Center Details GrandGd opening:iautumnt19961996,new development (A10 Triangle) spring 2011 approx. 120,000120 000 sqm lettablel tt bl space (i(incl.l A10 TTriangle),il )thereof 66,000 sqm retail space,one of the biggest shopping centers in Germany approx. 180 shops (incl. A10 Triangle) Occupancy rate: 100% Parking: around 3,600 (4,000 after new development) approx. 1.15 million people living in the catchment areag distancewithin 45 minutes driving approx. 20.000 visitors every dayAcquisition of A10 Center 01/102

A10 Center WildauAcquisition of A10 Center 01/103

13th Shopping Center in Germany, 17th assauAcquisition of A10 Center 01/104

LocationAcquisition of A10 Center 01/105

Competitive Environment & Regional Origin of the VisitorsParkcenter TreptowNeukölln Arcaden27,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 65022,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 1,000Zentrum Schöneweide20,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 750Biesdorf Center31.,00 sqm lettable spaceparking: 1,800Forum Köpenick25,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 1,250Müggelpark Gosen30,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 600Spitzkrug-Multicenter50,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 2,500Lenné PassagenGropius Passagen85,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 2,10017,200 sqm lettable spaceparking: 385Der Oderturm16,000 sqm lettable spaceTempelhofer Hafenparking: 51020,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 800Fachmarkt Teltow26,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 1,300FMZ Waltersdorf80.,00 sqm lettable spaceparking: 2,500Südring-Center43,000 sqm lettable spaceparking: 2,600Acquisition of A10 Center 01/106

Modified Catchment AreaZone Idriving time 5 minapprox. 42,500 inhab.Zone IIdriving time 5-15 minapprox.pp292,800,inhab.Zone IIIdriving time 15-30 minapprox. 298,000 III 633633,300300inhabitantsZone IVDriving time 30-45 minapprox. 518,000 I-IV 1,151,300inhabitantsAcquisition of A10 Center 01/107

Tenants (Sample)Anchor tenants Real Karstadt Sportp P&C C&A H&M Esprit Bauhaus MediMax Hammer Baby OneAcquisition of A10 Center 01/10Other well-known tenants Apollo-Optik BiBA Bijou Brigitte Bonita Casamoda Deichmann Douglas Dänisches Bettenlager Engbers Gerry Weber Görtz Hunkemöller HusselHl ChristMcPaperpmister*ladyNanu NanaNew YorkerOrsayPimkieThaliaTom TailorUlla PopkenWMFYves Rocher8

Ground Plan (incl. A10 Triangle)Acquisition of A10 Center 01/109

Financial Details Deutsche EuroShop buys 100% (asset deal) Total investment: approx.approx 265 million (incl.(incl A10 Triangle) 43% equity, 57% debt expected annualised rents effective from 2011: 19.4 million expectedt d gross yieldi ld (incl.(i l TTriangle):il ) 77.3%3% expected net initial yield (NOI, incl. Triangle): 6.5%Acquisition of A10 Center 01/1010

A10 Center Wildauwww.a10center.deAcquisition of A10 Center 01/1011

01/10feelestate.deACQUISITON OFA10 CENTERWILDAUAcquisition of A10 Center 01/1012

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Gerry Weber Thalia Tom Tailor Baby One Gerry Weber Ulla Popken Görtz Hunkemöller Hl Ulla Popken WMF Yves Rocher Hussel . Investor & Public Relations Oderfelder Straße 23 20149 Hamburg Te