Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVATable of ContentsSafety Instructions. 51.How to read this manual . 52.Installation safety instructions . 53.Operator safety instructions . 54.Maintenance safety instructions. 5A.General Description . n, Adjustment and Maintenance . 8Storage Before Installation. 8Operational and Environmental Conditions after Commissioning . 8Mounting of Bottom Filter (only valid for fixed models). 8Connection of Cables . 8Input . 8Output. 9Interlock system for military aircraft (optional): . 9Remote Control . 10Setup of Parameters . 10Language . 10Output Voltage Phase-Neutral . 11Output Voltage Compensation. 11Delay from Contactor OFF to Standby . 11Date and Hour . 11Setup of Interlock By-pass. 11Setup of Fan By-pass . 12Setup of Error Log, Power Log, Black Box. 12Setup of Counters. 12Maintenance . 13C.C.1C.2C.3C.3.1C.3.2C.3.3C.3.3.1Instruction for Use . 14Input Breaker. 14Emergency Stop . 14Control Panel. 15Mains/Lamp Test . 15Common Error . 15Start/Reset . 15Converter in Standby Mode: . 15Document no.: 573487ABPage 1

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVATable of ContentsC.3.3.2 Converter in 400 Hz Available:. 16C.3.4 Stop . 16C.4Display / Keyboard Interface . 17C.4.1 Basic Information. 17C.4.2 How to Use Display / Keyboard . 18C.4.3 Signification of the LED Signals . 18C.4.4 Parameter Updating. 18C.4.5 Parameters Measuring Range. 18C.4.6 Adjusting Display Contrast (only LCD display) . 19C.4.7 Display Modes . 19C.4.7.1 Default Mode. 19C.4.7.2 View Mode . 21C.4.7.3 Alarm Mode. 23C.4.7.4 Black Box Mode. 25C. in Black Box Mode 1 . 25C. Box Mode 2, Viewing of Registered Parameters. 25C.4.7.5 Power Log Mode . 27C. in Power Log Mode . 27C.4.7.6 Setup Mode . 29C.4.8 Confirmation Procedure . 32D.D.1D.2D.3D.4D.5D.6Functional Description of Power Part. 34Input Breaker. 34Input Filter. 3412-pulse Transformer/ DC/AC module. 35Isolation Transformer. 36Output Filter. 36Output contactor(s) . 36E.E.1E.2E.2.1E.2.2E.2.3E.2.4Functional Description of Electronic Part. 37Facilities . 37Composition of Processor Module and Interfaces . 38Processor Module (Component A9) . 39Aux. Module (Component A5) . 39Display / Keyboard Module (Component A10). 40I/O Module (Component A6). 40Document no.: 573487ABPage 2

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVATable of ContentsE.2.5E.2.6E.2.7Thyristor / Gate Drive (DC/AC Module). 40Output Feed Module (Component A8) . 41Voltage Feed Module (Component A14). 41F.Error Diagnostics . 42Data Control Cables . 42Defective Push Buttons. 42Error Numbering / Grouping. 43Display Readings / Causes / Suggestions . 43Error Log Initialisation or Malfunctioning . 44Error Code 0000 - 0099 . 44Error Code 0100 - 0199 . 44Internal DC Supply (Control Voltage). 45Error Code 0200 - 0299 . 45Error Code 0300 - 0399 . 46Internal Communication Errors . 47Error Code 0400 - 0699 . 47AC Input Voltage Error. 48Error Code 0700 - 0899 . 48Error Code 0900 - 0999 . 49Error Code 1000 - 1099 . 50Error Code 1100 - 1399 . 51Error Code 1400 - 1499 . 52DC Voltage Error (Power) . 53Error Code 1500 - 1599 . 53Error Code 1600 - 1699 . 54Error Code 1700 - 1799 . 55Errors Reported by DC/AC module. 56Error Code 2000 - 2099 . 56Error Code 2100 - 2199 . 57Output Voltage Error . 58Error Code 3000 - 3199 . 58Error Code 3500 - 3799 . 59Output Current Error. 61Error Code 4000 - 4499 . 61Error Code 4500 - 4599 . 2.7.1F.2.7.2F.2.8F.2.8.1F.2.8.2Document no.: 573487ABPage 3

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVATable of 3F.4F.4.1F.4.1.1F.4.2F.4.2.1F.4.3F.4.3.1Error Code 4600 - 4699 . 64Error Code 4700 - 4799 . 65Error Code 4800 - 4899 . 66Undefined Error Codes . 67Error Code1800-1999, 2200-2999 . 67Error Code 3200-3499, 3800-3999 . 67Error Code 4900-4999 . 67Error Code 5600 - 9999 . 68Listing of DC/AC module. 69Errors Related to Possible Options (refer to Section H) . 70Earth Failure. 70Error Code 5000 - 5099 . 70Neutral Conductor Rupture. 71Error Code 5100 - 5299 . 71Over Temperature in Optional Transformer . 72Error Code 5500 - 5599 . 72G. Technical Specifications . 73G.1Standards. 73G.2Electrical Specifications. 73G.2.1 Input . 73G.2.2 Output. 73G.3Efficiency . 74G.4Set-up . 74G.5Protections. 74G.6Physical . 75G.7Environmental . 75G.8Life etc. . 75H.H.1H.2I.Options . 76Standard Options. 76Non Standard Options . 90Annexes. 91Document no.: 573487ABPage 4

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVASafety InstructionsSafety Instructions1. How to read this manualTo avoid hazards the following safety instruction must be followed to ensure personnel’s healthand safety during installation, daily operation and during maintenance interventions.The AXA 2200 can be delivered with several optional features. Therefore, kindly refer toChapter H for information about the configuration of this particular equipment before installing,operating or performing maintenance of the equipment.2. Installation safety instructionsPrior to the installation of this equipment, you should read chapter A, B and G in addition tochapter H. Special attention must be given to chapter B and G which describe the requirementsfor the building installation, the interlock safety system, short circuit protection and minimumcable dimensions to get the maximum performance of the equipment.For safety reasons the interlock cables must be connected in accordance with the diagram B-1. Ifthe interlock cables are not correctly mounted, this may cause hazard to operators, as the outputplug would then be left with voltage on, when the start push button has been pushed.After installation of interlock cables, output cable(s) and plug(s), the phase sequence and thefunction of the interlock system must be thoroughly checked prior to connection of any aircraft.3. Operator safety instructionsAfter the study of chapter H, you should read chapter A and C which give you an overallintroduction of how to operate the equipment.If the equipment is plugable at the input by means of an industrial plug and in case that you arenot sure that the building installation complies with the requirements of the equipment to beconnected, we refer to the installation safety instruction.4. Maintenance safety instructionsService personnel should study the complete manual carefully. It is important not only to beconfident with the equipment, but also to be aware of local health and safety rules applicablewhere the equipment is installed.Document no.: 573487 Rev.: ABPage 5

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVAGeneral DescriptionA.General DescriptionFigure A-1 on which the following description is based shows the basic design principle. Adetailed description of the power part is found in chapter D whereas the electronic part isdescribed in chapter E.The block diagram shows the power part and electronic part. The power modules and the powerswitch gear make up the power part, whereas the electronic modules make up the electronic fierInput breakerOutputcontactor(s)PART50/60 Hz400 HzAUXmoduleOutput feedmoduleProcessor moduleELECTRONICPARTControl panelRS485RS232Relaymodule 2RemotecontrolRelaymodule 1InstrumentationDisplayKeyboardmoduleUsers operational zoneFigure A-1: Diagram, design principleThe input filter protects the converter from mains transients. After the filtering, the three phasesof the mains are transformed into six phases which are then rectified in a non-regulated 12-pulsefull bridge rectifier. The combination of the 12 pulse rectifier, the related transformer and theinput filter ensures that harmonic feed back into the mains is reduced to a minimum (i.e. nomains pollution/distortion).An additional benefit provided by the 12 pulse rectifier is the soft start facility which limits theinrush currents at the input to a value inferior to the converter’s nominal current.Document no.: 573487 Rev.: ABPage 6

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVAGeneral DescriptionThe filtered DC-voltage supplies the inverter which generates a 3-phase 400 Hz system with aregulated amplitude and a low harmonic content. The inverter technology is based on a SpaceVector Pulse Width Modulation (SV-PWM) concept which is an advanced type of the PWMtechnology. The SV-PWM system provides the converter with extremely fast dynamic propertiesand a low distortion.The isolation transformer secures galvanic separation between the mains and the 400 Hz outlet.The converter has individual voltage regulation at each output phase. This secures a precise400 Hz voltage at the aircraft plug even in case of a high degree of unbalanced load and longcables. The harmonic content of the output voltage is further reduced by means of an outputfilter resulting in a total distortion of less than 2%.The processor module is based on a micro-controller and a digital signal processor (DSP) whichtogether regulate, supervise and diagnose eventual external and internal faults. As soon as theconverter is connected to the mains, and constantly during normal operation, the processormodule runs through a self-check programme which checks all internal functions. If an internalor external error is detected, the display shows the nature of the error. All immediate parametersrelated to a shut-down are stored in the converter’s memory whereas up to 1000 error situationscan be stored.Document no.: 573487 Rev.: ABPage 7

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVAPreparation, Adjustment and MaintenanceB.Preparation, Adjustment and MaintenanceB.1Storage Before InstallationTo secure optimal storage conditions prior to installation, it is recommended that the converter isstored inside to protect it from rain and excessive humidity while it is left without power on.Only equipment in seaworthy packing can be stored outside.B.2Operational and Environmental Conditions after CommissioningWhen the converter has been installed and commissioned, we advice that the input is always keptwith input power on to provide optimal conditions for the electronic components and to avoidhumidity in form of condensed water from reaching vital parts.If for some reason the converter has been without input voltage for a period, a visual inspectionshould be carried out. In case that humidity is discovered on any internal parts, the parts have to dryout before input voltage is again applied.B.3Mounting of Bottom Filter (only valid for fixed models)Due to transport safety, fixed models are delivered without the bottom filter mounted. The filter ismounted in the hole (designated for fork-lifting) at the bottom by means of the accompanyingmounting devices.B.4Connection of CablesB.4.1 InputDue to personal safety, the converter should always be led to groundThe converter should be pre-fused according to the table belowSize in kVALine Current304538A 15%58A 15%Max. pre-fuse50 A100 AThe three phases of the mains supply and the earth connection are connected to the terminalslabelled: L1, L2, L3 and PE. As the phase sequence is of importance for the converter's function,the phase sequence is cleared by means of the built-in auto test (is made by connection of themains).Document no.: 573487 Rev.: ABPage 8

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVAPreparation, Adjustment and MaintenanceIf the phase sequence is wrong, this is shown at the display. If wrong, the correction is made bychanging the two phases.B.4.2 OutputThe supply cables to the aircraft or to an eventual distribution box are connected to the terminalslabelled A, B, C and N.B.4.3 Interlock Safety SystemTo secure personnel’s health and safety, the converter is equipped with an interlock system.The system ensures that the output contactor only stays engaged as long as the plug is inserted inthe aircraft receptacle. E.g. as long as the aircraft provide 28 VDC with respect to 400 Hz neutralto terminal F. Standard wiring between converter and plug is shown in fig. B-1.AAABBBCCCNNNFFFJumperGround Power UnitCableEPlugE 28VDCTo controlAircraft ReceptacleFig. B-1: Standard wiring diagram, Civil aircraftFor service, maintenance and test purposes, the interlock system can be by-passed via thedisplay/keyboard set-up. To secure personnel’s health and safety, the unit automatically returnsinto normal mode once it receives 28VDC at terminal F. E.g. when the converter is connected toan aircraft.From the factory, the interlock system in GPUs delivered without cables and plugs is bypassed (via display/keyboard).B.4.3.1Interlock system for military aircraft (optional):When used in connection with military aircraft, the converter normally has to provide 28 VDCwith respect to 400 Hz neutral to ensure a proper interlock function. Standard wiring betweenconverter and plug is shown in fig. B-2.Document no.: 573487 Rev.: ABPage 9

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVAPreparation, Adjustment and MaintenanceAAABBBCCCNNNFFF 28VDC EEEGround Power UnitCablePlug 28VDCTo controlAircraft ReceptacleFig. B-2: Standard wiring diagram, Military aircraftB.4.4 Remote ControlThe converter can be operated by means of the remote control terminals which are labelled inaccordance with the diagrams enclosed under chapter I. In case of very long remote control cables,it might be necessary to use cables shielded at both ends.B.5Setup of ParametersIt is possible to set and to adjust the following parameters by means of the converter's display andkeyboard. The procedure is described in chapter C.B.5.1 LanguageThe display texts are provided in 3 languages as a standard. It is possible to switch between thelanguages by means of the dip switch S1 situated on the back of the display. The table shows howto select language.Language/PositionS1 - 1S1 - 2S1 - 3S1 - 4Language 1OFFOFFXXLanguage 1ONONXXLanguage 2OFFONXXLanguage 3ONOFFXXX position is randomDocument no.: 573487 Rev.: ABPage 10

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVAPreparation, Adjustment and MaintenanceB.5.2 Output Voltage Phase-NeutralAt delivery, the converter is set to nominal output voltage. This level can be adjusted, if required,i.e. due to voltage drop in the supply cable. The adjustment range is nominal voltage 15%.PLEASE NOTICE! If the voltage level falls outside the converter's operation range underadjustment, the converter disengages and reports under- or overvoltage. The nominal voltage aswell as the levels for under- and overvoltage are shown in chapter G.B.5.3 Output Voltage CompensationIf long supply cables are used, the voltage drop becomes considerable during load situations.However, it is possible to increase the converter's output voltage proportionate to the load current.The adjustment is made while the converter is loaded and when the output cables have beenmounted. With a load current above 20% of the nominal output current, the voltage at the outputplug is adjusted to the required value (larger load current gives a better result). At delivery, thecompensation is pre-set to 0. The maximum compensation is 9V.If only one outlet is available, only set up 1 is in use.If two outlets are available, each output has its own set up (1 and 2). In case both outlets are in useat the same time, the compensation will be set to half of the mean value of the two set up values.B.5.4 Delay from Contactor OFF to StandbyIf the converter's output contactor(s) is (are) not engaged, the converter automatically passes intostandby mode after elapse of a pre-set period. This delay can be set to values between 1 and 900seconds. At delivery, the time delay is set to 150 seconds.B.5.5 Date and HourThe converter has a built-in real time clock showing the date and the hour. At delivery, the clock isset to actual hour (European time). The clock does not adjust itself at changes from summer time towinter time and vice versa. It is possible to set year, month, day, hour, minutes and seconds.B.5.6 Setup of Interlock By-passThe interlock safety system can be by-passed by setting the value to 1.For further information of the interlock system, kindly refer to B.4.3.Document no.: 573487 Rev.: ABPage 11

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVAPreparation, Adjustment and MaintenanceB.5.7 Setup of Fan By-passFrom the factory the by-pass value is set to 0, which means that the fan is temperature controlled.In order to by-pass the temperature control, for instance for test purposes, the by-pass value is set to1. This means that the fan will be constantly running.B.5.8 Setup of Serial ProtocolThere are two protocols available. If the value is set to 1, the Siemens 3964R protocol is choosen. Ifthe value is set to 2, the JBUS protocol is choosen. For further information about the protocolsplease contact AXA.B.5.9 Setup of Serial PortIt is possible to select an RS232 port and an RS485 port. If the value is set to 1, the RS232 port isselected. With the value set to 2, the RS485 protocol is selected.B.5.10 Setup of JBUS Slave AddressIf the JBUS protocol is selected, the slave address can be set up. The slave address can be set tovalues between 1 and 247. At delivery, the address is set to 1.B.5.11 Setup of Error Log, Power Log, Black BoxFrom the factory the by-pass value is set to 0. If for some reason it is necessary to clear the memorylog after installation the by-pass value is set to 1. After the reset, the by-pass value is automaticallyset to 0.B.5.12 Setup of CountersThe hour counter and the consumed power counter is reset, when the value is set to 1 (used to clearthe counter memory after installation). The value is automatically set to 0 after reset.Document no.: 573487 Rev.: ABPage 12

Manual AXA 2200 Compact30 - 45 kVAPreparation, Adjustment and MaintenanceB.6MaintenanceAt least once a year it is recommended to1. Check airfilters - Wash or change as appropriate.We recommend, however, to check the airfilters once a month2. Check that all fans are running properly.3. Check bolt/screw and wire connections.4. Check vibration dampers.5. Visual inspection of all components.6. Visual inspection of PCB's - con

Manual AXA 2200 Compact 30 - 45 kVA Safety Instructions Document no.: 573487 Rev.: AB Page 5 Safety Instructions 1. How to read this manual To avoid hazards the following safety instruction must be followed to ensure personnel’s health and safety during installati