LT12 Series Light TowersMecc Alte Generator Conversion InstructionsThe following instructions are intended to assist the user in the removal of the square style generator and the installationof a round generator with a new generator conversion kit. Please read all assembly instructions before performingmodifications. Allow approximately 6 hours to complete the installation.Required tools Hammer Pry Bar or Screw Driver Drill Ratchet, 3/8 Drive withSockets167 Fuel Transfer Pump(Optional) Engine Hoist w/Chain Chock Blocks Drill Bit, 3/8"23171820Parts21Verify that all parts are accounted for. See Figure 1, Figure2 and Table 1.22191521Figure 2. Generator Conversion KitTable 1. Generator Conversion Kit124542235131672317128910115611813591011Figure 1. Generator Conversion KitItemQty.Part No.1#45054 AWASHER, LOCK 1/2 MED2#417099SCREW, HHC M12-1.75 X 20 ZN3#249003MOUNT, REAR ENGINE4#28156SCREW, HHC 3/8-16 X 2-1/25#104001WASHER, FLAT USS 3/8 PLD6#229269MOUNT, VIB ENG7#50655SCREW, HHC 5/16-18 X 3/48#229043-001WHEEL, POINTER9#419470WASHER, FLAT USS 5/1610#45283NUT, NYLOC 5/16-1811#610133NUT, NYLOC 3/8-1612#149068REAR ENGINE MOUNT13#41023SCREW, HHC 3/8-16 X 1-1/4Description15#129895GENERATOR, LT12 RD MECCALTE LT3-100 60 [email protected]#1GECAP25MFEXCITATION CAPACITOR, 25µ[email protected]#159005CLAMP, LOOP 2"149071NUT, FLANGED 5/16-18SERATED PLTD19#119968TERMINAL BLOCK, 4 GANG20#28133SCREW, PHP 10-32 X 3/421#210019NUT, NYLOC 10-3222#129071JUMPER, QUICK, SCREW23149164KIT, GENERATORREPLACEMENT18#RemarksINCLUDES ITEMSW/@INCLUDES ITEMSW/#LT12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 1 of 10

WORK SAFELY!STEP 2: deploy mast to vertical positionOnly a qualified service technician with proper trainingshould perform this installation. If you need assistancewith this installation, contact Multiquip for the location of itsnearest ASC. Follow all shop safety rules when performingthis installation.Refer to Figure 5.STEP 1: Secure light tower1. Make sure both outriggers are extended. To extend theoutriggers, pull the locking pin on the outrigger and holdwhile sliding out the outrigger assembly. See Figure 3.1. To release the mast from the mast cradle support, pullthe retaining pin out of the cradle lock/release pin. Pullthe cradle lock/release pin. This will unlock the mastfrom the horizontal position.2. Remove the mast lock/release pin before raising towerto the vertical position.3. To place the mast in the vertical position, turn thevertical mast winch hand lever clockwise until the mastis pointing upwards at 90 degrees.4. Once the mast is in the vertical position, insert themast lock/release pin to prevent the mast from falling.PULLOUTRIGGERTO EXTENDTO RELEASEOUTRIGGERPULL PINRETAININGPINROTATE JACKSTAND TO PLACEIN EPINOUTRIGGERJACK STANDFigure 3. Deploying Outriggers2. As soon as the pin clears the travel position hole,release it and continue sliding out the outrigger. Thepin must snap into the outrigger locking hole in theextended position.3. After extending all outriggers, rotate all trailer jackstands into the foot down position, then turn the crankhandle on the jackstands clockwise to lower it and levelthe light tower.4. Place chock blocks under each trailer wheel to preventrolling. See Figure ANDLECHOCKBLOCKSFigure 5. Deploy Mast to Vertical PositionFigure 4. Chock Blockslt12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 2 of 10

STEP 3: disconnect battery cableSTEP 5: Drain/remove fuel tank1. Disconnect negative battery cable. See Figure 6.Refer to Figure 8.1. Drain the fuel tank by utilizing a fuel transfer pump.DISCONNECTBLACK (-) CABLE2. Disconnect fuel lines. Mark fuel lines for easy referencewhen reconnecting later.3. Remove nuts and washers securing mounting bracketto frame. Remove fuel tank.RED1 DRAIN FUEL2DISCONNECTFUEL LINESFigure 6. Disconnect Negative Battery CableSTEP 4: Remove cabinet1. For easier access to the generator, remove doors, sideand top panels from trailer. Retain mounting hardware.See Figure 7.3REMOVEFUEL TANKTO REMP P OVAN EELVEMO SERR ODOFigure 8. Drain/Remove Fuel TankVE SMONELER PADESIFigure 7. Remove CabinetLT12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 3 of 10

STEP 6: DISCONNECT 4-wire power cableSTEP 7: remove air cleaner hoseRefer to Figure 9.Perkins engine only. Refer to Figure 10.1. Remove side panel from ballast box.1. Remove air cleaner hose from air cleaner.2. Remove capacitor cover from the top of the generator.2. Secure air cleaner hose to relay fuse cable with a cabletie to keep them out of the way.3. Disconnect the red, black, white and green wires fromthe terminal block.4. Secure power cable out of the way with a cable tie.1REMOVESIDEPANEL42SECUREWITHCABLETIESECURE POWERCABLE OUTOF THE WAY2REMOVECAPACITORCOVER1REMOVEAIR CLEANERHOSERELAYFUSECABLEFigure 10. Remove Air Cleaner Hose3DISCONNECTWIRESGETERMINALBLOCKNERATORSTEP 8: hoist engine1. Hoist engine slightly with chain utilizing lift hook. SeeFigure 11. Use chain and lifting device of adequatelifting capacity.This will prevent the engine from tippingwhen generator is removed.Figure 9. Disconnect Power CableLIFTINGHOOKFigure 11. Hoist Enginelt12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 4 of 10

STEP 9: remove square style generator1. Remove and discard generator support plate andhardware securing it. See Figure 12.4. Use ratchet to remove bolts securing generator discplate to flywheel. Remove generator. See Figure 14.GENERATORSUPPORTPLATEROTORDISCPLATEFigure 12. Remove Generator Support PlateFigure 14. Detach Generator Disc from Engine2. Remove bolts securing generator to engine. SeeFigure 13.STEP 10: install engine MOUNTING HARDWARE3. Use screw driver or pry bar to pry generator housingfrom engine flywheel. Use force. See Figure 13.1. Install new rear engine support bracket, P/N 49068.See Figure 15. Shimming may be required to ensurethat it is flush with the trailer frame.NOTICEFigure15. Install Rear Engine Support BracketBracket orientation is different for Perkins and Deutzengines. See Figure BOLTSDEUTZORIENTATION2PRY HOUSINGFROM ENGINEFLYWHEELPERKINSORIENTATIONFigure 13. Pry Generator Housing from EngineLT12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 5 of 10

2. Using the holes in the rear engine support bracket asa template, drill 4 holes into the trailer frame Use 3/8"drill bit. See Figure 16.4. Perkins engine only: Remove and retain relay/fusepanel. See Figure 18.3/8” DRILL BITREARENGINESUPPORTBRACKETDRILL 4HOLESREMOVEPANELFigure 16. Drill 4 Holes in TrailerFigure 18. Remove Perkins Relay/Fuse Panel3. Use the nuts, bolts and washers from the kit to securethe rear engine support bracket to the trailer frame.Tighten securely. See Figure 17.5. Install rear engine mounting hardware from kit. SeeFigure 19.WASHER, FLAT3/8″ (P/N 4001)SCREW, HHC3/8-16 X 1-1/4(P/N 1023)NUT, NYLOC3/8-16”(P/N 10133)SCREW, HHCM12-1.75 X 20WASHER,LOCK1/2 MEDREARENGINEMOUNTSCREW, HHC3/8-16 X 2-1/2”WASHER, FLATUSS 3/8 PLD”SCREW, HHC5/16-18 X 3/4”Figure 17. Secure Bracket to TrailerWASHER, FLAT5/16 USSNUT, NYLOC5/16-18VIBRATORYENGINEMOUNTWHEEL,POINTERNUT, NYLOC3/8-16Figure 19. Rear Engine Mounting Hardwarelt12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 6 of 10

6. Perkins engine only: Reinstall relay/fuse panel over rearengine mount. Insert washers as required (see Figure 20)to allow more space between panel and engine.2. Attach generator disc plate and housing to engineflywheel. See Figure 22.DISCPLATEROTORHOUSINGADD WASHERSBEHIND PANELTORQUE24 FT-LBS.BLUELOCTITEFigure 20. Reinstall Perkins Relay/Fuse PanelSTEP 11: install round style generator1. Free the rotor from the housing by placing the generatordisc plate down on top of two wood blocks. Place ashop cloth below to keep the rotor clean. Place a boltor punch in the center of the rotor bearing and hit witha hammer to dislodge the rotor. See Figure 21TORQUE14 FT-LBS.Figure 22. Attach New Style GeneratorSTEP 12: install new electrical hardware1. Drill 3 holes (use 5/16" drill bits) in the ballast box formounting of new excitation capacitor (25µF @425V)and terminal block. See Figure 23. Install capacitorwith clamp and terminal block with jumper betweenterminals 2 and ATIONCAPACITOR25µF @425VDRILL3 HOLESCLAMPTERMINAL3SHOPCLOTHWOODBLOCKSFigure 21. Release Generator RotorFrom HousingJUMPERTERMINAL2TERMINALBLOCKFigure 23. Mount New Electrical HardwareLT12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 7 of 10

2. Connect the 4-wire power cable to the terminal block.Connect the 2 red wires from the generator cable to thecapacitor and the 4 black wires to the other side of theterminal block. See Figure 24, Figure 25 and Table 2.Table 2. Wire ConnectionsGenerator Power CableTerminal BlockBallast Power Cable11111 (BLACK)TB1-1RED22222 (BLACK)TB1-2WHITE33333 (BLACK)TB1-3GREEN44444 (BLACK)TB1-4BLACKFigure 24. New Electrical B14POWERCABLEBLKBLKBLKREDR[email protected]µ ITATIORCOXITECACAPFigure 25. Wiring Diagramlt12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 8 of 10

STEP 13: testing and reassemblyShutdown1. Reassemble the light tower in reverse order. Do notput the cabinet back on until testing is complete.1. If a load is attached to the generator of the light tower,remove the load.2. The main circuit breaker (25 amps) and 4 lamp circuitbreakers (10 amps each) are located on the uppercontrol panel (See Figure 26) . Each lamp has a 10amp circuit breaker.2. Set the four lamp circuit breakers on the control panelto the OFF position.3. Place the main circuit breaker (Figure 26) on the controlpanel to the ON position.MAINCIRCUITBREAKER240 VAC/30AMAINBREAKER120 VAC/15AGFCIBREAKERSenDEC0.0HOURSHOURS1/101/10LIGHT CUITBREAKERSFigure 26. Control Panel Circuit BreakersNOTICEYour control panel may be slightly different than thatshown in Figure 26.4. Set lamp circuit breaker #1 on the control panel to theON position.3. Place the MAIN circuit breaker on the control panel tothe OFF position.4. Wait a few seconds and observe that all four lampsare OFF.5. Let the engine idle for a few minutes with no load.6. Turn the ignition key to the OFF position. Store key ina safe location.7. Reassemble the cabinet.8. Lower light tower mast and place in stow position asoutlined in this manual.9. Place outriggers in tow position, and remove chockblocks.10. Store light tower in a clean, dry location out of the reachof children and unauthorized personnel.NOTICEIf servicing is required, allow lamps to cool for about15 minutes before removing lamps.Emergency Shutdown1. Turn the ignition key to the OFF position and turn allcircuit breakers to the OFF position.5. Wait a few minutes for the ballast to activate. Observethat lamp #1 is ON.6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for lamps 2 through 4.7. If all the lamp circuit breakers are in the ON position(up), then all of the lights should be on.8. If any of the lamps are not on, refer to the troubleshootingsection in your operation manual.9. Run the light tower for 10 minutes to ensure that thegenerator is working properly.LT12 series light towers — generator conversion instructions p/n 49165 — Rev. #2 (11/01/13) — Page 9 of 10

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LT12 series LighT Towers — generaTor conversion insTrucTions p/n 49165 — rev. #2 (11/01/13) — page 9 of 10 shuTdown 1. If a load is attached to the generator of the light tower, remove the load. 2. Set the four lamp circuit breakers on the control panel to the OFF position. 3. Place the