January 2016 – UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SYSTEMMonTueWedFebruary 2016 ThuFri1 New Year’s DayALL CAMPUSES CLOSEDSat/Sun2 BW PPE 1/2/16Earn dates 12/20-1/23456789Processing BW PPE 01/02OC010116 uploads due 5pmOC010116 process begins 10 amOC010116 PAYDAYBW uploads due 5pm1112Med AutoTerm process 10 am131415PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 01/02/16Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 01/0216BW PPE 1/16/16Earn dates 1/3-1/16OC010716 PAYDAYBW 01/02/16 PAYDAYOC010716 process begins 10 am17OC010716 uploads due 5pm18 MLK HolidayUCB, UCCS & SYS closedUCD closures: Admin units OPEN AMC Schools CLOSED DDC schools OPEN2519OC011416 uploads due 9 amOC011416 process begins 10 am2122Processing MON PPE 01/31/1624Processing BW PPE 01/16OC011416 PAYDAY27PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 01/16/16 MON 01/31/16OC012116 uploads due 5pm23Run Payroll RegisterMON PPE 01/31/16MON uploads due 5pmProcessing MON PPE 01/31/16Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 01/16Notes:20BW uploads due 5pm2610OC012116 process begins 10 am2829OC012116 PAYDAYBW 01/16/16 PAYDAYMON 01/31/16 PAYDAY30BW PPE 1/30/16Earn dates 1/17-1/3031

February 2016 – UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SYSTEMMon1Tue2Wed3March 2016 Thu4Fri5Sat/Sun6Processing BW PPE 01/30/16OC012816 process begins 10 amOC012816 uploads due 5pmOC012816 PAYDAYBW uploads due 5pm891015President’s DayAMC campus closed1213 BW PPE 2/13/16Earn dates 1/31-2/13PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 01/30/16Med AutoTerm process 10 amRun Payroll RegisterBW PPE 01/30/1611OC020416 PAYDAYBW 01/30/16 PAYDAYOC020416 process begins 10 amOC020416 uploads due 5pm1617OC021116 uploads due 5pm18OC021116 process begins 10 am19Processing MON PPE02/29/1620Processing MON PPE02/29/16MON uploads due 5pmProcessing MON PPE 02/29/16BW uploads due 5pmOC021116 PAYDAY2223Processing BW PPE 02/13/16Run Payroll RegisterMON PPE 02/29/162924Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 02/13/16OC021816 uploads due 5pmNotes:MON 02/29/16 PAYDAYPULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 02/13/16252627 BW PPE 2/27/16Earn dates 2/14-2/27PULL DEADLINE 10 AM:MON 02/29/16OC201816 process begins 10 am OC021816 PAYDAYBW 02/13/16 PAYDAY

March 2016 – UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SYSTEMMonTue1OC022516 uploads due 5pmWed2April 2016 Thu3OC022516 process begins 10 amBW uploads due 5pmFriSat/Sun45Processing BW PPE 02/27/166OC022516 PAYDAY78141011OC030316 uploads due 5pm15OC031016 uploads due 5pmOC030316 PAYDAYBW 02/27/16 PAYDAYOC030316 process begins 10 am1612 BW PPE 3/12/16Earn dates 2/28-3/12PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 02/27/16Med AutoTerm process 10 amRun Payroll RegisterBW PPE 02/27/16917OC031016 process begins 10 am18BW uploads due 5pm19Processing BW PPE 03/12/16OC031016 PAYDAY2122Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 03/12/16MON uploads due 5pmProcessing MON PPE 03/31/162823PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 03/12/1624PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: MON 03/31/16OC032416 uploads due 5pm30OC032416 process begins 10 amOC031716 PAYDAYBW 03/12/16 PAYDAYRun Payroll RegisterMON PPE 03/31/16OC031716 uploads due 5pm31Notes:MON 03/31/16 PAYDAYBW uploads due 5pm2026 BW PPE 3/26/16UCB closed (Spr Break)Processing MON PPE 03/31/16 Processing MON PPE 03/31/162925OC031716 process begins10 am13Earn dates 3/13-3/2627

April 2016 – UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SYSTEMMonTueWedMay 2016 ThuFri12Processing BW PPE 03/26/16456OC033016 uploads due 5pm12Med AutoTerm process 10 am8OC040716 uploads due 5pm9 BW PPE 4/09/16OC033016 PAYDAYBW 03/26/16 PAYDAYOC033016 process begins 10 am101314OC040716 process begins 10 am15BW uploads due 5pm16Processing BW PPE 04/09/16OC040716 PAYDAY1819Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 04/09/16OC041416 uploads due 5pm3Earn dates 3/27-4/09PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 03/26/16Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 03/26/16117Sat/Sun2021221723 BW PPE 4/23/16Earn dates 4/10-4/23PULL DEADLINE 10 AM:BW 04/09/16OC041416 process begins 10 am MON uploads due 5pmProcessing MON PPE 04/30/16Run Payroll RegisterMON PPE 04/30/16Processing MON PPE04/30/16Processing MON PPE 04/30/1624OC041416 PAYDAYBW 04/09/16 PAYDAY252627PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: MON 04/30/16OC042116 uploads due 5pmOC042116 process begins 10 am28BW uploads due 5pm2930Processing BW PPE 04/23/16OC042116 PAYDAYMON 04/30/16 PAYDAY1

May 2016 -- UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SYSTEMMon2Tue3Wed4June 2016 Thu5Fri6PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 04/23/16OC042816 uploads due 5pmSat/Sun7BW PPE 5/07/16Earn dates 4/24-5/07OC042816 PAYDAYBW 04/23/16 PAYDAYOC042816 process begins 10 am8910111213Med AutoTerm process 10 am14Processing BW PPE 05/07/16OC050516 uploads due 5pmOC050516 process begins 10 amOC050516 PAYDAY15BW uploads due 5pm161718Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 05/07/1619OC051216 uploads due 5pm20Processing MON PPE05/31/16PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 05/07/1624Run Payroll RegisterMON PPE 05/31/1625OC051916 uploads due 5pmOC051216 PAYDAYBW 05/07/16 PAYDAY26PULL DEADLINE 10 AM:OC051916 process begins 10 am MON 05/31/16Memorial DayAll Campuses closed2731Notes:Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 05/21/16MON 05/31/16 PAYDAYOC052616 uploads due 5pm2228Processing BW PPE 05/21/16OC051916 PAYDAYBW uploads due 5pm30BW PPE 5/21/16Earn dates 5/08-5/21OC051216 process begins 10 amMON uploads due 5pmProcessing MON PPE 05/31/162321Processing MON PPE05/31/1629

June 2016 – UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SYSTEMMonTueWed1July 2016 Thu2Fri3Sat/Sun4 BW PPE 6/04/16Earn dates 5/22-6/4PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 05/21/16OC052616 PAYDAYBW 05/21/16 PAYDAYOC052616 process begins 10 am5678OC060216 uploads due 5pm9OC060216 process begins 10 am1011Processing BW PPE 06/04/1612BW uploads due 5pm1314Med AutoTerm process 10 amRun Payroll RegisterBW PPE 06/04/161516OC060216 PAYDAY17Earn dates 6/5-6/18PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 06/04/16OC060916 uploads due 5pm18 BW PPE 6/18/16OC060916 PAYDAYBW 06/04/16 PAYDAYOC060916 process begins 10 am19202122**MON uploads due 2 pm**Processing MON PPE 06/30/16Processing MON PPE 06/30/1623Run Payroll RegisterMON PPE 06/30/162425Processing BW PPE 06/18/1626Processing MON PPE 06/30/16OC061616 uploads due 5pmOC061616 process begin10 amOC061616 PAYDAYBW uploads due 5pm2728Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 06/18/16OC062316 uploads due 5 pm2930PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: MON 06/30/16 (pays 7/1)Salary UploadProcessingOC062316 process begins 10 am HRMS available for reviewor inquiry onlyNotes:

July 2016 – UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SYSTEMMonTueWedAugust 2016 ThuFri1Sat/Sun2 BW PPE 7/02/16MON 06/30/16 PAYDAYOC062316 PAYDAYEarn dates 6/19-7/234 Independence DayAll campuses closed56OC070116 uploads due 5 pm7OC070116 process begins 10 am8BW uploads due 5pm9Processing BW PPE 07/02/16OC070116 PAYDAY1112141516 BW PPE 7/16/16Earn dates 7/3-7/16Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 07/02/16BW 07/02/16 PAYDAYOC070716 PAYDAYPULL DEADLINE 10 AM: BW 07/02/16OC070716 uploads due 5 pm1813101917OC070716 process begins 10 am2021OC071416 process begins 10 am Processing MON PPE 07/31/16Processing MON PPE07/31/162223Processing BW PPE 07/16/1624OC071416 uploads due 5 pmRun Payroll RegisterMON PPE 07/31/16MON uploads due 5pmProcessing MON PPE 07/31/16BW uploads due 5pmOC071416 PAYDAY2526Run Payroll RegisterBW PPE 07/16/16Notes:27PULL DEADLINE 10 AM: MON 07/31/16 BW 07/16/16OC072116 uploads due 5 pmOC072116 process begins 10 am282930 BW PPE 7/30/16Earn dates 7/17-7/30MON 07/31/16 PAYDAYOC072116 PAYDAY31

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