The Ultimate Guide ToAuto DialersLearn how auto dialers improve bothyour sales and support processes 1-855-956-3030 (USA)1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

IntroductionLearn how auto dialers improve both your salesand support processes.Use cases Guidelines Comparison Charts 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

Why use auto dialers?Did you know that in most sales departments, representatives waste nearly 60% of theirtime on unproductive work such as dialing, waiting for leads to answer, and listening tobusy tones? That leaves them with less than half a working day to do their actual job, thatis, to converse with leads and convert them.STATISTICS TO CONSIDERInbound Lead Management5minutelead response timeOver the years we’ve successfully setup cloud communication solutions for 1500 businesses. Auto dialers are an integral part of these solutions, and though every businessuses the tool differently, they’ve all achieved the same result: smoother processes & higherproductivity.There are many kinds of auto-dialers to choose from. If selected correctly, they not onlyimprove your outbound sales productivity but also help you automate reminders, inboundlead response, and callback automation. Learn how auto dialers can:Double your outbound sales teams’ productivity.Accelerate response times on inbound sales.And automate callbacks.If you are a contact center manager, entrepreneur, or sales manager, this ebook will alsohelp you understand the differences between the various types of auto dialers, use casesand step by step guidelines on how to select the right one based on your data quality, andcalling requirements. 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)7agentsOutbound Calling2XAutomate collection and reminder calls. 1-855-956-3030 (US)200daily inbound leadsthe calls per agentCallback Automation%callbacks completedduring agent idle time

Auto Dialer 101Learn what is essential to know about the technology, so that you canmake a better-informed decision when purchasing your Auto Dialersoftware. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

What is an auto dialer exactly?Auto dialers are a software used to quickly dial down a list of contacts and connect them to a live agent or anIVR. They skip busy tones, unanswered calls, and answering machines to connect agents directly to livecontacts.Auto dialers are available as a SAAS (software as a service solution). This means that you need nospecialized hardware or software to use it. It can be setup in minutes with zero setup costs.Your supervisors simply log in to upload data and start the campaign, while agents login from their desktopsor mobiles to speak to the contacts.CLOUD-BASED AUTO DIALER ADVANTAGESZero Hardware Zero Software Auto dialershave multipleapplications 1-855-956-3030 (US) Zero Setup Costs Lightning Fast DeploymentTelemarketingInbound SalesAutomated CallbacksFundraising CallsDebt Collection CallsFeedback CallsLead QualificationAppointment ConfirmationVolunteer OutreachOutbound SalesBill Payment RemindersCustomer Surveys1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

Are there different types of auto dialers?There are four different types of auto dialers available in the market. Your cloud contact center provider mayprovide one or all these options. Contact center solutions such as Ozonetel, offer all options as four dialermodes. Select the one you need while setting up your dialing campaign.Power DialersPredictive DialersPreview DialersIVR DialersA power dialer dials one phonenumber after the next,sequentially.It skips unanswered, busy tonesto connect agents to livecontacts. It automatically moveson to another call when theprevious one ends.A predictive auto dialer dials morethan one contact per agent.The dialer uses a predictivealgorithm that uses average answerrates to “guess” how manysimultaneous dials will minimizeagent idle time. Agents areconnected only once a call isanswered. Supervisors can controlcampaign “speeds” using pacingratios.Better suited to smaller call volumesand more detailed or complex cases,preview dialers enable agents topreview data before they decide tocontinue with a call or skip.IVR dialers are used to “blast”messages to a contact list. It workslike other dialers, except that itconnects the contact to an IVRmessage rather than a live agent.The IVR can have advancedfunctions such asauto-personalization of messagesor even natural languageprocessing abilities to carry out“conversations” with your contacts. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

Which auto dialer doesmy business need?The same business might need different auto-dialers for eachcampaign. It all depends on your calling requirements and data quality.Use our comparison chart to figure which auto dialer you should selectfor your next campaign.Power DialersPredictive DialersPreview DialersIVR DialersUSPFastest campaign completionAgent productivityLeads & data preview available foragentsOutbound IVR blastsPriorityHigh Agent productivity.No Dropped callsDisadvantagesAgent productivity balanced withcall qualityCustomer information reviewAutomationSelf-serviceSaving working hours.Agents may be unavailable whencalls connect.This could lead todropped calls. In some countries,this causes regulatory andcompliance issues.30% slower campaign completion,than predictive dialersCannot run through large call lists peragent dailyContacts may disconnect duringthe message1000 contacts per day.100-900 contacts per day 100 calls per day1-1000 contacts per dayCall Volume300 calls per agent per day100-250 calls per agent per day50-100 calls per agent per dayNAData QualityUse for low quality & 3rd partydataUse for moderate to high-qualitydataUse for high-quality data & complexcasesUse for both low-quality sales dataor opt-in customersPreparationtimeUse when agents don’t need anytime between callsUse when agents need 0 to 1minute between callsUse when agents need 5-20 minutesbetween callsUse when agents are not availableUse casesCold callingTelemarketingOutbound sales,Inbound lead managementAutomate callbacksNiche and high-quality lead callergroups.Inbound marketing for B2BBulk messagingDebt collection calls.Payment RemindersLead QualificationCsat SurveysAppointment remindersContact listsize 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

How do other businesses use their dialers?Auto dialers can be used across industries to optimize your callingprocesses. Learn six ways businesses use our Auto Dialers to boostproductivity across various industry verticals. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

AIM: TO PERSONALIZE LOANREPAYMENT REMINDERSINDUSTRYFINANCEUSE CASE #1Automate millions ofpersonalised remindersA financial services business uses our outbound dialer to sendpersonalized loan repayment reminders to its customers.OUTBOUND IVR DIALERIVR dialer automatically callsand relays message to customers. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND)PERSONALISED CALLSDatabase integration ensures that everycall is automatically personalised with NAME and AMOUNT DUE 971-4526-0004 (UAE)SOLUTIONIVR BLASTSTools & Execution:IVR DialerHighlights:5millionmonthly personalizedreminder calls are nowcompletely automated

USE CASE #2AIM: QUALIFYINGLEADSINDUSTRYEDUCATIONSOLUTIONPREDICTIVE DIALER3X faster outbound salesAn educational service provider improves its admissionsprocess using our outbound dialers.PREDICTIVEDIALERSCHEDULERETRIESPredictive dialer set at3:1 pacing ratio ensures3x faster dialling.CRM9 retries ensuredbefore a lead isdeclared invalid/ coldComplete CRMintegration enablescounsellors to seestudent informationwhile talking to themMULTIPLECITIESSame number is usedacross offices in 6citiesTOLL FREEInbound calls on toll freenumber handled on thesame platformTools & Execution:Predictive Dialerand CRM integration3Highlights:X 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)fasteroutbound campaigns

USE CASE #3AIM: AUTOMATEDCONFIRMATION CALLSINDUSTRYFINANCESOLUTIONDIALER API, IVRFully automate verification callsA financial services business uses our outbound dialer to confirm trade bookingsmade on its website.User books a trade orderSystem uses CRMintegration to identifyuser’s phone numberDialer places anoutbound callIVR relays message.User uses DTMFinputs to confirm orcancel orderOrder is confirmed /cancelledTools & Execution:Dialer API and IVRHighlights:%faster 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)than manual compliance calls

USE CASE #4INDUSTRYONLINE PHARMAAIM: QUALIFYINGLEADSSchedule customer callsAn online pharma company uses our auto-dialers to verify online ordersand book repeat ordersSOLUTIONPREDICTIVE DIALERTools & Execution:Predictive DialerCRM integration83HighlightsWEBSITEOnline order received 1-855-956-3030 (US)AGENTCONVERSATIONOUTBOUNDDIALERAgent confirmsorder. Schedules callwith Doctor ifrequired.Automatic callscheduled 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)CALLSCHEDULINGOutbound dialer withcall schedulingensures that thesecalls are made withinone hour%higheragent productivity

USE CASE #5AIM: INBOUNDLEAD MANAGEMENTINDUSTRYINSURANCEExpedite inbound lead responseA small insurance company uses our CRM integrated dialer to call inboundleads within 5 minutes of their filling up a web formSOLUTION: CRMINTEGRATED DIALERTools & Execution:Dialer APICRM integrationHighlights:5Leads are called withinLead fills web form 1-855-956-3030 (US)Agent is alertedinstantly with leaddetails 1800 123 150150 (IND) Agent clicks to callminutes 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

USE CASE #6INDUSTRYONLINE RETAILAIM: AUTOMATEDCALLBACKSSOLUTION:DIALERAutomate callbacksA customer support center for an online retail store managing 500 daily calls with lessthan 20 agents uses power dialers to automate call-backs, so it never misses a call.ABANDONED CALLDATA CAPTUREIDLE AGENTPOWER DIALERCall abandoned inqueueGoes into databaseSystem detects anidle agentPower dialer dials outthe phone number inthe database andconnects to agent 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

Advanced Auto Dialer OptionsYou can use your auto dialer more effectively by using advanced optionsand pairing it with other tools and features. Read on, to learn how. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

How can I optimizemy dialer performance?Choose the correctdialing logicSchedule callsWhile auto dialers can automate yourdialing process, you don’t want towaste time uploading data, or wasteleads because a call went unanswered in the first try. Keep thesepointers in mind while setting up yourcampaign, to make the most of yourauto-dialer campaignsSwitch between the various dialing modesbased on your campaign requirements.Change your dialing logic and rules, basedon data quality, to optimize campaigngoals. For example, select customer-firstmodes for high-quality data and agent-firstmodes for lower quality data.Scheduling your outgoing calls in anorganized manner, ramps upperformance. Businesses that stick totheir promise of calling back at aspecified time are definitely consideredmore reliable and trust leads to betterconversion rates. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) Call scheduling is a critical tool tomaximize answer rates and demonstratereliability by ensuring that calls are madeto customers at their preferred time anddate.You can schedule calls programmaticallyvia open APIs, using a CRM andconditional API calls. Calls can bescheduled during lead generation, duringconversations, and via CRM andtelephony integration 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

Schedule retriesMonitor campaignsReset campaignsChange pacingratiosLeads are precious. If they don’tanswer in the first try, you need to tryagain. Setting up call retries helpsmaximize your data potential. Callretries can be scheduled by theauto-dialer immediately, at a specifictime, or another specified day. Forexample, the first retry can takeplace immediately after the call goesunanswered. Or, after all the primarydata has been dialed the once, theauto-dialer will go back andsystematically call the unansweredcalls. Alternatively, you can set aspecific time of day for a call retry,along with certain rules like themaximum number of retries. Youmay find that you need toexperiment a bit with the time anddate that suits your particular datasetand industry optimally.It's important to keep an eye on howyour campaign is going. Don’t waittill the end of the working day, or theend of the campaign to rectifymistakes. Use live monitoring toolsto view how your campaigns arefaring. You can view how many callshave been successfully answered,failed (went unanswered), orpending (yet to be dialed).Especially keep an eye out forunusually high fail rates or droprates.If your fail rates are unusually high,you can stop and reset yourcampaign. We’ve seen that manytimes, wrong data can lead to highfailure rates. It could be a simpleissue, such as prefixing your datawith the wrong country code that iscausing the entire problem. If thisis the issue, you can simply go intoyour campaign setup, stop andreset data with the correct prefix(with Ozonetel, this is a simpleone-click process) to saveunnecessary time wastage.When drop ratios are high on yourpredictive dialer campaigns, thismeans that too many calls arebeing dialed per agent. You needto go back to your dialer settingand reduce the pacing ratios. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

What essential & advancedfeatures should I consider?CRMIntegrationAgents automaticallyview customer data onevery call thatconnects.Live Monitoring& ReportsGet real-time updateson campaigns. View orlisten in to live agentactivity.PacingFlexibleDial LogicSwitch fromcustomer-first dialingto agent-first dialing, inthe event of low dataquality.Answering MachineDetectionSkip answeringmachines and connectagents only to liveprospects.FlexibleNumber FormatReduce time wasted inediting and uploading.Dialers should acceptmultiple numberformats.RetrySchedulingSpecify when and howmany times to retryunanswered numbers.IVRDesignerIntuitive drag & droptool to create outboundIVR call flows withease.IVR Textto speechNo voice recordingsneeded. Create IVRmessages with ease.Voice BotCallRecordingsRecord calls fortraining, compliance,or ombudsmanpurposes. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) Use historicalcall-handling statistics,wait times, and SLAsto change the pacingratio.Let customers andprospects chat with anAI-driven voice bot. 971-4526-0004 (UAE)DND Filtering /ScrubbingFilter DND numbersand ensurecompliance

ConclusionAuto dialers help rule out repetitive, distracting processes that arekeeping your frontline staff from maximizing their customer-facingtime. Contrary to what is popularly believed, they don’t just optimizeyour sales calls, but can also streamline many customer support andcustomer engagement processes. Choose a robust contact centersolution with dependable auto dialers and all the complementaryfeatures you need to unleash your productivity. As with all tools, theimpact lies in the hand of the user. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

About usOzonetel provides plug & play auto-dialers that can be set up in minutes.Our complete contact center suite comes with every tool you need tooptimize performance. And our open Dialer API ensures that you canseamlessly integrate with any business tool. 1-855-956-3030 (US) 1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

1-855-956-3030 (USA)1800 123 150150 (IND) 971-4526-0004 (UAE)

What is an auto dialer exactly? Auto dialers have multiple applications Auto dialers are a software used to quickly dial down a list of contacts and connect them to a live agent or an IVR. They skip