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3 QUESTIONS THAT CHANGE YOUR BUSINESSIMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WITH ARISWhycustomer experiencematters?What iscustomer journeymapping?Company‘svalueHow do I usecustomer journeymapping?2 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.Customersatisfaction

THE WORLD HAS CHANGED - AGAINRECOGNIZE THE NEW ENTITY OF THE MARKETS3CompetitivechallengesCustomerchallenges New competition Omni-channel distribution Increasing price pressure Cross-industry benchmarks Copy of business models Best-in-class serviceTechnologychallengesProductchallenges Personalization Faster innovation cycles Cloud, mobile & social Personalized service Internet of Things Faster & better support 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

NOW AND THENCUSTOMER JOURNEY VARIATIONSBuying a blouse 25 years ago, a customer couldbuy a product 3 or maybe 4ways (black arrows). Today there are more than1,000 opportunities to buy thesame good (blue lines) The best organizations provideas much variations as possibleto offer their customers thatone way to buy the productthey desire4 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved. For internal use only

IT’S TIME FOR NEW STRATEGIESTHE END OF STABILITY5 BlurredstructuresNewlogicAgileProcesses In the digital world, marketstructures get blurred byinnovative companies Sustainable competitiveadvantages lose importance inan accelerating world In the digital world that requiresagility, stability is the mostdangerous situation New business models provokeentire industries and industriescompete with each other Companies have to learn how toexploit short-lived opportunitiesand capture new arenas Success means developing theability to continually reorganizeand reallocate resources New disruptive startups areidentifying pain points andoffering alternatives to satisfycustomer needs Recognition of opportunitiesbased on a deep understandingof customer needs will becomeone of the core digital skills To stay successful, establish acommon disposition to breakdown silo mentality and habitsof mind that delay innovation 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

DISCOVER A NEW APPROACH!CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENTInside-outperspective Capture businessrequirementsDesign the businessprocessesIdentify businessscenarios and theirrisksModel process dataflowsTest chpoints matchboth perspectivesand lead tocustomer-centricity 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved. Company svalue6 CustomersatisfactionDesign customerjourneysDefine MoTs,customer touchpointsand pain pointsDefine target KPIsEmphasizecustomers’ emotionsand expectationsEvaluate actualcustomer journeys

WHY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MATTERSNUMBERS DON T LIETo win a newcustomer6-7 timesismore expensivethan to keep acurrent oneWhite House Office of Consumer AffairsLoyal customersare worth up to10 timesfor one negativeas much as theirfirst purchaseWhite House Office of Consumer Affairs78%of customers won tpurchase again after atwice asAmerican Express Survey, 2011 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.“Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-LegnerA bad servicereaches more thanpoor service712It takespositiveexperiences to make upmany ears as praisefor a good serviceWhite House Office of Consumer Affairs

BENEFITSAT A GLANCEEnable betterIdentifycustomer interactions,gaps and issues,recognizeenhanceopportunitiescustomer satisfactionEnhancecustomer loyalty,increaserevenue and sales8 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.Enhancemeasures and KPIs,reducebrand risksTake advantage of newtechnologies,developinnovations


LISTEN TO THE RIGHT VOICESCUSTOMER-CENTRICITY IS IN PROCESSES10Customer needs &expectationsBusiness objectives &constraintsCurrent trends & marketrequirementsThe best organizations take anoutside-in approach to buildprocesses around customerinteractionsThe leading organizations reflectand adapt their processesconstantly to ensure processefficiencyThe most successful organizationsare permanently consideringmarket trends to recognizechances for new advantages andmarket fieldsVoice of the customerVoice of the businessVoice of the market 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

SPECIFY THE PROCESSIT S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY11Design aprocessDerive businessscenariosMatchrequirementsEmployuser storiesDraft a flow of activitiesand interactions thatcustomers undertake toachieve goals (e.g.ordering a product,checking a balance,returning a product).Define a processinstance that shows thedecision points andvarious paths which thecustomer journey cantake in several scenariosand test them.Anticipate customerneeds, take theexpectations andfeelings into account,and build the processesaround them.Reflect the customerjourney and express it ina form that defines what,why and how customerswant to perform. Use theformat “I want so that Ican ” to understandwhat matters. 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

SPECIFY THE EXPERIENCECUSTOMER JOURNEY MODELING12IdentifyinteractionsRespond to essesPut together user storieswith business processesand identify interactionsbetween them.Investigate bottlenecksand take advantage howto design the journeymore comfortable.Detect risks and KPIs,concept initiatives andrelate them to anownership that isresponsible formonitoring andimprovements.Look at the end-to-endexperience and modelflexible processes toenable customers goingtheir own way to achievetheir goals (multi- &omni-channelcommunication).Ensure that the severalsub-processes acustomer walks throughare dubbed to eachother.A smooth performanceflow is what really countsfor the customer. 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

DISCOVER, DEFINE & MAP CUSTOMER TOUCHPOINTSCONNECT THE INSIDE-OUT WITH THE OUTSIDE-IN13DefinitionInterestMethodologyA customer touchpoint describesan interaction or contact pointbetween a customer and anorganization, and sets bothinternal and external perspectivesinto a methodologic relationship.The touchpoint describes how theinteraction takes place and whatthe customer feels and expectsduring the interaction.This enables to analyzeimportance, impact andimprovement potential for thejourney.As a touchpoint is related to acustomer journey step, it isdefined by other objectives suchas risks, ownerships, initiatives,channels, KPIs, inputs andoutputs as well. 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

ANALYZE TOUCHPOINTSRELEVANCE AND IMPACT14IdentifyMoment of TruthPreventPain PointsAchieveBest PracticeAn important touchpoint,where the business can make orbreak its relationship with thecustomer, is known as a“Moment of Truth” (MoT).Identifying and improving MoTs isgetting first priority.Getting the customer experiencewrong has a bad effect on theperception of the business (andits brand). Identifying pain pointsand transforming them into agood experience is a basicprinciple of successful CXM.Identifying and improvingcustomer touchpoints and MoTsmust always have the goal ofbecoming best practice to satisfycustomer at its best. 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

ARIS 9.8 SR2INTRODUCES FOUR NEW MODEL TYPESCustomer JourneyLandscapeCustomerTouchpoint MapCustomerJourney Map15 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.Customer TouchpointAllocation Diagram

REFLECT INTERACTIONSLOOK AT YOUR CUSTOMERSInteractions withinbusiness processes Identify business processeswhich are depending oncustomer interactions Relate customer touchpoints tofunctions that are interactions Reflect the process regardingwhat could be improved andhow the process could be morecomfortable for customers Change the perspective toidentify new enhancements16 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

CLUSTER CUSTOMER JOURNEYSDESIGN A CUSTOMER JOURNEY LANDSCAPECustomer journeysat a glance Give a summary of allimportant customer journeys Relate customer journeys to alife-cycle stage for a betterclassification Define business drivers andtheir impact on transformation Emphasize certain customerjourneys necessity for redesignby using traffic light symbols17 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

DESIGN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEMODEL A CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPThe journey fromend-to-end Design the customer journeymap with the several journeysteps as framework of activities Define touchpoints to thecorresponding journey steps Specify the touchpoints byparticular attributes and objects Mark journey steps that have tobe improved by traffic lightsymbols Emphasize touchpoints asMoTs, pain points and bestpractices18 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

DEFINE THE TOUCHPOINTGENERATE A TOUCHPOINT ALLOCATION DIAGRAMA touchpoint with itsrelations Generate customer touchpointallocation diagramsautomatically Draft all corresponding objectsof one touchpoint into onemodel Assign touchpoint allocationdiagrams to separately definemultiple touchpoints19 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

GET A PICTURE OF INTERACTIONSCLUSTER ON CUSTOMER TOUCHPOINT MAPTouchpoint clustering Give a summary of allimportant touchpoints Map existing touchpoints totheir corresponding objectssuch as: Ownership Risk Channel Initiative KPI20 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.

ANALYZE YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCECXM QUERIES AND SPREADSHEETSAnalyze and maintaincustomer experience Create different queries toobtain information and receivea graphical overview of thejourney or its related objects Identify and cluster touchpointsin several ways Find risks and initiativesassociated to touchpoints Use tables to specify andmaintain attributes and objects21 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved. For internal use only

MONITOR YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCECUSTOMER JOURNEY REPORTSOffer an overview ofthe experience Customer journey reports sumup all important information at aglance Illustrate the as-is and the to-beexperience by using reports Offering executive stakeholdersan easy overview of thecustomer experience. Thathelps involve them in definingstrategic goals22 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved. For internal use only

DESIGN A GOOD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEMODEL AND ANALYZE WITH ARIS BPAAnalyze from inside-outDesign from outside-in Start by identifying customertouchpoints into the businessprocesses Derive a customer journey fromthe EPC or BPMN model Take advantage ofenhancements by analyzingMoTs and pain points Enhance the customerexperience Update business processesaccording to the journey andanalyze them with ARIS BPA Break down your customercentric strategy into achievablebusiness objectives Start by clustering customerjourneys and touchpoints Model customer journeys,identify and specify touchpointsand relate initiatives to thebusiness objectives Create and improve thebusiness processes being thebackbone of your correspondingjourneysBottom-up approach23 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.Touchpoints setboth perspectivesinto relationTop-down approach

CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING IN ARISONE OBJECT MATCHES TWO PERSPECTIVESTwo approaches, twolevels, same topic Value-added chain diagramand customer journeylandscape similarly representthe higher levels of description The customer touchpoint setsboth perspectives into relationBusiness perspective24 2015 Software AG. All rights reserved.CXM perspective EPC and customer journeymap describe the sameprocesses on detail accordingto their particular point of view

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MODEL A CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP The journey from end-to-end Design the customer journey map with the several journey steps as framework of activities Define touchpoints to the corresponding journey steps Specify the touchpoints by particular attributes and objects Mark journey steps that have to be improved by traffic light symbols