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#11 UNIVERSITY, 3 in Canadaand #18 in the world.2021 Times HigherEducation WorldUniversity Rankings11,000 students competein our intramuralleagues each year.5,800 work-studyopportunities.160 institutionallearning abroadpartners aroundthe world.60 alumni and peermentorshipprograms acrossthree campuses. U OF TMississaugaU OF TSt. GeorgeU OF TScarboroughSIGN UP FOR WEBCASTS, VIRTUAL TOURS, AND PERSONAL ADVISING.U OF T U OF T ST. OF T Sign up for an interactive session with our recruitment team and learn how our 700 programs in science, engineering,business, and the arts can equip you for the new economy. Get tailored guidance from the comfort of your own home.Brainstorm some questions with your parents—then sign on together and pick our brains! HOW TO APPLYAll Other Full-Time ApplicantsNon-Degree ApplicantsAll prospective applicants apply throughthe Ontario Universities’ ApplicationCentre (OUAC). For details on applicationprocedures and deadlines, please visit:Apply online using the “105” application.If you were previously registered or arecurrently registered at U of T, apply onlineusing the “Internal” application. For details,visit studies begin in Septemberor May only. If you wish to enrol in arts and/or science courses but not toward a degree,apply using the Non-Degree application encourage you to apply well in advanceof the published deadlines. Admission iscompetitive and spaces fill quickly.Full-Time Degree ApplicantsFull-time studies begin in September only.We strongly encourage you to apply byNovember 7, 2021.Part-Time Degree ApplicantsPart-time degree studies begin in Septemberor May only. Apply online using the Part-TimeDegree application, which is available at:Ontario Secondary School you are a current full-time Ontariosecondary school student, your school willissue a PIN to grant you access to the OUAC“101” online application. Your school will alsosend us your marks through the OUAC.For a complete list of programs that areoffered on a part-time basis, refer to theonline application. Part-time students cantake courses during the day and evening (ifavailable). Students who can attend classesonly in the evening should consult their targetacademic division for guidance on class times. Please note that it may not be possible toregister in courses that are in high demand.If you are interested in non-degree studies in aprofessional division (Architecture, Landscape,and Design; Applied Science & Engineering;Kinesiology & Physical Education; Music),contact the division directly.

APPLICATION DEADLINESSubmitting a complete application as early as possible allows your application to be considered for a wider range of admission opportunities—and, in many cases, permits earlier decisions.APPLICANT TYPERECOMMENDED APPLICATIONDEADLINEDEADLINEPROGRAM AREAOUAC 101 (OntarioApplied Science & Engineering; Kinesiology & Physical Education; Music;high school students) Architectural Studies and Visual Studies; International Foundation Programs;U of T St. George (Arts, Science, Commerce); U of T Mississauga; U of T ScarboroughOUAC 105, Internal Applied Science & Engineering; Kinesiology & Physical Education; Music;(all other applicants) Architectural Studies and Visual Studies; International Foundation Programs;U of T St. George (Arts, Science, Commerce); U of T Mississauga; U of T ScarboroughJanuary 13November 7January 13Please note that ourBachelor of Information,Nursing, Medical RadiationSciences, and PhysicianAssistant programs haveadmission prerequisites atthe university level.Bachelor of InformationNovember 7May 15NursingNovember 7January 15Physician AssistantNovember 7January 18Medical Radiation SciencesNovember 7February 1Part Time:Summer SessionU of T St. George (Arts, Science, Commerce); U of T Mississauga; U of T Scarborough November 7January 13Part Time:Fall/Winter SessionApplied Science & EngineeringNovember 7January 13U of T St. George (Arts, Science, Commerce); U of T Mississauga; U of T ScarboroughNovember 7January 13Non-Degree:Summer SessionU of T St. George (Arts, Science, Commerce); U of T Mississauga; U of T ScarboroughNovember 7January 13Non-Degree:Fall/Winter SessionU of T St. George (Arts, Science, Commerce); U of T Mississauga; U of T ScarboroughNovember 7June 2DOCUMENT DEADLINESCanadian Secondary SchoolDocument deadlines vary by division.We encourage you to submit all requireddocuments well in advance of the posteddeadlines. For a complete list of documentdeadlines, see: future.utoronto.caRefer to the Canadian Secondary SchoolQualifications and Course Equivalents chartin this bulletin for details on minimumadmission requirements for Canadiansecondary school applicants. Your SecondarySchool and Diploma must be recognized bythe Provincial Ministry of Education. Transfercredit towards arts, science and commerce/management programs is considered forsome academic AP and IB subjects. Learnmore: we receive your application, we will sendyou an email acknowledgement, including fulldetails on next steps in the application process.ADMISSION REQUIREMENTSApplicants who have attained a high level ofacademic achievement and who completelysatisfy prerequisites will be considered foradmission. The minimum requirements forconsideration vary by program and admissioncategory. You must present all requirements,including all prerequisite courses, to beconsidered. All applicants are required topresent a Senior Year / Grade 12 English coursefor admission consideration.All programs have limited spaces and theselection process is competitive. Someprograms require a supplementary application.For full details on admission requirements, onal BaccalaureateThe complete Diploma, including EnglishHL or SL, is required. Math Studies is notacceptable for any program with a Mathprerequisite. Complete details, includingcourse prerequisites for programs requiringCalculus and Advanced Functions can befound on the reverse of this bulletin underCanadian Secondary School Requirementsand Course Equivalents, as well as credit toward arts, science, andcommerce/management programs isconsidered for some IB Higher Levelsubjects with a grade of at least 5.Learn more: Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts andTechnology (CAAT) / Institutes ofTechnology and Advanced Learning Admission selection is competitive. Excellentoverall grade point average in an academicprogram is required for admission consideration.All prerequisites must be met at the Grade 12U/M level and all supplementary or profileinformation (if required) must be presented.Two full CAAT semesters of an academicsubject may be considered as equivalent to aGrade 12 U/M level prerequisite. Applicants who have completed a two-yearacademic diploma may receive up to three fullcredits towards an arts, science, commerce/management program. Applicants holding athree-year academic diploma or a four-yeardegree may receive up to five credits towards adegree. We also have specific transfer articulationagreements with some Ontario colleges: F aculty of Arts & [email protected] U of T

UNIVERSITY TRANSFER APPLICANTSBRIDGING PROGRAMSApplicants interested in transferring fromrecognized degree-granting postsecondaryinstitutions, along with current University ofToronto students across all three campuses, mustmeet the minimum admission requirementsfor their program. Find requirements for youreducational jurisdiction at future.utoronto.caWoodsworth College's Academic BridgingProgram and U of T Mississauga Bridging andRefugee Pathways provide an opportunity forCanadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, andProtected Persons who lack the publishedrequirements to qualify for admission to adegree program.Some programs do not consider applicationsfrom students who have previously attendedother postsecondary institutions. Be sure theprogram in which you are interested will consideryour application.Applicants are required to provide transcriptsfor all secondary and postsecondary level studycompleted. Admission consideration is based onthe overall academic record, with an emphasison the most recent (or highest) level of studycompleted, and results in prerequisite subjects.Applicants who have completed studies beyondthe minimum requirements at a recognizedpostsecondary institution may be granted transfercredits if admitted to a first-entry bachelor’sdegree program. Transfer credits will be assessedafter admission, and after the Transfer CreditAssessment application, if required, has beencompleted. Details will be provided after an offerof admission is made. Interviews may be required.Applicants who already hold a bachelor’sdegree from another recognized postsecondaryinstitution can only apply to a different field ofstudy. For instance, students who have completeda degree in, or have majored in, economics,management, commerce or business, cannotcomplete a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelorof Business Administration at U of T. If admittedto a different program, these applicants will begranted a maximum of one year of transfer credits(five full credit courses). Applicants who alreadyhold an undergraduate degree in Engineering arenot eligible to apply for undergraduate studies atU of T Engineering.Undergraduate degree holders who wish to takeadditional undergraduate courses, perhaps inorder to qualify for graduate studies, may considerapplying for Non-degree studies. Please note thatit may not be possible to register as a Non-degreestudent in courses that are in high demand.Learn more: on TRANSITIONAL YEAR PROGRAMMEThe Transitional Year Programme (TYP) is forCanadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, orProtected Persons who were unable to finishhigh school due to financial problems, familydifficulties, or other personal circumstances. YP at U of T St. George [email protected] T YP at U of T Millie Rotman Shime AcademicBridging U of T Mississauga Bridging andRefugee [email protected] of T Mississauga of T Mississauga Refugee STUDENTSStudents who wish to take courses at theUniversity of Toronto for credit toward a degreeat another university should contact thetarget campus/faculty directly as listed below.Such students must present a valid Letter ofPermission from their home university. U of T ents/admissions/non-degree-visiting U of T /visitingstudentCommon English ProficiencyTests/QualificationsPlease note that other English LanguageTests/Qualifications are also considered.For a comprehensive list and completedetails on our English language proficiencyrequirements, be sure to visit of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL) Internet-based test: The minimumrequirement is a total score of 100 with 22 onthe Writing section.International English Language TestingSystem (IELTS) Academic: The minimumrequirement is an overall band of 6.5 withno band lower than 6.0.Duolingo English Test: The minimumrequirement is an overall score of 120.International Baccalaureate English:The minimum requirement is Higher Levelor Standard Level English A: Literature orEnglish A: Language and Literature witha score of 4 (predicted or final). English BHigher Level is not acceptable.English Language Diagnosis andAssessment/Certificate of Proficiencyin English (ELDA/COPE): The minimumrequirement is a total score of 86, with 32in Writing and 22 in each of Reading andListening.GCSE/IGCSE/GCE O Level English:The minimum requirement is English orEnglish Language or English as a SecondLanguage with a final grade of 'B' (or '6' inreformed qualifications). Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education416-978-8255 [email protected] A/AS Level English:The minimum requirement is English orEnglish Language with grade of ‘C.’ Faculty of Music416-978-3741 [email protected] English Course, School ofContinuing Studies, University of Toronto:The minimum requirement is completion ofAcademic English Level 60 with a grade of 'B'.Learn more: Faculty of Arts & ScienceWoodsworth College416-978-4444 [email protected]/visit John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture,Landscape, and ronto.caENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTSProof of adequate English facility is requiredfrom all applicants except for those: whose first language (i.e., the languagelearned at home as a child) is English; or who have achieved satisfactory results in atleast four years of full-time academic study inan English language school system locatedin a country where the dominant language isEnglish; or whose first language is French and who haveachieved satisfactory results in at least fouryears of full-time academic study in Canada.Academically qualified students who do notmeet our English language requirements maybe interested in one of our English languageprograms. These programs, if completedsuccessfully, will allow students to meet ourEnglish language requirement. They are offeredon each campus and range in length from sixweeks to eight months. Such programs include: I nternational Foundation A cademic Culture and English Program([email protected]) Academic English ([email protected])

SCHOLARSHIPS & FINANCIAL AIDPresident’s Scholars of ExcellenceLester B. Pearson International ScholarshipThe University has comprehensivescholarship and financial aid programs thatprovide financial support and recognitionfor outstanding academic achievement atdifferent levels of study. The University, andits colleges and faculties, award 5,000 admission scholarships that total almost 23 million each year, along with 5,800 incourse scholarships. The University’s Policyon Student Financial Support states thatno student admitted to a program at theUniversity of Toronto will be unable to enrolor complete the program because they donot have sufficient funds. This commitmentto students who are Canadian Citizens,Permanent Residents or Protected Personsmeans that the University will supplementthe funding provided by government sources.This financial assurance is called UTAPS, orUniversity of Toronto Advanced Planning forStudents. Learn more: 150 of the most highly qualifiedstudents applying to first year of direct-entry,undergraduate studies will be distinguished asPresident’s Scholars of Excellence.While the National Scholarship Program isfor Canadian students, international studentsstudying in Canada can be nominated for theLester B. Pearson International Scholarship.Learn more at pearson.utoronto.caU of T Scholars ProgramThe University of Toronto Scholar Programrecognizes outstanding students. In 2021,approximately 1,000 students received the 7,500 University of Toronto Scholar award.All applicants are assessed automatically forthese scholarships based on their academicperformance.This distinction includes a 10,000 entrancescholarship in first year; access to parttime, on-campus employment duringsecond year; and access to an internationallearning opportunity during the student'sundergraduate experience. Outstandingstudents are considered automatically forthese scholarships.National Scholarship ProgramThe National Scholarship recognizesCanadian secondary school students whodemonstrate superior academic performance,original and creative thought, and exceptionalachievement in a broad context. They excel inacademic pursuits, demonstrate enthusiasmfor intellectual exploration and have a stronginvolvement in the lives of their schoolsand communities. Each year, approximatelyfifteen students are named National Scholarsand ten are named Arbor Scholars. Thisscholarship requires a separate application,due in the fall of your final year of secondaryschool. Find out more and apply here:Other AwardsAwards which recognize factors such asfinancial need, outstanding leadership,community involvement or excellence inspecific disciplines and pursuits are alsoavailable. To maximize your eligibility for awide range of awards, complete the AwardsProfile in your JOIN U of T applicant portal ascomprehensively as you can.Applicants who have previously attended apostsecondary institution are not eligible forawards consideration on admission.U of T’s colleges, faculties and divisions alsooffer scholarships, some of which require aseparate application.For more on these and other admissionawards, their application processes, orfinancial aid, be sure to visit us ca/national-scholarshipTUITION FEES 2021–22The cost of attending university varies depending on your program of study and place of residence during the Fall-Winter academic year. Academicand incidental fees do not include the cost of books. All fees are specified in Canadian dollars (CAD). For currency conversions, see bankofcanada.caFACULTY ORPROGRAM AREAACADEMIC FEESARTS & SCIENCE INCIDENTALAND ANCILLARY FEESINCIDENTAL AND TOTAL FEESANCILLARY FEESDomesticInternationalApplied Science& Engineering 14,180 62,250Architecture,Landscape, andDesign(ArchitecturalStudies andVisual Studies) 6,100Arts, Science,Commerce andManagement 6,100 58,160See chart toright 7,740.70 – 8,315.01 60,556.70 – 61,131.01Music 6,100 39,560 2,203.54 8,303.54 42,519.54Kinesiology &Physical Education 6,100 40,320 1,640.54 7,740.54 42,716.54 58,160 1,816.60 1,635.54DomesticInternational 15,996.60 64,822.60 7,735.54 59,795.54College / CampusFeeInnis 1,820.76New 1,668.70St. Michael’s 2,015.50Trinity 2,216.16University 1,687.00Victoria 2,215.01Woodsworth 1,640.70U of T Mississauga 1,885.60U of T Scarboroughper session(trimester)Tuition fees increase in the second year of some programs. A complete tuition fee schedule is available at al fees include UHIP, a compulsory health insurance plan for international students ( 756). 992.62

HOUSING & RESIDENCE 2022–23Residence is guaranteed for all new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program for the first time,provided that they have indicated their interest in residence by completing the First Year StarRez application by March 31, and receive andaccept an offer of admission by June 1. Students must respond to all deadlines and meet all deposit requirements in order to maintain theireligibility. Each of our three campuses has a student housing office where you can learn more about living on- and off-campus.U of T St. GeorgeHousing Services416-978-8045U of T MississaugaStudent Housing & Residence of T ScarboroughStudent Housing & Residence PLAN TYPESFLOOR OPTIONS PLACESCOST*RESIDENCE AT U OF T ST. GEORGEChestnut ResidenceResidence Office89 Chestnut St., TorontoT: [email protected] declining-balance mealplan options; all meals can bepurchased in the dining hall orfrom locations across campus.Same-gender,all-gender1,140 17,635 21,567Innis CollegeResidence Office111 St. George St., TorontoT: [email protected] mandatory meal plan†;fully equipped kitchens.All-gender362 (82apartments) 11,016New CollegeOffice of Residence & Student Life40 Willcocks St., TorontoT: [email protected]À-la-carte declining balance;wide variety of menu options;includes 100 TBucks.Same-gender,all-gender880 15,945 17,370Loretto College(St.Michael’s College)Dean of Residence70 St. Mary St., TorontoT: [email protected] meals/wk; vegetarianselection; international cuisine;fees include all meals.Same-gender (F)120 14,500 15,500St. Michael’s CollegeResidence Office81 St. Mary St., TorontoT: to-eat with variety inoptions, including veg. and Halal.Option of 5-day (M-F) or 7-dayplan. Flex dollars included forretail shops and cafés on campus.Same-gender,all-gender552 15,889 18,162Trinity CollegeDean of Students6 Hoskin Ave., TorontoT: ining-balance meal plan;three meal plan options; widevariety of menu options; vegan,vegetarian, Halal options.Same-gender,all-gender475 16,120 17,520University CollegeResidence Office, D10515 King’s College Cir., TorontoT: [email protected]À-la-carte declining balance;wide variety of menu options,including vegetarian.All-gender720 14,719 16,333Victoria CollegeOffice of the Dean of Students150 Charles St. West, TorontoT: [email protected] meals/yr, 355 meals/yr,or 261 meals/yr, plus flex dollarswith all three plans. Halal,vegetarian, and vegan options.Same-gender (F),all-gender802 13,439 19,185Woodsworth CollegeResidence Office321 Bloor St. West, TorontoT: [email protected] mandatory meal plan†;fully equipped kitchens.Same-gender,all-gender370(70 suites) 11,203Declining-balance meal card;four meal plan options open tofirst-year students.Same-gender,all-gender1,500 13,248 16,513No mandatory meal plan††;fully equipped kitchens.Same-gender,all-gender850 9,911 esidenceRESIDENCE AT U OF T MISSISSAUGAStudent Housing andResidence LifeOscar Peterson Hall, Suite 1203359 Mississauga Rd.,MississaugaT: /residenceRESIDENCE AT U OF T SCARBOROUGHStudent Housing andResidence LifeStudent Residence Centre1265 Military Trail, TorontoT:* Check in spring 2022 for any updates to price ranges for 2022-23.† Separate meal plans may be purchased:†† Separate meal plans may be purchased: apartments)

PROGRAMS OF STUDY: ARTS, SCIENCE & BUSINESS700 Ways to Build Your FutureOver the next few pages, you’ll find our program options, the high school subjects they require, and which University of Toronto campus or faculty houses eachset of programs. Have a look at the legend below before diving in. If you would like to browse equivalent prerequisites from your province’s high school system,flip over to pp. 18–19. And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out anytime: Note on Admission ConsiderationAll programs require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and six Grade 12 U/M subjects, including ENG4U/EAE4U and any other prerequisites.Review the Canadian Secondary School Qualification and Course Equivalents chart on pp. 18–19 for comparable requirements from other Canadian provincesand territories. The admission selection process includes consideration of the Grade 11 and Grade 12 academic record. Emphasis is placed on Grade 11 resultswhere marks in the required number of Grade 12 courses are not yet available. Admission is competitive and subject to space availability. The University ofToronto reserves the right to give preference to students with a consistent academic record whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course. The“Approximate Grade Requirement” indicated for each admission category is based on the admission average from the previous year. Grade requirements canvary from year to year, depending on the number and quality of applicants. The specified range is intended as a general guideline only.When building an Arts, Science, or Business degree on yourchosen campus, you can mix and match Specialist (9-16 credits),Major (6-9 credits), and Minor (4-5 credits) programs to suit yourgoals. For example, you can pursue a Specialist, or two Majors, orone Major and two Minors. Overall, in your undergraduate degree,you will take at least 20 credits across your chosen subject areas.TRI-CAMPUS LEGEND: PROGRAMS AND THEIR PREREQUISITESBio Biology/ orC Calculus and Vectors, andCh Chemistryrec. recommendedE EnglishS Specialist programF Advanced FunctionsMa Major programFr FrenchMi Minor programIta ItalianCo Co-op degree option (academic programs, plusMath one Grade 12 U Math co-op courses and paid work terms relevant to yourprograms)M Mathematics of DataManagementPh PhysicsI Arts & Science Internship Program (academicprogram, plus professional development trainingand paid work terms relevant to your program)7

U OF T MISSISSAUGAProgramCHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES (HBSc)OUAC Program Code: TMWAstronomical SciencesAstronomyBiological ChemistryBiomedical PhysicsChemistryCombined HBSc Environmental Science/MSc in Sustainability Management Earth ScienceEnvironmental GeosciencesEnvironmental ScienceGeographical Information SystemsGeographyPhysicsCOMMERCE (BCom)OUAC Program Code: TMEAccountingCommerce N, CULTURE, INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY (HBA)OUAC Program Code: TMCCommunication, Culture, Information & TechnologyDigital Enterprise ManagementProfessional Writing and CommunicationTechnology, Coding & SocietyCOMPUTER SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS & STATISTICS (HBSc)OUAC Program Code: TMZApplied StatisticsBioinformaticsComputer ScienceInformation SecurityMathematical SciencesFORENSIC SCIENCE (HBSc)OUAC Program Code: TMKForensic AnthropologyForensic BiologyForensic ChemistryForensic PsychologyForensic ScienceHUMANITIES (HBA)OUAC Program Code: TMHArt & Art History * JArt History JCanadian StudiesChinese Language & CultureCinema Studies JClassical CivilizationCreative WritingDiaspora & Transnational StudiesDramaturgy and Drama StudiesEducation StudiesEnglishEnglish Language LinguisticsEthics, Law & SocietyFrench StudiesFunctional FrenchHistoryHistory and Political ScienceHistory of ReligionsItalianLatin American & Caribbean StudiesLinguisticsPhilosophy8Prerequisites in addition to EnglishApprox. Grade Requirement: mid to high 70sF, Ph; (rec. C)F, Ph; (rec. C)F, Bio, Ch; (rec. C, Ph)C, F, Bio, Ch, Ph;F, Ch; (rec. C, Ph)F, Bio, Ch/Ph; (rec. C)F, Bio, Ch; (rec. C, Ph)F, Bio, Ch; (rec. C, Ph)F, Bio, Ch/Ph; (rec. C)(rec. One Math)C/F, one of Bio/Ch/Ph based on future interestC, F, PhApprox. Grade Requirement: mid 80sC, FC, FC, FC, FC, FC, FSProgram TypeMaMi Approx. Grade Requirement: mid to high 70s (rec. One Math)Approx. Grade Requirement: low to mid 80sC, F; (rec. M)C, F, Bio, ChC, F; (rec. M)C, F; (rec. M)C, F; (rec. M)Approx. Grade Requirement: mid to high 70sBioF, Bio, Ch; (rec. C, Ph)F, Bio, Ch; (rec. C, Ph)F, BioF, Bio, Ch; (rec. C, Ph) Approx. Grade Requirement: mid to high 70s (rec. Ita) of ScienceSouth Asian HumanitiesTeaching & Learning: FrenchTeaching & Learning: French & ItalianTeaching & Learning: ItalianVisual Culture JVisual Culture & Communication JWomen, Gender and Sexuality StudiesLIFE SCIENCES (HBSc)OUAC Program Code: TMLAnthropologyBiologyBiology for Health SciencesBiomedical CommunicationsBiotechnologyComparative PhysiologyEcology & EvolutionMolecular BiologyPaleontologyMANAGEMENT (BBA)OUAC Program Code: TMGBusiness, Science, and Entrepreneurship (HBSc)Human Resource ManagementManagement (HBA)ManagementPSYCHOLOGY (HBSc)OUAC Program Code: TMPCombined HBSc Exceptionality in Human Learning/MA in Child Study & Education Combined HBSc Psychology/ MA in Child Study & Education Exceptionality in Human LearningNeurosciencePsychologySOCIAL SCIENCES (HBA)OUAC Program Code: TMSAnthropologyCombined HBA Environmental Management/MSc Sustainability Management Criminology, Law, and SocietyEconomicsEconomics & Political ScienceEnvironmental Law and PolicyEnvironmental ManagementFinancial Economics (HBSc)GeographyHistory & Political ScienceInternational AffairsPolitical ScienceSociologySustainabilityTHEATRE & DRAMA (HBA)OUAC Program Code: TMTTheatre and Drama Studies *VISUAL STUDIES (HBA)OUAC Program Code: TEVArt & Art History * JArt History JCinema Studies JVisual Culture JVisual Culture & Communication JPrerequisites in addition to English(rec. Fr)(rec. Fr, Ita)(rec. Ita)SProgram TypeMaMi Approx. Grade Requirement: low to mid 80s(rec. Bio)F, Bio, Ch (rec. C)F, Bio, Ch (rec. C)BioF, Bio, Ch (rec. C)F, Bio, Ch (rec. C, Ph)F, Bio, Ch (rec. C, Ph)F, Bio, Ch (rec. C, Ph)F, Bio, Ch (rec. C)Approx. Grade Requirement: mid 80sFFFF Approx. Grade Requirement: mid to high 70sF, Bio F, BioF, BioF, Bio, Ch (rec. C)F, Bio (rec. Bio) F; (rec. C)F; (rec. C) Approx. Grade Requirement: mid to high 70s(rec Bio)F; (rec. C)F; (rec. C)Approx. Grade Requirement: low to mid 80sAudition Required Approx. Grade Requirement: mid to high 70s U of T degree plus Sheridan College diploma earned.Application to Master’s program in third year of study.JJointly listed under both Humanities and Visual Studies.* 9


Bridging Program 416-978-4444 [email protected] T Mississauga Bridging andU of Refugee Pathways 905-828-5400 no band lower than 6.0. U of T Mississauga Bridging U of T Mississauga Refugee Pathways VISITING STUDENTS Students who wish to take courses at the