Fire Sprinkler MandatesState-by-State DataSince the 2009 edition of the International Residential Code (IRC), the model code has included a requirement for all new one- andtwo-family dwellings and townhouses to include fire sprinkler systems. Since then, almost all states have removed the requirementfrom their residential building codes as they have adopted newer editions. Forty-six states have completely removed the sprinkler requirements for one- and two-family homes.In twenty of those states, local jurisdictions have the authority to adopt sprinkler requirements.Two additional states have limited the requirement based on the size or height of the home.Forty-two states have also removed the sprinkler requirement for townhouses.Four states require builders to give buyers the option of installing a fire sprinkler system (mandatory option).Only California and Maryland have left the sprinkler mandate in place.States may avoid the sprinkler mandate in one of three ways. Twenty-two states defeated the sprinkler mandate through legislation.Twenty-two states defeated the sprinkler mandate through the code adoption process.Four states have not adopted a statewide residential code.The maps and table on the following pages detail the status of residential fire sprinkler mandates in each state. The table includeshyperlinks to state building code agencies as well as relevant documents. Although care was taken to develop this document, it isfor general reference only, and we make no claim as to the accuracy of the information as the adopted codes and laws affectingsprinkler mandates continue to change.If you have questions or comments about the information in this table, please contact Dan Buuck at 202-266-8366.Revised July 2019

Where Fire Sprinkler Mandates Have Been DefeatedFor One- and Two-Family DwellingsFire Sprinkler MandateDefeatedFire Sprinkler Mandate DefeatedBut Local Jurisdictions Have Authorityto Adopt RequirementsPartialFire Sprinkler MandateApprovedFire Sprinkler MandateApprovedTotal: 26Total: 20Total: 2Total: 2AlabamaConnecticutGeorgiaHawaii ota TMissouriNew HampshireNew JerseyNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioPennsylvania TRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaUtahVermontVirginiaWest wareFloridaIllinoisIowaMaine TMississippiMontanaNebraskaNevadaNew MexicoOklahoma s TNew YorkCalifornia TMaryland TTTownhouses required to be sprinkleredPage 2 of 11

How Fire Sprinkler Mandates Have Been DefeatedFire Sprinkler Mandate DefeatedThrough LegislationFire Sprinkler Mandate DefeatedThrough Code Adoption ProcessNo Statewide Code AdoptionAnd No LegislationFire Sprinkler MandateApprovedTotal: 23Total: 21Total: 4Total: w HampshireNew MexicoNorth DakotaPennsylvaniaSouth DakotaTennesseeTexasWest yMaineMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMontanaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth CarolinaOhioOklahomaOregonRhode IslandSouth areIllinoisWyomingCaliforniaMarylandPage 3 of 11

StateSprinkler Mandate(Yes/No/No - Local*)Defeated byAdoption orLegislationCode Adopted andEffective DateState Building CodeAgency* Local jurisdictions haveauthority to require firesprinklers.AlabamaNoL2015 IRCEffective 10/26/2015AlaskaNo - LocalLArizonaNo - LocalLNo StatewideAdoptionCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutNo - LocalAYesAEnergy andResidential CodesBoardDept. of Public SafetyAmendmentsLegislationAct 2010-185 prohibits state or localentities from adopting ordinances,policies, or codes that would requirethe installation of sprinkler systemsin one- or two-family dwellings.LegislationMunicipalities may not mandate firesprinklers unless they go through aspecial process which includes atleast three public hearings.LegislationMunicipalities may still requiretownhouses to be sprinklered.2012 IRCEffective 1/1/2014Fire MarshalAdopted Code(Chapter 3)The 2012 IRC was amended toremove the sprinkler requirementfor townhouses and one- and twofamily dwellings.2015 IRCEffective 1/1/2017Building StandardsCommissionAdopted Code(Chapter 3)Residential sprinklers have beenrequired in CA codes since the 2010edition was adopted.Office of the StateArchitectDenverAmendmentsDenver removed the sprinklerrequirement when it adopted the2015 IRC.Office of the StateBuilding InspectorAmendmentsNo StatewideAdoptionNo - LocalNoNotes* Relevantsections arehighlighted.No StatewideAdoptionArkansasDocuments*2015 IRCEffective 10/1/2018Page 4 of 11

StateDelawareDistrict ofColumbiaSprinkler Mandate(Yes/No/No - Local*)Defeated byAdoption orLegislationCode Adopted andEffective DateNo StatewideAdoptionNo - Local2012 IRCEffective 3/28/2014YesState Building CodeAgencyDocuments*NotesState Fire MarshalMandatoryOptionLegislationBuilders of new, one- and twofamily homes are required bylegislation to give buyers a costestimate for installing fire sprinklersand information from the State FireMarshal's Office about sprinklerbenefits (mandatory option).Dept. of Consumerand RegulatoryAffairsAdopted CodeAmendmentsFloridaGeorgiaNo - LocalNoAL2015 IRCEffective 12/31/2017Building Commission2012 IRCEffective 1/1/2014Dept. of CommunityAffairsLegislationAdopted Code[Chapter 3]AmendmentsLegislationAmendmentsHawaiiNoL2012 IBCEffective 11/13/2018Building 012 IRCEffective 1/1/2015Division of BuildingSafetySection R313 on automatic firesprinkler systems has been deleted.LegislationAdopted Code[Chapter 3]Townhomes are required to besprinklered.Legislation was passed in 2017 toprohibit counties from requiringautomatic fire sprinklers. It has asunset date of June 30, 2027.Legislation exempts one- and twofamily dwellings from the provisionsrequiring automatic fire sprinklers.The IRC is amended to exempttownhouses with code-compliantfire separations.Page 5 of 11

neSprinkler Mandate(Yes/No/No - Local*)Defeated byAdoption orLegislationNo StatewideAdoptionNo - LocalNoCode Adopted andEffective DateANo - LocalLNoL2003 IRCEffective 9/11/20052015 IRCEffective 5/18/2016State Building CodeAgencyDocuments*State building codes only apply tocommercial buildings in areas of thestate where codes have notadopted.Capital DevelopmentBoardFire Prevention &Building SafetyCommissionBuilding Code fice of the StateFire MarshalLegislationA2015 IRCEffective 1/1/2019Dept. of Housing,Buildings andConstructionAmendmentsNoL2015 IRCEffective 2/1/2018State UniformConstruction CodeCouncilNo - LocalA2015 IRCEffective 1/23/2018Bureau of BuildingCodes & StandardsNoNo StatewideAdoptionNotesThe adopted model code edition(2003 IRC) does not includeresidential sprinklers.The state building code applies toState Owned Buildings; State Financed Buildings in jurisdictionswithout an adopted and enforcedbuilding code; Board of Regents facilities; Modular and Manufacturedhomes and commercial buildings;School owned structures in jurisdictions without an adopted and enforced building code.AmendmentsLegislationAmendmentsTownhomes are required to besprinklered.Page 6 of 11

StateMarylandSprinkler Mandate(Yes/No/No - Local*)Defeated byAdoption orLegislationCode Adopted andEffective Date2015 IRCEffective 1/1/2016YesState Building CodeAgencyCodes AdministrationDocuments*NotesAmendmentsLocal amendments may not weakenthe automatic fire sprinkler systemsprovisions for townhouses and oneand two-family dwellings.LocalAdoptionTownhomes are required to besprinklered.MassachusettsNoA2015 IRCEffective 10/20/2017Office of PublicSafety andInspectionsAmendmentsMichiganNoA2015 IRCEffective 2/8/2016LARA BuildingDivisionAmendmentsMinnesotaMississippiNoNo - LocalA/Legal ActionL2015 IRCEffective 1/24/2015No StatewideAdoptionConstruction Codesand LicensingDivisionState Fire MarshalAmendmentsAdopted Code(Chapter 3)LegislationSprinkler systems are required inone- and two-family dwellings withan area larger than 14,400 squarefeet. The area calculation includesbasements, but not garages.The sections on fire sprinklersystems were not adopted as part ofthe IRC.Townhomes are required to besprinklered.One- and two-family dwellings andtownhouse buildings containingfacilities required to be licensed orregistered by the state shall beprovided with a fire sprinkler systemThe Building Codes Council isprohibited from requiring firesprinklers in one- and two-familydwellings, but local jurisdictions canrequire them.Page 7 of 11

StateSprinkler Mandate(Yes/No/No - Local*)Defeated byAdoption orLegislationCode Adopted andEffective DateState Building CodeAgencyNo islationBuilders of new, one- and twofamily homes are required bylegislation to give buyers the optionof installing a fire sprinkler system.(Mandatory option)Fire sprinkler systems are deleted intheir entirety from the IRC.MissouriNoLMontanaNo - LocalA2012 IRCEffective 11/6/2014Building CodesBureauAmendmentsNebraskaNo - LocalL2012 IRCEffective: wHampshireNo - LocalNoLNo StatewideAdoptionState Fire MarshalL2009 IRCEffective: 4/1/2010State Building CodeReview BoardDept. of CommunityAffairsConstructionIndustries DivisionNew JerseyNoA2015 IRCEffective: 9/21/2015New MexicoNo - LocalL2015 IRCEffective: 11/15/2016LegislationAmendmentsLegislationLocal jurisdictions may requiresprinkler systems in dwelling unitswith an area of livable space largerthan 5,000 square feet. They alsomay require sprinklers in smallerdwelling units under certaincircumstances.The residential code was adoptedwith the fire sprinkler requirementin place, but legislation prohibitslocal planning boards from requiringsprinklers in one- and two-familydwellings.AmendmentsAdopted Code[Chapter 3]AmendmentsLegislationPage 8 of 11

StateSprinkler Mandate(Yes/No/No - Local*)Defeated byAdoption orLegislationCode Adopted andEffective DateState Building CodeAgencyDocuments*AmendmentsNew YorkNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOklahomaOregonNo - LocalL2015 IRCEffective: 5/6/2016Code Enforcement &AdministrationNoA2018 IRCEffective: 1/1/2019Office of State FireMarshalL2015 IRCEffective: 1/1/2017Div. of CommunityServicesNoA2018 IRCEffective 7/1/2019Board of BuildingStandardsNo - LocalA2015 IRCEffective 11/1/2016Uniform BuildingCode CommissionNoNo - LocalA2015 IRCEffective: 10/1/2017Building ler systems are required indwellings that are three stories high.Builders of new, one- and twofamily homes are required bylegislation to give buyers the optionof installing a fire sprinkler system(mandatory option).Adopted Code(Chapter 3)AmendmentsLegislationAmendmentsAdopted Code[Chapter 3]AmendmentsTownhomes are required to besprinklered.Adopted Code[Chapter 3]Local jurisdictions have very limitedability to amend the code. Approvalthrough the Building Codes Divisionis required.Townhomes are required to besprinklered.PennsylvaniaNoL2015 IRCEffective 10/1/2018UCC Review andAdvisory CouncilLegislationBuilders of new, one- and twofamily homes are required bylegislation to give buyers the optionof installing a fire sprinkler system(mandatory option).Page 9 of 11

StateRhode IslandSprinkler Mandate(Yes/No/No - Local*)NoDefeated byAdoption orLegislationASouth CarolinaNoASouth DakotaNoLTennesseeNo - LocalACode Adopted andEffective Date2015 IRCEffective 8/1/20192015 IRCEffective 7/1/2016No StatewideAdoption2009 IRCEffective 6/27/2010State Building CodeAgencyBuilding CodeCommissionBuilding CodeCouncilState Fire MarshalState Fire MarshalTexasNo - LocalL2000 IRCEffective 1/1/2002State Fire Marshal’sOfficeUtahNoA2015 IRCEffective 5/8/2018Uniform BuildingCode CommissionA2015 NFPA 101Effective 10/10/2016Building Code andSafety ServicesA2018 IRCEffective 9/4/2018Dept. of Housing s*NotesAmendmentsAdopted Code[Chapter 3]AmendmentsAdopted Code[Chapter 3]LegislationAmendmentsLegislationLegislationLater editions of the code arerequired to be enforced inunincorporated areas and areasspecified by the Commissioner ofInsurance.AmendmentsAmendmentsSection Fire SprinklerProtection for One- and Two-FamilyDwellings of NFPA 101 was deleted.(See p. 10 of Amendments pdf.)AmendmentsAdopted Code[Chapter 3]Page 10 of 11

StateWashingtonSprinkler Mandate(Yes/No/No - Local*)Defeated byAdoption orLegislationNo - LocalA2015 IRCEffective 7/1/2016State Building CodeCouncilOffice of the StateFire MarshalDept. of Safety andProfessional ServicesCode Adopted andEffective DateWest VirginiaNoL2015 IRCEffective 4/30/2019WisconsinNoLUniform DwellingCodeEffective 4/1/2009WyomingNo - Local* Local jurisdictions haveauthority to require firesprinklers.No StatewideAdoptionState Building CodeAgencyDocuments*NotesAmendmentsLegislationThe State Fire Commission approvedIRC without amending the sprinklersection, but legislation removedsprinkler requirements.Adopted CodeLegislationDept. of FirePrevention andElectrical Safety* Relevantsections arehighlighted.Page 11 of 11

Fire Sprinkler Mandates . State-by-State Data . Since the 2009 edition of the International Residential Code (IRC), the m