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WatersavingsEauxchargéesCleanwaterHeavy DutyEnergysavingsExtreme ConditionsDirtywaterEauxpropresX-STREAMDesigned for extreme conditions of air and waterRH / RBH with Axial Fanfrom 350 to 660 m3/cellhigh capacity & efficiencyRC with Centrifugal Fanfrom 10 to 435 m3/celllow noisevery high resistance to cloggingvery high mechanical resistance: 30 Kg/m²highly simplified access for cleaning and maintenancefor water up to 400 ppm suspended solidsCleaning Without Disassembly internal ladders with walkwaysmultiple and large access doorsX-Tract optionX-TRACTSimplifiedX-Tract System has been specially designed to simplifyinstallation and maintenance operations. In a singlelift, exchange surface, water distribution and drifteliminators are integrally removed allowing then acomplete cleaning of the internals and of the casingon the ground.P a te n te dDansteel St. Gobain Christal Union Purina Mills Atofina Holmen Paper Arcelor Air Liquide Cosumar Tannpapier

High EfficiencyLow InvestmentOpen Cooling al Cooling Towerslow noiselow weightDT / DT XL / S / ATM / SK / KSDirtywaterEauxpropres30% energy savingshygieneeasy maintenanceCentrifugal EC-Fans Cooling TowerDTC ingsEnergysavingsCT N 14.09.002Range DTC ecoTecDirtywaterAxial forced draftKHAxial induced draftVAP / TEC / RMPEauxpropreslow power consumptionmotor fan outside the wet air floweasy motor and fan accesslow power consumptionsmall footprintAirbus Audi Chrysler Opel Mercedes Benz BMW VW Hyundai Porsche Michelin Mitsubishi Ford Siemens e·on Ruhrgas Kru

Closed Cooling waterEauxpropresEnergysavingsdry coolingcompact designEvaporative CoolerVKTu b e B u n d leAxial Evaporative CoolerKHF / VAPFno freezing without glycolfull cleaning on primary & secondary circuitsP la te H e aetrE xc h a n gCentrifugal Evaporative Coolerno freezing without glycollow noiseSF / CRF / KSFP la te H e aetrE xc h a n gFRC Centrifugal FilterIn addition to the natural fouling resistance of the exchanger (highwater velocity), this equipment is designed to retain and then removesuspended solids in the water that may offer nourishment forbacteriological growth.Automatic cleaning is OK during the blow-down by induction cycle or bytimer, 100% filtering of the water flow at 60 μm efficiency.the FRC filter is simple and efficient againstLegionellaP a te n te dupp LEW Lech Elektrizitätswerke Alstom Power Total BASF Atlas Elektronik RWE Philips Bayer Hermal Degussa Grünenthal Takeda GlaxoSmithKline

Water SavingsPlume FreeHybrid Cooling gsOpen Hybrid CoolersSIM / ATIM / KSIM / KHIMhigh efficiencyDirtywaterClosed Hybrid CoolersSFIM / CRIM / KSFIM / KHFIMHybrid Evaporative CoolerVHKHybrid Water CoolerHKEauxDirtypropreswaterEauxpropresglycol freesafehigh switch point dry / wetstandard water treatmentlong period of dry operationno secondary spray circuite Danone Nestlé Areva Auchan IKEA Louis Vuitton StoraEnso Hannover Airport Frankfurt Airport Stuttgart Airport Aéroportsde Paris Hamburg Airport

Legionella FreeLow Operating CostsAdiabatic CoolerWatersavingsEauxchargéesClean Waterwater terEauxpropresEnergysavingsAdiabatic CoolerTOPAZDirtywaterEauxpropreswater treatment freelegionella freeup to 95% water savingsplume freelow operation costseasy maintenanceQUALITY CERTIFICATIONSCTIKSCTIDTC ecoTecEUROVENTKSEUROVENTDTC ecoTecCT N 14.09.002Range DTC rtificationin processJacir and Gohl participate in cooling towers performanceECC Program. Check ongoing validity of or www.cti.comQUALITYMANAGEMENTSYSTEMISO 9001CORROSIONDIN ISO 12944-6Certified Whirl-SinteringCoating according tocorrosion testDIN ISO 12944-6,highest category C5-Mt Messe München Messe Düsseldorf Messe Hannover Reed Exhibitions Wien Springer NZZ publishing company WDR Burda Media

ServiceCUSTOMER SUPPORToriginal spare partsperformance increasemaintenanceperformance auditrevampingtaylor made solutionsrentalINFILLS AND MATERIALSCasing optionsInfill Sliding PVC––Galvanized SteelX-STREAM400 ppm totalsuspended solids––FREEFILM120 ppm––PP / PVC12 and 19 mm80 and 100 ppmZüricher Kantonalbank Credit Suisse Dresdner Bank Lloyds TSB Deutsche Bank Commerzbank UniCredit Group

Permanently Good CoolingFor m or e t han 50 year s Jaci r an d GOHL have been s p ec i a lis ed i n th e d evel op men t and m anufactur e of i n nova t ive cool i n g tower tech n ol ogies.Tha n k s to our tech n ol og i cal competence, many year sof ex p er i en ce an d th e lar g e s t European product rangewe a r e a lway s i n a p osi ti on to of fer our cus tom er s a p p rop ria te sol uti on s i n p remi um quality for their i n divi d ua l r equi remen t s.A s one of t h e l ead i n g ex p er t s for cooling Jacir andG O H L have sup p l i ed more t h an 6 5.0 00 cooling t ower s to a prox . 100 coun tri es for a wide r ange of a p p lic a t io n s i n HVAC an d In dust r ial Process C ooling.Jacir11, rue Jean Moulin77348 Pontault-Combault CedexFranceTel. 33 1 6443 5320Fax 33 1 6443 [email protected] Gohl GmbHPfaffenhäule 2878224 SingenGermanyTel. 49 77 31  88 06 - 0Fax 49 77 31 88 06 - [email protected]

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