VEHICLEPROTECTIONPLANAdministered by: -" . ., , .,r. ilia -- .FIDELITYWARRANTYSERVICESINC.P.O. Box 8567, Deerfield Beach, FL 33443www.fidelitywarrantyserv ices.comFlorida License #60026 Copyright 2018. Jim Moran & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.CS# 11081 11/2018REF151158PROTECTIONPLAN

THREECOVERAGELEVELS*VEHICLEPROTECTIONPLANIt 's no surprise that most major repairs areneeded after the original factory warranty hasexpired, which means you will have to deal with allthe inconvenience, time , energy and expense ofthose repairs.Depending on the age and mileage of you rveh icle, you can purc hase up to 120,000 m il es ofcoverage. The Veh icle Protection Plan beg ins onth e purchase date and expires accord ing to th eterm and mi leage se lected, whicheve r occurs first ,and may include a deductible depend ing on theoption selected. You can select from a nationalnet work of over 6,000 authorized se rvice ce ntersor any licensed repair fac il ity in the U.S. or Canada. PLATINU M COVERAGE GO LD COVERAGE POWERTRAIN COVERAGE*Coverage level availability may be limited basedon t he age , mileage, make and model of yourvehicle. Deductible may apply.

PLANFEATURES*I3 plans come with the following additionalfeatures to keep you moving .ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION COVERAGEReimbursement up to 40 per day for up to10 days per covered mechanical breakdown.Coverage includes reimbursement for publictransportation , rental car services or ridesharingservices using a licensed rental agency, authorizeddealer or ridesharing service.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONThis optional Vehicle Protection Plan will not pay orreimburse for mechanical breakdowns caused by misuse,abuse, negligence (including the negligence of anyrepair faci lity), improper towing , lack of maintenance ofthe fa iled cove red part, contamination , damage as theresu lt of contin ued operation with an overheat conditionlack of coo lant or lubricants, lack of oil viscosity, sludge :restricted oil flow, salt, rust and rust damage, environmentaldamage or chem icals.No payment or reimbursement for the co rrection ofoi l consumption , repair of worn rings, or any repairs forreduction in engine efficiency that must be performedon your vehicle when a Mechanical Breakdown has notoccurred. See service contract for complete details.TOWING COVERAGERe imbursement of up to 100 in towing chargesper cove red mechanical breakdown.TOLL- FREE CLAIMS SERVICEOur representatives will provide you with claims service,authorization and access to an authorized repair facilitynear you. Just call 800 -327-5 172.TRAVEL COVERAGEIf you 're more than 100 miles from home whenyou experience a covered mechanical breakdown ,reimbursement of up to 100 per day, up to 500per occurrence, for food and lodging.NATIONAL COVERAGEEnjoy peace of mind with a Fidelity Warranty ServicesVehicle Protection Plan , knowing that you are coveredanywhere in the U.S., its territories or possessions, orCanada.FLUIDS COVERAGEReplacement of necessary fluids , oil s, greases,lubricants, and approved air conditioner gasesneeded in conjuncti on with a cove red repair.IMPROVED RESALEEach plan is fully transferable to a subsequentowner, making your car more appealing topotential buyers.DIRECT PAYMENTParticipating dealers can be paid directly for authorizedrepairs. You do not have to pay and wait for reimbursement.THE MORE YOU DRIVE THEMORE REPAIRS YOU 'LL NEED.YOU DECIDE!IFINANCINGThe cost of the se lected plan can be included inthe financing of your vehicle.RELIABLEPERFORMANCEPERIOD -REPAIR/BREAKDOWNPERIOD -(Limited Expense)(Major OVER 6,000 SERVICE CENTERS NATIONWIDEReceive se rvice at greater than 6,000 authorizedservice centers or any licensed repair facility inthe U.S. or Canada.- - ·'' "01 ----- See service contract for additional details.23456NUMBER OF YEARS - - - -Source: Actual Claim s Data

PLATINUMCOVERAGEPLANIn add ition to offering the same features of Powertrainand Gold, Platinum expands to cover many assembliesof your vehicle, giving you the "Ultimate Peace of Mind"protection. Certain restrictions, limitations and/orexclusions may apply.*PLATINUM IS EXCLUSIONARY COVERAGE:This means it covers your vehicle's assemblies unlesslisted under the Exclusions sect ion of the VehicleProtection Plan.PLATINUM EXCLUSIONS:Brake linings, brake drums and rotors, disc brakepads , standard manual transm iss ion clu t ch frictiondisc, pressure plate, pilot bearing , throw-out bearingand arm, air bags, solar powered devices, glass, lenses,sealed beams, body parts and/or panels, weatherstripping , trim, moldings, lock cylinders, t ires, wheels,all batteries except Hybrid/ EV/ Hydrogen High Vo ltagebatteries as listed under Gold Coverage, light bulbs,upholstery, paint, bright metal, freeze plugs, fi lt ers,heater and radiator hoses, exhaust system , catalyticconve rter, shock absorbers, work such as front-endalignment or wheel balanc ing (except when requiredin conjuncti on with a mechanical breakdown), safetyrestraint systems, audio/security or other systemsnot factory installed, or vinyl and convertible tops.* See service co ntract for ad d itional detai ls.

GOLDCOVERAGEPLANGold offers all of the same features of Powertrainwith the following additional coverage. Certainrestrictions, limitations and/or exclusions may apply*.ENGINEOil pan ; valve, timing and side covers ; thermostathousing; water pump pulley; engine mounts; harmonicbalancer; flex plate/flywheel and ring gear.COOLINGRadiator, mounting brackets and coolant recoverytank ; fan clutch, fan blades and motor; fan shroud;heater core; transmission oil cooler; engine oi l cooler.TRANSMISSIONOil pan ; detent cable ; kickdown link; throttle cable ;vacuum modulator; transmission mounts.DRIVE AXLEConstant velocity joints and boots; slip joint; frontwheel drive axles/half-shafts and wheel bearings ;u-joints; coupl ings; flex disc ; prop shafts; centersupport bearings.STEERINGTie rods, id ler and pitman arms , center/drag link,coupling and shafts; cooler lines; steering gear housingand internal parts; rack and pinion housing and internalparts; power steering pump and internal partsincluding reservoir; electric steering motor; powersteering pump or electric steering motor mountingbrackets ; seals and gaskets.BRAKESCompensator/proportioning valve; metering valve;calipers , wheel cylinders; backing plate; brake adj ustersand brake hardware; brake pedal, pedal lever and pedalpivot; parking brake linkage/ratchet assembly and cable;anti-lock braking system component parts includingcontrol processor/ module, pump, dump valve, wheelspeed sensors, solenoids, accumulator, yaw rate sensor,and pressure differential switch ; master cylinder; vacuumor hydraulic brake booster assembly; hydraulic lines, hosesand fittings; brake pedal apply pin ; seals and gaskets.AIR CONDITIONINGAccumulator; receiver drier; automatic temperaturecontrol programmer; clutch assembly including coil , discand pulley; control cables; cutoff switch; serpentine belttensioner, bearing and pulley; condenser; compressor;evaporator; orifice/expansion valve; seals and gaskets.FRONT /REAR SUSPENSIONUpper and lower control arms, shafts and bushings;upper and lower bal l joints; struts ; wheel bearings/hubs; spindle/steering knuckle and spindle support;coil and leaf springs, seats and bushings, leaf springshackles; track bars, links and bushings; electroniclevel control components including pump, accumulator,lines, bags ; stabilizer bar, links and bushings; kingpin ;torsion bar, mounts and bushings; tension rods/radius arm.ELECTRICALFront and rear wiper motor, transmission and linkage;power window motor; window regulators; power seatmotor; steering column multi-function switc h andindividual switches for turn signal , headlamp, dimmer,wiper, washer and cruise control ; clock spring/spiralcable; mirror motor switch ; brake light switch ; neutralsafety switch; glove box light switch; courtesy light switch;cooling fan relay; air control solenoid; air regulator valve;idle air control motor; electronic ignition module; ignitioncoil; engine distributor including shaft, gear, bushingsand modules; electronic throttle control; gas pedalposition sensor/assembly; throttle position sensor;vehicle speed sensor; manifold absolute pressure sensor;knock sensor and barometric pressure se nsor;alternator; alternator mounting bracket, vol tageregulator; starter motor, solenoid and drive.ADDITIONAL HYBRID/PLUG-IN ELECTRIC/COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS/HYDROGEN COMPONENTSMotor/generator belt tensioner; drive motor dampener;voltage inverter reservoir; three-phase high voltage cables;hydraulic or electric regenerative braking system; hybrid/EV/hydrogen battery (nickel-metal hydrate or lith iumion drive propulsion battery) including the case andmounting hardware, junction block, main battery cable,and frame wire; onboard battery charging systemincluding charge controller, plug in outlets, plug in cable,and trickle charger cable; electric AC compressor andmotor; electric steering rack, gear, and motor; electro/hydraulic power steering pump and reservoir; hydrogenfue l cell stack; battery cooling pump; seals and gaskets.* See service co ntract fo r additi onal det ails.

POWERTRAINCOVERAGEPLANPowertrain offers protection against coveredmechanical breakdowns of the engine, transmission,and drive axle. Certain restrictions, limitationsand/or exclu sion s may apply.*ENGINEAl l internally lubricated parts contained withinthe engine, plus the following: intake manifold ;exhaust manifolds ; balance shaft; water pump;fuel pump, diesel injection pump, diesel oilcontrolled fuel injectors; thermostat; oil pump;rotor housing, rotors, shims and silent shaft; allinternal fasteners, nuts and bolts ; turbocharger/supercharger assembly including boost valve,boost pressure control , wastegate, recirculationand blow off valve; seals and gaskets.TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE/TRANSFER CASEAll internally lubricated parts contained withint he transmission , transaxle and transfer case,p lu s the fo llowing: all internal fasteners, nutsand bo lts; sh ift cover and forks; bell housing ,co m po nents wi thin t he be ll housing; torqueco nvert er; exte rn al valve bodies, contro l unitsand so lenoids; seals and gaskets.DRIVE AXLEAll internally lubricated parts contained withinthe differential/axle housing(s), plus the following:cover; 4x4 locking hubs and electric or vacuumactuator; seals and gaskets.ADDITIONAL HYBRID/PLUG-IN ELECTRIC/COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS/HYDROGEN COMPONENTSElect ric motor/generator(s) all internal components;inverter/converter/transformer units including allinternal components and cover; continuously variabletransmission and all internal components; power splitdevice and al l internal components; reduction/reducerbox and all internal components ; seals and gaskets.* See se rvice contract for additional detai ls.

transportation, rental car services or ridesharing services using a licensed rental agency, authorized dealer or ridesharing service. . Enjoy peace of mind with a Fidelity Warranty Services Vehicle Protection Plan, knowing that you are covered anywhere in the U.S., its territories or possessions, or Canada.File Size: 1MBPage Count: 6Explore furtherI want to cancel my extended Fidelity vehicle . - Avvowww.avvo.comFidelity warranty services cancellation form pdfuploads.strikinglycdn.comFidelity warranty service plan - How do I cancel? Honda .www.odyclub.comFidelity Warranty Cancellation Form Pdf ebezpieczni.orgebezpieczni.orgHow to Cancel a Fidelity Extended Warranty - It Still Runsitstillruns.comRecommended to you b