Nitro PDF Professional 5.x User Guide

2Nitro PDF Professional User GuideTable of Contents7Part I START7Part II Help & Registration.1 Getting Startedguide7.2 Online help73 Checking.for software updates8.4 Registeringproduct88Part III Workspace.1 Ribbon interface9.10Hiding & showing theribbon.11Ribbon shortcuts.2 Quick AccessToolbar11.3 Nitro PDFButton/File menu114 Move & .select115 Zoom in .& out12.6 Page Displaymodes147 view14.8 Comments& attachments14.9 Documentproperties15. 15Summary information. 16Initial ViewFonts. 17Security. 17.10 Paging throughdocument17.11 Bookmarksand pages18.12 Searchingtext1920Part IV Creating PDF1 Fast PDF.creation20.20One-click creation filetype support.2 ConvertingMicrosoft Office files to PDF21.21Converting MicrosoftWord files to PDF.22Converting MicrosoftExcel files to PDF.23Converting MicrosoftPowerPoint files to PDF.24Converting MicrosoftPublisher files to PDF.24Converting MicrosoftVisio files to PDF.25Microsoft Office add-insettings3 Creating.PDFs from any file27 2008 Nitro PDF Software

Creating PDF3. 27Nitro PDF Driver settings4 Creating.PDF from screen captures285 Creating.PDF from scanner2828Image compression.settings6 blank PDF filesPart V Exporting from PDF29291 Copying.text292 snapshot30.3 ExportingPDF to Microsoft Word30.4 ExportingPDF to Rich Text31.5 Extractingimages and text32Part VI Combining files & assembling pages32.1 Combiningfiles to PDF33.2 Assemblingpages33.3 Croppingor resizing pages344 Rotating.pages34.5 Extractingpages346 Deleting.pages35.7 Reordering& rearranging pages358 Inserting.pages359 Splitting.pages3636Split into groups of.pagesSplit by bookmarks. 36. 36Split by page ranges37Part VII Editing.1 Undo/redoedits38.382 Text. 39Adding headers & footers. 40Adding Bates numbering3 Images .41Arranging images . 41.41Resizing and croppingimagesReplacing images . 42Extracting images . 42Inserting images. 42.42Changing image colorspace.43Deleting imagesWatermarks. 43.4 Optimizing& shrinking files44.5 Attachingfiles44.6 Documentproperties44.45Document informationor metadata 2008 Nitro PDF Software

4Nitro PDF Professional User Guide. 45Initial View properties. 46FontsDocument security . 4646Part VIII Interactivity.1 Bookmarks46. 47Viewing and using bookmarks. 47Creating bookmarksEditing bookmarks . 48.49Automatic bookmarkcreation2 Links.52Adding links. 52Editing links. 53.54Automatic page numberlinks54Automatic creation54Creating web links .from URLs55Part IX Commenting.1 Adding stickynotes55.2 Adding TextBoxes55.3 Adding CallOuts56.4 Highlightingtext57.5 Adding stamps576 Markup .with drawing tools58.7 Attachingfiles59.8 Managing& viewing comments59Sorting comments . 60Reply to comment . 60Hide all comments . 6060Combine comments.from multiple files61Part X Security.1 Permissionsettings61.2 Passwordsecurity62.3 Certificatesecurity624 Security .profiles63.5 Digital IDs64My Digital IDs. 64Trusted contacts. 6566Part XI Digital signatures.1 Using digitalsignatures66.67Customizing signatureappearance2 Viewing .and validating certificates and signatures68.3 CertifyingPDF files68 2008 Nitro PDF Software

Forms569Part XII Forms.1 Filling forms70.2 Designingforms70.3 Using formfield controls71. 71Form field attributes. 73Creating button fields73Creating check box.fields.74Creating radio button fields.75Creating combo boxfields.75Creating list box fieldsCreating text fields. 7677Creating signature .fields. 77Creating multiple fields.4 Setting taborder785 Editing, .aligning and spacing multiple fields786 Reusing .form field appearance settings79.7 Importingand exporting form data79.8 Resettingform data79.9 Submittingform data80.10 Showing/Hidingfields80.11 Calculatingfield data81.12 JavaScript81Finding JavaScripts. 81.82Copying and pastingJavaScripts. 82Using folder level JavaScript.83Writing document levelscript83Writing calculation .scripts.83Using Simplified fieldnotation.84Using the JavaScriptconsole84Viewing output and.JavaScript errors.84Supported JavaScriptObjects. 84App objectDoc object. 85color object. 87console object. 87event object . 87Field object. 88global object . 90. 91indentity objectLink object. 91this object. 91util object. 92Part XIII Shortcuts921 Viewing .92.2 Navigating933 Editing .93 2008 Nitro PDF Software

6Nitro PDF Professional User Guide4 File.945 Tools.95 2008 Nitro PDF Software

START1.STARTQuick Start2.Looking at the workspaceCreating PDFKey toolsExporting from PDFViewingEditing text, images and pagesNavigatingSecuring, digitally signing, and certifyingKeyboard shortcutsCommentingUpdating softwareBookmarks & linksRegistering your productFormsHelp & RegistrationNitro PDF Professional includes a Help ribbon tab which brings together everything you’ll need to use,register and get help when using our software.To open the user guide:1. Do one of the following:· On the Help tab, in the Help group, click User Guide.· In the top right corner of the Nitro PDF Professional window, click the help2.1button.Getting Started guideThe Getting Started dialog gives you a fast way to learn about Nitro PDF Professional and how you can getstarted using the functionality you’re most interested in. The dialog is set to pop up automatically when youfirst open Nitro PDF Professional, but it can also be opened manually and reset to be permanently on or off.To open the Getting Started dialog:· On the Help tab, in the Help group, click Getting Started.To stop the Getting Started window from opening at startup:1. Open Nitro PDF Professional.2. On the Getting Started dialog, in the bottom right corner, click the Do not show at startupcheckbox.2.2Online helpTo get online help using Nitro PDF Professional, visit the support section of the Nitro PDF web site. The 2008 Nitro PDF Software7

8Nitro PDF Professional User Guidesection includes an online product manual and a support section for registered users.· Knowledge Base. Provides a repository for commonly asked questions and resolutions to commonproblems.· Priority support. All registered users get full 14-day e-mail support to get you up and running.· Extended support. To get extended support from the Nitro team, subscribe to ongoing support.2.3Checking for software updatesNitro PDF Professional can be set up to automatically check for product updates or you can check forupdates manually. By default, the Check for Updates preference checks for software updates once a day.To check for updates manually:· On the Help tab, in the Product group, click Check For Updates.To set whether to automatically check for updates and its frequency:1. Click2. Click3. Click4. Click2.4the Nitro PDF ButtonCheck For Updates.the setting to use.OK., and then click Preferences.Registering productNitro PDF Professional's free trial mode ends after 14-day's use. After that time you can continue to use theproduct in 'demo' mode, which means a watermark will be placed on each page in the documents.Purchasing Nitro Pro and then entering the license key you receive will stop the watermarks from appearingand will return the product to a fully-functional state.To register your Nitro PDF Professional:1. Do on of the following:· Re-open Nitro PDF Professional, click Enter Serial, and enter your details.· On the Help ribbon tab, in the Product group, click License Information. Click Activate and enter yourdetails.3.WorkspaceNitro PDF Professional 5 is a new interface, packed with tools and panes that help make working with PDFfiles easier. A good way to get up to speed with finding and using them is to familiarize yourself with theworkspace. 2008 Nitro PDF Software

Workspace1. Nitro PDF Button. Gives you access to standard file-related commands, such as open, close, save,and print.2. Quick Access Toolbar. Keeps your favorite commands together in the one place.3. Ribbon. Gives you quick access to most tasks and commands.4. Tools. Home to the commonly used Hand, Zoom, Copy Text, and Edit tools.5. Navigation pane. Navigate via page thumbnails and bookmarks. View all digital signatures in adocument.6. Comments & Attachments panes. Central location to view all comments and attachments.7. Find. Lets you search the current

Nitro PDF Professional includes a Help ribbon tab which brings together everything you’ll need to use, register and get help when using our software. To open the user guide: 1.Do one of the following: ·On the Help tab, in the Help group, click User Guide. ·In the top right corner of the Nitro PDF Professional window, click the help button.File Size: 2MB