SuperchargersJackson Racing Supercharger DetailsIncrease the performance of your car in a few hours with the legendary JacksonRacing Supercharger system. Each application is specifically engineered for thatvehicle. All systems are complete and ready for installation right out of the box. TheJR Supercharger offers significant increases in horsepower and torque over theentire RPM range in a safe and emissions legal package. Add the best warrantyavailable and you have a performance package that can't be beat! On average the JR Supercharger delivers a 40% increase in horsepower and 30% increase in torque.Emissions legal in 50 states.2 Year - 100,000 Mile Warranty.Utilizes the Eaton roots style supercharger as used by Ford, Pontiac, Buick, Mercedes, and Jaguar.Systems incorporate a unique bypass system that allows the supercharger to freewheel in light throttle orcruise situations. The result is excellent fuel economy and reduced engine load.Completely bolt on installation, no cutting, drilling or welding required. Average installation time 8-10 hours.Thorough and complete instructions that include plenty of diagrams, illustrations, and pictures.Toll free phone number for tech support.All parts are OEM quality. The JR Focus Supercharger is sold by Ford Racing.All superchargers include properly engineered fuel management systems.Boost upgrades available for racing applications.Complete line of electronics specifically designed for the JR Supercharger to further enhance performance.gsr, type rpreludecrvmiataCIVIC SOHCfocus 2.0l zetecintegra non-vtecCIVIC siMAKE MODELHonda Civic/CRX - EX/SIHonda CivicCX, DX, LX, EX, SIHonda Civic - EXHonda Civic - EXHonda Civic - CX, DX, LXHonda CivicDel Sol S, SIHonda Civic - Del Sol SIHonda Civic SIHonda CRVHonda CRVHonda ZCHonda PreludeHonda Prelude 112.9B20Z2128.1ZCN/AH22A154.9H22A157.4STOCK S/CTORQUE 344-8D-344-8D-344-8NO 5989-110989-650989-655*All horsepower and torque numbers were measured at the wheels on a Dynojet 248C4S/CCARBPARTTORQUEEO#NUMBER126.8D-344-8 ra - GSRIntegra - Type RIntegraGS, RS, LS, SEMiata - PS & ACMiata - PS, No ACMiata - No PS, No ACMiata - AC, No PSMiata - PS & ACMiata - PS, No ACMiata - No PS, No ACMiata - AC, No PSMiata - PS & ACMiata - PS, No ACMiata - No PS, No ACMiata - AC, No PSFocusYEAR ENGINE1994-01 B18C11997-01 B18C51994-01 001.81999-001.81999-001.82000-022.0 ZetecSTOCK STOCK S/CHPTORQUE NUMBER153.7D-344-8 989-500144.2D-344-8 05999-210999-215995-000*All horsepower and torque numbers were measured at the wheels on a Dynojet 248C5

Supercharger ComponentsSupercharger ComponentsLIQUID INTERCOOLING SYSTEM Cost Effective Intercooling Easily Installed Reduce Outlet Temperatures up to 100 degreesMODELPA R T #All989-950SUPERCHARGER BELTS Top Quality Gates or Bando Belts Proper Tension ensures maximum boostB E LT #PA R T GER IDLER PULLEY'S & SPACERS Made from indestructible Dupont 800 series Nylon Dynamic Load Rating - 1530lbs. Top Quality NSK Bearings Rated to withstand 24,000 RPM constant use for 2500 hours Spacers sold separatlyDESC.PA R T #2" Idler Pulley2.5" Idler Pulley.450 Spacer.680 Spacer.750 Spacer051-627051-628051-093051-116051-618MIATA AIR/WATER INTERCOOLER SYSTEM Designed Specifically for the JR Miata Supercharger Compact Design Easily Maintained Add Big Boost with peace of mindMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #MazdaMazdaMiata 1.6LMiata 1.8L90-9394-00999-651999-656HIGH PERFORMANCE FUEL PUMP OEM Quality Easily Installed Plug and Play Harness Several Outputs to suit your needsMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaHondaHondaHondaMazdaMazdaIntegra GSR, GS, LS, RSCivic SI onlyCivic/CRXCRVPreludeMiata 1.6L & 1.8LMiata 1.6 With Boost 89-207989-205989-205051-545989-206051-545JACKSON RACING THERMOSTAT Keeps engine running cooler Raises the detonation thresholdMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #Honda Civic/CRX/CRVAcura Integra88-0094-01999-022999-022JACKSON RACING SPARK PLUGS Lower combustion chamber temps.PERFORMANCE GAUGESGAUGE PODS Made for Jackson Racing by Autometer Monitor important functions Great for fine tuning Easily Mount to A-PillarDESC.PA R T #Boost GaugeAir/Fuel Ratio GaugeFuel Pressure Gauge971-150971-160971-1656 View gauges easilyMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T 090-9790-9799-0199-01Dual Pod Gauge UnitDual Pod Gauge UnitDual Pod Gauge UnitDual Pod Gauge UnitDual Pod Gauge UnitSingle Pod Gauge UnitDual Pod Gauge UnitSingle Pod Gauge 515901-520MAKEMODELYEARPA R T iata 1.6Miata 71-075971-0507

Supercharger Boost Upgrades Add 15-20% more Horsepower Quick Installation Complete Instructions Includes Big Boost Pulley, Belt, etc.MAZDA MIATAStage I Boost Upgrade *(90-91 US SPEC. 1.6 Engines)With PS & AC999-350With PS no AC999-355No PS with AC999-360No PS no AC999-365Stage I Boost Upgrade *(91-93 US SPEC. 1.6 Engines)With PS & AC999-400With PS no AC999-405No PS with AC999-410No PS no AC999-415HONDA/ACURAMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraAcuraHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaIntegra GSRIntegra Type R†Civic SI, EXCivic CX, DX, LX, EX, SICivic CX, DX, LX, EXCivic/Del Sol S, SICivic/Del Sol SICivic 5† JR fuel pump not includedStage I Boost Upgrade *(94-97 US SPEC. 1.8 Engines)With PS & AC999-450With PS no AC999-455No PS with AC999-460No PS no AC999-465NOTE: Miata Boost Upgrades require a JR Boost* IMPORTANTTiming Controler, sold seperately on page 9. Failure to use a JRBoost Timing Controler can result in severe enging damageInteriorSupercharger ElectronicsJR BOOST TIMING CONTROLLER Specifically engineered to work with the JR Supercharger Optimizes Ignition timing for peak horsepower Allows fine tuning adjustment Shock controlled, encapsulated circuitry 2 Year WarrantyMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaMazdaMazdaAllAllMiata 1.6L &1.8LMiata 95MAP SENSOR CONTROLLER Converts MAP Sensor to see boost Allows for immediate fuel enrichment Improves on/off/on throttle response Allows lower fuel pressure settingsMAKEMODELYEARPA R T 755989-755989-755VTEC PERFORMANCE AMPLIFIER CONTROLLER Turn VTEC on as early as 2500 RPM Aircraft quality electronics JR uses Honda’s VTEC fuel & ignition map, no guesswork! Two Year WarrantyMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaHondaIntegra GSR & Type RCivic EX & HED ALUMINUM SHORT SHIFTER KITS Reduce shift throw 25% Beautifully PolishedMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraAcuraHondaHondaIntegraIntegraCivic/CRXDel 0 Engraved LogosBILLET SHIFT KNOBS Cut from Billet CNC engraved logos Delrin Bushing allows easy adjustment Proper tabs to secure shift bootBILLET HANDBRAKE HANDLESMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T -520999-521999-522999-5238 Engraved Logos Show quality anodizing CNC engraved logosMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T rakesDOT STAINLESS STEEL BRAKE LINE KIT Increase braking pressure with less effort DOT Legal Lifetime Guarantee Sold as a complete set Firm brake pedalMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #MAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraAcuraHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaIntegra GSR, GS, LS, RS, SEIntegra Type RAccord, R DrumAccord, R DiscCivic, R DrumCivic, R Disc w/o ABSCivic, R Disc w/ ABSCivic, EX, R HondaHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaFordMazdaCivic, CX, DX, HXCivic, LX, EXCivic, SI, R DiscPreludePrelude, Non SHPrelude, SHFocus -2159

SuspensionSWAY BAR SYSTEMS Reduce Body Roll, corner flatter Includes bushings and hardware Direct OE replacements Durable powder coated finishMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #MazdaMazdaMiata 1.6LMiata 1.8L90-9394-97999-700999-701MAKEMODELYEARPA R T #MAKEMODELYEARMazdaMazdaMiata 1.8LMiata dIntegra AllCL 4 CylCivic/CRXCivic AllDel Sol AllCivic SIDel Sol VTECPrelude F22A1Prelude H23A1Prelude VTECCivic All SOHCDel Sol SOHCAccord 4 CylFocus Zetec*Focus 93-0196-0096-9794-0100-0200-02SUPERCHARGER STRUT BRACEMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #MazdaMiata90-01904-650SPORT LOWERING SPRINGS Properly engineered to drop vehicle 5 year warranty Lower center of gravity improves handling OE ride qualityMAKEMODELYEARDROPPA R T ndaHondaMazdaMazdaIntegraPT CruiserFocus, ZX3 ONLYAccordAccord 6 CYL.Accord 4 CYL.CivicCivicCivic SIDel Sol VTECPreludeMiata 1.6, 1.8Miata 0989-280989-280989-680902-260902-265STAINLESS STEEL CATALYSTS Flows much more CFM than stock Sturdy Stainless Steel construction A must have if you have already installed a Header and Exhaust Uses OE style flanges Complete and ready to installMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaHondaMazdaMazdaIntegra GS, LS, RS, SE, GSRCivic EX & SICivic EX & SIMiata 1.6Miata 00-390900-395HEADER Improved exhaust flow and scavenging Solid Construction Durable Ceramic Coat Finish CNC Machined FlangesMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #MazdaMazdaMazdaMiata 1.6Miata 1.8Miata 1.890-9394-9799-01903-110903-120903-125SPORT MUFFLER Made from T-304 Stainless Complete Cat-Back System Pleasing growl that won’t hurt your ears Complete with gaskets and hardwareMAKEMODELYEARMazda Miata 1.6, 1.8 (muffler and resonator) 90-97Mazda Miata 1.8 (muffler only)99-0110PA R T #900-498900-499ADJUSTABLE BILLET CAM GEARS Cam gears can be advanced or retarded 10 degrees in 1degree increments 4 fasteners guarantee no slipping Made from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, belt surface is hard anodized for long life Superior construction, beautiful Welds Firewall triangulation ensures ultimate strength 2 year warrantyExhaustEngineDESC.PA R T #Install tool, Cam 45995-046*Requires install toolPERFORMANCE BILLET FUEL FILTERS Fits in stock Honda filter location Works with stock Honda fuel lines Made from Billet then hard anodizedMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaIntegra AllAccord 4 CylCivic All (No HX)CRVDel Sol SiDel Sol VTECPrelude 80989-780989-780989-780989-780989-780ADJUSTABLE BILLET FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR Mounts directly to factory fuel rail Adjustable from 20psi to fuel pump maximum Made from 6061 T-6 billet aluminumMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaIntegra AllAccord AllCivic AllCivic SIDel Sol S/SiDel Sol VTECPrelude 0989-790989-790989-790989-790989-790BILLET CAM SEAL Manufactured from 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum Double O-ring to ensure tight seal Direct replacement for factory cam sealMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T aIntegra B18Integra B18NSX AllNSX AllCivic SICivic SIDel Sol VTECDel Sol VTECPrelude H23/H22Prelude -451913-450913-451913-450913-45111

EngineEngineOIL COOLER SYSTEM Designed specifically for each application Remote Oil Filter Mount allows for easy filter changes Reduce oil temps 60-100 degrees Enhance engine life Complete with all hardware and instructionsMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaHondaHondaHondaMazdaIntegraCivic SOHCCivic SIPrelude Non SHPrelude 6902-117902-119902-114902-120SILICONE SUPERCHARGER HOSE KITS Superior durability Easy InstallationMODELYEARDESC.PA R T 999-511999-512999-505999-506999-507PERFORMANCE CLUTCH SYSTEMS Made specifically for Jackson Racing by ACT Design for Supercharged, Turbo, or Nitrous applications Includes disc, pressure place, throw out bearing,pilot bearing and clutch tool.MAKEMODELYEARPA R T aMazdaIntegraAccordCivic/CRX SI, EXCivic/CRX CX, DX, LX, EXCivic/CRX Del Sol S, SICivic/CRX SIPreludeMiata 1.6L Stage 1Miata 1.6L Stage 2Miata 1.8L Stage 1Miata 1.8L Stage 9-815999-601999-602999-606999-607PERFORMANCE FLYWHEEL SYSTEMS Reduce rotational mass, faster acceleration Manufactured from Aluminum Billet Hardened Ring Gear Aircraft Quality Fasteners12 Dual stage foam provides superior filtration Pre Oiled Lifetime Warranty Drop in OE quality MazdaMazdaCivic/CRV SI88-91 989-025Civic/CRV EX & SI92-95 989-125Civic/CRV EX96-00 989-225Civic/CRX CX, DX, LX 96-00 989-230Del Sol SI92-95 989-125Del Sol SI96-97 989-225Miata90-97 901-975Miata99-01 901-976Y E A R PA R T # Bright colorsMAKE1. STAGE FOAM AIR FILTERSMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaHondaHondaMazdaMazdaIntegraCivic SOHC 1.6Civic SIPrelude H22AMiata 1.6 (7lbs.)Miata1.8 010901-015901-020901-000901-005SUPERCHARGER AIR FILTER ELEMENT Replacement air filter for your supercharged Miata.MAKEMODELYEARPA R T #MazdaMiata1.6 & 1.890-00999-030FILTER CLEANING KIT Keep your Jackson Racing air filter working properly. This kit is designed to clean and oil foam filters.ITEMPA R T #Cleaning Kit901-970COLD AIR INTAKE Simply the best cold air system devised for the Miata 14 HP increase Includes Dual Stage Foam Filter Everything necessary for installationMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T #MazdaMazdaMazdaMiataMiataMiata90-9394-9790-97CAI SystemCAI SystemCAI Filter Only901-985901-980901-987CHARGE AIR INTAKE SYSTEMS Designed specifically for use with the Jackson Racing Supercharger Allows engine to breathe cool, high density air Polished Aluminum Unique mounting system allows Intake to move with the engineMAKEMODELYEARPA R T #AcuraHondaHondaHondaHondaIntegra GSR & Type RCivic EX & SICivic EXDel Sol SIDel Sol 9-855989-86013

Engine Dress-UpEngine Dress-Up Made from Aluminum Billet CNC’d JR Logo’s Beautifully polished or anodizedBATTERY HOLD DOWN BRACKETBRAKE RESERVOIR COVERMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T #AcuraAcuraHondaHondaHondaHondaIntegra, No ABSIntegra, No ABSCivic/CRXCivic/CRXCivic, No ABSCivic, No 0913-371VTEC SOLENOID COVERSMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T aHondaHondaCL SOHC VTECCL SOHC VTECIntegraIntegraAccord EX VTECAccord EX VTECCivic EX, SICivic EX, SIDel Sol VTECDel Sol VTECPrelude VTECPrelude 913-320913-321MODELYEARDESC.PA R T ccordAccordAccordAccordCivicCivicCivicCivicDel SolDel EMODELYEARDESC.PA R T 1913-330913-331913-330913-33114YEARDESC.PA R T #CLCLIntegraIntegraAccordAccordCivicCivicCRVCRVDel SolDel 3-305913-306 Adjustable centerpiece lines up right all the time Trick Billet constructionMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T taMiataMiataMiataCLUTCH RESERVOIR COVERSPARK PLUG COVERSRADIATOR CAP HondaHondaHondaHondaHondaHondaBILLET 2 PIECE OIL CAPSPOWER STEERING RESERVOIR COVERMAKEMAKEMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T ntegraIntegraCivic SICivic SIDel Sol VTECDel Sol 405FUSE BOX COVERMAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T 11913-310913-311MAKEMODELYEARDESC.PA R T aHondaHondaCL, SOHCCL, SOHCIntegraIntegraAccordAccordCivicCivicDel SolDel 13-340913-341913-340913-34115

Increase the performance of your car in a few hours with the legendary Jackson Racing Supercharger system. Each application is specifically engineered for that vehicle. All systems are complete and ready for installation right out of the box. . Honda Accord, R Drum 98-00 997-200 Honda Accord, R Disc 98-00 9