Flexy-ble M2M routerfor remote access and dataservicesIndustrialM2M

Flexy-ble IndustrialM2M Router2 product families3 base modulesFLEXY PRICESAVE INVESTMENTFlexy 101/201Base modulethe best way to connectFLEXY WAN Selectyour industrial machine or siteFlexy 20x, the M2M RouterThe Flexy 20x includes routing and gateway capabilities betweenWAN, LAN and RS232/485 fieldbus. It allows full remote access todevices located on the LAN side or on the Field side of the Flexy. TheFlexy 20x family includes the following base modules:- FLEXY 201: with a Switch 4x Ethernet LAN Port 10/100MB- FLEXY 202: with an Ethernet 10/100MB port and an RS232/485 port- FLEXY 203: with an Ethernet 10/100MB port and an MPI portFlexy 10x, the M2M DataGatewayA low-cost version, designed for large deployment, the Flexy 10xincludes all classical eWON features except routing capabilitiesbetween WAN, LAN and RS232/485 sides. The main applications with theFlexy 10x are data monitoring and data collection. The Flexy 10x familyincludes the following base modules:· FLEXY 101: with a Switch 4x Ethernet LAN Port 10/100MB· FLEXY 102: with an Ethernet 10/100 port and an RS232/485 port· FLEXY 103: with an Ethernet 10/100 port and an MPI portFlexy 102/202Keeping up withthe evolution ofcommunicationtechnologyto the Internet: cellular, LAN,landlines, WiFi. This flexibility is oneof the key factors for the successof your project. The eWON Flexylets you adapt to technologyshifts (e.g. the move from 2G to3G) by just adding/changing theWAN extension card. All of this withlimited impact on your budget.FLEXY FIELDThanks to a wide range offield interfaces (RS232, RS485,RS422, MPI, Ethernet) supportingnumerous industrial protocols, theeWON Flexy is able to connectto a wide range of industrialdevices. The Flexy concept allowsyou to upgrade easily to newtechnology, preventing the needto reinvest in a completely newproduct.Connecting themachine endFlexy 103/203Extension cardFULL WAN/FIELD CONNECTIVITY FOR YOUR REMOTE MACHINES AND SITESDUAL SERIAL PORTSConnect any RS232/485/422 devicesfor remote access applications or dataacquisition using eWON Flexy I/O serverslibrary.ETHERNET WANWAN Ethernet access to connect yourindustrial assets to the Internet.3G HSUPAEnjoy the versatility to connect remotelyusing a 2G, 3G or 3G cellular networkwith up to 7.3 Mb/sec download and 2Mb/sec uploadWIFI/DSL/CDMA/LANDLINES.New extension cards soon available

Flexy-ble Appsfor your businessneeds“Your M2M applicationin minutes”FAST TIME-TO-MARKETREDUCE DEVELOPMENT TIMESCALABLE SERVICESEASY CONFIGURATIONAll the data services applications are easily set up by eWON web pageconfiguration. No external software or programming tools are requiredto configure and build applications. An application with data acquisition,alarming, datalogging and data retrieval by HTTPS can be performed in just afew hours!SECURE VPN REMOTE ACCESSThe eWON Flexy embeds VPN capabilities and compatibility withTalk2M and eFive. This allows highly secure remote access for remotemonitoring, troubleshooting and application tuning. The Flexy 20x addsrouting capabilities that allows remote access to any serial or Ethernetdevices behind the eWON Flexy. It enables PLC remote maintenance,remote IP camera, remote HMI monitoring, etc.DATA ACQUISITIONThe eWON Flexy is able to perform local data acquisition using the serialor Ethernet port. The data acquisition process is built around a taggeddatabase in which each tag is associated with an I/O server. The eWONFlexy is able to perform data acquisition with the following protocols:Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Uni-Telway, EtherNet/IP, DF1, FINS TCP, FINSHostlink, ISO TCP, PPI, MPI, Profibus, Mistubishi FX, Hitachi EH, ASCII.Looking for a specific driver?Specific drivers (such as M-Bus, SMA-Net, Kaco, Power-One) forsolar applications, energy metering or building applications can beperformed by programming or are available through our eWONPartners network. DEPLOYMENTWEBAll configuration and application parameters are available in a text filethat allows centralized device management. eWON Flexy can be remotelyupdated by remote file swap or local SD card upload.ROUTERIO DRIVERALARM MANAGEMENT AND NOTIFICATIONThe eWON Flexy provides full support for alarm triggering,acknowledgment, status and traceability. Alarm thresholds (4x) andparameters (activation delay, deadbang value) can be set on everytagname. The complete alarm cycle (ALM, RTN-return to Normal,ACKnowledgment, END) is traced and available for monitoring andanalysis. Alarm notification can be performed by email, SMS, SNMP trapand/or put FTP.DATA LOGGING AND RETRIEVALContinuous data logging and buffering can be performed on everytagname. Each tagname can be logged on fixed interval or on change(with deadband). eWON stores tag data values ( timestamp) in itsinternal database (up to 1,000,000 points) for statistical analysis andlater review (historical logging) or to analyze recent trends (real-timelogging). The datalogging files can be easily retrieved by FTP, HTTP or asan e-mail attachment.WEB SERVER HMIThe eWON Flexy has an integrated web server for configuration andmonitoring purposes. The eWON Flexy provides a highly cost effectiveHMI, viewable wherever you are through any standard Web browserinterface.EASY CUSTOMIZATIONThe eWON Flexy can be fully scripted using BASIC scripting language or JAVAto design simple automated tasks such as: Reading and writing data via the serial port for industrial devices withproprietary protocols Sending e-mail messages; uploading and downloading FTP files Replying to incoming SMS messages Managing TCP/IP routing tables and features Dynamically updating the eWON unit configurationJava and BASIC script are intended to be used for deploying large eWONbased applications, since this provides flexibility and scalability.Looking for a specific driver?The eWON Certified System Integrators program is designed to educate and produce qualified partners whoare able to assist you in the customization and programming (JAVA, BASIC) of your eWON

Flexy-bleArchitectureforthe rightsolutionECATCHER - REMOTE ACCESS“ON-DEMAND”Secure VPN connection to reach any serialor Ethernet devices: upload projects, gainremote use of an HMI, debug the PLCprogram and, if necessary, download newsettings or program.“You will always find theright way to connectyour remote sites”M2WEB-REMOTE MONITORINGSecure mobile web access from your iPad,iPhone or any Android device.EFIVE – REAL TIME REMOTE CONTROLVPN server and firewall for permanent connections,eFive makes the perfect bridge between your remotePLC and your SCADA.A WIDE RANGEOF APPLICATIONSIndustrial MachinesCleantech MachinesPhotovoltaicsBuilding ManagementSmart meteringWater and waste waterEnergy monitoring M2U- REMOTE DATA COLLECTIONSecure HTTPS link to retrieve dataFLEXY APPSDedicated apps developed by our eWONSolutions Providers are available to become a Solution Provider?Join our developer community and gain accessto dedicated programYOUR HTTPS SERVERFLEXY WANWIFI, 2G, 3G, DSL, LAN, PSTN, CDMADirect file transfer usingHTTPS connectionTALK2M – THE CONNECTIVITY CLOUDSOLUTIONFLEXY FIELD:MODBUS TCP - MODBUS RTU - XIP - UNI-TELWAY - ETHERNET/IP - DF1 - FINS TCP - FINS HOSTLINK -ISO TCP - PPI MPI - PROFIBUS- MITSUBISHI FX - H ITACHI EHTalk2M is the first secure industrial connectivity servicein the cloud. With servers spread out all over the world,Talk2M offers a highly reliable, efficient and secure solutionfor connecting to machines remotely. Talk2M gathersthousands of accounts and manages thousands ofconnections per day including a full audit trail connectiontracking.

Base modulesCompose youreWON FlexyThe M2M DataGatewayFlexy101Product Ref.Flexy102The M2M RouterFlexy103Flexy201NORouting WAN/LAN/SerialSwitch 4x Ethernet LAN10/100Mb,Flexy202Flexy203YES 1 x RS232/422/485 port1 x LAN 10/100Mb port 1 x MPI/Profibus port1 x LAN 10/100Mb port 996.147 pointsHistorical logging12-24 VDC /-20%, LPSPower Supply-25 C to 70 CTemperature rangeMarkingE350576Warranty24 monthssee characteristics,Standards & DirectivesExtension cardsProductref.WANFIELD3G GSMFLB3202Pentaband UMTS/HSUPA modem7.3 Mbit/s down, 2 Mbit/s upEthernetWANFLX31011 x 10/100Mb Ethernet portWiFiFLB 3204Ask about availabilityADSLFLB 3502Ask about availabilityPSTNFLA 3501Ask about availabilityCDMAFLB 3205Ask about availabilityDual serialportsFLA33011 x RS232/422/485 serial port1 x RS232 serial port.Consult factory for other field cards.Head Office22 Av. Robert Schuman1400 NivellesBelgiumTel: 32 67 895 [email protected] American Office2345 Murray Ave, suite #305Pittsburgh, PA 15217USATel: [email protected] OfficeDai 2 Izumi Shoji Bldg. 4 F,2-6 Kojimachi 4-Chome,Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102-0083JapanTel: [email protected]

Talk2M and eFive. This allows highly secure remote access for remote monitoring, troubleshooting and application tuning. The Flexy 20x adds routing capabilities that allows remote access to any serial or Ethernet devices behind the eWON Flexy. It enables PLC remote maintenance, remote