—LOW VO LTAG E AC D R I V E SABB general purpose drivesACS560, 0.75 to 160 kW

2A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G—Next level of reliability.One product, many applications.Simpler than ever before.Integrated essentials.

3—Table of contents004 – 005ACS560 all-compatible drive006 – 007ACS560 perfect fit drive008 – 009High reliability, long life010Increased productivity011Energy efficiency012– 015Special features016Technical details017Dimensions, weight and type designation018Rating tables019-020Options021-022ABB automation products023Save time, ease troubleshooting and improvedrive performance with ABB smartphoneapps024A lifetime of peak performance

4A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G—ACS560 all-compatible driveIntegrated essentials and options foryour needsEasy of useThe user-friendly Icon basedcontrol panel is standard, givingthe user a delightful experience.Integrated essentialsEssentials such asModbus RTU interface,brake chopper, safetorque off, DC choke, EMCfilter, digital and analogIO's make ACS560 an allconvenient rationfunctionality with all majorautomation communicationnetworks, assures fasterconnection to your deviceswith just one setting.All compatibleCompatible with assistant controlpanels ACS-AP-S, ACS-AP-I & ACSAP-W (Bluetooth) with Hindi languagesupport.Bluetooth enabled control panel allowsthe user to connect to the drive withmobile through "Drive tune" mobile App.

5Simple control panel installationControl panel can be mounted oncabinet door without any addons.A dummy panel RDUM-01and DPMP-02 cabinet doormounting kit is offered as anoption.100Energy optimizerEnergy optimizer help you saveenergy and energy efficiencyinformation helps you monitorconsumption, savings and CO 2reduction.Power %75Power isproportionalto speed3502512.5Speed %25Additional externaloptionsSpecially designedoptions such as inputchoke, output choke,brake resistor tomake the system moreRemote monitoringRemote monitoring withStart-up and maintenance toolDrive composer PC tool for startup,configuration, monitoring andprocess tuning.Automation Builder-Drive Managerfor single point of commissioningand monitoring of your drivestogether with other automationproducts such as PLC, HMI etc.,Drive size tool and Energy savecalculator to make data drivendecisions.a built-in web server andstandalone data logger,the NETA-21 enablesworldwide and secureremote access to driveswith primary focuson remote conditionmonitoring.ACS560 also introducesEco remote monitoringsolution targeting remotediagnosis and support.5075100

6A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G—ACS560 perfect fit driveSpecification and features designedafter listening to the userThe user driven features and reliable design of ACS560 ensureseffortless commissioning and operation in challenging conditionsOptimization at its best0.75 to 160 kW, adapted for Indian environment,cabinet mount, IP20, EMC C3, basic panel,integrated brake chopper (up to 22KW), DC Choke( 11 KW)Operate in apna languageControl panel information display and userdocumentation in Hindi, first-of-its-kind featurein India for Drives.Robust design and quality, suits Indian conditionsACS560 uses protective coated circuit boards andindividual air cooling lanes, all 3 phase currentmeasurement to help ensure highest performance,high reliability and a long lifetime. ACS560designed to work up to 55 deg C ambientconditions.Fit and PlayRapid connectivity to control systems withintelligent Fit & Play fieldbus configurationfacility. Modbus RTU as standard, optionalProfibus, Profinet, EtherCat, Canopen andModbus TCP. Mobile,remote monitoringconnection ready.Engineered in India for IndiaSpecially engineered application macros forplastic extrusion, pharma segments, textiles andalways demanding PFC, SPFC, PID control macros.Cleverly designed input filter, output filter andbrake resistors.

7All essentials insideThe ACS560 general purpose drive is compliantwith IEC standards. The integrated features suchas EMC filters and brake chopper leads toreduction in needed space.Energy savingThe built-in energy optimizer and energyefficiency information help to save energy andmonitor consumption in the processes andreduce CO2 emissions.Backward compatibilityHaving the same order and service resourcesas the ACS550, but with a more compact sizeand added new features, users familiar withACS550 can quickly adopt and use ACS560 Compatible for most ACS550 applications.Smaller size allows easy replacementMore options availablePanel and cabinet installation kitEnhanced functionality from ACS550Parameter conversion from ACS550 toACS560 A separate guide for ACS550/ACS310application conversion.

8A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G—High reliability, long lifeRigorously tested to ensure troublefree operationMultiple levels of in-depth tests performed at various stages ofdevelopment, ensures quality and reliability—Reliability of every drive,assured by demandingtest procedures andadvanced facilitiesABB ensures that each and every drive produced istested thoroughly with various test procedures byin-house as well through external certifications.The routine test procedures are stringent andalways one step ahead to ensure reliable operationand long life.The newly designed cooling lane lets air goingthrough the lane to cool the power components.It also isolates the dust in the air from the powerand control unit. This protects the componentson the printed circuit board (PCB), thus reducingfault rate and extend the lifetime.By using a new coating technique, a greater areaon the printed circuit board is covered protectingthe drive from powder dust and oil, allowing thedrive to function reliably even in harshenvironments.The ACS560 has been thoroughly tested underharsh environmental conditions, ensuring thatthe product can function in demandingenvironments. Tested in high humidity environments Tested for withstanding, dusty environmentalconditions seen in ceramics, textiles and stoneprocessing applications. Tested for resisting corrosive gases as per 3C2categoryThe ACS560 designed to operate with up to 55 C ambient temperature .A wide line network voltage ranging from -15% to 10% allows functioning despite voltagefluctuations.


1 0A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G—Increased productivityConsistent quality of the end productACS560 enables a process to achieve fast and accurate speed controlwhile continuously maintaining the quality.The optimal process control of the ACS560 leadsto a more consistent quality end product, whichmeans the maximum profit for the customer.A pump macro can maintain product consistencyby telling the drive to start additional pumps inresponse to a pressure drop, should there be asurge in demand.Supervision functionSupervision functionallows monitoringany process signal, alerting the user andpreventing machinery damage orproductivity loss.In addition to dedicated pump control, ACS560provides a pre-pressurization for process startups.Remote monitoringRemote monitoring feature indicates thecondition of the drive system in real-timeto the user to get ready for preventivemaintenance.Increasing throughputProcess equipment is usually designed to caterfor future increase in productivity. Changingconstant-speed equipment to provide higherproduction volumes requires money and time.Boosting productivity with the help of ACS560,speed increase of 5% to 20% percent is possibleand the production increase often can beachieved without any extra investment.Energy savingGiven that power consumption savings of50% can be made by reducing the motorspeed by just 20% and with payback timesas short as six monthsACS560 is arguably the one product thatcan have the maximum impact on acompany’s energy and carbon reductionpolicy

11—Energy efficiencyFaster returns on investmentIt pays back. The payback time for using variable speed drives is veryshort, and the return on investment can come within months.According to life cycle approach, the purchasecost of a motor and a drive is just a few percentcompared to the energy spent to run the equipment over its entire lifetime.Purchase and installation5%Energy92%Energy saved with ABB's variable speed drives The installed base of ABB drives saved about490 TWh in 2015, equivalent to the consumptionper year of more than 110 million households inEU. If 490 TWh would have been generated by fossilfuel powered electricity plants, ABB drivesreduced CO2 emissions in 2015 by about 410million tons, corresponding to the yearlyemission of more than 90 million cars.MaintenanceEnergy saving Maximum flow has fewer requirements duringmost of pump and fan application. Even a small reduction in speed can result insignificant energy savings With energy efficiency control, ACS560 helpsuser reduce energy consumption and save costduring its whole life cycle ACS560 has energy saving calculator which logsenergy saving and displays the savings in localcurrency. It also logs CO2 reduction data.Power %100Power isproportionalto speed375502512.5Speed %2550755060Flow (%)70100100Power required n-off control30408090100

1 2A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G—Special featuresFor increased operational efficiencyACS560 is designed with a focus on the needs of users who requirespecific features for higher efficiency in general purposeapplications.PFC and SPFC application macro with autochange and interlock Predefined PFC and SPFC macro’s logic andparameterization ensures quick commissioningof the fan or pump, keeping the system cost islow as there is no need of a PLC. Auto-change functionality ensures the even runtime of all pumps or fans in the system to haveeven wear and avoid downtime of the pump/fan Interlock provides option to exclude a pump orfan from the system for maintenance or manualdirect on-line startPlastic extrusion application macro with screwrpm indication and supervision Plastic extrusion macro has pre-configuredparameters, which enables quickcommissioning Screw speed can be displayed using load speedand gear ratio parameters which reduce theinvestment of additional display meter Supervision function can be used to avoidproductivity loss and screw damage in case of ajam, by interlocking minimum required speedreference to start the drivePharma application macro with integrated brakechopper and brake resistor package Pharma application macro has pre-configuredparameters to commission pharma reactorequipment by changing only one parameter Integrated brake chopper offers competitiveadvantagePackaged brake resistor avoids resistor selectionprocess and procurement hasslesCooling fan control mode Two modes of cooling fan control are includedin ACS560, one is “Auto”, other oneis “Always on”. This option increases reliability andproductivity in textile application by avoidingthe bluff accumulation.Fieldbus auto configuration and Fieldbus macro Hassle free fieldbus module configuration, fitthe fieldbus module and restart the drive All fieldbus configurations are just done by oneparameter settings. Select the respectivefieldbus macro, and all the fieldbus parametersare set, to send /receive data from PLC Supports for Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP,Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, CanOpen.

13Current limit warning If the drive load hits its stall limit then it goes tostall condition causing production loss In ACS560, new current limit is introduced for180% of heavy duty current IHd (less than stalllimit) Whenever drive hits this limit a warning or afault can be generated, so that the user getsnotified about the load thereby takingnecessary action and avoid production loss.User load curve with multi point load limits Enhanced user load curve with multiple pointlimit setting, enables to set different limits atvarious points of load curve according to itsload pattern and helps in load analysis withalerts specifying its region.Motor pot up and down time & inching Motor potentiometer feature is now added withseparated parameters for uptime and downtime This gives the flexibility to set different timesfor increase and decrease. Inching can be activated through fieldbus, ituses jogging references and ramp times.

1 4A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G

15Standard interface I/O connections (ABB standard macro)X1Reference voltage and analog input and output11.10 KohmMax.500 ohmSCRSignal cable shield (screen)2AI13AGNDAnalog input circuit, common4 10V10 V DC reference voltage5AI26AGND7AO1Output frequency: 0/4.20 mA or 0.10V8AO2Output current 0/4.20 mA9AGNDX2, X3External frequency reference: 0.10 V or 0/4.20mANot configuredAnalog input circuit, commonAnalog output circuit, commonAux. voltage output and programmable digital input10 24VAux. voltage output 24 VDC, max. 250 mA11DGNDAux. voltage output common12DCOM13DI1Stop (0) / start (1)14DI2Forward (0) / reverse (1)15DI3Constant frequency selection16DI4Constant frequency selection17DI5Ramp selection: ramp 1(0) / ramp 2 (1)18DI6Not configuredX6,X7,X8Relay RO3A27RO3BX5Digital input common for allReady run250 V AC / 30 V DC2ARunning250 V AC / 30 V DC2AFault(-1)250 V AC / 30 V DC2ABuilt–in modbus29B 30A-31DGNDInternal modbus RTU (EIA-485).(Frame R0 – R2)S100TERM & BIASTermination resistor and bias resistor switch(Frame R3 – R8)S100TERMTermination resistor switchS200BIASBias resistor switchX4Safety torque offR0 – R2 R3 – Safety tourque off function. factoryconnection.both circuite must be closed for the drive to start.see safe torque off function in the drive hardwaremanual.X1024 V AC/DC (frame R6-R8)4024 VACDC-In4124 VACDC-In24V AC/DC input for control unit power supplywhen external main power is disconnectedRedundant auxiliary voltage output (frame R0-R2)42 24 VAux. voltage output 24 V DC, max. 250mA43DGNDAux. voltage output common44DDOMDigital input common for all

1 6A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G—Te c h ni ca l d etai l sMains Connec tionVo l t a g e a n d p o w e r r a n g eEnv ironmental limits3 -phase, UNAmbient temperaturef r o m 0 .7 5 u p t o 1 6 0 k WTr a n s p o r t- 4 0 t o 7 0 CStorage- 4 0 t o 7 0 C3 8 0 t o 4 8 0 V, 1 0 %/-1 5 %Fr e q u e n c y5 0/6 0 H Z 5 %Operation areaPower fac tor ycosф 0.98allowed. R0 to R 2 frames -Ef f i c i e n c y (a t n o m i n a l p o w e r)98%No deration needed up toMotor Connec tion-1 5 t o 4 0 C n o f r o s t50 C , deration neededVo l t a g e0 t o U N, 3 - p h a s eabove 50 C to 55 CFr e q u e n c y0 to 50 0 HzR 3 to R8 frames: No derationMotor controlScalar and vec tor controlneeded up to 4 0 C ,Speed controlStatic accurac y:deration needed above20% of motor nominal slip 4 0 C to 55 C .Dynamic accuracy:Refer HW manual for more1% s e c o n d s w i t h 1 0 0 % t o r q u e s t e pinformation.Product complianceCoatingCECooling methodL o w Vo l t a g e D i r e c t i v e 2 0 0 6/ 9 5/ E C , E N 6 1 8 0 0 - 5 -1 : 2 0 0 7A i r- c o o l e dM a c h i n e r y D i r e c t i v e 2 0 0 6/4 2 / E C , E N 6 1 8 0 0 - 5 - 2 : 2 0 0 7AltitudeE M C D i r e c t i v e 2 0 0 4/ 1 0 8/ E C , E N 6 1 8 0 0 - 3 : 2 0 0 4 A 1 : 2 0 1 20 to 1 ,0 0 0 mWithout derationQualit y assurance system1 ,0 0 0 to 4,0 0 0 mW i t h d e r a t i o n o f 1%/ 1 0 0 mISO 9001 and Env ironmental system ISO 14001Relative humidit y5 to 95% , no conden -Waste elec tr ical and eletronicDegree ofe q u i p m e n t d i r e c t i v e ( W E E E ) 2 0 0 2 / 9 6/ E Cprotec tionR o H S d i r e c t i v e 2 0 1 1 /6 5/ E UFu n c t i o n a l s a f e t yCoated c ircuit boardsDr y clean airsation allowedIP20S a f e t o r q u e o f f,E AC(S T O a c c o r d i n g E NEMC according to EN 61800 -3: 2004 A1: 20126 1 8 0 0 - 5 - 2 ),A C S 5 6 0 w i t h b u i l t- i n C 3 c a t e g o r y f i l t e r a s s t a n d a r dIEC 61 508 e d2: SIL 3 ,IEC 61 511: SIL 3 ,IEC 6 20 61: SIL CL 3 ,E N I S O 1 3 8 4 9 -1 : P L EContaminationNo conductive dust allowedlevelsStorageI E C 6 0 7 2 1 - 3 -1 , C l a s s 1C 2(c h e m i c a l g a s e s),C l a s s 1 S 2 (s o l i d p a r t i c l e s) *OperationIEC 607 21-3 -3 , Class 3C 2(c h e m i c a l g a s e s),C l a s s 3 S 2 (s o l i d p a r t i c l e s) *Tr a n s p o r t a t i o nIEC 607 21-3 - 2 , Class 2C 2(c h e m i c a l g a s e s),C l a s s 2 S 2 (s o l i d p a r t i c l e s) ** C chemically active substancesS mechanically active substances

17—D i m e nsions, wei g ht a n dt y p e d e si g nation—D i m e n si o n s a n d we i g htFrames*HeightWidthDepthWe i g h 7 030039469.0R0H2DwH1 - Height of front sideH 2 - H e i g h t o f b a c k s i d e (w i t h o u t c a b l e c o n n e c t i n g b o x )W - WidthD - Depth*For more information on dr ive framesizes, see Rating tables (page 18).—Ty p e D e si g n at i o nACS560Product seriesConstructionCurrent ratingVo l t a g e r a t i n gOption codes-04-02A6-4 XXXXXH1

1 8A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO G—Rati n g ta b l e sACS560 rating tableOrder NumberMaximumNormal useDriveFrameoutput currentLight overload useHeav y Dut y UsePnPnInI maxP LdP LdI LdP HdP HdI Hd[kW][ H p][A][A][KW][ H p][A][KW][ H p][A]ACS560 - 01- 02 A6 - 4R00 .7 512.63.20 .7 512.50. 550 .7 51.8ACS560 - 01- 03A 3 - 4R01.11.53.34 . .7 512.6ACS560 - 01- 04A0 - 4R01.5245.91.523. - 01- 05A6 - 4R02.235.67. C S 5 6 0 - 0 1 - 0 7A 2 - 4R0347. 210.1346.82.23.0ACS560 - 01- 09A4 - 4R03 .759.413.0458.934.07. 2A C S 5 6 0 - 0 1 -1 2 A 6 - 4R15.57. 512.616.95.57. 5123 .75.09.412.645.6A C S 5 6 0 - 0 1 - 0 17A - 4R27. 510172 2 .77. 51016. 25.57. 5ACS560 - 01- 025A - 4R211152530.6111523.87. 51017ACS560 - 01- 033A - 4R315203344.3152030.4111524.6ACS560 - 01- 039A - 4R318.5253956.918.52536.1152031.6ACS560 - 01- 046A - 4R32230466 7. 9223042.818.5253 7.7ACS560 - 01- 0 62 A - 4R430406276.0304058223044.6ACS560 - 01- 07 3A - 4R4375073104.0375068.4304061ACS560 - 01- 088A - 4R5456088122.045608 2 .7375072A C S 5 6 0 - 0 1 -1 0 6 A - 4R55575106148.0557599.8456087A C S 5 6 0 - 0 1 -1 4 5 A - 4R67510014517 8 . 0751001385575105A C S 5 6 0 - 0 1 -1 6 9 A - 4R7901201692 47. 09012016175100145ACS560 - 01- 20 6A - 4R71101502062 8 7. 011015019690120169ACS560 - 01- 246A - 4R8132180246350. 2132180234110150206ACS560 - 01- 293A - 4R8160215293418. 216021527813218024 6*A C S - B P - S B a s i c c o n t r o l p a n e l i s s t a n d a r d d e l i v e r y.6 x D I , 3 x R 0 , 2 x A l , 2 x A O, S T O , E m b e d d e d M o d b u s R T U a r e s t a n d a r d d e l i v e r y. 1 D I i s c o n f i g u r a b l e f o r Fr e q u e n c y l n p u t ( 1 6 k H z ) .For derating at higher altitudes, temperatures or sw itching frequenc ies, refer to HW manuals.Nominal ratlngsINR a t e d c u r r e n t a v a i l a b l e c o n t i n u o u s l y w i t h o u t o v e r l o a d a b i l i t y a t 4 0 c .PNTy p i c a l m o t o r p o w e r i n n o - o v e r l o a d u s e .Maximum output currentI maxMa x imum output current . Available for 2 seconds at star t, then as long as allowed by dr ive temperature.Light overload useI LdContinuous current when its used in Light dut y applications, allows 110% of I for 1 minute ever y 10 min utes at 50 C for frames R0 to R 2 , at 4 0 C for frames R 3 to R8 .P LdTy p i c a l m o t o r p o w e r i n l i g h t- d u t y u s e .Heav y- dut y useI HdC o n t i n u o u s c u r r e n t w h e n i t s u s e d i n H e a v y d u t y a p p l i c a t i o n s , a l l o w s 1 5 0 % o f I Hd f o r 1 m i n u t e e v e r y 1 0 m i n utes at 50 C for frames R0 to R 2 , at 4 0 C for frames R 3 to R8 .* C o n t i n u o u s c u r r e n t w h e n i t s u s e d i n H e a v y d u t y a p p l i c a t i o n s , a l l o w s 1 3 0 % o f I Hd f o r 1 m i n u t e e v e r y 1 0minutes at 50 C for frames R0 to R 2 , at 4 0 C for frames R 3 to R8 .P HdTy p i c a l m o t o r p o w e r i n h e a v y - d u t y u s e .

19—O ptions01 Fieldbus optionmoduleOptionsF i e l d b u s , I/O o p t i o n(For RO - R 2 frames, only03 Optional BluetoothNameDescriptionFPBA- 01Profibus DPCan Open K457FC AN - 012 x DI, 1 x RO and STO w ill be K469FEC A - 01E t h e r C ATavailable in the dr ive base unit K458FSC A- 01Modbus RTUif any fieldbus option is K 47 3F E N A -1 1Et h e r n e t I P, P r o f i n e t , M o d b u s T C Pi n c l u d e d .) K 47 5FENA- 21Tw o p o r t Et h e r n e t / I P T M , M o d u -02 OptionalA ssistant control panelCode K45 4b u s T C P, P R O F I N E T I/Opanel. L 51504 ColdBIO - 01B I O - 0 1 I/O e x t e n s i o n m o d u l e .3 x DI, 1 x AI and 1 x DO1 .conf iguration( Fr o n t o p t i o n c a n b e u s e dadapter CC A - 01w i t h t h e f i e l d b u s .)Control Panel J 4 0 0ACS - AP-SA ssistant control(a n y o f t h i s p l u s c o d e w i l l J 4 2 5ACS - AP- IA ssistant control J 4 2 9ACS - AP-WBluetooth control J 4 2 4RDUM - 01ACS560 - 01 dummy panel w ith powerpanel with Hindiremove ACS - BP-S, basic panelpanel with Hindif r o m d e l i v e r y p a c k a g e)panel with HindiLE and PC communication prov isionCables J 4 3 1B C B L- 0 1USB to R J45 PC connec- R700ENA C S 5 6 0 - 0 1 d r i v e s (0 .7 5 t o 1 6 0 k W )TBDHItivity cable (RS485)Pr inted manualshardware and firmware manual (EN)A C S 5 6 0 - 0 1 d r i v e s (0 .7 5 t o 1 6 0 k W )hardware and firmware manual (HI)3A XD500D P M P. E X T *Door mounting kit for the- 00010763p a n e l (f o r o n e d r i v e ,contains both DPMP- 02 and CDPl - 01)Cabinet door mounting kit3AUA000D P M P - 0 1* *C o n t r o l p a n e l m o u n t-- 01088783A XD5000i n g p l a t f o r m (f l u s h)DPMP- 02**C o n t r o l p a n e l m o u n t-- 0 0 0 9 3 74Conf iguration adapter3A XD5000i n g p l a t f o r m (s u r f a c e)CC A - 01Cold conf igurator adapter0019865*Suitable only for frames R3 - R8 **N e e d R D U M - 0 1 ( J 4 2 4) a d d i t i o n a l l y t o h a v e c o m p l e t e d o o r m o u n t i n g k i t .—02—01—03—04

2 0A B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO GOptions05 Remotemonitor ing toolE x t e r n a l i n p u t c h o ke06 Drive composerPC toolCodeNameDescription3 AY N 47 7 1 1 0 - C H K 1 AC H K- 0 1For 2 .6 - 4 A drives3 AY N 47 7 1 1 0 - C H K 2 AC H K- 0 2F o r 5 . 6 -7. 2 A d r i v e s3 AY N 47 7 1 1 0 - C H K 3 AC H K- 0 3F o r 9 . 4 -1 2 6 A d r i v e s3 AY N 47 7 1 1 0 - C H K 4 AC H K- 0 4F o r 17A d r i v e s3 AY N 47 7 1 1 0 - C H K 5 AC H K- 0 5For 25A drives3 AY N S B R - R E S 9 9RES992 . 2 k w m a x p o w e r- s u i ta b l e f o r 2 . 6 - 5 . 6 A d r i v e s*3 AY N S B R - R E S 5 3RES534 K W ma x power - suitable3 AY N S B R - R E S 3 2RES327. 5 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i t-3 AY N S B R - R E S 2 3RES231 1 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i t-3 AY N S B R - R E 5 1 6RES161 5 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i t-3 AY N S B R - R E S 1 0RES102 2 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i t-3 AV N S B R - R E S M 9 9RESM99f o r 7. 2 - 9 . 4 A d r i v e s*a b l e f o r 1 2 . 6 - 17A d r i v e s*a b l e f o r 2 5 A d r i v e s*a b l e f o r 3 3 A d r i v e s*B r a ke R e s i s t o r sa b l e f o r 3 9 - 4 6 A d r i v e s*2 . 2 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i ta b l e f o r 2 . 6 - 5 . 6 A d r i v e s* *3 AY N S B R - R E S M 5 3RESM534 K W ma x power - suitable3 AY N S B R - R E S M 3 2RESM327. 5 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i t-3 AV N S B R - R E S M 2 3RESM231 1 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i t-3 AY N S B R - R E S M 1 6RESM161 5 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i t-3 AY N S B R - R E S M 1 0RESM2 2 K W m a x p o w e r - s u i t-3 A U A 0 0 0 0 0 9 4 5 17N E TA - 2 1f o r 7. 2 - 9 . 4 A d r i v e s* *a b l e f o r 1 2 . 6 - 17A d r i v e s* *a b l e f o r 2 5 A d r i v e s* *a b l e f o r 3 3 A d r i v e s* *a b l e f o r 3 9 - 4 6 A d r i v e s* *Remote Monitor ingPC tools3AUA0000108087Remote monitor ingD C P T- 0 1Drive composer pro PCt o o l (s i n g l e u s e r l i c e n s e)3AUA0000145150D C P T- 0 1Drive composer pro PCt o o l ( 1 0 u s e r s l i c e n s e)3AUA0000145151D C P T- 0 1Drive composer pro( 2 0 u s e r s l i c e n s e)N o t e : D r i v e c o m p o s e r e n t r y (f r e e v e r s i o n) P C t o o l c a n b e d o w n l o a d e d f r o mh t t p : //a b b . c o m/d r i v e s* 1 m l n/ 5 m i n d u t y c y c l e - R e f e r H a r d w a r e m a n u a l f o r d e t a i l e d i n f o r m a t i o n o n b r a ke r e s i s t o rselection.* * 1 0 S e c / 2 m i n d u t y c y c l e - R e f e r H a r d w a r e m a n u a l f o r d e t a i l e d i n f o r m a t i o n o n b r a ke r e s i s t o rselection—05—06

21—ABB automation productsWide range of solutionsABB offers a wide range of industrial automation products, solutions andsoftware catering to the market needs.Software tools for ABB DrivesABB offers several software tools to ease andenhance the use of ABB drives. These toolsprovide a user-friendly and easy-to-use approachfor the selection, commissioning and use of e ComposerDrive composer is a start-up and maintenancetool for ABB’s common architecture drives.Drive ManagerDrive Manager for AC500 PLC is a tool inAutomation Builder. This tool communicates withthe drives connected to AC500 PLC’s PROFIBUSor PROFINET networkDrive SizeDriveSize helps to select an optimal motor, driveand transformer. DriveSize can also be used tocompute network harmonics and to createdimensioning documents. Two versions areavailable, one for online users (Drive Size Web),and the other can be installed on a PC.Automation BuilderABB Automation Builder is the integratedsoftware suite for machine builders and systemintegrators. ABB Automation Builder covers theengineering of ABB PLCs, Safety PLCs, controlpanels, drives, motion and robots.Mobile Tools for ABB DrivesABB offers several smartphone applications toease and enhance the use of ABB drives. Tune AppDrivetune is the smartphone application which iscapable of connecting wirelessly to ABB drives.Energy save calculatorEnergySave is a user-friendly and interactive energy saving calculator for comparing AC drivecontrol against traditional flow control methodsin different applications such as pumps, fans andcompressors.Drive base AppDrivebase is an app that allows easy access toproduct manuals and search function for ABBcontacts. The app also facilitates a capability toreport service actions and provides users withservice recommendations for their drives installed base.Remote Monitoring for ABB Drives:Remote Condition Monitoring is a service that delivers you accurate, real-time information aboutdrive events to ensure your equipment is available, reliable and maintainable. When you have allthe facts, you can make the right services remote-condition-monitoringIndustry specific drives & motion controlGeneral purposeAll the essential features built-in, simplifyingdrive selection, installation and use.MicroPrecise speed control and simple integration.MachineryPremium motor control with hardware flexibility,programmability and scalability for optimalsolution.IndustrialOur benchmark of performance, expertise andquality serving you locally on a global scale.Industry specific drives. Dedicated solutions forindustries and applications such as HVAC, elevators, electric heavy machines, water and wastewater.

2 2—01 AC500 PLC—02 Software tools—03 Motors—04 Drives portfolio—05 HMIA B B G E N E R A L P U R P O S E D R I V E S , A C S 5 6 0 , C ATA LO GMotion controlSuitable for different applications from single tomulti-axle machine control. Motors & Generators:ABB offers a comprehensive range of reliable andhigh efficiency motors and generators for all // PLC, Zenon SCADA, CP600 HMI:AC500- ABB's high performance and modularPLC, CP600 HMI offers with wide range offunctionality offers easy usability and ZenonSCADA securely delivers supervision, control,data acquisition, scheduling and performancereporting to users.—01—02PS553 Drives library:AC500 PLC library with pre-engineered functionblocks and visualizations for control and diagnostics of ABB ACS drives. Available as free in Automation builder installation.Soft starterABB’s soft starters increase a motor’s lifetime byprotecting it from electrical stresses. They do soby letting you optimize starting currents thatwith conventional starting methods put lots ofstress on the motor. With many built-in motorprotection features, your motor is safe in tarters—03—04—05

23—Save time, ease troubleshootingand improve drive performance withABB smartphone appsBetter connectivity and userexperience with DrivetuneServices and supporton the go with DrivebaseEasy and fast access to product information and supportSearch for support documents and contactsManage your drives and the processlines and machines they controlMaintain and service all your installeddrives on one or multiple sitesEasy access to cloud-based driveand process information fromanywhere via an online connectionStart up, commissionand tune your driveand applicationSimplified user guidancewith instant access to drivestatus and configurationPerformance optimizationvia drive troubleshootingfeatures and fast supportAccess your product andservice information in thecloud from anywhereAccess your drive’sdiagnostics dataPush notifications for criticalproduct and service updatesAccess information anywhereDownload the apps usi

calculator to make data driven decisions. Remote monitoring Remote monitoring with a built-in web server and standalone data logger, the NETA-21 enables worldwide and secure remote access to drives with primary focus on remote condition monitoring. ACS560 also introduces Eco remote monitoring solution targeting remote diagnosis and support.