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FOR MORE FREEDOM.A NEW ENERGYHYBRID OUR WAY.All images are purely indicative. Full LED headlights temporarily available only on a limited number of stock vehicles.5

25.5mm x 28mm x 4mmLS1Fine SilverDX8GlossBlackGGESNAKESKINGreenBACKED BY NATURE.JEEP RENEGADE e-HYBRID.The Jeep Renegade is made to be a trailblazer, so it comesnaturally that it represents another step in the sustainableevolution of the Jeep family. The Jeep Renegade e-Hybridoffers practical electric features for a more comfortable,technological and energy-saving driving experience. The Jeep Renegade e-Hybrid combines the all-new 1.5l Turbochargedpetrol engine with a compact electric motor integrated inthe DCT transmission delivering 130 HP, 240Nm of torque.The electric motor can give an additional up to 15 kW (20 HP),as the e-Boost function. The e-Hybrid technology delivers anincredibly pleasant and efficient ride, thanks to its advancedhybrid experience, able to deliver a pure electric drive at lowspeeds, during maneuvers or while coasting.Great efficiency is guaranteed both in and outside the citytoo thanks to the new 7-speed Dual Clutch automatictransmission, proven by its low emissions rating and -13% g/km CO2compared to the previous traditional powertrain in the WLTPcombined cycle.7

A NEW FORMOF THE JEEP SPIRIT.25.5mm x 28mm x 4mmLS1Fine SilverDX8GlossBlackGGESNAKESKINGreenThe combination of the new 1.5Lpetrol engine, the BSG (Belt StartGenerator) and the e-motor integratedin the gearbox offers an innovativehybrid solution: the Renegade e-Hybridis able to travel in pure electric atlow speed up to a few kilometers at0 emission.Powered by a water-cooled 48Vbattery located under the driver’sseat, the electric power unit suppliesthe e-motor without compromisingthe spacious interior.Most importantly, enjoy a new, moresustainable driving experience withthe electric drive functions likee-queuing and e-parking, plus freedomfrom external charge thanks totheauto-rechargefunctionviaregenerative braking, which chargeswhile on the go.9

MOVING FORWARDWITH A GREATER PURPOSE.JEEP RENEGADE 4XE PLUG-IN HYBRID.The innovative electric 4x4 system in the Jeep Renegade 4xe Plug-In Hybrid is always ready toensure maximum traction and control in all driving conditions. Drivers can also experience newcomforts when starting off with preconditioning which allows you to set the interior to the righttemperature before even getting in. It’s the natural evolution of a legendary spirit. Enjoy thesmooth transition between its combustion engine and electric motor on every road, even withoutany driver intervention. This means more performance, in every sense of the word. The Jeep Renegade 4xe Plug-In Hybrid delivers more off-road capability, up to 240 HP, greater torque whileemitting less than 50g of CO2 in hybrid mode. Choose between three new driving modes, allowingyou to travel up to 50km with zero emissions in full electric mode. With two powerful,efficient engines you will never be without the power you need to reach your destination,whether driving in total compliance with emissions regulations in the city or on the trail.11

EMPOWERINGMORE POSSIBILITY.ELECTRIC MOTORBATTERYPETROL ENGINECHARGING PORTThe all-new Jeep Renegade 4xe combines the latest Plug-In hybrid technology with anefficient 1.3L Turbocharged petrol engine. By itself, the petrol engine features two powersteps, 130 HP and 180 HP. When combined with the rear axle electric motor, the Jeep Renegade 4xe delivers 190 HP and 240 HP with added torque and capability. In full electricmode, the electric motor can reach 130 km/h of maximum speed on its own and can travelup to 50km on a full charge. A modern compact SUV designed for urban environments andcreated to deliver authentic and sustainable freedom like never before.13

MORE CONTROLTO REACHNEW HEIGHTS. 28 18The Jeep Renegade 4xe Plug-In Hybridgenerates a new kind of sustainablepower thanks to the dedicated electricmotor that directly powers the rearwheels. A sophisticated electronicfour-wheel-drive system is able tosurpass the mechanical limits oftraditional 4x4 systems. The Jeep Renegade 4xe Plug-In Hybrid can createup to 50% more torque, outperformingstandard combustion engines whilebeing more sustainable, guaranteeingthe efficiency and the right amount ofpower and traction needed to drive inany condition. Choose the most suitabledriving mode as you go with the SelecTerrain traction system: Auto, Sport,Mud/Sand, Snow and Rock, exclusivelyfor the Trailhawk. 2815

CHOOSE WHENTO CROSS PATHS.AUTO The default selection that isperfect for everyday driving and usesthe rear electric motor when necessary to engage the electric 4x4 system.MUD / SAND Uses the electric 4x4system for increased torque andtraction at low speeds, implementingspecific chassis controls, differentials and transmission ratios to conquer the sand and mud.SPORT The combustion engine andelectric motor work together to guarantee the most sporty driving experience.ROCK Exclusive to Trailhawk, thismode delivers skillful low-speedelectric 4x4 capability due to itsrear-differential locking mechanism,allowing Renegade to overpower themost challenging terrain.SNOW Adds stability and minimisesoversteer for security and performance on snow and ice covered roads.Major systems are managed to guarantee a smooth ride.17

7’’ INSTRUMENT CLUSTERE-COASTINGCHARGE LEVEL / ELECTRIC RANGE /% POWER / CHARGEENERGY REGENEREATION / DURINGCOASTING CONTROLStay focused on the road and easilycheck the state of your battery’scharge, range and even get coachedon how to drive more efficiently.Charge your battery even while you areon the go with e-coasting, which usesthe negative torque of engine brake asa way to recharge the battery.HYBRID MODE SELECTOR8.4’’ UCONNECT RADIOPOWER FLOW / DRIVING HISTORY/ SCHEDULES / E-SAVE / CHARGESETTINGChoose one of the three driving modes.HYBRID: intelligently uses both engineto maxmise efficiency.ELECTRIC: only uses the electricmotor for zero emissions.E-SAVE: recharge your battery on thego with regenerative braking.NEW CHALLENGES, DEDICATED SOLUTIONS.View all of the information about yourcharge, driving efficiency, driving history,scheduled charging and much more allon the 8.4” Uconnect Touchscreen.19

STANDARDELECTRIC OUTLETCharge your vehicle withthe standard cable wherever there is a domestic electric outlet.WALLBOXThe easyWallbox is themost practical and smartway to charge your vehicle at home. It will allowyou to get a full chargein 4 hours (2.3kW power)with no need of any intervention by specializedstaff for the installation.You can also schedulethe charging accordingto your needs throughthe Uconnect systemor the mobile app.TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR FUTURE.Charging the Jeep Renegade 4xe Plug-In Hybrid is intuitive, easy and suitable for urbancommuters. The 8.4” Uconnect screen makes the battery charge easy to read and understand,but more importantly you can set scheduled charging times to fit your lifestyle.PUBLICCHARGINGUsepublicchargingstations to rechargeyour battery on the go(average recharge time:1hr and 40 mins thanksto 7.4 kW power).21

MY ASSISTANTMY REMOTEMY CARMY NAVIGATION*MY eCHARGE**MY WI-FIMY ALERTMY FLEET MANAGERTo receive alerts andassistance in theevent of an accident orbreakdown concerningyour Jeep .To find and controlyour Jeep at all timesand everywyhere.To monitor and takecare of your Jeep .To receive real-timeinformation on trafficconditions, weatherand speed camerasalong your route.To manage all charging operations atpublic stations or atyour private wallbox.Surf the Internet andconnect multiple devices to your Jeep at the same time.To receive help and assistance in the eventof theft and recoveryof your Jeep .Solution for managingyour fleet ensuringabsolute control overthe activities, servicestatus, maintenanceand assistance.FREEDOM IS CONNECTING.Download Jeep mobile app or go to the official Jeep website to take advantage of all services.For more information regarding the timing and activation for eachservice, please refer to the official Jeep website.All images are purely indicative. Full LED headlights temporarily available only on a limited number of stock vehicles.*Only available on Radio Uconnect 8.4’’ Navi. **Only available on 4xe versions.23

AN INNATE CONNECTION.Apple CarPlay gives you intelligent and safe access toApple Maps, Phone, Messages and Apple Music throughSiri or the Uconnect touchscreen.You get to stay focused on what you need to do and connected towhat you want to be. The Uconnect Nav and infotainment system,boasting an up to 8.4” full colour, high definition touchscreen allows you to touch, pinch, zoom or use voice commands.Stay cool or warm, with integrated climate control that managesthe automatic dual zone air conditioning system that can now beregulated directly on the infotainment touchscreen. For those whoseek adventure, learn from the experts using the Jeep Off-RoadPages App that let you gauge and measure pitch, roll, pressure andaltitude in addition to your overall performance to give your adventure that extra boost of confidence.Android Auto offers an easy connection via touchscreen and steering wheel controls to handsfree voice control, Google Maps, YouTube Music.** To use Android Auto on your car display, you’ll need an Android phone running Android6.0 or higher, an active data plan, and the Android Auto app. Google, Android, Android Auto,YouTube Music and other related marks are trademarks of Google LLC. Android Auto isnot available in all regions and languages. Please check country and language availability.25

ALWAYS IN YOUR ELEMENT.Being comfortable must be a top priority for any great adventure. The Jeep Renegade interiors have been tailored to give everyone onboard comfort with touch of style, with premiumleather options and accent stitching.27

ENERGY YOU CAN HEAR.The Premium Audio System by Kenwood is powered by 1 digital amplifier 8 channels 560Wattand transforms your daily soundtrack into a personal concert. The new tuning maintainsan extraordinarily uniform and defined sound and with its 9 HiFi speakers it envelops thepassengers with rich, dry basses, natural voices and crystal-clear trebles.9 speakers: 2 - 3,5’’ tweeters on dashboard 2 - 1’’ tweeters on rear doors 4 - 6x9’’ mid woofer speakers on front & rear doors 1 - 6,5’’ bass-reflex Subwoover with HiFi double coil speaker29

NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN.Nowadays, looking over your shoulder is not enough. With over 60 safety and security featureseasily understood via audio and visual warnings, including Lane Departure Warning Plus, IntelligentSpeed Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition standard on all trims, the Jeep Renegade activelyand passively keeps an eye out, senses obstacles and dangers for you and your passengers.LANE DEPARTURE WARNING PLUSThe vehicle lane position is monitored by cameras and provides a visual warningif the vehicle approaches the lane boundaries unintentionally. Additionally, in caseof lane drift the system proactively leverages the electronic power steering tohelp the driver in taking a corrective action and getting back in the lane.BLIND SPOT MONITORING AND REAR CROSS PATH DETECTIONThese sentry systems constantly monitor the space between you and othervehicles. When a side or rear blind spot is encroached, you’re notified via illuminated icons on sideview mirrors and an audible chime.FORWARD COLLISION WARNING PLUSRadar and video sensors detect whether the Renegade is approaching anothervehicle or large obstacle in its path too rapidly and will warn or assist thedriver in avoiding/mitigating the incident.INTELLIGENT AWARENESSSometimes the details can get lost along the way, but with the state-of-the-artTraffic Sign Recognition system (TSR) you are alerted about overtaking, speedlimit changes and possible restrictions directly on the 3.5” or 7” TFT display.Combined with the Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), you can quickly acceptincreases or decreases to speed, and activate or deactivate the system allvia intuitive steering wheel controls.31

nePlusLaForward Collision Warning plus & Active Emergency BrakingAutomatic Park Assist - Park SenseAdaptive Cruise ControlIntelligent Speed Assist & Traffic Sign RecognitionretuarDepenAutomatic Park Assist - Park SenseRear Camera with Dynamic LinesR Bea lir ndC Sro pss otP Moat nh itD oret inec gtionLane Departure Warning PlusLane Departure Warning PlusLanslugin tioor cit teon DeMt athpo PS ssnd oli rB rCeaRDROWSY DRIVER DETECTION (only on Renegade 4xe and e-Hybrid)The system detects the level of driver fatigue. A dedicated text message is sentto suggest the driver to rest when needed. Furthermore, an icon is added forthe entire key cycle, even after removing the message on the TFT. This icon willdisappear only if the driver stops, turns off the vehicle and rests.PThe system locates a parking space and guides the driver with audio and video instructions that also appear on the TFT instrument cluster. Plus, thenew automatic pull-out function that assists in getting out of the parking spot.The driver needs to control the gear, brake and throttle position while the steering system controls the steering wheel.ngAUTOMATIC PARK ASSIST - PARK SENSEniThe ParkView back-up camera provides perfect visibility when reversing andassists the vehicle’s movement and direction thanks to the Dynamic Linesvisible on the Uconnect screen.arWREAR CAMERA WITH DYNAMIC LINESreThanks to an advanced calibration of the Front Camera, Renegade is ableto provide the extra-urban emergency braking function without the need of afront Radar. Thanks to Radar avoidance Emergency braking is now availablealso for Trailhawk.tuarWarniepngDEMERGENCY BRAKING – CAMERA ONLY33

THE NATURAL EVOLUTIONOF POWER.4XE PLUG-IN HYBRID1.3 Turbo4-cylindere-HYBRID1.5 Turbo4-cylinderDIESELPETROL190 HP4x4 Low6 speedAT130 HP4x27 speedDCT1.6 MultiJet II130 HP4x26 speedMT1.0 Turbo3-cylinder120 HP4x26 speedMT240 HPCreating power may be easy, but making it work smarter takes a different kind of talent. Acomplete line of highly efficient engines that provide increased power and responsiveness,featuring Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid alternatives. 4xe Plug-In Hybrid engines rangefrom 190 HP to 240 HP to enjoy unprecedented capability and efficiency. The Jeep Renegaderange is completed by the all-new e-Hybrid powertrain system, as the perfect solution thatbrings together convenience, efficiency and performance. Traditional combustion diesel andpetrol options are available to meet all mobility needs.35

NEW JEEP RENEGADE UPLAND.A DYNAMIC, SUSTAINABLE WORLD.Built with the environment in mind, the Jeep Renegade e-Hybrid is designed to amplify Jeep’sdedication to sustainability through eco-friendly materials and processes. Making the rightchoices always gets you noticed, just like with the new exclusive Matter Azur exterior, newextended black roof, bronze accents, stylish hood decal and gloss black 17” alloy wheels.Available with both e-Hybrid and 4xe Plug-In Hybrid powertrains, ranging from 130 HP to 240 HP,it has all the features necessary to take on the urban jungle while never leaving the Jeep spiritbehind. From the floor mats to the seats, the interior features an extensive use of recycledmaterials that still delivers Jeep’s unmistakable style. Seaqual cloth made from recycledplastics removed from the ocean and distinctive contrast stitching as well as recycled plasticsthroughout the vehicle. Connecting to nature is fundamental, but so is staying connected tothe journey. The 8.4” Uconnect NAV radio with smartphone integration keeps your world atyour fingertips at all times, make sure you never miss a beat.From the floor mats made from recycled pvc to the Seaqual cloth and vinyl seats, bothexclusive to this special series, the interior features an extensive use of sustainably sourcedrecycled materials. Highlighted by bronze details that use an environmentally friendly hardener,interior headliner made from 100% PET recycled plastics, plus bezels and other componentsmade from recycled plastics, the entire look and feel of the interior puts you more in touchwith nature.Embroidered logoFloor matsMaterial iconsBronze details37

NEW JEEP RENEGADENIGHT EAGLESPECIAL SERIES.THE CITY IS ON WATCH.Designed to stand out on any road, the Jeep Renegade Night Eagle embodies the mystery andintrigue of true freedom. How to power your adventure is up to you. Choose the engine thatbest suits your lifestyle: the 120 HP turbocharged petrol engine, the 130 HP 1.6L Multijet dieselengine paired with a six-speed manual transmission or the new 130 HP 1.5L T4 with e-Hybridtechnology and a seven speed DCT transmission. The exterior is highlighted by an eye-catchinggloss black on the exclusive 18-inch wheels, on the Renegade and Jeep badges, mirror capsand 7-slots rings on the front grille for a sophisticated and powerful look. Inside, the entireinterior is outfitted with glossy black details, high-quality vinyl with both black and contraststitching that deliver a refined look and feel that only can be expressed by a Renegade.39


LIMITEDLONGITUDE Rear parking sensorsExternal rearview mirrorswith electrical driveTechno vinyl steering wheel16” Aluminum wheelsManual air conditioningLane Keep AssistElectrical Parking BrakeDrowsy driver detections(e-Hybrid)MAIN OPTIONAL CONTENTS: Uconnect 7”/8.4’’ NAV DAB plus radio Apple CarPlay / Android Auto compatibility Uconnect Services Dual zone automatic air conditioning Function Pack (Keyless entry/start,auto power folding mirrors, windows keyfob control, alarm, electrochromic rear view mirror) 17’’ Aluminum wheels Roof RailsINCLUDES LONGITUDE FEATURES, PLUS:MAIN OPTIONAL CONTENTS: Forward collision warning PlusAdaptive Cruise ControlFront parking sensorsDual zone automatic air conditioningPremium instrument cluster with 7” color TFT displayUconnect 7’’ DAB plus radioApple CarPlay / Android Auto compatibilityUconnect ServicesFront Floor MatsDoor trim with vinyl inserts17’’ Aluminum wheelsDriver’s seat with electric lumbar adjustmentParking Pack (Rear parking camera,Blind Spot Detection, automatic park assist) Uconnect 8.4’’ NAV DAB plus radio LED pack (high beam, low beam,fog lights, tail lamps, stop lamps) Function Pack (Keyless entry/start,auto power folding mirrors, windows keyfob control, alarm, electrochromic rearview mirror, auto high-beam) 18” Aluminum Wheels 19” Aluminum WheelsPLUG-IN HYBRID STANDARD: Uconnect 8.4” DAB plus radio Drowsy driver detection Automatic Transmission Select-Terrain SystemHill Descent controlA/C preconditioning43

TRAILHAWKSAll images are purely indicative. Full LED headlights temporarily available only on a limited number of stock vehicles.INCLUDES LIMITED FEATURES, PLUS: 19” alloy wheelsBadge S External finishesPrivacy tinted glass Led PackSpecific interiors Uconnect 8.4” screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto , navigator, TBM (Uconnect Box &Services) and DAB radio Function Pack (keyless entry / start, electricallyfoldable rear view mirrors, key fob with windowcontrol, alarm, electrochromic rear view mirror,auto high-beam)PLUG-IN HYBRID: Parking Pack (rear camera, blind spotmonitoring, automatic park assist)MAIN OPTIONAL CONTENTS: Premium Audio System by Kenwood Sunroof My sky-roof Leather Group (Leather seats, 8-wayelectrical adjustment) Winter PackINCLUDES LIMITED FEATURES, PLUS: Black low gloss carrier Metakrome burnished glossy grille Metakrome burnished glossy mirror caps Black cloth seats with ruby red stitching Ruby red bezels 17” specific off-road wheels Specific off-road skid plates and bumper Tow Hook Hood Decal All-weather floor mats Adjustable cargo floor 8.4’’ Radio with navigator Privacy tinted glass Drowsy driver detection Function Pack (keyless entry/start, electricallyfoldable rear view mirrors, key fobwithwindow control, alarm, electrochromic rearview mirror, auto high-beam)MAIN OPTIONAL CONTENTS: Led Pack Leather Group (leather seats,8-way electrical adjustment) Premium Audio System by Kenwood Winter Pack Parking Pack (rear camera, blind spotmonitoring, automatic park assist) Sunroof My sky-roof Mode 3 Cable45

Matter Azur.HCTCEEHPFREAlpine WhiteUOTBikini MetallicSting GreyTBlue ShadeGraphite Grey MetallicColorado RedSolid Black47

16” ALUMINUM WHEELS18” ALUMINUM WHEELS17” ALUMINUM WHEELS17” ALUMINUM WHEELS19” ALUMINUM WHEELS17” ALUMINUM WHEELSStandard on LongitudeStandard on Night EagleOptional on LimitedStandard on LimitedOptional on LongitudeStandard on UplandStandard on SStandard on Trailhawk49


YOU HAVE TO BE AUTHENTICTO BE ORIGINAL.Jeep Renegade can be customised according to what you want and need.The complete range of Jeep Authentic Accessories powered by Mopar makes every car unique and personal, thanks to various add-ons that allowyou to transport your gear: the telescopic bar, that keeps luggage compactand stable during the journey; the roof bars, perfect for carrying your skis,bicycles or extra baggage.Mopar offers a series of other services including Vehicle Protection and anon-line e-store with accessories and replace parts. Mopar Vehicle Protectionoffers a series of premium extended warranty and maintenance plans. Onlygenuine parts by Mopar will be used by highly qualified and specializedtechnicians. Choose the service contract that fits you best.For further information, visit the Jeep on-line store at: images are purely indicative. Full LED headlights temporarily available only on a limited number of stock vehicles.53

CITY PACKThanks to City and 4xe Packs powered by Mopar , you have a various of accessories that will alwaysmake you ready for the challenge wherever you are: both in an urban setting and outside the city.* 16’’ Alloy wheels not available on PHEV versions.4Xe LINE CITY COMFORT 1Piano Black Front GrillPiano Black Mirror CoversFront DamRear Scuff Plate1Subshine Side Mouldings2 Sill KitPiano Black Interior Bezels2Techno vinyl Gear Knob319” Alloy Wheels3 4Hood sticker4Mirror cover stickers5Front grill ring5Floor mats65655

TECHNICAL DATA1.3L Turbo4xe Plug-In Hybrid190 HP AT4x4 LOW1.3L Turbo4xe Plug-In Hybrid240 HP AT4x4 LOW1.5L Turboe-Hybrid130 HP DCT4x21.0L Turbo120HP MT4X21.6LMultiJet II130HP MT4x2Limited, UplandLimited, Upland, S, TrailhawkLongitude, Night Eagle, Limited, Upland, SLongitude, Night Eagle, LimitedLongitude, Night Eagle, Limited, SPetrol ElectricPetrol ElectricPetrol Hybrid 48VPetrolDiesel4 cylinders4 cylinders4 cylinders3 cylinders4 cylindersMax. Power - kW (HP) @ rpm[petrol engine / electric motor]95.6 (130) @ 5.500 / 45 (60)132.4 (180) @ 5.750 / 45 (60)95 (130) @ 5.50088 (120) @ 5.75095.6 (130) @ 3.750Max. Torque - Nm @ rpm[petrol engine / electric motor]270 @ 1.850 / 250270 @ 1.850 / 250240 @ 1.500190 @ 1.750320 @ 1.5006-speed automatic6-speed automatic7-speed automatic6-speed manual6-speed manualHeight max. with roof rack (mm)1.6921.7181.6841.6671.667Length (mm)4.2364.2364.2364.2364.236Width (mm)1.8051.8051.8051.8051.805Wheelbase (mm)2.5702.5702.5702.5702.570Electric Jeep FourWheel DriveActive Drive LowElectric Jeep FourWheel DriveActive Drive LowFront-Wheel DriveFront-Wheel DriveFront-Wheel Drive186186 (Trailhawk 201)17116617519,3 /  26,5 /  16,1 19,3 /  26,5 /  16,1 (Trailhawk 27,7 /  28,0 /17,6 )18,8 /22,03 /14,11 18,6 /  21,2 /14,4 17,9 /  29,7 /21,2 Homologated Kerb weight max. (kg)1.7701.7701.4201.3201.430Max. towing weight (kg)1.1501.1501.4501.2501.5000-100 km/h (secs) Speed (km/h)1801991911851931.8 - 1.91.8 - 2.15.7 - 6.16.4 - 6.85 - 5.3Euro 6D-FINALEuro 6D-FINALEuro 6D-FINALEuro 6D-FINALEuro 6D-FINALCO2 WLTP (g/km) min-max41 - 4541 - 47130 - 139144 - 153131 - 138WLTP electric range [km] low - high49 - 4848 - 46–––TrimTECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ENSIONSCAPABILITYSystemRunning ground clearance (mm)Approach / departure / breakover angle(degrees)WEIGHTS & CAPACITIESPERFORMANCEFUEL CONSUMPTION (B)Combined L/100km min - maxEMISSIONS & RANGE (B)EU Emissions StandardThe values of the C02 emissions and fuel consumption are defined on the basis of official tests in compliance with the provisions under the applicable EU Regulation in force at the time of the homologation. In particular, the values indicated are determined on the basis of the WLTP test procedure. The CO2 and fuel consumption values obtainedaccording to applicable regulation are indicated in order to allow the comparison of vehicle data. The values of CO2 and fuel consumption may not reflect the actual values of CO2 and fuel consumption, which depend on many factors related, by way of example but not limitation, to the driving style, the route, the weather and road conditions, as wellas the condition, use and equipment of the vehicle. The indicated value of CO2 and fuel consumption refers to the versions of the vehicle with the highest and the lowest values. Those values may change with sub sequent configuration depending on equipment selected and/or size of tires selected. The indicated values of CO2 and fuel consumptionare not definitive and may evolve as a result of changes in the production cycle. In any case, the official values of CO2 and fuel consumption of the vehicle purchased by the customer will be provided with the vehicle’s accompanying documents. In cases where the values of CO2 and fuel consumption are relevant for the purposes of calculatingtaxes and duties related to the vehicle, reference should be made to the applicable laws in each Country.57

A CUE FROM A VIEW.To be seen is simple, but to get noticed lies in the details.59

This brochure is a publication of FCA. All product illustrations and specifications are based upon current information at the time of publicationapproval. FCA reserves the right to make changes from time to time, without notice or obligation, in prices, specifications, colours, materials, and tochange or discontinue models, which are considered necessary to the purpose of product improvement or for reasons of design and or marketing.The images are purely indicative.Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.04.4.4175.08 – S – 02/2022 – WEB VERSION

The all-new Jeep Renegade 4xe combines the latest Plug-In hybrid technology with an efficient 1.3L Turbocharged petrol engine. By itself, the petrol engine features two power steps, 130 HP and 180 HP. When combined with the rear axle electric motor, the Jeep Renegade 4xe delivers 190 HP and 240 HP with added torque and capability.