Oracle Strategic Enterprise Management

Strategic Planning & MonitoringStrategyFormulationValue Based ManagementOracle ABMActivity Based ManagementFinancial Planning &ForecastingActivity BasedBudgetingDiscovererData WarehouseLegacyOracle Applications3rd PartySales AnalyzerBISBalanced ScorecardValue Based ManagementActivity Based ManagementStrategy FormulationINTELLIGENCE MODELINGFinancial AnalyzerOracle Balanced ScorecardBalanced ScorecardValue Based ManagementActivity Based ManagementValue Based ManagementActivity Based ManagementBalanced ScorecardValue Based ManagementActivity Based Management

OBSCOracle Balanced Scorecard1. Log In2. Dash Board3. Strategic Map4. KPI Analysis-Single Bar5. KPI Analysis-Comparison6. KPI Analysis-Multiple BAR7. KPI Analysis-Simulation Tree8. User Button

1. Log In1BSC Log In5Exit BSC4Change Password22Enter Dashboard3Color Schemes Change

2. Dash Board1Navigation TAB24 Perspectives34KPI Drill Down5View Change Icon6SignalingReturn to Logo Screen IconOracle Balanced Scorecard3

3. Strategic Map43KPI Drill Down4View Change Icon1CSF Linkage Map2Signaling

4. KPI Analysis-Single Bar134Target Data Line9Analysis DimensionAnalysis OptionsOptions5Oracle Balanced Scorecard28Calculation Options10 User Button5Benchmark Data6Micro Help Text7Actual Data Bar

5. KPI Analysis-Comparison1Period Box62Option3

6. KPI Analysis-Multiple BARMultiple Bar Legend2Multiple Bar Graph7Oracle Balanced Scorecard1

7. KPI Analysis-Simulation Tree1Analysis Dimension2Period Box384Simulation EndVariable Box

8. User Button11Shell Option23435Cause and Effect67869Multimedia Help2Data Table7Exit4Excel Export8Previous Screen5Print Screen9E-MailOracle Balanced Scorecard9

OABMOracle Activity-Based Management1. Oracle ABM2. Oracle ABM : Log In3. Oracle ABM4. Oracle ABM : Import5. Oracle ABM : Wizard6. Oracle ABM7. ABM Report : ABM Analyzer8. ABM Report : Express9. SEM Exchange10. SEM Exchange: Mapping

1. Oracle ABMOracle ABM11Oracle Activity-Based ManagementSEM ExchangeABM AnalyzerTools for Internet ComputingABM Analyzer

2. Oracle ABM : Log InE-Business Suite12Security12Self-Service Web

3. Oracle ABM15Tool Bar236Hierarchy4User PreferenceOracle Activity-Based Management13

4. Oracle ABM : Import13Import142ImportImport

5. Oracle ABM : WizardMapping WizardOracle Activity-Based Management15

6. Oracle ABM1Master List7Trace2Model8Activity Hierarchy3Data Set9Bill Type164Currency5Mapping Rule Set6Activity Rate Set

7. ABM Report : ABM Analyzer145Excel63717Oracle Activity-Based Management2

8. ABM Report : Express131842

9. SEM ExchangeLocal or RemoteSite 1General LedgerConsoldetedSEM Exchange MappingLocalGeneral LedgerSEMExchangeOABMLocal or RemoteSite 2General LedgerABMObjectLocal orRemoteSite 3LocalGeneral LedgerSEMExchange19Site 4LocalGeneral LedgerExchangeABM Analyzer port)ERPExpressAnalyzerODSLE GA CYData Interface TrackOrcle ABMExpress Server(MOLAP)ABC TrackDW TrackOracleFinancialAnalyerOracle Activity-Based ManagementSEM

10. SEM Exchange: MappingGL20GLvs. ABMMappingvs. ABM Object Mapping

Oracle Activity-Based Management 1. Oracle ABM 2. Oracle ABM : Log In 3. Oracle ABM 4. Oracle ABM : Import 5. Oracle ABM : Wizard 6. Oracle ABM 7. ABM Report : ABM Analyzer . 1 Master List 2 Model 3 Data Set 4 Currency 5 Mapping Rule Set 9 Bill Type 6 Activity Rate Set 7 Trace 8 Activity Hierarchy 6. Oracle ABM