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2315What Cabinet Do I Need?So you're ready to order your DIY flat packs but need a little bit of clarification on which cabinetry you need? Look nofurther, here we give you an idea of different areas of your house, and what types of cabinets you may need to helpcomplete your project.1.Base CabinetsBase Cabinet Units are generally the foundation of your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, wardrobe, office or evengarage. They are cupboards that are placed under a bench top, or stacked in combination with other cabinets(such as tall cabinets) or used on their own to create unique cabinetry that fits your requirements. Base cabinetscome in a range of variants including units with doors, drawers, open shelving or even units that accommodateovens and wine racks.2.Upper CabinetsUpper Cabinet Units (also known as Wall or Overhead Cabinets) are perfect for getting the most storage spaceinto your project area whether it be for your kitchen, garage or even office. These cabinets are typically affixedon the wall above your bench, and come in a variety of single & double door units, open shelving units as well ascabinets to accommodate range hoods.3.Tall or Pantry CabinetsTall or Pantry Cabinet Units are normally used as to cover larger areas of your kitchen, garage, laundry orwardrobe and are perfect for storing appliances and more. We have a range of Tall & Pantry Cabinets to suit yourneeds, including units with doors, inner drawers, open shelving or wall oven units.4.Applied PanelsApplied Panels are, by definition, panels which are applied to the side of cabinets to which are on the end of arun of cabinets. They are typically made from the material which is the same colour as your doors and create afinished look by covering exposed cabinet carcase panels. Applied panels can also be used in between cabinetry– for example: the Tall Cabinet (number 3) in the picture has an applied panel on both of its sides to complete theunit. Without this applied panel, the inside of the cabinet underneath the Upper Cabinet would be exposed. Ifyour cabinets are all the same depth and height, and you do not need to create a space in between them, thenyou will not need to place an applied panel in between cabinets.5.KickboardsKickboards are used to cover the exposed adjustable legs along the bottom of the base cabinets. Kickboardcreates a clean finished look to your cabinetry.24

IndexBase Cabinets1.4-5Applied Panels / Fillers4Open Base Units4Door Base Units4Drawer Base Units5Corner Base Units5Under Base Oven Units545Upper Cabinets3Applied Panels / Fillers6Open Upper Units6Door Upper Units6Corner Upper Units6Aventos System Units7Rangehood Units7Tall Cabinets14531453.8-11Applied Panels / Fillers8Open Tall Units8Appliance Units8Door Tall Units9Corner Tall Units9Broom Units9Wall Oven Units10Robe Units10Robe Drawer Units11Pantry Cabinets2.6-7.12-13Applied Panels / Fillers12Door Pantry Units12Corner Pantry Units13Bin Units.14Inner Drawer Options.14

Base CabinetsBegin your ordering from the ground up with our Base Cabinets.Applied Panels / FillersEnd PanelBase Filler PanelKickboard FramedOpen Base UnitsOpen Base CarcaseOpen Base UnitBase WinerackBase Pull OutBase Unit withPair of DoorsDoor Base Unit withInner Drawer* goStandardDoor Base Unit with3 Inner Drawers* goStandardBase Pair, withInner Drawer goStandardBase Pair, with 2Inner Drawers goStandardBase Pair, with 3Inner Drawers goStandardDoor Base Unit with2 Inner Drawers* goExecutiveBase Pair, withInner Drawer goExecutiveBase Pair, with 2Inner Drawers goExecutiveDoor Base Unit with3 Inner Drawers* goExecutiveDoor Base UnitsDoor Base Unit**Available in left or right opening door configurations.4Door Base Unit with2 Inner Drawers* goStandardDoor Base Unit withInner Drawer* goExecutiveBase Pair, with 3Inner Drawers goExecutive

Choose your own size cabinetsDrawer Base UnitsSingle DrawerBase Unit5 Drawer Base Unit2 Drawer Base Unit3 Drawer Base Unit4 Drawer Base Unit6 Drawer Base UnitCorner Base UnitsCorner Base Unitwith Door*Base Return Unitwith Door*Corner Base Unitwith Pair of DoorsL-Shape Base Unitwith Bi-Fold and Door*Base Return Unitwith Pair of Doors*Base Left ReturnLeft Wari CornerL-Shape Base Unitwith Bi-Fold Door*Under Bench Oven UnitsBase Oven UnitBase Oven Unitwith DrawerBase Oven Unitwith 2 Drawers5Base Oven Unitwith 2 Drawers*Available in left or right opening door configurations.

Upper CabinetsgoFlatpacks offers a range of upper cabinets to ensure your storage needs are covered.Applied Panels / FillersUpper End PanelBulk HeadUpper FillerOpen Upper UnitsOpen UpperCarcaseOpen UpperUnitOpen UpperClip UnitOpen UpperRadius UnitOpen UpperRadius UnitDoor Upper UnitsUpper Unit with Door*Upper Top HangUpper Unit with DoorsCorner Upper UnitsL-Shape Unit withBi-Fold Door*Corner Base Unitwith Pair of Doors**Available in left or right opening door configurations.Upper ReturnUnit with Doors*6Upper ReturnUnit with Door*

Choose your own size cabinetsAventos System UnitsAventos HFAventos HKAventos HKSAventos HKSXAventos HLAventos HSRangehood UnitsUpper RangehoodFull Vented*Upper Rangehood FullVented Pair of DoorsUpper RangehoodRecirculating7*Available in left or right opening door configurations.

Tall CabinetsIncrease the amount of storage within your home or office with our tall cabinets range.Applied Panels / FillersTall End PanelTall FillerOpen Tall UnitsTall OpenCarcaseOpen Tall UnitOpen Tall Unitwith No BottomOpen WinerackUnitAppliance UnitsOpenAppliance UnitAppliance Unit withBi-Fold DoorsAppliance Unitwith Door*Appliance Unitwith DoorAppliance Unit withRoll-up Door*Available in left or right opening door configurations.8Appliance Unit withBi-Fold Door*Appliance Unit withBi-Fold & Door*

Choose your own size cabinetsDoor Tall UnitsTall Pull-out UnitTall Unit with Door*Tall Unit with Door& No Bottom*Tall Unit with DoorsTall Unit with Doors& No BottomCorner Tall UnitsTall Return Unitwith Door*Tall Return Unit withDoor & No Bottom*Tall Return Unitwith Doors*Broom Unit with Door& No Bottom*Broom Unitwith DoorsTall Return Unit withDoors & No Bottom*Broom UnitsBroom Unitwith Door*9Broom Unit with Doors& No Bottom*Available in left or right opening door configurations.

Wall Oven UnitsWall Oven1 DrawerWall Oven2 DrawerWall Oven Micro1 DrawerWall Oven Micro2 DrawerRobe UnitsRobe AdjustableShelvesRobe FixedShelvesRobe ShelvesPlus Top, Bottomand BackRobe Shelves PlusTop and BottomRobe Shelvesand Top10Robe Shelves PlusBottom and BackRobe ShelvesPlus Bottom

Choose your own size cabinetsRobe Drawer UnitsRobe 2 Drawersand Shelves andNo TopRobe 2 Drawersand Shelvesand TopRobe 3 Drawersand Shelvesand TopRobe 3 Drawersand ShelvesNo TopRobe 4 Drawersand Shelvesand TopRobe 4 Drawersand ShelvesNo TopRobe 5 Drawersand Shelvesand TopRobe 5 Drawersand ShelvesNo TopRobe 6 Drawersand Shelvesand TopRobe 6 Drawersand ShelvesNo Top11

Pantry CabinetsgoFlatpacks offers a range of Pantry Cabinets to suit any kitchen shape or size.Applied Panels / FillersEnd PanelFiller PanelDoor Pantry Units#Door PantryUnit*Door PantryUnit with NoBottom*Pantry Unitwith DoorsPantry Unitwith Doors &No Bottom2-PartPantry Unitwith Door*2-Part PantryUnit withDoorsDoor PantryUnit with 3Drawers* goStandardDoor PantryUnit with 4Drawers* goStandardDoor PantryUnit with 5Drawers* goStandardPantry Unitwith Doors &3 Drawers goStandardPantry Unitwith Doors &4 Drawers goStandardPantry Unitwith Doors &5 Drawers goStandardDoor PantryUnit with 4Drawers* goExecutiveDoor PantryUnit with 5Drawers* goExecutivePantry Unitwith Doors &3 Drawers goExecutivePantry Unitwith Doors &4 Drawers goExecutivePantry Unitwith Doors &5 Drawers goExecutiveDoor PantryUnit withDrawers* goExecutive*Available in left or right opening door configurations.12Note: Black Shelves indicate the presence of a fixed shelf.#

Choose your own size cabinetsCorner Pantry Units#Corner Pantry Unitwith Door*Corner Pantry Unit withDoor & No Bottom*Corner Pantry Unitwith DoorsCorner Pantry Unit withDoors & No Bottom2-Part Corner Pantrywith Door*2-Part Pantry Unit withDoor & No Bottom*2-Part Pantry Unitwith Doors2-Part Pantry Unit withDoors & No BottomPantry Return Unit withDoor & No Bottom*Pantry Return Unit withDoor & No Bottom**Available in left or right opening door configurations.Pantry Return Unit withDoors & No Bottom*13Pantry Return Unit withDoors & No Bottom*Note: Black Shelves indicate the presence of a fixed shelf.#

Bin UnitsBase Bin WBPB4560with Inner DrawerBase Bin WBPB4564Base Bin WBPB5040with Inner DrawerBase Bin WBPB5084Base Bin WBPB6060with Inner DrawerBase Bin WBPB6084Inner Drawer OptionsgoStandard Inner DrawersgoExecutive Inner DrawersThe goFlatpack base cabinets with inner drawers come with twodrawer finish options. The budget option goStandard consistsof METABOX inner drawers. You can use this tried and testedbox system for many different applications in kitchens, hallways,bathrooms and offices – and it’s even suitable for workshops.Robust materials and careful workmanship produce high stability– up to a maximum dynamic carrying capacity of 30kg.The second option available for selection is the goFlatpacksgoExecutive Inner drawers. Comprising the Blum TANDEMBOXAntaro inner drawer system; it is stylish, durable and smooth.14


goFlatpacks is a customised self install cabinet solution for kitchens,bathrooms, wardrobes, laundries, office spaces and even garages. Ouronline ordering system allows the home handy person the opportunityto plan, design, order and build their own project.goFlatpacks will save you 1000s in labour which means you canallocate more of your budget to getting a premium kitchen – or save themoney and put it in your pocket for a rainy day. The DIY componentis key with our flat pack engineered system, ideal for the home handyperson, if your willing to have a go then goFlatpacks is for you.1. DESIGN2. ORDER3. .au4. ASSEMBLE

with Pair of Doors* Base Left Return Left Wari Corner Corner Base Unit with Door* Corner Base Unit with Pair of Doors L-Shape Base Unit with Bi-Fold Door* L-Shape Base Unit with Bi-Fold and Door* Corner Base Units Base Oven Unit Base Oven Unit with 2 Drawers Base Oven Unit with 2 Drawer