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Table of ContentsIntroduction. 4Activation Step 1: Identity Verification. 5Activation Step 2: User Information . 5Activation Step 3: Account Information . 6Activation Step 4: Terms and Conditions . 8Activation Step 5: Billing Information. 10Activation Step 6: Disabling Test Mode . 12Activation Step 7: Generating your test account API Login ID and Transaction Key . 14Step 8: Configuring your account to send transaction receipts. 15Testing eCheck.Net transactions . 20API Services. 22AIM . 22SIM . 22CIM . 23ARB . 25Simple Checkout . 26Card Present (AIM) . 27Frequently Asked Questions: . 28Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution3

IntroductionPlease note that you can find sample code, integration guides, troubleshooting tools, and more in ouronline Integration Center at you have completed the New Test Account Application form using the URL you are sent uponrequest from [email protected], an activation email will be sent to the email address youincluded in your application. Please use the activation link, found within the activation email, to set upyour new Authorize.Net test account.If you have trouble with the activation link you receive, or if you do not receive one within 48 hours,please email [email protected] for assistance.A few items of interest before getting started:FAQsDeveloper Security Best PracticesAuthorize.Net Password PolicyWhen using your Authorize.Net test environment account: Please do not perform any load testing through your test account. The test environment isindependent from our live environment and is not indicative of live environment performance.We do not condone any performance testing within our test or live environments. Settlement does not occur automatically within a test account. If you need to test refundtransactions, please submit your test account login ID to [email protected] along with arequest to initiate settlement within the account. ARB subscriptions do not start in our test environment, meaning that ARB subscriptiontransactions never process. If you are planning on testing your implementation of the ARB API,you will only be able to test the creation, update and/or cancellation of any ARB subscriptionsthat you may create within your test account. Our test environment is not intended for the purposes of testing Merchant Interfacefunctionality, so you may find some features of the Merchant Interface are unavailable to you,such as Upload Transaction, and the ability to preview the Authorize.Net hosted paymentform.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution4

Activation Step 1: Identity VerificationYou will be asked to provide your SSN or Tax ID here. You must enter 555555555.Figure 1: Identity VerificationActivation Step 2: User InformationEnter your first and last name, title, and email address where prompted. You can enter any personalinformation you wish to use for this purpose. You are not required to use valid information, but usingvalid information will make it easier to locate your test account should you lose it or need assistancewith your testing.Next, create a login ID and password for your test account so that you can login to the MerchantInterface at, create a secret question and answer for your test account.The email address you enter on this page will be the email address where merchant transaction receiptsare sent, as long as you configure your User Profile to send them.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution5

Figure 2: Entering User InformationActivation Step 3: Account InformationThis page is pre-populated with information submitted with your Test Account Application form. Feelfree to adjust it as needed, or simply confirm that it is valid by checking the box that states that theinformation is correct.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution6

Figure 3: Account Activation FormYou need to have the Owner/Principal/Corporate Office Name (as listed above) and Tax ID (which is555555555) on hand to complete the next step.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution7

Activation Step 4: Terms and ConditionsYou can ignore any reference to fees, we do not charge you for the use of a test account, although youMUST agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to continue.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution8

Figure 4: Terms and ConditionsLast revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution9

Activation Step 5: Billing InformationAlthough we do not bill you for the use of a test account, you must complete the Billing Informationpage in order to activate your test account.Please use the following information for this purpose: Name on Bank Account: Bank Account Bank Account Type: Checking Bank Account Owner Type: Business Routing Number: 307075259 Account Number: 123456789 Bank Name: Mutual Bank City: American Fork Bank State: UT Bank Zip Code: 84003Then, again, enter the Owner Name and Title (as previously confirmed during Step 3), check the box thatstates that you authorize the debit on behalf of your company and click the “Submit” button.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution10

Figure 5: Billing InformationYou have now completed the activation of your test account and will see a confirmation page as follows:Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution11

Figure 6: Confirmation PageActivation Step 6: Disabling Test ModeTest Mode is a production environment setting used to allow transactions to be submitted into theaccount without sending them to the payment processor for authorization at the issuing bank and thuswithout charge to either the customer or the merchant. Test Mode transactions submitted to anyaccount, production or test, will be purged from our system immediately and will not be viewable. TestMode transaction responses will return with a 0 Transaction ID value and a 000000 Authorization Codevalue. CIM and ARB API will NOT function in Test Mode and will return errors if you attempt to submitCIM or ARB API into an account with Test Mode enabled.Test Mode needs to be disabled within a test environment account because it is enabled by defaultupon activation. Because Test Mode does not serve any purpose in a test environment account, pleaseuse the following steps to disable Test Mode within your test account:Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution12

1. Click on the Test Mode link found within the red bar across the top of the page.Figure 7: Test ModeLast revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution13

2. Next, click the Turn Test OFF buttonFigure 8: Turn Test OffSuccessfully disabling Test Mode following these steps will cause a message to display stating that yourTest Mode setting has been successfully updatedActivation Step 7: Generating your test account API Login ID andTransaction KeyOnce you see the account activation confirmation page, you must generate the API Login ID andTransaction Key that you will use to test your integration(s). To generate these values:1. Click the “Account” link found in the blue bar across the top of the page2. Click on “API Login ID and Transaction Key” in the Security Settings section3. Enter the answer to your Secret Question (the question/answer set you created for yourself duringStep 2 of your test account)4. Click the “Submit” buttonYour API Login ID and Transaction Key will then be displayed to you.Going forward, you will be able to obtain your API Login ID from the API Login ID and Transaction Keypage within your test Account settings whenever you’d like, but your Transaction Key will not bedisplayed to you once you leave this page. Please be sure to save your generated values beforenavigating away from this page. If you ever lose your Transaction Key, you will need to generate a newTransaction Key within your account.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution14

Step 8: Configuring your account to send transaction receiptsFrom the Merchant Interface Home Page, click on User ProfileFigure 9: Merchant Interface Home PageLast revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution15

Next, click the Edit Profile Information button.Figure 10: Edit Profile InformationMake sure that the Transaction Receipt and Use this email as sender boxes are checked and clickSubmit:Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution16

Figure 11: Submit ProfileThis is also where you will go if you ever need to change the email address on file in your test account,because your email address is used to reset your password should you ever forget it or should yourpassword expire, as they will every 120 days.Forget your password? Locked out of your test account Merchant Interface? You can use the ForgotPassword feature found on the login page at revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution17

Figure 12: Forgot PasswordClicking on the Forgot Your Password? link will take you to the Forgotten Password page, where youcan enter your Login ID and the Email Address on file within the User Profile of your test account.Figure 13: Forgotten Password PageThis will generate an email to the email address on file in your account. The email will contain a link toreset your password:Dear Authorize.NET UserYou have requested a reset for your payment gateway user account password.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution18

To continue with the password reset, go e/ForgottenPasswordChangeaspx?ActivationCode ADAE5CD72BD0709EIf you did not make or authorize this request, please contact Customer Support at877-447-3938 immediately.Thank you for your business,Authorize.NETPlease note that, at this time, the link is broken and needs to be repaired before it will successfully allowyou to reset your test account password. We are currently working on correcting this, but if your link isreceived as shown above, please correct it by adding a ‘.’ Before aspx?, for e ADAE5CD72BD0709EA corrected link will take you to the Change Password page, where you will answer your secret question(the one you created during activation) along with your Login ID and your new password. You cannot reuse one of the 5 previous passwords used within your account:Figure 14: Change Password PageAnswers to most questions can be found in our online knowledgebase. A link to our onlineknowledgebase can be found in your test account Merchant Interface Home Page, or you can use thedirect URL revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution19

Figure 15: Link to Knowledge BaseYou may also wish to activate Value Added Services within the test account, such as CIM (CustomerInformation Manager), ARB (Recurring Billing) and FDS (Fraud Detection Suite). Feel free to activatethem or deactivate them as needed.Please note that cancelling ARB in your account will result in the loss of all ARB subscription data, butnot transaction history, immediately. Cancelling CIM within your account will result in the loss of allstored profile information, but not transaction history, 30 days from the date of cancellation.Testing eCheck.Net transactionsSubmitting eCheck.Net transactions uses the same code that credit card transactions use. The onlyadjustment you need to make is to add the eCheck.Net variables to your code. These variables aredocumented in the eCheck.Net Developer Guide, located at ou can use any valid routing number along with any invalid, or valid, account number while testingeCheck.Net transactions. If you do not wish to use your own routing number for this purpose, or do nothave one, the Federal Reserve provides a list of valid routing numbers on their Web site Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution20

Please note that eCheck.Net transactions do not settle within our test environment. This means that it isnot possible to submit refund (x type credit) eCheck.Net transactions to a test account. If youspecifically need to test eCheck.Net refund transactions, please contact Integration Services [email protected] information regarding the functionality and requirements of processing eCheck.Nettransactions can be found in the eCheck.Net Operating Procedures and User Guide, located e.pdf.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution21

API ServicesWe offer the following API services: AIM SIM CIM ARB Simple Checkout Card Present (AIM)AIMAIM (Advanced Integration Method) is a server-to-server connection from your web server to ours. Ituses an HTTPS post method and would be used to submit real-time single transactions. This method ofconnection is used by those who want the transaction process to occur entirely on their SSL-certifiedweb server.SIMSIM (Server Integration Method) similarly uses an HTTPS post method to submit real-time singletransactions, but it differs from AIM in that the end user must be transferred from your server to ours,in order to securely submit their payment information using our SSL-certified secure payment form. Thismethod of connection is generally used by those who are unable or unwilling to obtain an SSL certificatefor their web server.NOTE: When testing AIM or SIM integrations using a test environment account, you must send yourPOST data to you attempt to send transactions to our production server dll, you should expect an error 13 to occur (Themerchant Login ID is invalid or the account is inactive).Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution22

CIMCIM (Customer Information Manager) is a payment information storage service that allows users tocreate customer profiles that contain customer payment information, such as credit card number(s) orbank account number(s), and saves the merchant from having to store secure payment data on theirserver(s). The CIM API is used to initially submit a createCustomerProfileRequest andcreateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest that submits the customer payment data to our servers. Thisresults in a profile ID and payment profile ID being returned to the merchant’s server. Each customercan have up to 10 payment profiles stored with their profile ID to hold different types of paymentmethods they may wish to use. CIM profile data can be created, updated and deleted from our system.CIM is a solely API-based solution at this time.In all of the CIM functions that can generate transactions, we offer a method of indicating that thetransaction should be processed in test mode. This purges the transaction from our system uponsubmission and does not leave a record of the transaction in your account. If you wish to be able to viewthe transaction in your account, please set validationMode to liveMode( validationMode liveMode /validationMode ).The following is an example for createCustomerProfileRequest:Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution23

The following is an example for createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest:The following is an example for updateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest:Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution24

The following is an example for createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest:ARBARB (Automated Recurring Billing) is a recurring payments service that allows merchants to scheduleand manage recurring payments (subscriptions) without needing to store secure payment data on theirserver, and without having to run a recurring billing software application on their server. ARBsubscriptions can be created and managed through an API or using the Merchant Interface. An SSLcertified server is required to submit ARB API.Please note that ARB does not process transactions through a test environment account. An ARBsubscription created within a test environment account will never start processing transactions. If youwish to process ARB subscription transactions, please use the live production account for which you aretesting your integration.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution25

IMPORTANT: A direct API response is only available for ARB API creation, update and/or cancellationrequests, not for authorization responses. Within a production account you can also set up aSilent Post URL to receive ARB subscription transaction response data in real-time (at the timethe transaction is processed on its start date), to be used in conjunction with the ARB emailnotifications that you can configure in your Authorize.Net account. For a complete list of theARB email notifications available to you, please visit our online knowledge base, located at API cannot be submitted to an account with test mode enabled, since test mode does not recordthe data that is submitted, thus preventing you from creating ARB subscriptions. You must submit ARBAPI in live mode.A note about using a Silent Post URL (all references to ARB refer to its use in a live productionenvironment account):A Silent Post request must be accepted within two seconds, otherwise it will be aborted on our end. Ifyou decide to use Silent Post, it is important that your Silent Post URL be simply used as a method ofcollecting and dumping response data into a database or file for your use separately at a later time.ARB subscriptions only generate Silent Post responses if or when a transaction processes. If atransaction does not process, for example if the credit card has expired, a Silent Post does not occur.You should configure the ARB-specific email notifications in your account, and use Silent Post for thepurposes of identifying ARB subscription activity.Silent Post responses are returned in real-time, meaning as soon as the transaction processes we sendout the Silent Post to your specified URL. We do not necessarily update the subscription in real-time,however. This means that you should not use the Silent Post response to immediately update or cancelan ARB subscription. If you update or cancel a subscription before we have updated the subscription inour system, our update will overwrite any changes you may have made. You should instead simplycollect the response data and submit any changes necessary within your subscription(s) later that day.Simple CheckoutSimple Checkout is a new feature that gives merchants the ability to link to our secure payment pagewithout having to write code to link their Web site to our system. They can create a profile for eachproduct they sell, designate different pricing points for their shipping costs, and then copy the codefrom the Merchant Interface and paste it into their site's HTML. This code adds a button that says "BuyNow" or "Donate" on the merchant's Web site, which will take the customer to Authorize.Net ’s securecheckout page, with all product information pre-filled.To start using the Simple Checkout tool:1.Log on to your Merchant Interface at https://test.authorize.netLast revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution26 on ToolsOn the left, select Simple CheckoutSign up for Multi User Account Management (if not already enabled on the account)Agree to Terms of ServiceGenerate an API Login ID and Transaction Key when prompted.Card Present (AIM)Card Present (AIM) is essentially the same API as Card Not Present AIM described above. The maindifference is that Card Present AIM uses a different set of variables to pass Card Present-specifictransaction data. We do not provide any Card Present AIM sample code; however, any of the AIMsample code, found at, can be easily modified to include CardPresent value pair data. You can review the Card Present Implementation Guide to identify the CardPresent variables at guide.pdf.Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution27

Frequently Asked Questions:Q: I’m an existing Authorize.Net merchant and want to integrate my Web site/application to myaccount. Do I need a test account?A: No, you do not need a test account. You can use your existing Authorize.Net payment gatewayaccount for this purpose.Q: Why am I receiving error E00009 “The payment gateway account is in Test Mode. The requestcannot be processed.” while requesting the ARB or CIM API?A: The API does not function in Test Mode. You need to disable Test Mode in your Authorize.netaccount settings. To disable Test Mode, please log on to your account, click on Settings. Click on thelink for Test Mode and disable it by clicking the button labeled Turn Test Off.Q: I am attempting to connect to the CIM or ARB API and am receiving error E00007 “Userauthentication failed due to invalid authentication values.” Why?A: This error generally occurs when you attempt to connect to the test environment with a productionaccount. If you are using a production account and testing, you should use the following URL: When attempting to connect to the AIM API I am receiving error 13 “The merchant API login ID isinvalid or the account is inactive.” Why?A: Error 13 can occur for two reasons.One cause of this error is using an incorrect value for your API Login ID in your script. Please make sureto not include spaces before or after the value stored on your server.The second cause of this error is sending your request to the wrong environment URL. When you are submitting AIM and SIM POST data:If you are using a live production account, you should be posting l.If you are using a test environment account, you should be posting to . When using CIM or ARB API, please refer to the appropriate Implementation Guide to locate theproduction URL to use. They can be found at You cannot sendLast revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution28

CIM or ARB data to l.If you have verified that all of the above is correct, but you are still receiving this error, please use ourData Validation URL to review the data you are submitting to our server. The Data Validation URL can beused to validate the syntax of name/value pairs. For example, you could change the Transaction PostURL in your script from to dump.asp and submit a sample transaction. The transactionresults will be posted to the screen and will list all name/value pairs your script is submitting. You canthen verify that all field names and values in your transaction request are correct.Because you are not posting to a processing environment, the Data Validation URL will not provide errorcodes; these would be returned in a transaction response from the payment gateway. This tool onlyprovides a list of fields that are being submitted to the payment gateway to help you verify thatname/value pairs in your transaction request are submitted correctly.Q: I am submitting transactions and they are not appearing in my unsettled transactions or reports.Why?A: Transactions are not recorded unless Test Mode is disabled. To disable Test Mode: on to your Merchant Interface at Settings in the main left-side menu.Click Test Mode.Click the Turn Test OFF button. The interface will confirm that the Test Mode settings have beensuccessfully applied and you are now in live mode.If you are using the SIM or AIM API and are passing x test request "true", this value needs tobe changed to "false".Q: I need sample code in a different programming language than what is available on Do you have the sample code I need?A: No. We try to offer the most requested programming languages for sample code, and unfortunatelywe cannot offer all programming languages requested.Q: I am not familiar with programming; can you help me connect my Web site to We support developers when they are encountering specific issues connecting to the Authorize.netpayment gateway; however, we do not have the resources to support novice developers. If you needhelp connecting a Web site or application to and are not familiar with programming,please visit our Certified Solutions directory or our Certified Developer antsolutions/Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution29

Last revised: 10/9/2009Copyright 1998 - 2009 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution30

Oct 09, 2009 · request from [email protected], an activation email will be sent to the email address you included in your application. Please use the activation link, found within the activation email, to set