our customers.SECUREPRIVATELY HELD No debts and no loans Not for sale Not dependent on a singlesegment or a few big deals Evenly distributed revenuestreams& Neither dependent on,nor looking for investors No shareholder pressure to makea fast return on investment (ROI)CHANNEL FOCUSED We’re a channel focused IT security company. Our partners in every part ofthe world can rely on our long-standing experience supporting our partnernetwork.ESET reaffirms the ‘Champion’status in Canalys Global Cybersecurity Leadership Matrix 2020.ESET achieved the highest scorebenchmarks in the categories ofproduct availability and supply,and ease of doing business.

ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONSWhy customers rely onESET technology“ESET Endpoint Security is incredibly accurate inidentifying and discovering any security threat. Thesoftware has a design of accurately noticing anymalicious content, that might harm your system.ESET Endpoint Security demands little amountof installation effort, unlike many other securityaids which needs massive amounts. Finally, ESETEndpoint Security is a customizable application, andworks effectively with other security measures.”Data Administrator in the Finance IndustryFirm Size: 3B - 10B USDImplementation Strategy: Worked with just the 973526“The biggest thing that stands out is its strong technical advantage over otherproducts in the marketplace. ESET offers us reliable security, meaning that I canwork on any project at any time knowing our computers are protected 100%.”Fiona Garland, Business Analyst at Group ITGartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartneror its affiliates.

Our productsand technologiesstand on 3 pillarsESET LIVEGRID MACHINE LEARNINGHUMAN EXPERTISEWhenever a zero‑daythreat such asransomware is seen,the file is sent to ourcloud-based malwareprotection system –LiveGrid , where thethreat is detonated andbehavior is monitored.Results of this systemare provided to allendpoints globallywithin minutes withoutrequiring any updates.Uses the combinedpower of neuralnetworks andhandpicked algorithmsto correctly labelincoming samplesas clean, potentiallyunwanted or malicious.World-class securityresearchers sharingelite know-how andintelligence to ensurethe best round-the-clockthreat intelligence.Explore ESETworld-class technologiesADVANCED MEMORYSCANNERBEHAVIORAL DETECTIONAND BLOCKINGA unique ESET technologyaddressing heavy use ofobfuscation and/or encryption.Monitors the behavior of amalicious process and scans itonce it decloaks in memory.Monitors system activity anduses a pre-defined set of rulesto identify and block suspicioussystem behavior from carrying outpotentially harmful activity.CLOUD MALWAREPROTECTION SYSTEMRANSOMWARESHIELDUnknown, potentially maliciousapplications and other possiblethreats are monitored andsubmitted to the ESET cloud via theESET LiveGrid Feedback System.Monitors and evaluates allexecuted applications based ontheir behavior and reputation.Designed to detect and blockprocesses that resemble behaviorof ransomware.For comprehensive information on ESET technology visit

ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONS“Best protection for your enterprise iew/692826What customers aresaying about ESET’sknowledge andexpertise“ESET Endpoint Security is a comprehensive antivirus solution which hasadvanced security technologies. In my organization, we use ESET EndpointSecurity to protect our computers and servers from security threats. It hasbetter malware detection ratio than other security solutions. It works wellagainst malware and ransomware. It is lightweight, and it does not downsystem performance.”Maintenance engineerIndustry: EducationRole: Infrastructure and iew/968644“I can definitely say that ESET outscores its rivals regarding technical supportand ability. Thanks to the expert professionals of ESET, we and our computersare safe.”Ferit Semih Zeybekoglu, IT Manager at Tepe Corporate Services GroupGartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on theirown experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

Ground-breakingresearchGREYENERGYESET researchers have unmaskedand analyzed a shadowy cyberespionage group dubbedGreyEnergy. It’s the successor tothe BlackEnergy APT group whichwent ‘underground‘ a few yearsago after menacing Ukraineuntil about 2015. GreyEnergy isalso closely related to TeleBots,responsible for NotPetya,perhaps the most devastatingcyberattack experiencedto date. Our researchersdemonstrated beyond doubtthat GreyEnergy’s malwaretoolkit, capable oftargeted attacks againstcritical infrastructureorganizations, bothmirrors and improves onalready-sophisticatedtechniques used in theNotPetya attacks andUkraine power gridoutages.LOJAXESET researchers havediscovered the first inthe-wild UEFI rootkit,dubbed LoJax. The researchteam has shown that the Sednitgroup (one of the world’s mostactive APT groups) used differentcomponents of the LoJax malware totarget government organizations in theBalkans and C&E Europe. UEFI rootkitsare extremely dangerous tools for launchingcyberattacks. They serve as a key to the wholecomputer, are almost impossible to detect andsurvive reinstallation of the operating system andhard disk replacement. ESET UEFI Scanner is oneof the only tools on the market designed to detectmalicious components in a PC’s firmware.For more news and analyses on ESET research, visit

ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONS“We were most impressed with the support and assistancewe received. In addition to being a great product, theexcellent care and support we got was what really led usto move all of Primoris’ systems to ESET as a whole.”Joshua Collins, Data Center Operations ManagerPrimoris Services Corporation, USA and Canada, 4200 seatsWhy customers chooseESET’s servicesESET services are the perfectcomplement to our security softwaresolutions. Tap in to the tools andknowledge of our teams to diagnose andsolve information security challenges.Our in-depth understanding of thetechnologies, resources and securityrequirements of our customers allowsus to quickly identify issues, determinecorrective action and offer a completecatalog of defined services, fromimplementation and customizationto training and support. Our goal isto ensure you get the most out ofyour investment in ESET informationsecurity products through professionalconsulting.“The experience was easy to followand the representatives made theprocess flawless for us. From startto finish, we were always in the loopwith our product and knew exactlywhat to do to continue. I would reallyrecommend this service to any ofcompany.”Reviewer ProfileSystems AdministratorIndustry:ServicesRole:Infrastructure and OperationsFirm Size:500M - 1B USDImplementation Strategy:Worked with just the 556142Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on theirown experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

ESET IS ARECOGNISED &TRUSTED GLOBALIT SECURITYPARTNERPROVIDINGCUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGY &KNOWLEDGEINCORPORATEDINTO OURSERVICES &SOLUTIONSESET Endpoint Security cover the widest variety of endpoint operating systems. Thisendpoint protection product consistently rates very highly in terms of detectionin independent malware detection tests. The product also is one of the topperforming, lowest impact endpoint security agents available in the market today.KuppingerCole ReportExecutive ViewBy John TolbertESET solutions trustedby customers andrecognized by analystsTHE RIGHT IT SECURITY SOLUTION FOR YOUR BUSINESSWhatever your business securitysolution requires, ESET’s goal isto ensure that, at all times ourtechnology is on your side, so youcan focus on your business and enjoythe benefits it brings. Our customersbenefit from our truly globalpresence by receiving continuallyupdated protection.Contact an ESET dedicated partnerin your language in more than 200countries and territories. Our teamwill listen to your needs, answer allyour questions, provide full supportfor ESET products and help you getthe most out of your IT security,wherever you are.“ESET has brought reliability and stability and therefore a great trust in theproduct to us and much peace of mind.”Eric Mattioni, IS Operations ManagerThe Hospital Center of Luxembourg

SCALABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESSESET HOLISTIC APPROACH TO CYBER RISK MANAGEMENTESET PROTECTPREDICTRemote management platform available as cloud-based or on-premisesdeployment included in following subscriptionsManagementConsoleEndpointProtection CloudSandboxFull DiskEncryption MailSecurity CloudApplicationProtectionEndpointDetection andResponsePREVENTEndpoint Protection PlatformESET Mail SecurityESET Gateway SecurityESET SharePoint SecurityESET Secure AuthenticationESET Endpoint EncryptionESET Cloud Office SecurityESET PROTECTESET Threat IntelligenceESET Virus RadarWeLive SecurityESET Enterprise InspectorESET Dynamic Threat DefenseESET Cloud Office SecurityESET PROTECT Endpoint Protection PlatformESET Dynamic Threat DefenseESET Enterprise InspectorESET Mail SecurityESET Gateway SecurityESET SharePoint SecurityESET Secure AuthenticationESET Endpoint EncryptionESET Full Disk EncryptionESET Cloud Office SecurityESET PROTECTRESPONDDETECTESET PLUGINS & INTEGRATIONESET’S COMPREHENSIVE CYBERSECURITY OFFERINGENDPOINT PROTECTION PLATFORMSECURITY MANAGEMENTESET Endpoint Security for WindowsESET PROTECTESET Endpoint Security for MacCLOUD SECURITYESET Endpoint Antivirus for WindowsESET Endpoint Antivirus for MacESET Endpoint Security for AndroidESET Endpoint Antivirus for LinuxESET Mobile Device Management for Apple iOSESET File Security for Microsoft Windows ServerESET File Security for Linux / FreeBSDESET File Security VM extension for Microsoft AzureESET Virtualization Security for VMwareESET SharePoint SecuritySECURITY SERVICESESET Threat MonitoringESET Threat HuntingESET Enterprise Inspector InitialAssessment & OptimizationPROFESSIONAL SERVICESESET Deployment & UpgradeESET Premium SupportESET Cloud Office SecurityENDPOINT DETECTION & RESPONSEESET Enterprise InspectorTHREAT INTELLIGENCEESET Threat IntelligenceCLOUD SANDBOX ANALYSISESET ANTI-MALWARE SDKMultilayered, cross-platform protection for a widerange of applications and integration scenarios.ESET Dynamic Threat DefenseMAIL SECURITYESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange ServerESET Mail Security for Linux / FreeBSDESET Mail Security for IBM DominoIDENTITY AND DATA PROTECTIONESET Endpoint EncryptionESET Full Disk EncryptionESET Secure AuthenticationCROSS-PLATFORM PROTECTION


Security badge ESET achieves stellar results in the category of usability in the annual test. Best performance in Enhanced Real-World Test of Enterprise solutions. ESET Endpoint Security is a leader in Endpoint Protection Suites on G2 ESET actively contributes to MITRE ATT&CK knowledgebase