50 Employee SatisfactionSurvey Questionsto Help You Monitor andMaintain Job Satisfactionin the Workplace

Surveys are the best tool for gauging how happy your staff is and for identifying whereyou can improve your culture to continually delight your employees and help retain anddevelop your A players.Fill out this worksheet and choose from this bank of 50 questions when you’re building anemployee satisfaction survey for your company.Table of ContentsThe Planning StageThe Survey Creation StageLikert Scale QuestionsOpen-Ended QuestionsRating Scale Questions

The PlanningStageYou can’t just randomly send out a handful of questionsand get an honest response. The last thing you wantis for employees to shrug off your survey and rushthrough it.Fill out this worksheet portion to complete the planningand preparation stage:What is the objective of thisemployee survey?How will you distribute yoursurvey to reach every employee?How can you appeal to yourstaff to encourage them toparticipate?How will you collect andorganize the survey data?How will you ensure anonymityso employees feel comfortablebeing honest?

The SurveyCreation StageOnce you have a plan in place, you’re ready to startwriting employee satisfaction survey questions.Make sure you break up the survey with different kindsof questions, including open-ended questions, ratingscales, and multiple choice.Struggling with what to ask your staff?Here’s a list of 50 questions, broken down into a fewdifferent question types, you should consider includingin your survey.

Likert ScaleQuestions1. I feel encouraged to develop new and efficientways to complete a task.2. The company properly informs employeesabout changes that will affect us.3. I’m set up to use my strengths and abilities inmy current role.Each of these questions include the followinganswer options: Strongly agreeAgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree4. Managers and leadership demonstrate a clearcommitment to maintaining high qualitystandards.5. I understand the company’s goals and the linkbetween my efforts and those goals.6. I feel involved with decisions that will directlyaffect me in my job.7. Generally speaking, I am satisfied with my job.Ex. I’m satisfied with the investment myorganization makes in training.Strongly agreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly disagreeNeither agree or disagree8. I am satisfied with my potential for careeradvancement with this company.9. My responsibilities and goals are clearly definedfor my position.10. I have the resources, support, and tools toaccomplish my goals in an efficient manner.

11. The work I do makes me feel accomplished andvalued.12. Leadership clearly values my safety in theworkplace.13. I feel comfortable recommending this companyas an employer to friends.14. My leadership team provides useful andconstructive feedback consistently.15. I feel recognized and praised by leadership formy efforts.16. Teamwork is valued and encouraged within thisorganization.17. I have a healthy, comfortable work-life balancein my current role.18. Our leadership team treats all employees fairlyand respectfully on a consistent basis.19. The work I do in my current role contributesdirectly to the success of this organization.20. My fellow coworkers treat me respectfully andmake me feel appreciated.21. Leadership measures job performance toensure everyone is meeting expectations.22. I feel comfortable respectfully disagreeing withleadership.23. Leadership shows genuine interest in receiving,reviewing, and integrating ideas fromemployees24. I feel proud to tell people that I work for thisorganization.25. I feel confident in exercising my problemsolving skills to delight customers who are notsatisfied.

Open-EndedQuestions26. I love working at Company ABC because of:27. Company ABC can achieve more results if we:28. Describe the company culture in three wordsand explain why those words apply.29. What improvements or setbacks have younoticed since completing the last employeesurvey?These questions give your employees space forproviding detailed explanations that you can review.Provide a text box in your survey so your employeescan write in it.Ex. What changes would this companyhave to make for you to give a higherrating?Start typing.30. What resources can Company ABC provide youto better support you and your success?

31. I would refer someone to work here.Rating ScaleQuestions32. I am happy coming into work.33. I have a clear understanding of how I canadvance in this company.34. I feel valued at work by my immediate manager.These questions include a scale of 0-10 to gaugehow accurately a statement represents a user’sresponse.35. I feel valued at work by senior leadership.The scale can look something like this.37. I feel recognized on a regular basis.36. I feel valued at work by my coworkers.38. My work-life balance is healthy.Ex. How likely is it that you wouldrecommend us to a friend or colleague?12Not likely at all345678910Extremely likelyDepending on the questions you add, the scalecould vary. For example, some might be a scale oflikeliness, and some could be a scale of satisfaction.Bottom line: Make sure the scale response alignswith the question being asked.39. I foresee myself working here one year fromnow.40. I forsee myself working here three years fromnow.41. I believe leadership takes my feedback seriously.42. My personal values align well with ourcompany’s core values.

43. Our staff does a great job of aligning our actionswith our company’s core values.47. Our company offers plenty of opportunities forgrowth and advancement.44. I have fun during the day to day.48. My job responsibilities are clearly defined.45. Our team shares a mutual respect for each49. I feel connected with my coworkers.other.46. I feel like the work I do is meaningful.There you have it – 50questions to consider usingin your employee satisfactionsurvey.Pick ones that relate tohow employees feel aboutleadership, the companyculture, and their perspectiveof their position.Just make sure your survey isshort enough so employeeswant to take it. Then, gatheryour results and take action tokeep them happy and thriving.50. My talents and strengths are fully leveraged inmy current role.

writing employee satisfaction survey questions. Make sure you break up the survey with different kinds of questions, including open-ended questions, rating scales, and multiple choice. Struggling with what to ask your staff? Here’s a list of 50 questions, broken down into a few different question types, you should consider including in your .File Size: 3MBPage Count: 9Explore further25 Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions You Must Askcallminer.com50 Questions for Your Employee Survey You Need To Knowwww.tinypulse.com15 Questions You Need to Ask in Employee Satisfaction Surveyswww.tinypulse.comThe top 20 questions to ask in your employee survey .www.questionpro.comEmployee Satisfaction Survey: 19 Questions You Need To Ask .sparkbay.comRecommended to you b