Enhancing StudentEngagement with IntelligentVideo Asset Management1

Challenges priorto CuratorBefore adding Curator, ourvideo assets were scatteredacross hard drives andcloud storage. Making it difficultfor us to find what we needed andcollaborate between departments.With the help of Curator we can nowfind, repurpose, and share contentseamlessly across multiple teams.The University of North Carolina Charlotte needed amedia asset management system to rapidly find content,log metadata effectively, and enable high-resolutionedits, as well as being able to store their existing archivedassets. Prior to implementing Curator, Charlotte struggledto manage, edit, and retrieve their large media files.The university was using a basic folder structure asCraig Berlin, Sr. Director of Digital and Creative Services,their primary means of storage, which is a rigorous andUNC Charlotte.time-consuming process for maintaining organization.This forced UNC Charlotte to manually go through eachframe of video, and search for videos that weren’t beingcataloged into department-specified locations. Due to thesize of their University, Charlotte had too much contentto organize, distribute, and edit, but little in the way ofmedia asset management.2

How Curator Serves as aSolution for UNC CharlotteCharlotte selected Curator to manage both their newand archived content, and to implement consistent, AIpowered metadata tagging. Curator enables Charlotte'sathletic content team to tag player’s names within matchvideos, which allows them to easily develop and access acollection of edited highlights of a single player. Curatoralso enhances Charlotte's live asset logging capabilitiesthrough Curator logger, which ensures that their contentcreators and editors have fast, accurate, and consistentmetadata enrichment and assets can be easily found andaccessed later.Curators' tools have enhanced Charlotte's logginginterface where multiple assets can now be selected atone time and applied to metadata, instead of manuallyThe Teams ThatUse Video atUNC Charlotteattaching metadata to one video at a time. This is vital forensuring that videos which were taken during campusevents are accurately stored, and for ensuring that timespent on asset discovery is significantly decreased.Curator has also enabled Charlotte’s media teams to edithigh-resolution video assets with the seamless integrationbetween Curator and Adobe Premiere Pro. Prior to ourUniversity Professional Internship Programpartnership, UNC Charlotte was considering migratingor UPIP, the UCOMM Production Team, thetowards cloud-based storage for disaster recovery.Media Relation Communications Team, theInstead, the addition of Curator expanded their storageAthletic Production Team and the TV Channelsystem to make use of more cloud space, and was able touse Curator’s tools in a variety of ways toensure Charlotte's media was reliably and securely promote UNC Charlotte. The teams atCharlotte use videos to help promote theUniversity, engage students, provide necessaryPV has a strong client partnership withUNC Charlotte, where we work togetherto enhance product developmentthrough Charlotte’'s feature requests, and whereCurator works to provide UNC Charlotte with thebest media asset management system possible.Curator provides UNC Charlotte with a system that iscapable of ingesting Apple ProRes 422 HQ media, andingesting metadata supplied by Root6 ContentAgent.informational guides, and to help students gainvaluable career-related experience.David Cole, President, IPV3

UNC CharlotteProfessional InternProgramMedia RelationTeamThe UNC Charlotte professional intern program or UPIPCharlotte’s Media Relations Team With theprovides Students with professional knowledge andimplementation of Curator Connect, Media Relations canskill development aligned with students' career streamline the creation of high-quality, engagingPrior to the implementation of Curator with Adobedigital media for External Media working remotely, andPremiere Pro, the broadcast interns struggled to storeinterns and staff can ingest and automatically tag rawmedia content efficiently due to a lack of a sophisticatedfootage straight from Curator Connect at any management solution. With the implementationCurator Connect’s drag-and-drop user interface alsoof Curator logger, interns are now able to quickly log liveenhances the collaborative capabilities for the UCOMMcontent for sports and entertainment, as well as greatlyimprove the team's content discovery significantly, as Curator provides frame-accurateMedia Asset Management experience enables students todirectly into Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.proxy copies, which can be discovered and streamedadvance their media-related careers, meanwhile events,sports, curriculum, and more are promoted throughtheir video work, and Curator makes all of this possible.Curator’s tools enhance the workflows of the entireUCOMM team, which enables them to create moreprogramming and spend less time searching for content.4

How UNC CharlottePromotes AthleticsThe Charlotte 49s have 18 teams in the NCAA DivisionCurator allows the Student Niner Media, and UNC1 level, where their men's soccer team is regularly rankedCharlotte's Athletic operations team to store videos in anin the nation's top-25. Since their athletics are nationallyorganized fashion, which ensures near-instant archiveranked each year, UNC Charlotte must use videoretrieval. This fast archive retrieval is possible withcontent to promote their teams and:Curator’s AI-enabled faceted search, Curator’s Clip Link. Build a close knit community at the school bybringing students together through athletic events. Attract potential recruits by showing team culturewhich could improve success within the athleticdepartment. Attract potential students or transfers by showing theexciting game and athletics culture. Attract students to games to generate revenue forUNC Charlotte's athletic department also depends on theuse of Curator Connect to get a head start on videoediting. Curator enables UNC Charlotte to automatemetadata tagging on the ingest of all Charlotte's livecamera feeds and creates frame-accurate streamingproxies in near-real-time for instant remote editing!Curator TakesStudent Engagementto the Next Levelthe athletic department through tickets purchased.Before leveraging Curator, UNC Charlotte was miredwith huge download times, scattered assets, limitedcollaboration, and an unmanaged storage system.Charlotte now uses Curator for consolidating their mediaasset storage and for logging metadata effectively, andCharlotte promotes their athletic events and athleticthey are looking to expand their capabilities into editingdepartment through the use of Social Media, Digitaltheir high-resolution content. Curator’s tools make thisadvertising and traditional Broadcast promotions. Socialpossible, despite the regular increase in total enrollmentMedia channels are vital in promoting Forty Ninersthat UNC Charlotte has enjoyed.athletics culture and team highlights. Since CharlotteAs UNC Charlotte’s student body grows and theiruses videos for purposes other than promoting theirgraduate student enrollment increases, they will continueown teams, they struggled with editing and deployingto promote their university effectively with Curator asvideo quickly, where media assets were displaced in deeptheir Video Asset Management system, ensuring theirarchival storage. With the implementation of Curator,videos are available across a variety of departments.Producers creating Athletics content can quickly andeffectively assemble videos for promotions, digital signageAs of January 2022, Curator has processed a total ofand engagement.175,000 assets for Charlotte. Out of the total 175,000assets, media accounted for 90% with audio, images andproductions making up the remaining 10%. Subclipsaccounted for an additional 80,020 virtual assets. Thesenumbers are expected to change extensively as Charlotterolls the design and photography elements into Curator.5

University TVChannelUNC Charlotte TV has been live for over 25 yearsand brings the best of UNC Charlotte content to over500,000 households around Charlotte. Available throughSpectrum, AT&T Uverse, Google Fiber and on-campus.UNC Charlotte TV provides eclectic educational, culturaland athletic Programming. The TV Program Directorand the students use IPV Curator to create bumpers,tags, commercials, and video interstitials to support thechannel.Prior to the use of Curator, the broadcast teamstruggled to store their production assets, which delayeddeployment of necessary video content to the channel.Content focused on the 7 Colleges within the Universityare now auto tagged by location and curriculum throughthe metadata within the Curator. This allows the teamto store their information in a cataloged fashion, whichdecreases retrieval time and increases time spent onvideo editing. Not only does this enhance the broadcastteam capabilities, it also ensures that Charlotte studentscan thrive through the use of informational and marketingvideos.Get StartedDiscover how using Curator's capabilitiesto enhance the promotion of yourUniversity through video is possible bybooking a demo. You can also get yourquote now!BOOK DEMO TODAY6

Media channels are vital in promoting Forty Niners athletics culture and team highlights. Since Charlotte uses videos for purposes other than promoting their own teams, they struggled with editing and deploying video quickly, where media assets were displaced in d