IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR EXHIBITORS Venue: Your way to find us. Your contact: We areyour capable consultant. Delivery, installation and removal: For a smooth passing of the exhibition.The stand: Valuable and interesting information on all the aspects of your exhibition space.Online-Order for additional equipment latest until 15.03.2019 on: Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society– Cardiac and Circulation Research24 to 27 April 2019Congress Center Rosengarten Mannheim, Germany

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearOn the following pages, the most important information for a successful exhibition atCongress Center Rosengarten is made available to you. All relevant facts and data on allthe aspects of the venue, your exhibition space, the guidelines concerning installation andremoval and, last but not least, your contacts can be found here.*m:con has extensive experience in organizing congresses and producing events, and offersindividual solutions – with its excellent conception and organization and with its own ultramodern equipment.The professional team of m:con offers you support at any time.* Subject to alterations.Page 2

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearDirectory01 Venue and Data of the Exhibition402 Contact703 Directions to the venue804 Information on Delivery and Installation1105 Stand information A – Z1406 Catering2507 Disclaimer25Please forward all the required information concerning the exhibition to your exhibitionstand constructors promptly!Page 3

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clear01 Venue and Data of the ExhibitionVenueCongress Center Rosengarten Mannheim (CCR)Rosengartenplatz 268161 ogy of the floorsPlease note the new terminology of the floors at the Congress CenterRosengarten Mannheim (CCR) and the Dorint Kongresshotel Mannheim: floor -1 formerly floor 0 floor 0 formerly floor 1 floor 1 formerly floor 2 floor 2 formerly floor 3 floor 1 / Dorint formerly floor 2 / DorintTimes and instructions for installation:Please note that the following schedule is only to provide an overview on thegeneral times for delivery and installation.Please find your valid slots for delivery and installation, as well as thedelivery zones for one vehicle published in the confirmation of admissionfor your stand.Tuesday, 16.04.2019, 14.00-22.00 hrsDelivery and installation of large stands on floor -1,floor 0 (right foyer), floors 1 and 2 at CCRWednesday, 17.04.2019, 07.00-22.00 hrsDelivery and installation of large stands on floor -1, floor 0 (middle foyerand entrance foyer), floors 1 and 2 at CCRThursday, 18.04.2019, 07.00-22.00 hrsDelivery and installation of large stands on floor -1,floor 0 (left foyer), floors 1 and 2 at CCRFriday, 19.04.2019, 07.00-22.00 hrsNo delivery, only installation inhouse!Saturday, 20.04.2019, 08.00 - 20.00 hrsRemaining delivery of large stands on floor 0 at CCR,delivery on floor 1 at Dorint and installation on all floorsSunday, 21.04.2019 day of restNo delivery and no installation!Page 401 Venue and Data of the Exhibition

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearMonday, 22.04.2019 day of restNo delivery and no installation!Tuesday, 23.04.2019, 07.00-22.00 hrsDelivery on floor 1 at Dorint, deliveries of small stands at CCRand installation on all floorsWednesday, 24.04.2019, 07.00-10.00 hrsDelivery of collapsible stand and last installations on all floorsPlease note that owing to noise pollution, exhibition goods may only beunloaded until 22.00 hrs. From 22.00 hrs on, installation is only allowed insidePlease note:Unloading until22.00 hrs only!the house and with prior consultation and approval by the organizer.Opening times of the exhibition:Wednesday, 24.04.2019, 15.00-18.00 hrsThursday, 25.04.2019, 09.00-18.00 hrs(afterwards Grand Opening in hall 4 on floor 1 and Get Together on floor 2)Friday, 26.04.2019, 09.00-18.00 hrsSaturday, 27.04.2019, 09.00-13.30 hrsPlease staff your booth during the opening times. It is recommended that thestands on floor 2 should be staffed to the end of the Get Together.Times and instructions for removal:Please note that the following schedule is only to provide an overview on thegeneral times for delivery and installation.Please find your valid slots for delivery and installation, as well as thedelivery zones for one vehicle published in in the confirmation ofadmission for your stand.Saturday, 27.04.2019, 14.30-22.00 hrsDismantling, delivery for empties and collection all floorsSunday, 28.04.2019, 07.00-22.00 hrsDismantling and collection all floorsFor safety-related reasons the removal on Saturday, 27.04.2019 could not startbefore 14.30 hrs. Booth builders are not allowed to enter into the CongressCenter Rosengarten. Infringements will be charged with 500.-.Please note that owing to noise pollution, exhibits may only be loaded until 22.00hrs. From 22.00 hrs on, removal is only allowed inside the house and with priorconsultation and approval by the organizer.Page 501 Venue and Data of the ExhibitionPlease note:Loading until 22.00hrs only!

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearPlease observe the instructions for removal in any case, otherwise current andfollowing events may be disturbed. Stands that are not removed in time arecleared at your costs!Page 601 Venue and Data of the Exhibition

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clear02 ContactEvent holderm:con - mannheim:congress GmbHRosengartenplatz 268161 MannheimGermanywww.mcon-mannheim.deExhibition organisationm:con - Industry ManagementMs Bettina HäckerP: 49 (0)621 / 4106 -105F: 49 (0)621 / 4106 - 80 [email protected] cards / congress ticketsm:con - Registration ManagementMs Manon WaasP: 49 (0)621 / 4106 -102F: 49 (0)621 / 4106 - 80 [email protected] accommodation servicesm:con - Hospitality ManagementMs Claudia MorioP: 49 (0)621 / 4106 -8641F: 49 (0)621 / 4106 - 80 [email protected] maintenanceDeutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie – Herz- und Kreislaufforschung e.V.Grafenberg Allee 10040237 DüsseldorfGermanyP: 49 (0)211 / 600692 - 0F: 49 (0)211 / 600692 - [email protected] 702 Contact

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clear03 Directions to the venueRoute via the motorwayMotorway A6/A67 motorway intersection Mannheim A656 towards Mannheim-Mitte go along 'Augustaanlage' until you get to the water tower 'Wasserturm' The Congress Center Rosengarten is on the north of the water tower 'Wasserturm'Motorway A61 motorway intersection Ludwigshafen towards Ludwigshafen/Mannheim cross the bridge across the River Rhine 'Rheinbrücke' follow the signs towards 'CC Rosengarten'Page 803 Directions to the venue

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearRoute via the city centerPage 903 Directions to the venue

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearParking facilitiesAs a part of m:con Congress Center Rosengarten, the underground car parks'Congress Center Rosengarten' and 'Dorint' with approx. 700 parking spacesare at your disposal. Please note that the height limit for vehicles is 1.90 mthere. Parking on the outside area of the Congress Center Rosengarten is notallowed.Vehicles higher than 1.90 m can be parked on the nearby car park (near thestadium 'Carl-Benz-Stadion', direction airfield 'Flugplatz Neuostheim', TheodorHeuss-Anlage 12 in Mannheim): turn right before you get to the KPMG building,then turn right again, the car park is on the left. You can take the tram number 6to get back to the Rosengarten. The vehicles could also be parked on the“Neuer Messplatz” (Maybachstraße in Mannheim). Please note that these areall public parking spaces where we have no impact on free parking space!Page 1003 Directions to the venueParking on theoutside area of theCongress CenterRosengarten is notallowed.

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clear04 Information on Delivery and InstallationDeliveryOwing to a shortage of space, deliveries can be carried out only on the days ofinstallation. For organizational reasons, earlier deliveries have to be carried outby the forwarding company 'Spedition Schenker' (address see “Storage”, page12) at your expense, otherwise they are returned at your costs.For deliveries of advertising material, brochures and other articles, pleaseindicate the following extended address:Congress Center RosengartenDGK JT 2019Company nameName of your contact at the exhibitionMobile number of your contact at the exhibitionStand numberRosengartenplatz 268161 MannheimGermanyPlease note that deliveries have to be effected directly to the stand area.Congress Center Rosengarten and the congress organizer do not accept anydeliveries. All deliveries are left to the owner's risk: m:con and the congressorganizer do not assume any responsibility for deliveries.Page 1104 Information on Delivery and InstallationCongress CenterRosengarten and thecongress organizerdo not accept anydeliveries and do notassume anyresponsibility fordeliveries: alldeliveries are left tothe owner’s risk.

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearUnloading on the exhibition grounds of Congress Center RosengartenThe access to the 'Rosengarten' from 'Friedrichsring' has a gate opened by aporter. Please note that cars which are used for delivery and collection have tobe parked in the underground car park at your costs. Only vehicles higher than1.90 m may enter the Rosengarten area during installation and removal and onlyfor loading and unloading purposes!On entering the grounds of Congress Center Rosengarten, the time of arrival andthe driver's mobile number are taken down by one of our employees, and a timeof departure is also agreed upon.All vehicles higher than 1.90 m have to be announced with the attached formuntil 08.03.2019. Please forward this information to all your suppliers (boothconstruction company, etc.).Should pallets be delivered, please note that Congress Center Rosengartencannot provide a hand pallet truck. It has to be provided by the exhibitor.Lifts / goods liftsFor deliveries to the foyers in floor -1, 0, 1 and 2 of Congress CenterRosengarten, there are several goods lifts at your disposal.width forpassageheightdepthweight-bearingcapacityLift foyer on the left1.70 m1.95 m3.80 m3.500 kgLift foyer on the right1.55 m1.95 m2.80 m1.500 kgGoods lifts outside2.60 m2.40 m5.90 m5.000 kgLift underground car park,0.80 m1.95 m1.30 m630 kg0.80 m1.95 m1.30 m630 kg0.90 m2.28 m2.10 m1.000 kgRight side (East)Lift underground car park,Left side (West)Goods lift Dorint-Hotelaccess via receiving department TullastraßeStorageIt is absolutely impossible to store any kind of exhibits or empties before, duringor after the exhibition at the Congress Center Rosengarten. The storage ofempties can be dealt with by e.g. the forwarding company Schenker:Page 1204 Information on Delivery and InstallationOnly vehicles higherthan 1.90 m mayenter theRosengarten areaduring installationand removal and onlyfor loading andunloading purposes!

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearSchenker Deutschland AGMessen- / SpezialtransporteMr. Jan SmolicRotterdamer Str. 29-3568219 MannheimGermanyT: 49 (0)621 / 44 520 -383F: 49 (0)621 / 44 520 [email protected] 1304 Information on Delivery and Installation

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clear05 Stand information A – ZThe legal stipulations and regulations in their most current form and theTechnical Guidelines of m:con must be observed for all exhibition stands,facilities, exhibits, materials and advertising that are brought into theCongress Center Rosengarten.Additional ordersOrders for additional equipment can be placed usstellerliste-hallenplan-bestelltool/latest until 15.03.2019.After the above-mentioned date, orders can be placed on site only plus an extracharge of 20 %!Adhesive TapeA special adhesive tape for delicate floors must be used before using doublesided tape, gaffa tape, etc. in floor -1 and floor 0, Mozartsaal, Musensaal,Stamitzsaal and Rosengartenlounge:: Foyer floor 0 and floor 1: Tesa Präzisionskrepp 4334 gelb, 50mmx50m Rosengartenlounge: Tesa Präzisionskrepp Sensitive PV 1- 4333 rosa,50mmx50mYou can then continue to work with standard adhesive tape on top of thisspecial tape. The above-mentioned special adhesive tape can be bought onsite. When dismantling, please ensure that all tape is removed without leavingany residue! Marks that have not been removed will be eliminated at theexhibitor’s expense.AdvertisingAny sort of advertising is only allowed within the stand rented by the exhibitorand only for the exhibitor’s own company and the exhibited articles manufacturedor distributed by the exhibitor’s own company. All advertising effort outside thestand area has to be approved by the organizer of the exhibition.The distribution and the display of printed matters and advertising materialoutside the own stand area is only allowed by our licensed service partner.Should you be interested, please refer to:Dr. Wilhelmus GmbHMr. LieblerPage 1405 Stand information A – ZOrders for additionalequipment onlyonline!

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearP: 49 (0) 2204 / 66272F: 49 (0) 2204 / [email protected] / visual presentationsAny kind of presentations on the stand requires the organizer’s approval.Approval is granted with the pre-requisite that the presentation will not negativelyaffect or interrupt neighbouring stands and the ongoing congress. The organizershall have the right to cancel a presentation in the event of disregard for hisregulation.Congress vouchers (voucher codes)Congress vouchers can be ordered in advance from m:con for the purpose ofcustomer invitations. You will receive the vouchers by email in the form ofvoucher codes. Voucher codes that have been redeemed will be invoiced afterthe event.If interested please contact m:con Registration Management, Ms Manon Waas,[email protected] by 15.03.2019 at the latest.Construction heightsPlease observe the construction height valid for you in the confirmation ofadmission for your stand.The maximum construction height for stands vary from floor to floor.Restrictions owing to structural causes have to be observed. in the lower foyer on floor -1: 3.00 m (limited construction height in thearea of the access to the underground car parks and in front of thesanitary facilities, as well as in the area of the cloakroom) in the upper foyer on floor -1: 2.50 m (limited construction height in thearea of the access to the elevator and the catering counter) in the foyer on floor 0: 3.00 m (limited construction height in the sidefoyers below the gallery and below the fire curtains!) in the foyer on floor 1: 2.80 m (limited construction height in the Musen- /Stamitzsaal foyer and below the fire curtains!) in the foyer on floor 2: 3.00 m in the foyer on floor 1 at Dorint: 2.50 mPrior approval by the organizer is necessary for construction heightsexceeding 2.50 m. For this please send back the attached form until 08.03.2019.Page 1505 Stand information A – ZThe maximumconstruction heightfor stands vary fromfloor to floor.Restrictions owingto structural causeshave to beobserved.

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearFloorings of all kinds from 4 mm on require approval by the organizer, haveto be highlighted in contrast colour and secured against stumbling and tripping.Exceeding flooring heights from 25 mm on require canted edges incontrast colour.Please note that no raised flooring will be approved for the foyer between theMusen- and Stamitzsaal.DamageThe exhibitor is responsible for damage to facilities of Congress CenterRosengarten, floors, etc., as well as to material let or lent to him.DisposalIn general, reusable and eco-friendly materials have to be used for theinstallation and the operation of a stand. It is not allowed to leave any materialsat Congress Center Rosengarten. Any materials left are disposed of withoutchecking the value at the exhibitor’s cost and at a higher charge.In general,reusable and ecofriendly materialshave to be usedfor the installationand the operationof a stand.ElectricityThe laying of electrical cables outside the stand, as well as connection to thesupply network may only be carried out by m:con. For electrical installationsinside the stand, as well as for the laying of electrical cables, the instructions ofVDE have to be observed. It is recommended to order m:con to carry out thework inside the stands as well.The equipment and the illumination of the stands have to be disconnected fromthe grid by the exhibitor after the end of the exhibition and before leaving thestand respectively. In case of non-observance as to the above mentionedswitching off regarding equipment and illumination, m:con reserves its right tocharge any costs that may result from additional consumption of electricity to theexhibitor’s account.In order to provide suitable protection, all electrical appliances which generate orradiate heat (cooking plates, spotlights, transformers etc.) must mounted on nonflammable, heat resistant bases not containing asbestos. These require approvalwhich must be applied for from m:con at least until 08.03.2019. Devices which donot have a CE marking may not be used as a matter of principle.Page 1605 Stand information A – ZThe equipmentand theillumination of thestand have to bedisconnected fromgrid before leavingthe standrespectively!

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearThe exhibitor is responsible for the self-installation on the stand. If you wishelectrical installations at a certain place, we ask you to let us have a sketchaccordingly. If you require electricity, you can place your order online.Emergency exits and escape routesThe aisles between the exhibition areas serve as escape routes in cases ofEmergency. At no time these aisles should be blocked. Escape routes mustalways be kept free of hindrance.The exit doors, emergency exits and their signposting must never be obstructed,built over, closed in, obstructed by drapes or disfigured in any way.EmptiesDuring the installation, the duration of the congress and the removal, it is notallowed to store empties on the stands, outside the stands, inside the CongressCenter Rosengarten and in its outside area. Dispatch and storage of empties canbe dealt with by the forwarding company Schenker (address see “Storage”, page12).Examination of the rented spaceAfter the assignment of space, exhibitors must make themselves aware of anyfixtures, in particular hall pillars, fire alarms, wall hydrants, ventilation systems, aswell as uneven flooring. m:con shall not be responsible for the accuracy ofdimensions on hall and stand plans.Exhibition construction companyThe exhibitor’s service handbook and all important information according theexhibition have to be forwarded to the exhibition construction company and otherservice providers by the exhibitor.The exhibitor’s service handbook (in German and in English) is at your disposalon the internet at lerlistehallenplan-bestelltool/ at any time.Exhibitor cards / congress ticketsExhibitor badges are personalised and do not grant access to the scientificprogramme and the industry symposiums (exception: a company’s internalindustry symposium). However, the Congress tickets for exhibitors grant accessto the scientific programme and the industry symposiums.Page 1705 Stand information A – ZThe exhibitor’sservice handbookis at yourdisposal on theinternet at anytime!

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearYou will automatically receive an email with further information and a bookingcode which you can use to order exhibitor badges by 12.04.2019 at latest.Exhibitor cards: 2 exhibitor cards are free of charge up to an exhibition area of 10 sqm, plus 2 exhibitor cards per 10 additional sqm. Exhibitor cards with costs: 30.00 euros including VAT Congress tickets: 1 congress ticket is free of charge up to an exhibitionarea of 6 sqm, 3 congress tickets are free of charge up to an exhibition areaof 50 sqm, 5 tickets are free of charge with an exhibition area of over 50sqm.For questions about exhibitor cards or congress tickets please contactm:con Registration Management, Ms Manon Waas, [email protected] protectionAll materials of the stand have to be flame-resistant according to DIN 4102-1(B1). The exhibitor must be able to furnish proof of flame-resistance on the standat any time.The fire extinguishers, wall hydrants and emergency buttons at Congress CenterRosengarten must not be blocked or made inaccessible under anycircumstances. It is not permitted to render the instruction signs illegible.Floor covering Floor -1 hall “Ignaz Holzbauer”: carpeting dark anthracite Floor -1 and floor 0: granite anthracite Floor 1 and floor 2: carpeting dark anthracite Floor 1 at Dorint: carpeting blue respectively blue-beige fleckedFloor coverings and other floors have to be laid accident-proof and must notproject over the boundary of the stand. If you lay floor coverings using doublesided adhesive tape, please note that it has to be removed without residue onremoval. On floor -1 and floor 0, adhesive tape suitable for natural stones and inthe Rosengarten Lounge, adhesive tape suitable for wooden floors must be used(see “Adhesive Tape”, page 14). Remaining residues will be removed at theexhibitor’s cost.The maximum floor loading capacity is 500 kg per sqm. The maximum floorloading capacity on the elevating podia on floor 2 is 250 kg per sqm. In case thatheavier exhibits are to be installed, it has to be arranged with and approved byPage 1805 Stand information A – ZIf you lay floorcoverings usingdouble-sidedadhesive tape,please note that ithas to be removedwithout residue onremoval.

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearthe organizer. Loads should be distributed, concentrated heavy loads have to beavoided at any rate.Forklift trucks / hand pallet trucksPlease note that Congress Center Rosengarten cannot place forklift trucks andhand pallet trucks at your disposal. This service can be dealt with by forwardingcompany Schenker (address see “Storage”, page 12). Please note that the useof forklift trucks is not allowed inside.Glass and plex-glass constructionsOnly safety glass may be used in the construction of superstructures. Glasspanes must be of a round edge construction or finished in such a way thatpotential injury risks are ruled out. Constructions made entirely of glass are to bemarked at eye level.Safety glass must be used for any superstructures. Edges of glass sheets musteither be rounded or designed in such a way that there is no risk of injury.Structures made entirely of glass must be marked at eye height.Grinding work and all work with naked flamesAll welding, cutting, soldering, thawing, grinding and other work which poses afire hazard must be reported to Rosengarten Congress Center before the workstarts and applied for in writing each day.Areas surrounding such flame work must be adequately screened off to eliminatedanger. Fire extinguishers must be kept in the immediate vicinity.GuardingThe organizer of the exhibition provides a general guarding without acceptingresponsibility for damage or loss. Articles brought to Congress CenterRosengarten are at the owner’s risk, m:con accepts no responsibility for articlesdeposited. The exhibitor has to take care of a special guarding for his stand andgoods himself. Stand guarding service can only be ordered online.Hazardous materialsIt is forbidden to use open fire or naked light, e.g. spirit, fuel, oil, gas, etc.Page 1905 Stand information A – Z

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearHigh-frequency units and radio unitsThe use of high-frequency units and radio units requires approval which mustbe applied for from m:con at least until 08.03.2019.Hotel accommodation servicePlease book online at elbuchung/, or contact: m:con Hospitality Management, MsClaudia Morio, P: 49 (0)621 / 4106 - 8641, [email protected] 15.03.2019.Householder’s rightm:con and the service providers commissioned by m:con shall havehouseholder’s rights vis-à-vis the exhibitors, their builders and all individualslocated in the exhibition space. The organizer shall have the right to expel fromthe Congress Center Rosengarten individuals who do not adhere to theregulations of m:con or the services providers commissioned by m:con or whoviolate the conditions for participation. The organizer shall also have the right toban these individuals. m:con, persons commissioned by m:con, the police, thefire department and the supervisory authority shall have access to the stands atany time.IlluminationPossibly, the general illumination at Congress Center Rosengarten is notsufficient to illuminate the individual stands effectively. In your own interest, werecommend to plan on additional installation of illumination on your stand.Information counter for exhibitorsDuring the congress an information counter for exhibitors will be operated at theconference counter where an employee of ours will be at your disposal for repeatorders and for any queries concerning your participation in the exhibition thatmay occur.Installation of standsAll stands have to be installed as self-supporting constructions. Fastenings onthe walls, pillars and floors of the halls are not allowed. Pillars, buttresses,projections etc. within the exhibition area are part of the allocated space. It is notallowed to exceed the allocated space for installation. Sticking up of advertisingPage 2005 Stand information A – Z

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearmaterial on the walls, pillars or other parts of the venue is not allowed. Theexhibitor is liable for any damages owing to violations and is responsible for thesecurity of the stand; they must provide evidence of this.Lighting facilities and signs may not exceed the limits of the stand. m:con retainsthe right to bill for any additionally used space.Escape routes, fire alarms, hydrants, electrical distributors, switchboards andtelephone distributors have to be accessible. A minimum safe distance of 0.5 mto the ceiling sprinklers has to be kept.In the foyer of floor -1 only LED-spotlights may be operated for fire protectionreasons. In case of non-observance m:con reserves the right to have nonapproved spotlights removed.Rear sides of stands which are visible and back onto neighbouring stands mustbe of a smooth construction and neutral colour (white or light grey). Theexhibition organizer reserves the right to insist on the modification of standswhich are deemed inadequate or non-approved along with the right to order theremoval of inappropriate exhibits when these are either bothersome ordangerous to visitors or exhibitors. Serious security defects can also lead toeither partial or complete closure of the stand.InsuranceThe exhibitor shall be liable for all personal and material damages that arise fromthe operation of their exhibition stand and materials. It is recommendedthat the exhibitors obtain adequate insurance protection.Internet access / EDPPlease note that in case of orders for internet access, the configuration orinstallation of additional hardware and software brought by the customer is notincluded in the range of delivery. The exhibitor is responsible for the observanceof the licensing agreement in case of software brought by himself.Internet access can only be ordered online. The exhibitor is responsible for therented technical equipment for the duration of the rent.WLAN Premium Version is free of charge. After connection to the SSID „dgkjt“please enter the following login data:Page 2105 Stand information A – ZEscape routes, firealarms, hydrants,electricaldistributors,switchboards andtelefone distributorshave to beaccessible.

FOR EXHIBITORS: Important information – compact and clearUser:dgkjtPassword:dgkjtExhibitors at the Congress Center Rosengarten are not permitted to setup and run their own wireless networks. Non-compliance with thisregulation may as applicable result in claims for damages by the eventorganizer or the neighbouring exhibitors affected.For increased traffic and complex presentations on the booth we recommendthe booking of a broadband LAN-connection.Motor vehiclesThe exhibiting of motor vehicles must always be approved of by the exhibitingorganization. Motor vehicles with internal-combustion engines may only beexhibited in Congress Center Rosengarten if the tank of the vehicle has beenemptied to a maximum of 5 liters of gasoline and filled up with nitrogen, and alsoonly if the battery cables have been disconnected.Multifunctional pillarsThere are multifunctional pillars with the measures 1.15 m x 1.00 m in the sidefoyers in floor 0. On one side inside these pillars, there are connections(electricity, TV, EDP) and fresh air respectively hot air is entering from the other 3sides of these pillars into the foyers. The pillars must not be surrounded orblocked and nothing may be fixed on them. All round the pillars, a minimum safedistance of 1.00 m has to be kept.Musical reproductionAny kind of musical reproductions shall be subject to provisions of the GermanAct for Protection of Copyright and Related Property Rights(“Urheberrechtgesetz”), Section 15 of the German Copyright Act(“Urhebergesetz”) (German Federal Law Gazette [BGBl], and shall require theapproval of GEMA, the musical authors’ rights society, which may be reached at:GEMA Genera

Congress Center Rosengarten Mannheim (CCR) Rosengartenplatz 2 68161 Mannheim Germany Terminology of the floors Please note the new terminology of the floors at the Congress Center Rosengarten Mannheim (CCR) and the Dorint Kongresshotel Mannheim