f r o m t h e a l u m n i A s s o c i at i o nLisa Kassel ’79, [email protected] RELATIONSRachel Nelson Moeller ’88, executive [email protected] a list of Alumni Council membersand Alumni Relations staff,go to alumni.lafayette.edu223 Pfenning Alumni CenterEaston, PA 18042-1768(610) 330-5040 in Pa.;1-800-LAFAYETTE outside Pa.Fax: (610) [email protected] NOTESLori Hixon, [email protected] F. Hendricks, graphic designerSharon Sanders, assistant editorSocial Media Directory for links to alumnigroups: directory/Visit and click on “alumni”to register for special events, update yourcontact information, join the Alumni OnlineCommunity, review benefits, find AlumniCouncil members, and subscribe to themonthly electronic Marquis Mailer.Visit for alumninews and photos on the class websites,chapter websites, and to send yourCompass story about an experience atLafayette that changed your life.Cheers to the FutureThe historic Rivalry 150 weekendwas an unprecedented,remarkable celebration ofour connections. On June 5-7,alumni and friends will celebrateconnections again at Reunion 2015. Wehope you’ll be there to make it anotherunforgettable time for Lafayette.One of our goals this year is to improveawareness of the Alumni Associationamong alumni and current students.We hope you will take the opportunityAlex Karapetian ’04 with extern Sam Cesario '15to attend the open Alumni Councilmeeting at 2:30 p.m., Friday, June 5. We’vealso formed two new committees—Participation, co-chairs: Ben Crapanzano ’97,[email protected], and Sarah Dally ’11, [email protected]; andCommunications, chair: Renae Tesauro ’82, P ’12, [email protected] we launched a new biannual association e-newsletter Jan. 21.I wanted to remind you about the amazing journeys available through the Alumni Travelprogram. “Exploring the Musical Capitals of Europe: Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague” is set forJune 13-23 with David Nelson, professor of music, University of North Carolina, as the guideand Rachel Moeller ’88 as host. Future trips will be listed in e-newsletters and in the “Traveland Learn” section of the alumni website. Another alumni benefit is free lifetime careerservices including webinars, one-on-one coaching from Margie Cherry, and more.As part of our emphasis on connected communities, I am excited to tell you about a newalumni affinity group—Lafayette Pride Network. The group’s goal is to create a platformfor LGBT alumni and their allies to discuss LGBT issues pertinent to the College and helpadvance the spirit of diversity and inclusion (see page 76).The alumni community is the backbone of Lafayette. We need you to be ourambassadors. We need you to be involved. And we need you to donate. We may bedifferent from one another, but one thing always brings us together. We are family. Weare Lafayette. It is our obligation as alumni to make our family stronger any way we can.I hope you will do your part in helping ensure the success of the 400 millionLive Connected, Lead Change campaign that will further enable the College to providethe best possible experience for our students—both in and out of the classroom.As I write this, I look forward to seeing some of you at one of the Wine 3/9 events beingheld around the country March 9. Let’s cheer the future of this great institution together!CHUCK ZOVKOALUMNI associationAlex Karapetian ’04, SS: EXPERIENCES THATLAUNCHED LIVESAlex Karapetian ayette SPRING 2015For more class news and photos, go to; click on "classes" then your class year.

CLASS NOTESFor MoreClass NewsFor all classnews, photographs,baby and weddingannouncements,reunion planning,and more, go on “classes,”then selectyour class year.Please continue tosend updates to yourclass correspondentor to [email protected] ifyour class doesnot have one. Tovolunteer to serveas a correspondent,contact the AlumniRelations office.Class notes maybe edited forlength and clarity.DeadlinesSummer 2015: April 8Fall 2015: Aug. 8Spring 2016: Dec. 8Donald Stookey ’371941Will E. Gehman, 95, Long Beach,Calif., died Oct. 12. Will and Iattended Easton High School.His father was a minister and hismother ran Gehman’s Bookstore.For a time, he worked as a lifeinsurance salesman then movedto California. After earning histeaching credentials, he taughtin public schools. He and wifeJeanette, who predeceased him,were devoted churchgoers. Healso piloted his own plane, drove amotorcycle, enjoyed singing, andliked barbershop quartet music.Correspondent: Anthony F. Noto3414 Drighton CourtBethlehem, PA 18020-1334(610) 758-80551942The Rev. Warren H. Crater,93, Monroe Township, N.J., diedMay 24. He was professor ofhumanities and secretary of thefaculty at New Jersey Institute ofTechnology. He was a member ofKappa Phi Kappa and BrainerdSociety.David S. “Dave” Arnold, 93,Falls Church, Va., died Aug. 8. In1943, he earned a master’s in publicadministration from SyracuseUniversity. As publications directorof International City/CountyManagement Association, Daveprepared training books for citymanagers, police and fire chiefs, andfinance officers. Dave was involvedwith KRT, Tau Alpha Lambda,The Lafayette, The Lyre, and KirbyGovernment and Law Society.President: Otto AldenCorrespondent: Robert W.B. Johnston2000 Holly Hall St., Apt. 911Houston, TX [email protected] &1945Correspondent:The Rev. Robert G. Sandercock ’44Apt. C 2021575 John Knox DriveColfax, NC [email protected] &1947Fund Manager (’47):W. Robert Magee Sr.Correspondent (’47):Van T. Boughton Jr.9000 Fellowship Road #326Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-3912(908) 580-3838 Ext. [email protected]: Warren O. GrovesReunion Chair: William Lockett Jr.Correspondent: Harvey H. Hunerberg7015 River Club Blvd.Bradenton, FL 34202-4013(941) 351-0303In Memoriam: CorningWare Inventor Stookey ’37; Former Governor Moore ’45The inventor of CorningWare, Donald Stookey ’37,died Nov. 4.He described the discovery in an interviewwith The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa). Whileconducting research in his lab in 1952,he put some photosensitive glass intothe furnace to heat it to 600 degrees.When he returned the gauge was stuckon 900 degrees.“I saw the glass was intact and hadturned a milky white. I grabbed sometongs to get it out as fast as I could, butthe glass slipped and fell to the floor.The thing bounced and didn’t break.”Within a year, Corning Glass was sellingCorningWare dishes.After graduating from Coe College, Stookeyattended Lafayette and received a master’s degreein chemistry. He earned a doctorate in chemistryfrom Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Stookey was elected to the National Academy ofEngineering in 1977, awarded the National Medal ofTechnology in 1986, and inducted into the NationalInventors Hall of Fame in 2010.Arch Moore ’45, former governor of West Virginiaand the only one to serve three terms, died Jan. 7,one day after his daughter, U.S. Sen. Shelley MooreCapito, R-W.Va., was sworn into office.Moore attended Lafayette before servingin the Army in World War II. He rose to therank of sergeant and was awarded a BronzeStar and Purple Heart. He received his lawdegree from West Virginia University and joinedthe family firm.He was elected governor in 1968, 1972, and1984. His tenure was notable for road- andbridge-building projects, pay raises for teachers,and improved benefits for welfare recipients.But he also faced challenges such as a nationwidecoal strike, a bloody prison riot, and the deaths of125 people in the collapse of a coal waste dam onBuffalo Creek.Spring 2015 lafayette45

CLASS NOTESAARP driver safety program for16 years. He was captain of theswimming team. His wife of 64years, Eleanor, survives him.Joseph Gostino, NewtownSquare, Pa., died Oct. 30,2008. Joseph was an economicsgraduate. He was predeceased bytwo wives, Marie and Jeanne.profileHosbach ’84 Heads Policy at Sanofi PasteurPresident: Donald B. ChubbFund Manager: Donald B. ChubbReunion Chair: James R. MadaraCorrespondent and Web Administrator:Irving S. Bravman211 Colonial Homes Drive NW, Apt. 2309Atlanta, GA 30309-5201(404) [email protected] W. CoulterEarly in his career, Phil Hosbach ’84 was dispatched toSenegal to follow up on a clinical study of a whoopingcough vaccine. “That was my first experience going toan impoverished country and seeing how people livein challenging conditions that they must deal with on adaily basis.”That insight changed his perspective. For millionsof people all over the world, vaccines can be thedifference between life and death.“Our vision is that no one suffers or dies from avaccine-preventable disease,” says Hosbach, vicepresident of new products and immunization policy atSanofi Pasteur, the world’s largest company devoted toproducing human vaccines. “It’s more than just a job.”Hosbach is among the key leaders in shaping U.S.vaccine policy. He serves on the National VaccineAdvisory Committee, an honor he views as the pinnacle of a nearly 30-year career.He counsels the assistant secretary for health and the director of the National VaccineProgram Office regarding research priorities, as well as safety and efficacy.He identifies strategies to ensure the availability of adequate supplies of vaccines.After the attacks on the U.S. on 9/11, his Sanofi Pasteur team prepared for bioterrorthreats. In 2009, he worked closely with the federal government to coordinate SanofiPasteur’s global response to the H1N1 virus.Hosbach serves on the boards of ESSA Bancorp Inc. and Pennsylvania Bio, anorganization supporting the life sciences industry.Among his colleagues at Sanofi are Richard DiPaolo ’83 and Michelle Ellis Ladley ’07. Hisdaughter is Ashley Hosbach ’15, an English major, and he serves on Marquis Parents Council.—Matt Sinclair1950The outcome of the 150th rivalrygame was sweet, and I enjoyedthe game with my daughter,Susan Bravman ’82. It was atreat to chat with David andNorma Schechner and Jere andJoyce Oren. David practices lawwith Schechner & Targan, WestOrange, N.J. He and Normahave been married for more than60 years, and they have threechildren and seven grandchildren.Jere is owner of Jere G. OrenReal Estate. The Orens reside inRancho Santa Fe, Calif.46lafayette SPRING 2015John Fitzgerald has lived inStuart, Fla., for 34 years. His firstwife, Diane, died 31 years ago. In1986, he married Phyllis. He soldhis summer home in ColoradoSprings, Colo. John plays golfwhen it isn’t too hot. On his visit tocampus in 2010, he saw Al Gray.Don Chubb’s wife, CatherineChubb, 87, Hershey, Pa., diedNov. 20. For more than 50 years,she sang in the choir at DerryPresbyterian Church.Richard S. “Dick” Finer, 88,Concord, N.H., died Nov. 14. Heenlisted in the Army Air Corpsand served in World War II. Dickworked for IBM. After retirementin 1991, Dick enjoyed membershipin Toastmasters and taught an1951Class of 1951 turnout was goodat the 150th rivalry game. Frankand Marilyn Downing led thecheering crowd, which includedBilly and Snookie Oaks;Stephen and Mary Hiltabidle;Sal Boscia; Jim Dojan; HarrySutton; Mike Dougherty; Rickand Eileen Knox; Dan Ressetar;Dave Schuster; and Dave andRochelle Zohn.Class President Joseph I.Diamond Jr., 85, Seaside Park,N.J., died Sept. 17. He is survivedby wife Mimi. Attending thecelebration of life open house inOctober were Rick and Eileen;Dick Hinterleiter and wifeMargaret, Avalon, N.J.; andRobert Duffy Jr., Lansdale, Pa.George Hoolahan sent a copyof Joe’s obituary to Ann, widowof Hilton Rahn. Ann’s contactinfo: 1940 Mark Twain Circle,Bethlehem, PA 18017.Charles D. “Charlie” Apter,87, Mt. Pleasant, S.C., diedSept. 23. Charlie worked forDuPont at various locations untilhis retirement in 1986. He servedin the Army in Germany. Charlievolunteered on the Zoning Boardof Appeals, Architectural ReviewBoard, Snee Farm CountryClub, and Meals on Wheels.He is survived by his wife of 63years, Abbie.For more class news and photos, go to; click on "classes" then your class year.

CLASS NOTESRichard T. “Dick” Dando,88, Louisville, Colo., died Sept. 24.Dick worked at Albany FeltCompany (N.Y.) for 20 years thenat Walk, Haydel, and Associates,Baton Rouge, La. He served in theArmy in Europe. Dick was marriedto Shirley Joy Evans for 25 years.In 1975, he married Barbara Kirby,who predeceased him.David H. Miller, 95, ForksTownship, Pa., died Nov. 19.David earned his JD fromUniversity of Pennsylvania LawSchool. He was past president ofNorthampton County Historicaland Genealogical Society andNorthampton County SPCA. Heserved as solicitor for Easton AreaSchool District and borough ofStockertown, Pa. His wife Nettiesurvives him.Robert Henry Wunderley, 92,Williamsport, Pa., died Aug. 30.He served in the Army duringWorld War II as a member of RailSplitters Division (84th Infantry)and fought in the Battle of theBulge. An electrical engineeringgraduate, Robert retired after30 years with the Department ofDefense. He was active in BoyScouts as an assistant scoutmasterthen area commissioner for Fairfax,Va. His wife of 66 years, Evelyn,predeceased him.Mortimer Ryon, 89,Chestertown, Md., died Nov. 22.Mortimer was father of CarolynRyon Mayers ’79 and brotherof John L. Ryon Jr. ’49. He waspredeceased by former spouseKathleen and is survived by Sandra,his wife of 34 years. He earned hisJD from Cornell Law School. For 30years, he served as general counselto International Salt Company.John Clare Weisel, 87, Easton,died Sept. 3. Clare was an electricalengineer with Dixie ConsumerProducts. He served in the Navy.Clare was predeceasedby wife Helen.President: OpenFund Manager: Henry Kohlenberger Jr.Reunion Chair: Richard H. KnoxCorrespondent: John B. Cornish224 E. Broad St.Bethlehem, PA [email protected]. Peter Schindler served inthe Army during the KoreanWar. He attended medicalschool at University of Baseland completed his residency inpsychiatry at Temple University.At the culmination of his career,Peter developed and oversawthe Division of Child Psychiatryat DuPont Hospital for Childrenuntil his retirement in 1996. Heand wife Marianne, who died inMarch 2009, have two children,Tom and Claudia, and fourgrandchildren. Peter, who is inlimited private practice, enjoysdriving his 1954 Morgan Plus 4.Walt Jacoby is completing his15th year at Penney RetirementCommunity, Fla. Walt volunteersas court-appointed advocate forchildren who have been abused andneglected. He and wife Jan enjoytraveling in their RV.The Rev. John D. “Bruiser”Kinard, 84, Glenside, Pa., diedSept. 9. John earned a masterof divinity from LutheranTheological Seminary. He servedas pastor of All Saints LutheranChurch (Philadelphia), AdventLutheran Church (Richboro,Pa.), and Hope Lutheran Church(Philadelphia). He was president ofPhiladelphia Area Alumni Chapterand organized the popular LeopardLuncheons. He was chairmanof Maroon Club and an AlumniAdmissions Representative. Heis survived by his wife of 56 years,Suzanne, daughter JenniferCornish ’91, and son GregoryKinard ’82.Henry Conkey and wife Bonitarecently cruised to Australia.Gene Noll and wife Kaylive in Medford, N.J. Followingin Gene’s footsteps, son ChrisNoll ’74 and grandson JeremyNoll ’07 are registered professionalengineers. Kay retired as a licensedpsychotherapist. All except oneof their four children and sevengrandchildren are college graduates.Gene and Kay have been involvedin boating and sailing for 50 years.The 84th Infantry,known as Rail Splitters,included units fromIllinois, Kentucky,and Indiana. Thenickname is atribute to the16th president.IN THE NEWSBernicat ’75 Is New U.S. Ambassador to BangladeshMarcia Bloom Bernicat ’75 began her role as U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh Feb. 4 whenshe presented her credentials to President Md Abdul Hamid.The next day, she met with Foreign Secretary Md Shahidul Haque at the foreign ministry.“We have such a big and broad relationship. I have a direct mandate to make it even stronger,and I look forward to doing so,” she is quoted as saying in a article (Feb. 6).Bernicat, who has more than 30 years’ experience as an overseas officer for theU.S. Department of State, served as U.S. ambassador to Senegal and Guinea-Bissaufrom 2008 to 2011.A history graduate, she became a studentof diplomacy at Lafayette. Mentored byher thesis adviser, Robert Weiner, JonesProfessor of History, she became interestedin the League of Nations and in the seesawingrelationship between the United States andthe United Nations, the League’s successor. Sheholds a master’s degree in foreign service fromGeorgetown University.SPRING 2015 lafayette47

CLASS NOTESIN THE NEWSCycling around the World: 300 Days and CountingA year ago, Doug and Kristin NahmWalsh ’97 quit their jobs and sold theirhouse. On custom-equipped SalsaFargo bicycles, they pedaled east fromSeattle. They haven’t been home since.Their journey has progressedthrough Idaho, Montana, NorthDakota, Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec,Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, NewYork, New Jersey, England, Scotland,Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany,France, Spain, Morocco, and Italy.Doug, a videogame strategy guidewriter, and Kristin, project managerat Expeditors International, areexperienced outdoor enthusiasts. Theysay their long-planned adventure of cycling the globe enables them to challenge conventionalexpectations and to experience the world on their terms.Most fun so far? “Nothing beats a lengthy downhill,” says Doug. “We enjoyed some 12- to15-mile descents that made us forget the hours of pedaling it took to get to the top.”Their bicycles are equipped with front and rear panniers to carry tent, clothing, and othersupplies. Some nights they camp out; others they stay in hotels or hostels.“The ground was so sloped and rocky in Morocco that it was hard to find a place to put a tentthat wasn’t freshly tilled farmland,” says Kristin. This led to some tense moments as darkness fell.I learned to trust that all would work out. I know now that I can handle the unknown more than Ithought I could.”Doug, a geology graduate, was a member of the track and field team. Kristin is a biochemistrygraduate and earned an MBA from Seattle University. They met during first-year orientation.After racking up 9,523 miles on prairies, mountains, city streets, canal paths, and desert tracks,the couple is currently on hiatus spending time with Kristin’s terminally ill dad. The bicycles arestored in Rome, waiting forthem to pick up where theyleft off. They plan to mountup in September and keeppedaling.—Sharon SandersFollow the journey The Walshes bid farewell toMont-Saint-Michel, a 1,000-year-oldisland monastery in Normandy.48lafayette SPRING 2015Dr. Alexander MaitlandIII, 84, Asheville, N.C., diedMay 2. After graduating fromYale School of Medicine,Alexander served as an Armysurgeon in Germany. Hepracticed medicine for 35 years atAsheville Urological Associatesand served as chief of staff, chiefof surgery, and on the board ofdirectors of St. Joseph Hospital.He consulted with VeteransAdministration Hospital andDuke University’s Departmentof Urology. Alexander is son ofRobert Houston MaitlandSr. ’27 and brother of The Rev.Robert Houston MaitlandJr. ’50. He is survived by hiswife of 59 years, Dorothy.Hugh Jones moved toJacksonville, Fla., in 1970. He wasa banker for 23 years and ran ahospital foundation for five years.He remarried 10 years ago andadopted a Chinese daughter. Healso has four other daughters,16 grandchildren, and two greatgrandchildren. Hugh started aprogram to bring Korean childrenwith heart issues to the UnitedStates. He was on campus lastspring to introduce a young manto Lafayette.President: OpenFund Manager: Hugh H. Jones Jr.Reunion Chair: OpenCorrespondent: Thomas A. Coughlin175 W. North St., Apt. 430AMoravian Hall SquareNazareth, PA 18064-1498(610) [email protected] Nov. 14, Lois and I attendeda reception at Radnor Hotelthat commemorated the lastleg of the cross-country tour byMichael and Jenny MarshallWeisburger ’82 leading up toRivalry 150. On Nov. 22, Lois andI joined 45 other Lafayette fans ona bus trip to Yankee Stadium.Ted Morgan, wife Helen,daughter Leslie Morgan ’83,and grandson Ted Morgan ’17attended the game. TheyFor more class news and photos, go to; click on "classes" then your class year.

CLASS NOTESBart Levenson ’54 drivesa 2014 Cadillac CTS V with420-horsepowertwin turbo V6.participated in the activities, wentsightseeing, and met up with twoother grandchildren. Helen sawAlan Fitzgibbon from California.Also in attendance wereGeorge and Lorraine Patton,Harrisburg, Pa. RichardKunkle, from Washington state,attended with his children andgrandchildren. He is involved in amajor project with a food bank.Sally Buck, 83, wife of WhipBuck, died Aug. 23.Ed Smith and wife Loretta livein Kennewick, Wash., near theirtwo sons. Their daughter livesin Houston. All the children aremechanical engineers like theirfather. The Smiths have a secondhome on Bridger Mountain, Wyo.George A. McDonnell, 83,Mahwah, N.J., died Nov. 27. Heserved in the Army 1954–56.George earned his chartered lifeunderwriter designation and wasemployed by Aetna Life InsuranceCompany for 35 years. He was amember of Phi Gamma Delta andseveral varsity athletic teams.Al Rhodes has become a greatgrandfather. He and Betsy plannedto visit Florida in March.President: Alan FitzGibbonFund Manager: George E. Patton Jr.Reunion Chair: H. David Moore Jr.Correspondent: Leon H. Fox Jr.6 Firethorne CircleLafayette Hill, PA [email protected] Muth planned to attendthe 150th rivalry game withgrandson Harrison.F. Joseph Callahan enjoysClearwater, Fla., with his wife of57 years, Kitty. He retired fromScott Paper after 22 years andthen from a food brokerage firm.The Callahans have a son andtwo grandchildren, one of whomis an outstanding quarterbackat Wesleyan University. Joe wasinducted into Lower MerionBaseball Hall of Fame andHaverford School Athletic Hall ofFame for basketball.Eddie Gillespie, vicepresident of Fuel Blends Inc.,manages a train terminaldistributing biodiesel andethanol in Greensboro, N.C.Eddie has four children and sixgrandchildren. One of his sonsworks with him. Eddie’s wife,Phyllis, died in 2008.Sam Nikel is retired fromWestern Electric, now AlcatelLucent. He enjoys his twochildren and five grandchildrenand watching Kansas City Chiefs.Nick Costalas lives a heathylifestyle, golfing and cooking, inHilton Head, S.C. He has eightgrandchildren and volunteersfor his church. Nick recentlyvisited fraternity brotherRalph Rossheim.Bart Levenson has been aninstructor in performance drivingat Sebring International Racewayfor about 30 years. “People whobuy performance cars like BMW,Porsche, Corvette, etc., shouldenjoy them in a safe environment,which we provide. Top speed isnot important. We are concernedwith teaching how to safelynegotiate the 17 turns in Sebring’s3.5 miles at higher than normalspeeds.” He also does charitywork in Sarasota, Fla., and servesas a volunteer dentist foreconomically challenged seniors.Cary Ahl and wife Nellie havebeen married 60 years. They havefive children, 14 grandchildren,and a great-grandson. Cary issemiretired from the nonmetallicminerals industry; both of hissons are in the same business.He and Nellie live in their 1733farmhouse. He recently wonLancaster County Senior GolfChampionship, left handed.He played golf with Butch vanBreda Kolff.Robert Pointon retiredfrom PSE&G in 1991. In 1994,Robert and his wife moved toHilton Head, S.C., to enjoy thetemperate weather and theirpassion for golf.Richard Emerson Berry,80, Indiana, Pa., died Sept.10.Richard earned a master’s andPh.D. in physics from PrincetonUniversity. From 1958 to 1962, heAlumni MemoriamNotices received Aug. 1, 2014,through Nov. 30, 20141937 S. Donald Stookey1940 Victor C. Detty Jr.Thomas D. Cook1941 W.E. Gehman1942 David S. ArnoldWilbur L. 11-6-20141943 Hart K. Lichtenwalner1945 Joseph Gibson Cooper1946 Frank J. McDonald Jr.10-11-2014Lambert Charles Dunn9-10-20141949 Kanwal K. Malhotra9-28-20148-2-20149-17-2014Frank A. Wolf Jr.10-23-2014Hugh Brewer Stuhler11-3-20141950 Richard S. Finer1951 Robert H. WunderleyJohn Clare Weisel11-14-20148-30-20149-3-2014Joseph I. Diamond Jr.9-17-2014Charles D. Apter9-23-2014Richard T. Dando9-24-2014David H. Miller11-19-20141952 John D. Kinard9-9-2014William J. Price Jr.9-24-2014Daniel W. Gichner10-24-20141953 George R. Cashau11-7-20141954 Richard Emerson Berry 9-10-20141955 Robert P. Hess8-15-2014Karl C. Jacobsen10-29-20141956 Michael J. Pugliese8-20-2014William F. Gould Jr.8-22-2014Edward S. Geosits9-6-2014Lewis S. Beers II9-23-2014Gerald Lee Lilly9-27-2014Daniel Joseph McCarthy 10-23-20141957 Ashton T. Scott Jr.1959 Robert W. Giedlin1960 Edward S. Kopes9-12-2014Paul A. 97619771979198519868-24-20148-14-2014George B. Standbridge11-22-2014David B. Skillman Jr.9-10-2014Richard W. Lennox10-9-2014Bruce C. Ruhnke10-2-2014Alexander T. Getty8-4-2014Richard C. Lambrecht10-11-2014Leonard H. Lipman II10-26-2014Barry E. Light8-12-2014J. Scott Pierce10-9-2014Robert M. Kistler10-31-2014William C. Bobo8-1-2014Keith G. Bloomer10-31-2014Michael G. Bell10-2-2014Ann Marie Franceschini9-22-2014Paul M. Steed8-11-2014SPRING 2015 lafayette49

CLASS NOTESProf. Richard Berry(lower right)demonstrates differingwavelengthson the oscilloscopein the physics labof Olin Hall in 1961.was assistant professor of physicsat Lafayette. Richard taughtphysics for 25 years at IndianaUniversity of Pennsylvania, wherehe served as department chair fora decade and was named professoremeritus. Richard was recognizedby NASA with the groupachievement award for his workon the Airborne OceanographicLidar Project Team at GoddardFlight Center. He is survived byhis wife of 60 years, Ruth.President: Ronald E. PhilippFund Manager: Robert A. AielloReunion Chair: Gene HarrisonCorrespondent: Gene Harrison6917 Constitution DriveBethlehem, PA 18017(484) 714-8722 (cell)[email protected] Hagy ’55 wrappedup his working life as alighthouse keeper.50lafayette SPRING 2015Joe Hunt, Strasburg, Pa.,photographs high school sportingevents and birds. Joe and wifePatricia have a son and twodaughters, who live in Floridaand Pennsylvania, and twograndchildren. He is retiredmanager for product development,Allegheny Ludlum.Also in Pennsylvania areBob Hettich and wife Donna.Son Darin Hettich ’88 earnedhis master’s at Lehigh. Threedaughters and seven grandchildrenround out the Hettich family.Bob was a general contractordoing primarily commercialconstruction. He stays in touchwith Fred Kaiser.Roy Ulin, 81, Sayville,N.Y., died July 19. A chemicalengineering graduate, Royearned a master’s from AmericanUniversity. He worked for ColgatePalmolive, Atlantic ResearchTechnologies, and Twinlab.Roy is survived by his wife of 57years, Anita, and son Dr. RoyUlin ’83. Daughter Kara UlinGaraletta ’92 died March 21,2014. He was a member of ThetaChi, Scabbard and Blade, and thetrack and football teams.Karl C. Jacobsen, 81, Carmel,Ind., died Oct. 29. Karl spent twoyears in the military in Germany.An economics and businessgraduate, he had a notableretail career in Indianapolis.He is survived by his wife of57 years, Kathleen.Dr. Art Spielvogelreceived his medical degreefrom Hahnemann UniversityHospital and specialized inhematology and oncology. Heand his wife of 57 years, Sandra,live in Martha’s Vineyard,Mass., and Charleston, S.C.They have a son in Charleston,another in Lake Tahoe, Calif.,and five grandchildren. Artplays bridge and previouslyshared ownership of a boat withGeorge McDonnell ’53.Jay Miers and his bride offive years, Eileen, split their timebetween Bath, Pa., and Las Vegas.Jay has two daughters, a son, andsix grandchildren. After startinghis career at Ingersoll Rand, heestablished his own search firm.He retired as director of economicdevelopment and tourism forWarren County, N.J. He is active inthe Phillipsburg, N.J., Rotary Club.After 40 years with FirstFidelity Trust, NationalAssociation, Florida, Dave Millerretired to Dawsonville, Ga. Davehas children in New Jersey andNorth Carolina, with both of hisgrandchildren in North Carolina.Neil Smiley, Fort Myers, Fla.,spent his career with Pratt &Whitney, mostly in Florida, wherehe remained after retirement.Neil and wife Joanne, a Centenarygraduate, have a son in Kearney,Neb., and four grandchildren.Golf occupies some of Neil’sspare time.Al Safir and wife Joan Ardensplit their time between Jupiter,Fla., and NYC. They have twochildren and four grandchildren.Al was a practicing attorney foreight years before turning toWall Street, where he started abusiness, which he subsequentlysold. He plays golf andfrequently sees Mark and BobbyWeisburger and Stanley andMaxine Applebaum.The Weisburgers hosted PeterRees for Thanksgiving. Peter,who lives in Maine, lost his wife in2013. Mark and Bobby have beenmarried for 60 years and have twosons, four grandchildren, and onegreat-grandchild. Son MichaelWeisburger ’82 and his wife,Jenny Marshall Weisburger ’82,toured the country in anAirstream prior to the big game.Mark retired from the insurancebusiness. He is active in theBoy Scouts, has had three hipreplacements, and lost a kidney.He also has served on the Boardof Trustees and as the class fundco-chair. The Weisburgers plan toattend the 60th reunion.Robert P. “Bob” Hess, 80,Whitehall, Pa., died Aug. 15.Bob was an Army civil affairsofficer in Korea. An internationalaffairs graduate, he received amaster’s from Clark University.Bob taught high school Englishand social studies in BucksCounty, Pa. Later, he becamean administrator in adult tradeschools. He left tea

[email protected] For a list of Alumni Council members and Alumni Relations staff, go to 223 Pfenning Alumni Center Easton, PA 18042-1768 (610) 330-5040 in Pa.; 1-800-LAFAYETTE outside Pa. Fax: (610) 330-5833 [email protected] class notes Lori Hixon, editor [email protected] Gayle F. Hendricks, graphic designer