Optimize management of your messaging infrastructureIBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE forWebSphere Business IntegrationHighlights Simplify management with asingle tool for monitoring IBMWebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphereBusiness Integration MessageBroker and IBM WebSphereInterChange Server Help minimize downtime ofmission-critical applications byenabling rapid, accurate problemidentification and resolution Proactively prevent problemsby automating responses torecurring problems Leverage customized dashboards to deliver role-basedinsights to staff and executives —and thereby drive productivity Automate execution of best practices, drawing on expert adviceIn an on demand business, mission-partners, companies leveragecritical applications are frequentlythe collaborative capabilities ofcomposite applications; that is,WebSphere InterChange Server.they involve complex transactionpathways between multiple run-timeThe use of these messaging and busi-environments — across and beyondness integration technologies is oftenan enterprise. As a result, transportingnecessitated by mergers and acquisi-and mediation of messages betweentions. If an organization is going tosystems is a crucial part of an overallintegrate systems from multiple dataapplication. To maximize the availabilitycenters — and manage them in aand performance of its applications, ancentralized, consistent fashion — itorganization needs tools that enableneeds robust tools that simplify moni-staff to monitor and simplify manage-toring, configuration and managementment of its messaging infrastructureacross highly distributed environments.and business integration systems.In both distributed and mainframeCompanies frequently turn toenvironments, what is needed is aWebSphere MQ for communicationssingle tool for monitoring and managingbetween J2EE and legacy back-endthis wide range of business integrationsystems. And they use broker technol-technologies. And IBM Tivoli ogies such as WebSphere BusinessOMEGAMON XE for WebSphereIntegration Message Broker to mediateBusiness Integration is a compre-messages. These offerings enablehensive suite of monitoring andhigh-transaction-volume onlineconfiguration tools for WebSphere MQ,businesses to support their growingWebSphere Business Integrationoperations. As their composite appli-Message Broker and WebSpherecations expand to include tradingInterChange Server.

of your WebSphere MQ systems, anddrill from the summary level down intothe detail level to quickly locate problems, identify root causes and resolvebottlenecks and outages.Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphereBusiness Integration helps yourorganization: Monitor input and output ratesand queue depth of queues used formission-critical applications, todetermine whether the application iskeeping up with demand — especiallyduring peak periods.Easily see which queues are open and the number of messages residing on the queue. See how longmessages have been there, and determine how long it will take to drain this queue. Observe trends in these rates to helpdetermine scaling requirements, identify the need to improve applicationsBy deploying Tivoli OMEGAMON XEfor WebSphere Business Integration, the cause of performance problemsyour organization can:and understand the behavior of newHelp simplify the process of isolatingby leveraging advanced, deep-diveapplication configurations. connect applications — how manydiagnostic capabilities. Understand your WebSphere MQ,WebSphere Business Integration messages and how many bytes flowMore rapidly address problems withover the channel; what percentage ofautomated corrective actions.the messages are from one applicationMessage Broker and WebSphere Measure the capacity of channels thatInterChange Server infrastructure.Monitor WebSphere MQ communicationor another; how additional traffic toAnalyze application performancefrom end to endone application will affect channelto identify slow or unavailableAsynchronous communication is diffi-performance; and more.applications before customers arecult for many organizations to manageimpacted — use comprehensive moni-because they lack the tools to monitor itinterrupted so that they can quicklytoring of input/output message rates,across all systems — and to drill downrestart the channel to regain connec-brokers, message flows and problem sources. With Tivolitivity to remote systems, or automateOMEGAMON XE for WebSpherethese actions.Business Integration, your staff cantake advantage of an end-to-end view Alert operators when connectivity isAutomatically discover WebSphereMQ components and then immediatelymonitor them.2

Optimize WebSphere MQ configurationBeyond its advanced WebSphere MQmonitoring and diagnosis capabilities,Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphereBusiness Integration features anunmatched set of capabilities to helpyou simplify and centralize WebSphereMQ management.To facilitate centralized changes,the software enables you to collectconfiguration information for all yourWebSphere MQ queue managers intoa central repository. From a singlemanagement console, you can: Define your WebSphere MQenvironments. Easily add, make changes to anddelete objects associated with aEasily configure your entire WebSphere MQ infrastructure using the Tivoli OMEGAMON XE forWebSphere Business Integration configuration tool. Then verify the configuration and schedule thedeployment to be done automatically.One of the biggest challenges for anTrack both broker availability andIT staff managing WebSphere MQmessage flows through the brokerconfigurations is large deployments,Monitoring the availability of WebSpherewhich can be incredibly time-consumingBusiness Integration Message Brokerand error-prone. That’s why Tivoliis important. If it becomes unavailable,OMEGAMON XE for WebSphereyour staff should be alerted, the brokerBy selecting the verification option, youBusiness Integration enables users toshould be automatically restarted orcan also direct Tivoli OMEGAMON XEcreate and update prototypes forboth. Tivoli OMEGAMON XE forfor WebSphere Business Integration toWebSphere MQ objects and queueWebSphere Business Integrationcheck whether all dependencies for themanagers, define the object or queueenables you to perform these functionsobject are also defined. For example,manager once and then deploy itand track the frequency and timing ofwhen you define a new channel, themultiple times. When applicationmessage flows within WebSpheresoftware will check whether you haverequirements change, simply adjustBusiness Integration Message Broker.defined a transmission queue andthe prototype and redeploy it to bringAs a result, the software helps you fine-destination queue manager.the other objects and queue managerstune broker performance to help meetinto alignment.service level agreements.queue manager. Schedule the deployment of updates —immediately or at a user-specifiedtime that helps minimize disruption tobusiness applications.3

Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphereMonitor WebSphere InterChangeDiagnose and address problems withinBusiness Integration operatesServer performanceeasily personalized workspacesthroughout the application life cycle —Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphereBy taking advantage of the easilydevelopment, testing, deployment andBusiness Integration helps youcustomized workspaces in Tivoliproduction — so you can:keep track of the status of both yourOMEGAMON XE for WebSphereWebSphere InterChange Server andBusiness Integration, your IT staffObtain accurate baselines for brokerany collaborations. As a result, you cancan quickly pull together metrics,performance, then use these baselinesobtain early warnings before problemsdynamic charts, tables and graphicsduring testing of new message flows toaffect your business applications.while investigating specific perfor- mance issues from multiple vantagehelp address offending message flows before they are put into production.The software enables you to monitorpoints. Help optimize staff produc-Apply information about brokerserver, collaboration and connectortivity — and application availability —performance gathered during testingdata collected from IBM Simpleby minimizing the time spent huntingto help maximize availability of theNetwork Management Protocoldown the causes of slow performance.production environment.(SNMP) agents — and view statisticsTrack processing nodes that act onderived from that data, such as aver-Your IT staff can investigate and diag-the message format or data enrich-ages, percentages and rates.nose problems within easily personalizedment of a message, as well as on thoseAdditionally, you can monitor informa-workspaces that help users:that make routing decisions based ontion collected from the central servermessage content.log in which WebSphere InterChangeMonitor message flows in productionServer components record messages. tives, including business, platform andresource views — charts, graphics andto help identify problems before they View problems from multiple perspec-create larger issues.For example, when a collaboration hasdynamic tables enable substantialMeasure the frequency with whichbeen restarted but messages doinsight.message flows are executed and thenot appear to be flowing, a particulartiming of these message flows overconnector may also need to betime, to determine if there is a changerestarted. Using Tivoli OMEGAMONin the execution of message flow.XE for WebSphere Businessplans by leveraging views of historicalIntegration, you can automaticallystatistics.detect and restart stopped connectors.Additionally, the software helps youdetermine when large transactionvolumes cause slowdowns in theWebSphere InterChange Server.4 Intuitively drill down to the source of Identify trends and develop capacitycontentions and other problems.

Automate problem notificationand resolutionLike other Tivoli OMEGAMON XE monitors,Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphereBusiness Integration features suppliedand customizable situations that youcan use to detect and repair problemsas they happen. Easily tailor alerts toyour environment and facilitate auto-Supported software and platformsTivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Business Integration, Version 1.1,supports the following: WebSphere MQ, Version 5.3 and above IBM WebSphere MQ Integrator, Version 2.1 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Event Broker and WebSphere BusinessIntegration Message Broker, Version 5.0 and above WebSphere InterChange Server, Versions 4.2.2 and 4.3matic resolution of recurring problems.Supported platforms:Features that help you act in a proactive fashion include: Situation Editor — Set up your ownintelligent alerts and thresholds basedon detailed and/if/or logic that giveyou the power to create granularnotification and eliminate manyfalse alarms. Take Action — Resolve recurring problems by running built-in scripts or newscripts, which you can create easily. IBM AIX , Version 5.2 and aboveHP-UX, Version 11iSun Solaris 8 and aboveIBM OS/400 , Version 5.1 and aboveMicrosoft Windows 2000 ProfessionalWindows 2003 ServerWindows XP ProfessionalHP NonStopLinux Intel , 2.4 kernel and aboveIBM zSeries LinuxIBM z/OS , Version 1.5 and aboveExpert Advice — Mouse over an alertto receive a detailed explanation ofthe problem and potential fixes. Useknowledge out of the box or edit thefeature to preserve solutions specificto your environment.Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphereBusiness Integration helps you maximize productivity by preserving criticalstaff knowledge. When problems recurand trigger alerts, you can use the software to respond with automated fixes.Support your larger availability andFurthermore, Tivoli OMEGAMON XEapplication management effortsfor WebSphere Business IntegrationBecause performance and availabilityis a key part of the Tivoli solution thatproblems aren’t limited to a singleaddresses all three dimensions ofplatform, Tivoli OMEGAMON XE foreffective application management:WebSphere Business Integrationworks in conjunction with other TivoliOMEGAMON XE solutions to identifyand track problems across your enterprise. You can also leverage IBM TivoliOMEGAMON DE on z/OS to see infor-1. Transactions — service level responsetimes and problem isolation.2. Applications — deep-dive diagnosticsand correlation across subsystems.3. Resource monitoring — applicationmation from multiple Tivoli OMEGAMONserver monitoring and resourceXE monitors and third-party software — a single location. This helps you makedecisions quickly, efficiently andproactively on an enterprise level.5

For more informationTivoli software from IBMTo learn more about how TivoliAn integral part of the comprehensiveOMEGAMON XE for WebSphereIBM on demand infrastructure solution,Business Integration helps youTivoli technology management soft-optimize your enterprise-wideware helps traditional enterprises,messaging infrastructure from aemerging on demand businessessingle point of control, call yourand Internet businesses worldwideIBM representative or IBM Businessmaximize their existing and futurePartner, or visit /tivoli/technology investments. Backed byproducts/omegamon-xe-world-class IBM services, supportwebsphere-bus-intand research, Tivoli software providesa seamlessly integrated and flexibleon demand business infrastructuremanagement solution that uses robustsecurity to connect employees, business partners and customers. Copyright IBM Corporation 2005IBM CorporationSoftware GroupRoute 100Somers, NY 10589U.S.A.Produced in the United States of America04-05All Rights ReservedAIX, IBM, the IBM logo, OMEGAMON, theOn Demand Business logo, OS/400, Tivoli,WebSphere, z/OS and zSeries are trademarks ofInternational Business Machines Corporation inthe United States, other countries or both.Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in theUnited States, other countries or both.Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in theUnited States, other countries or both.Microsoft and Windows are trademarks ofMicrosoft Corporation in the United States,other countries or both.Java and all Java-based trademarks aretrademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in theUnited States, other countries or both.Other company, product and service names maybe trademarks or service marks of others.G507-1132-00

single tool for monitoring and managing this wide range of business integration technologies. And IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Business Integration is a compre-hensive suite of monitoring and configuration tools for WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker and WebSphere InterC