headspace ProgramsTerm 3July / August Table Tennis 1:00-2:15pmYAC 5-7pmPawsattive Dog Walking4:00pm-5:00pm23Lifesavers2:30-4:00pm24Move your body!- ReformerPilates!2:30-3:30pmEchoes4:00 – 5:00pm2526Creative Minds12.30-2.0030*Music Group3:30pm-5:00pm31Pawsattive Dog Walking4:00pm-5:00pmYAC 5-7pm6Peer Space5 – 6.30pm2Lifesavers2:30-4:00pm*Equine Day*Music Group3:30pm-5:00pmIndroduction to Mindfulness1 – 4pm8Creative Minds12.30-2.00*Music Group3:30pm-5:00pm27Food Explorers11.30am-1.30pmPrism17Table Tennis 1:00-2:15pmMove your body! ReformerPilates!2:30-3:30pmVeggie Gardening11am-12pmPeer Space5 – 6.30pmFood Explorers11.30am-1.30pm3Table Tennis 1:00-2:30pmMove your body!2:30-3:30pmEchoes4:00 – 5:00pm9Veggie Gardening11am-12pmMindfulness: building apractice.1 – 3pmFood Explorers11.30am-1.30pm10Table Tennis 1:00-2:30pmMove your body!2:30-3:30pmPrismFood Explorers11.30am-1.30pm

headspace ProgramsTerm 31314Lifesavers2:30-4:00pm*Music Group3:30pm-5:00pmPawsattive Dog Walking4:00pm-5:00pmYAC 5-7pm201521Mindfulness: building apractice.1 – 3pm22Creative Minds12.30-2.002728Pawsattive Dog Walking4:00pm-5:00pmYAC 5-7pmLifesavers2:30-4:00pm*Music Group3:30pm-5:00pm17Food Explorers11.30am-1.30pmEchoes4:00 – 5:00pm2324Table Tennis 1:00-2:30pmFood Explorers11.30am-1.30pmMove your body!2:30-3:30pmMindfulness: building apractice.1 – 3pm29Table Tennis 1:00-2:30pmMove your body!2:30-3:30pmVeggie Gardening11am-12pm*Music Group3:30pm-5:00pmPeer Space5 – 6.30pm16Prism3031Table Tennis 1:00-2:30pmMove your body!2:30-3:30pmEchoes4:00 – 5:00pmFood Explorers11.30am-1.30pm

headspace ProgramsTerm 3September iscovery College Courses – enrolment requiredCommitteesPeer Support Groups* Indicates this is a closed group with limited places34Creative Minds12.30-2.00Peer Space5 – 6.30pm105121813*Equine DayTable Tennis 1:00-2:30pmMove your body!2:30-3:30pm14Understanding Self Harm10am-4pmFood Explorers11.30am-1.30pmEchoes4:00 – 5:00pm19Creative Minds12.30-2.00Food Explorers11.30am-1.30pmPrism*Music Group3:30pm-5:00pmYAC 5-7pm7Move your body!2:30-3:30pmVeggie Gardening11am-12pmLifesavers2:30-4:00pmPawsattive Dog Walking4:00pm-5:00pmPeer Space5 – 6.30pmTable Tennis 1:00-2:30pm*Music Group3:30pm-5:00pm1117620Veggie Gardening11am-12pm21Table Tennis 1:00-2:30pmMove your body!2:30-3:30pmFood Explorers11.30am-1.30pmPrismFor all new group registrations please contact 9076 9400 and arrange a welcome appointment. Forfurther information about the activities and key contact see below.

headspace ProgramsTerm 3Move your body- Reformer Pilatesuses a spring loaded reformer bedto help lengthen and strengthenmuscles without loading your joints.Tailored to every level of fitness, thisclass will help tone a strong core andhas the added benefit of improvingposture and flexibility. Contact person:Nancy Pepper.Veggie gardening: Are you a keengardener or want to learn? Weneed your help! You are alsowelcome to come help water thegarden or pick veggies from thereduring the week, Contact person:Olivia Hunt.Youth Advisory Committee (YAC):Open to people aged 18 to 25 whohave an interest in mental healthand would like to be a part of agreat team of volunteers and learnnew skills. Contact person: MelPurkissPeer Space: is a support groupfacilitated by and for people with livedexperience of mental healthchallenges. An opportunity to shareexperiences, feel understood, exploreyour hopes, fears, goals and muchmore. Contact person: Pru Jay-HowellDiscovery College Courses: A placewhere people come together to learnfrom each other, share experiences,and reach a new understanding ofmental health, Please refer toDiscovery College enrolment andinformation form for additoinalinformation or contact Andrew FosterFood explorers: Want to learn newkitchen skills, get ideas of what tocook, or just love sharing food withothers? Come and join us on ournew food adventure with foodexplorers. Contact person: SarahRijsPawsative Dog Walkers: Whatbetter way to start the week! Joinus on Monday afternoon for awalk and a play with the poochesof headspace! Contact person: PruHowell- JayTable Tennis: :Join us for TableTennis on Thursday afternoons!Everyone is welcome and we willhave a coach for those who arewanting to learn. Contact Person:Mel PullenECHOES:This is a peer supportgroup for young people whohear, see or sense things thatother people don’t. ContactPerson: Ash ThorntonPrism: This peer led group is for 16to 25 year olds who arequestioning, queer, transgenderand everything in between (oroutside the box!) Contact Person:Ash ThorntonMusic Group: Ever wondered what itwould be like to write, record and produceoriginal music? Look no further! Limitedspots are available for a small group toexperience what it’s like to operateprofessional recording equipment andinstruments! Contact person: Katie Wilsonor Olivia HuntLifeSavers- Lifesavers is a peer ledgroup. It is a safe space to be able toshare suicidal thoughts, what sittingwith those may feel like and the impactit has on our lives with others whohave had/are having similarexperiences. Contact: Pru Howell-Jay.Equine Day: Come and see the wonderfulequine property down in Somerville. It isa grounding and rewarding experience tobe in the presence of these gentle giants.The day involves exploring trust,communication skills and body languagethrough horsemanship skills. RSVPContact person: Olivia Hunt.Move your body: Think ballsgames, circuit training, boxing andsports! Suitable for all fitness andskills levels. Bookings essential.Contact person: nancy pepper.Creative Minds: Join us for a cupof tea and some time to work on acreative project of your choice orbring your own. Contact Person:Sarah Rijs or Olivia Hunt.

headspace ProgramsTerm 3Groups People usually find they get different things from coming, this might includeconnecting with others, exploring new interests and building life skillsPeer support groups At headspace, support groups are groups of young people who gather toshare lived experience of mental helath challengesAdvisory Committees These commiteees provide feedback directly to the services and promoteservices at headspacePlease note most of our programs are suitable for young people aged 16-25. Young people under the age of 18 will requireparent/guardian consent to attend the program. If you are under the age of 18 and wanting to engage with the group programplease make contact with Olivia Hunt or Sarah Rijs to discuss further.

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