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DURATIONLOCATIONCOMPATIBILITYSUPPORT10 hoursOnlineAll major devicesand browsersWe are here to help ifyou have any problemsMicrosoft Excel AdvancedThe MS Excel Advanced Course is the longest and the most comprehensive of the three Excel coursespresented here. However, if you have successfully passed the beginner and the intermediate courses,you should consider yourself fully prepared to begin the advanced course.Formulas, or functions, are what advanced users of Excel want from this tool. When one uses formulas,not only can they see the data they require for their work, they can also analyse it and get answers tovery complex questions. Though any person with a small amount of Excel knowledge can use formulas,such as SUM, a user who has advanced Excel skills will use other formulas, both alone and combined,such as MATCH, INDEX, DSUM and VLOOKUP. In addition to knowing these formulas, those who areadvanced users of Excel know how to debug these formulas, how to audit them, and how to choose theperfect formula for the occasion.“All of our online courses have been checkedand approved by IVCAS and / or CPD for yourpeace of mind.”Approved By

What You Will LearnSome of the concepts that you will learn in the MS Excel Advance Course include the following:VLOOKUP Advanced formula options and manipulations.Other advanced functions including OR, AND, CHOOSE, INDIRECT, REPLACE, LEN, LEFT, FIND.Functions including CEILING, CORREL, DATEDIF, DATEVALUE, DAVERAGE and EDATE.Colouring a column and row with a formula.Highlighting a cell with a formula.Functions including ISODD, ISNUMBER, ISTEXT, ISLOGICAL, ISNONTEXT, ISERR and ISBLANK.Functions including DGET, DMAX, DPRODUCT, DCOUNTA, DCOUNT and DSUM.How to calculate depreciation in Excel, including SLN depreciation and SYD depreciation.Calculating loan IPMT and EMI.Functions including DATEDIF, DATEVALUE, EDATE, EOMONTH, MATCH and INDEX.Full explanation of the INDEX and MATCH functions, covering several modules.Looking up data.Selecting only cells containing comments.Hiding formulas.Automatically inserting serial numbers.“Every course comes with easy to understand,yet detailed lessons created by experts.”

As you can see, the information you will get from the MS Excel Advanced Course will fully prepare youfor virtually any career path, including those that require advanced skills with this software. Onceyou complete the advanced course, you will have access to the full functionality of Excel, and willknow how to use all formulas, functions, and capabilities. Though this course is the longest and mostinvolved of the three, once you complete it, you will have the knowledge and skills that most can onlydream of.This course opens with a focus on the VLOOKUP formula, and several modules teach students how touse this function in their work. The course continues with modules on the OR and AND commands,and then focuses on other functions, such as REPLACE, LEN, LEFT and FIND.You will also learn about calculating depreciation, calculating interest, and even calculating IPMT andEMI for loans, all by using Excel functions. Additionally, the course features information on INDEX andMATCH functions, which is extremely important in certain industries and positions. The course alsoshows students how to use the CHOOSE formula, and how to create special charts. Finally, the coursewill show how to automatically enter serial numbers and perform extremely advanced functions.The advanced Excel course is designed for power users. The general population would not use theinformation contained within this course, but there are some features taught in the advanced coursethat can make your Excel usage easier. However, it is recommended that those who take this Excelcourse continue with the advanced course for a number of reasons. First, getting more knowledgeabout Excel can help you to master the beginner and intermediate concepts. Additionally, no onehas ever lost anything by having more knowledge. You might find that knowing this information willhelp you in the future, too, as you never know when the organisation you work for might require theservices of an Excel expert. These people are paid quite well, and are an invaluable addition to mostcompanies.Too many people believe that advanced Excel concepts are only useful for those who are interestedin programming or concepts such as financial modelling. This, however, is not totally true. The actualtruth is that the information contained within this course could be the key to your next promotion oryour next job.“Study the course anywhere / any time onPC, mobile and tablet. You can even learn onyour way to work!”

NUS CardAll New Skills Academy students are eligibleto apply for a NUS card which entitles you togreat student discounts at a number of highprofile CAN TAKE THE COURSE?Anyone who has an interest in learning more about this subject matter is encouraged to takethe course. There are no entry requirements to take the course.WHAT IS THE STRUCTURE OF THE MICROSOFT EXCEL ADVANCED COURSE?The course is broken down into 60 individual modules. Each module takes between 20 and90 minutes on average to study. Although you are free to spend as much or as little time asyou feel necessary on each module, simply log in and out of the course at your convenience.WHEN/WHERE CAN I STUDY THE COURSE?You can study the course any time you like. Simply log in and out of the web based course asoften as you require. The course is compatible with all computers, tablet devices and smartphones so you can even study while on the move!IS THERE A TEST AT THE END OF THE COURSE?Once you have completed all 60 modules there is a multiple choice test. The questions willbe on a range of topics found within the 60 modules. The test, like the course, is online andcan be taken a time and location of your choosing.WHAT IS THE PASS MARK FOR THE FINAL TEST?The pass mark for the test is 70%.WHAT HAPPENS IF I FAIL THE TEST?If you don’t pass the test first time you will get further opportunities to take the test againafter extra study. There are no limits to the number of times you can take the test. All testretakes are included within the price of the course.WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY CERTIFICATE?Once you have completed your test you can log in to your account and download/print yourcertificate any time you need it. If you would prefer us to post you a certificate to a UK address,there will be an admin charge of 10 (certificates sent internationally may cost more).

HOW CAN I PAY?You can either use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Solo cards or PayPal account topay for the online course. Our site uses the latest SSL encryption to ensure your safety. Allpayments are handled securely by PayPal.HOW LONG AFTER PAYMENT CAN I BEGIN THE COURSE?You can begin the course immediately after your payment has been received. You will createyour login details during the checkout process. We will also send you an email confirmingyour login details.HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COMPLETE THE MICROSOFT EXCEL ADVANCED COURSE?We estimate that the course will take about 10 hours to complete in total, plus an additional30 minutes for the end of course test.HOW LONG IS MY CERTIFICATE VALID FOR?Once you have been awarded your certificate it is valid for life. The certificate does not expireor need renewing.CAN I APPLY FOR A NUS CARD?Yes. All New Skills Academy students can apply for an NUS card. Details of how to do so willbe available in your account once your order has been processed.What Students Have to SayADAM CASSIDYRHYLAfter studying towards a law degree, I realised I had a passion for accounts but only had limitedexperience in this area. I had used excel plenty of times but had realised I needed to have advancedskills and be able to show this if required, in order to make a move into accountancy.This has helped massively and taught me a lot of new skills when dealing with situations in this field.Along with a SAGE learning program I also took, has given me broad knowledge and experience that willallow me to jump into an accounts position and hit the ground running.GEMMA JOHNSTONBIRMINGHAMGreat course. Easily readable online, no jargon and had up to date information and illustrations as wellas the sources that were used within the modules. The modules had an assessment at the end where youcould check your own knowledge - this was a great add on to ensure you are up to speed.The certificate was easily accessible on completion and you are given your grade immediately after theexam. All of the modules are printable so you can ready back as often as you like. Not only this, butthroughout the whole course, you have the ability to email representatives of the course who will answerany questions you may have and they are very prompt with their responses.I was overall very happy with this course and will definitely keep New Skills Academy in mind when takingfuture course. Thank you! information stated in the brochure is correct at time of printing and subject to change without notice.

Microsoft Excel Advanced 10 hours DURATION LOCATION COMPATIBILITY SUPPORT Online All major devices . a user who has advanced Excel skills will use other formulas, both alone and combined, such as MATCH, INDEX, DSUM and VLOOKUP. . If you don't pass the test first time you will get further opportunities to take the test again