TABLE OF CONTENTS3INTRODUCTION3Inova Locations4Message from Inova’s CEO5Inova by the Numbers78PREVENTATIVE AND WELLNESS CAREDiabetes and Obesity-Related Concerns8Inova Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health9Inova’s Healthy Plate Club10Solutions for Vulnerable Populations10Forensic Assessment and Consultation Teams11Inova Juniper Program12Inova in the Community Impact Spotlight: Health Goes Local12Inova HealthSource12SNAP Double Dollars Program13ACCESS TO PRIMARY CARE14Children’s Health14Inova Cares Clinic for Children15Care Connection for Children15Inova in the Community Impact Spotlight: Care Connection for Children16Inova’s Partnership for Healthier Kids17Women’s Health18Inova Cares Clinic for Women18Philanthropy Spotlight: Women In Need Fund19Aging Population19InovaCares for Seniors PACE Center20Inova in the Community Impact Spotlight: Finding New Purpose21Hospital Elder Life Program21ElderLink21Inova in the Community Impact Spotlight: Meeting High-Need PopulationsWhere They Are21Simplicity Health22BEHAVIORAL AND PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT23Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services23Substance and Alcohol Focused Education23Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services24Inova Kellar Center24Philanthropy Spotlight: Grateful Patient Story25Cancer Support25Inova Life with Cancer 262016 Honor Roll of Donors382017 Board of Trustees and Officers

INOVA LOCATIONS Inova Emergency Care Center – Reston/Herndon Inova Franconia Springfield AmbulatorySurgery Center Inova HealthPlex – Franconia/Springfield Inova HealthPlex – Lorton Inova Northern Virginia Surgery Center –Fair Oaks Inova Urgent Care Center – Centreville Inova Urgent Care Center – Dunn Loring Inova Urgent Care Center – Tysons Inova Urgent Care Center – Vienna Inova Urgent Care Center – WestSpringfield Inova Center for Wellness and MetabolicHealth – Fairfax Inova Center for Wellness and MetabolicARLINGTON COUNTYHealth – Fair Oaks Inova Behavioral Health Services – Inova Urgent Care Center – South Arlington Inova Behavioral Health Services – Ballston Inova Physical Therapy Center – Ballston Inova Physical Therapy Center – VirginiaSquare Inova Primary Care – Ballston Inova Primary Care – Shirlington Inova Alexandria Hospital Inova Medical Pavilion – Mark Center Inova Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health –Alexandria Inova Alexandria Occupational Health Center –Alexandria Inova Physical Therapy Center – Alexandria (IAH) Simplicity Health – Alexandria Inova Transitional Services – Alexandria Inova Primary Care – Mark Center Inova Primary Care – Old Town Inova Fairfax Medical Campus Inova Blood Donor Services – Annandale Inova Primary Care – ViennaLOUDOUN COUNTY Inova Loudoun Hospital Inova Emergency Care Center – Leesburg Inova Loudoun Ambulatory Surgery Center Inova Center for Wellness and Metabolic InovaCares Clinic for Women – HerndonServices Inova HealthSource Inova Juniper Program – Fairfax Inova Juniper Program – Falls Church Inova Juniper Program – Herndon Inova Juniper Program – Mount Vernon Inova Kellar Center Inova Urgent Care Center – PurcellvilleHealth – Loudoun Inova Behavioral Health Services – Leesburg Inova Behavioral Health Services – Loudoun Inova Blood Donor Services – Sterling Inova Juniper Program – Leesburg Inova Loudoun Nursing and RehabilitationCenter Inova Physical Therapy Center – Ashburn Inova Physical Therapy Center – Dulles South Inova Physical Therapy Center – Inova Physical Therapy Center – LansdowneCentreville Inova Physical Therapy Center – Fairfax Simplicity Health – Sterling Inova Transitional Services – Leesburg Inova Physical Therapy Center – Fairfax Inova Primary Care – Ashburn Inova Primary Care – Dulles South Inova Physical Therapy Center – Fair Oaks Inova Physical Therapy Center – Inova Primary Care – Purcellville(IFH) Inova Primary Care – Leesburg Inova Primary Care – Sterling Inova Physical Therapy Center – MountVernon Inova Physical Therapy Center –SpringfieldVienna Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Inova Transitional Services – Herndon Inova Mount Vernon Hospital Inova Emergency Care Center – Fairfax Inova VIP 360 Program3 Inova 2016 Report to the Community Inova Primary Care – Springfield Inova Primary Care – Tysons InovaCares Clinic for Women and Children– Falls Church Inova Life with Cancer Inova Transitional Services – Fairfax Inova Emergency Care Center – Lorton Inova Primary Care – Oakton Inova Primary Care – Reston Inova Medical Pavilion – Dulles South Inova Urgent Care Center – Dulles SouthInova Heart and Vascular InstituteSpringfield Inova Primary Care – Mount Vernon InovaCares Clinic for Women – Alexandria Inova Blood Donor Services – Centreville Inova Physical Therapy Center – Tysons/ Inova Emergency Care Center – Franconia/ Inova Primary Care – McLean Inova HealthPlex – AshburnInova Children’s HospitalInova Fairfax HospitalInova Women’s Hospital Inova Primary Care – Falls Church Inova Primary Care – Lorton Inova Behavioral Health Services – MountVernonFranconia/SpringfieldFAIRFAX COUNTY(Merrifield) Inova Primary Care – Fairfax Inova Emergency Care Center – Ashburn Inova Emergency Care Center – Lansdowne Inova Comprehensive Addiction TreatmentCITY OF ALEXANDRIA Inova Primary Care – Chantilly Inova Primary Care – Dunn Loring Inova Behavioral Health Services – FairfaxAlexandria Inova Urgent Care Center – North Arlington Inova Primary Care – Centreville Inova VNA Home Health Simplicity Health – AnnandalePRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY Inova Urgent Care Center – Manassas Inova Juniper Program – Dumfries Inova Juniper Program – Manassas Inova Physical Therapy Center – Woodbridge Inova Primary Care – Gainesville Inova Primary Care – Lake Ridge Inova Primary Care – AnnandaleHOSPITALS Inova Primary Care – BurkeADDITIONAL FACILITIESSERVICES ANDCOMMUNITY PROGRAMSINOVA PRIMARY CARE

IntroductionMESSAGE FROM INOVA’S CEOAt Inova, it is our mission to improve the healthof the diverse community we serve. Throughexcellence in patient care, education and research,we hope to make a positive impact for all. We treateach patient individually and feel privileged to workwith every patient who comes through our doors –every time, every touch.While this Report provides an overview of manyof Inova’s community programs, we can’t begin tocapture all the amazing things that are being done.Thank you for letting me take this opportunity tohighlight some of the great work happening at Inovaeach day that makes me so proud to be part of theInova “family.”Inova is home to world-class researchers, expertmedical specialists and renowned scientists, who aredriving innovation to improve patient care, preventdisease and promote wellness. We are a globalleader in personalized health and leverage precisionmedicine to predict, prevent and treat disease,enabling individuals to live longer, healthier lives.For example, Inova’s Blood Donor Servicessupplies lifesaving blood and blood products to24 hospitals in the Washington, D.C., metropolitanarea. We work with national and internationalredistribution organizations to get blood where it’sneeded most. Our Health Information Partnership(HIP), a collaboration between Inova and FairfaxCounty Public Library, focuses onimproving community access toWe are committed to investinghealth information. Through thesein the health of the Northernjoint programs and initiatives, weVirginia community and working help bring reliable information andwith leading experts to reduceservices to a wider audience ofFairfax County disparities in areasThough our impact can be feltglobally through our research andinnovation, we are most proudto have served more than twomillion people in the Washington,D.C., metropolitan area, employedmore than 16,000 people acrossmost in need.five Northern Virginia hospitals,and a growing number ofambulatory sites, provided more than 123 million incharity care dollars and invested over 290 million inour community in 2016.In 2016, we conducted an assessment of the health ofthe communities in which Inova Health System serves,and we identified significant needs vital to Inova’spatient population. I am pleased to share this year’sReport to the Community features three key areas ofhealth based on the critical needs identified by ourpatient demographic: Preventative and WellnessCare, Access to Primary Care and Behavioral andPsychosocial Support.Many of our programs ensureall members of our communitycan access much needed healthcare services –largely in part because of the generosity of Inova’sphilanthropic donors. The gifts we receive makea difference in so many lives. This year, we areputting the spotlight on the unique stories of how thecommunity has been impacted through these gifts.May we advance the health of our communitytogether through innovation, research and communityprograms, and continue to make the health of thepeople we serve our number one priority.Sincerely yours,Knox SingletonChief Executive Officer4 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

INOVA BY THE NUMBERSCommunity Investment (in Millions):MedicaidUnreimbursedCost 83Charity Care 123 19 11 12ResearchEducationTotal CommunityInvestment(in Millions): 248Key Financials: 3.3B 131M 123MNet OperatingRevenueOperating IncomeCharity Care 239M 23MAA Investment inNew FacilitiesInvestment inMedical Educationand ResearchStandard &Poor’s Rating5 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

INOVA BY THE NUMBERSLicensed Hospital Beds in:237318Inova Alexandria Hospital183Inova Fairfax Medical Campus182Inova Fair Oaks Hospital1,796Inova Loudoun HospitalLicensedHospital BedsInova Mount Vernon Hospital876Key RY CARELOCATIONS6 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

Preventative and Wellness CareMAINTAINING THE HEALTH OF THE COMMUNITYBy bringing together people and resources, Inova’s preventativeand wellness care programs are able to address the mostpressing issues facing our community. A balanced approach tohealthful living should be accessible to everyone. Good healthstarts with access to nutritious food, dedicated professionalswilling to help in your darkest moments and collaborativepartners working together to make measurable and impactfulchange for lasting solutions.7 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

DIABETES AND OBESITY-RELATED CONCERNSAffecting more than one-third of U.S. adults, obesity is a serious chronic disease that can lead to heartdisease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer and even death. The risk factors that determineobesity can be complex and range from genetics and metabolism to socioeconomic factors and lifestylechoices. Inova offers programs to help curb this growing epidemic through educational and awarenessservices.1/3Obesity affects one-thirdof U.S. adults60 People ages 60 and olderare more likely to be obesethan younger adults17%17% of U.S. children andadolescents are obeseWith four locations serving Northern Virginia, theInova Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health(ICWMH) provides endocrinology medical visits,comprehensive diabetes classes and medicalnutrition therapy for adults and children withmetabolic issues and diabetes. ICWMH is starting asupport group for people with a variety of chronicissues at its Fairfax location.The Center boasts the area’s leading CertifiedDiabetes Educators and Board CertifiedEndocrinologists and is recognized for its diabetes education program by the American DiabetesAssociation (ADA). These programs empower diabetics to make lifestyle changes necessary tosuccessfully self-manage diabetes through individualized care and consultations.In 2016 alone, the Inova Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health provided servicesto more than 8,000 patients in the region.8 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

DIABETES AND OBESITY-RELATED CONCERNSIn partnership with the ADA, Inova and its employees participate inthe Tour de Cure bike ride, providing support and resources to peopleaffected by diabetes.Of course, we do more than engage our community to participate inour Center’s programs and events. One of the most important things an individual can do to maintain andimprove his/her risk for diabetes starts with a healthy, nutritious diet.Inova’s Healthy Plate Club educates children and their families on the importance of healthy eating andphysical activity. Through hands-on cooking lessons, creative taste tests and fun activities, the HealthyPlate Club aims to decrease obesity rates among children in grades K-8 in Fairfax and Loudoun Countiesand the City of Alexandria.In 2016, Inova Healthy Plate Clubprograms were held at HammondMiddle School, WoodburnElementary School, SterlingElementary School and Bailey’sCommunity Center, and includedmore than 100 participants.Healthy Plate Club is offered for free to schools thathave at least 50 percent of students eligible for freeand reduced-lunch.9 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

SOLUTIONS FOR VULNERABLE POPULATIONSIn 2012, Charles and Betty Ewingestablished the Inova Ewing ForensicAssessment and ConsultationTeams fund to create a positivedifference every day for victims of abuse. Today, it iswidely known as the Charles B. and Betty G. EwingForensic Assessment and Consultation Teams (FACT)department.Home to the first Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner(SANE) in the mid-Atlantic region, the FACT teamconsists of expert forensic nurse examiners, forensicphysicians and child life specialists, and offers expertmedical evaluation, forensic evidence collection andinterpretation.Members of the FACT team helped more than 600victims in 2016.Since 2013, the FACT department haswitnessed a 44 percent increase in patientencounters.By addressing the unique needs of this particularlyvulnerable group of children and adults, the FACT teamensures all patients not only receive the best treatmentin Inova facilities by specialty trained doctors, nurses andcase workers, but they also provide them with resourcesessential for recovery. This means providing directservices to help victims of violent crimes, sexual assault,domestic violence, physical child abuse, strangulationand trafficking.FACT is offered as a community service, free of chargeprogram and is not confined to Inova hospitals.lives lost5 children’seach day to abuse740,000childrenIn 2016, the FACT team helped more than600 victims of abuse and sexual assault.10 Inova 2016 Report to the Communitytreated in hospital emergencyrooms each year for injuriesfrom abuse

SOLUTIONS FOR VULNERABLE POPULATIONSSince 1989, the Inova Juniper Program (IJP) hasbecome Northern Virginia’s largest provider of fullycomprehensive, compassionate and dignified care toindividuals with HIV/AIDS regardless of their sex, race,background, sexual orientation, religious preference,financial status or insurance coverage.The Inova Juniper Program is special in thecomprehensive wrap-around services it provides directlyto patients alongside quality medical care. IJP connectspatients with resources for housing, mental healththerapy, food assistance and support groups.Through a grant from the Mid-Atlantic AIDS Educationand Training Center (MAAETC), IJP also providesHIV/AIDS-related training and technical assistancefor healthcare providers and prevention and testingservices for the community.Inova Juniper Program PhysicianIN NORTHERNVIRGINIA5.8%INCREASE INPERSONS LIVING WITHHIV/AIDS BETWEEN2012 TO 201411%INOVA JUNIPERCLIENTS SERVEDIN SAME TIMEPERIOD11 Inova 2016 Report to the CommunityIn 2016, Inova Juniper Program helped nearly2,000 patients through times of instability anduncertainty. At Inova, we go beyond treating ourpatients and providing resources.

Inova in the Community Impact SpotlightHEALTH GOES LOCALHealthSource serves the community as thepremier provider of health education and wellnessservices. Knowing that each individual requiresdifferent kinds of support and services to meettheir personal wellness needs, HealthSource offersfood insecurea variety of wellness programming including,people livingbut not limited to, personal health coaching andin Northern Virginiaprenatal support, childbirth education, life supportSource: Feeding Americare-certification and first aid, health fair screenings,seminars, health challenges, fitness classes andimmunizations. In order to reach people where they are most comfortable, HealthSource holdsprograms in community settings, at employer worksites, and other easily accessible locationsthroughout the Northern Virginia and the metropolitan Washington area.133,500During 2016, HealthSource served over 129,000 participants.To help local residents afford fresh, healthy food and ultimately reduce the incidence ofchronic disease, the Inova Health Foundation started its SNAP Double Dollars program in2011. The program builds on the growing acceptance of Supplemental Nutrition AssistanceProgram (SNAP) benefits at farmer’s markets, where fresh, local produce is sold seasonally.Through the SNAP Double Dollars program, recipients are able to double their farmer’s marketpurchases. Families who qualify for SNAP benefits (food stamps) can use their ElectronicBenefits Transfer (EBT) card at the farmer’s market to receive up to 20 in matching funds,courtesy of Inova.12 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

Access to Primary CareSERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR EVERY LIFE STAGEDid you know that there are more than 45,000 low-incomeindividuals in Northern Virginia alone? Healthcare safety netproviders help ensure primary healthcare and education tothe region’s uninsured and underserved communities for freeor low-cost. Through Inova, we offer primary care across allgenerations—from millennials, to young families and babyboomers. Inova recognizes the diverse needs of our communityand has established programs and services to meet those needs.13 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

CHILDREN’S HEALTHChildren’s health is determined by a varietyof factors including biological, social,economic and environmental exposures.From prenatal to pediatric care, the first fewyears of a child’s development are critical totheir long-term health.5.5%of people under 18in Virginiaare uninsured6.5% of children areuninsured nationallySource: U.S. Census BureauInova Cares Clinic for Children (ICCC) wasestablished in 1993 in response to the inabilityof uninsured or Medicaid mothers to secure anaffordable medical home for their children. Fromour Child Life program to kid-friendly, pediatricemergency rooms — Inova knows that having a sickchild is hard enough for parents. It’s our mission toensure the patient experience is as burden-free aspossible.The clinic serves as a medical home for newbornsand adults up to 21 years of age and providescomprehensive pediatric services including wellchild care, sick visits and school/sports physicals,immunizations and nutritional counseling.ICCC continues to evolve to help provide flexiblehours to accommodate working families’ schedulesand offer a family-centered approach to care. In2016, the ICCC launched “walk-in clinics” four daysa week. The clinics expanded their partnership withthe Falls Church Academy for their medical assistantprogram to include ICCC as part of their clinicalrotation and launched Women, Infants and Children(WIC) peer lactation consultant services.Doctors provide flexible hours to accommodateworking families’ schedules.In 2016, the Inova Cares Clinic for Children provided nearly 25,000 clinical services tomore than 7,400 patients and saw more than 3,000 babies.14 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

Inova in theCommunityImpact SpotlightCHILDREN’S HEALTHCARE CONNECTION FORCHILDREN (CCC)Inova is able to provide patients and their familymembers the time, care and compassion often timesneeded when dealing with loved ones with specialmedical needs.An Inova family with two disabled children hadtrouble accessing pediatric specialty care, oftentraveling 1.5 hours and making multiple trips fromtheir home. However, that all changed when anInova nurse case manager at CCC located pediatricspecialty care closer to the family home, savingthem time and money. Inova also provided a CCCeducational consultant who worked with the familyto advocate for the needs of the children in school,which resulted in improved educational access.Care Connectionfor Children (CCC),sponsored by theVirginia Department ofHealth, is a statewidenetwork for childrenand youth with special healthcare needs. Since 2001,Inova has administered the program in NorthernVirginia, coordinating a community-based approachwith educational resources so children can reach theirmaximum potential. CCC has bilingual professional casemanagers who are committed to building strong, caringrelationships with each child. This one-on-one, personalrelationship allows staff members to understand thechild’s special needs.In 2016, Inova’s Care Connection for Childrenserved 334 families with comprehensive casemanagement services and received more than390 referral calls. The program was funded by 943,000 in annual spending from the VirginiaDepartment of Health.190,000childrenhave specialhealthcare needsin VirginiaSource: Virginia Department of Health15 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

CHILDREN’S HEALTHFamilies with children face challenges, both large and small, every day. Unfortunately, too many familiesin the Northern Virginia area do not know where or how their child will receive healthcare.Inova’s Partnership for Healthier Kids connected 8,865 children with access tohealthcare through comprehensive application and enrollment assistance forVirginia’s Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) programs and referralsto local safety net providers.Inova’s Partnership for Healthier Kids (PHK) program works withschools and community partners to identify uninsured children andconnect them to an appropriate and affordable source of qualityhealthcare services through programs like Medicaid, Children’s HealthInsurance Program (CHIP) and local safety net providers.In collaboration with the Virginia Department of Medical AssistanceServices, the Virginia Health Care Foundation, Fairfax, Loudoun andPrince William Counties and the City of Alexandria schools, andmany community partners, PHK identifies the best strategies to locateunenrolled children. Fliers and other school literature are sent home instudents’ backpacks, and representatives speak at community fairs andattend after-school events.In 2016, Inova’s Partnership for Healthier Kids received three separate grants from theVirginia Health Care Foundation totaling 264,145.16 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

WOMEN’S HEALTHIn Virginia, too many women are uninsured,especially in communities of color. This is anissue for women not only in the state of Virginia,but for women across the nation. Women areroutinely denied coverage because of pre-existingconditions such as undergoing a cesarean section,being diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer orreceiving medical treatment for domestic or sexualviolence.15.4%of Virginia womenare uninsuredSource: U.S. Census BureauIn 2016, our commitment to women’s health was strengthened with the openingof Inova Women’s Hospital – a state-of-the-art, 65,000-square-foot buildingdedicated to caring for the women in our community.The Inova Loudoun Hospital (ILH)-based OB Clinic provides comprehensive obstetric services foruninsured and low-income women in Loudoun County. Comprehensive obstetrical services includegestational diabetes management, case management, non-stress testing and nutritional counseling.In 2016, the Inova Loudoun Hospital OB Clinic had 5,073 visits resulting in 470deliveries.17 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

WOMEN’S HEALTHWith a focus on prevention and women’s health, theInova Cares Clinic for Women (ICCW) was createdin 1960 to serve the uninsured women of NorthernVirginia, offering a wide range of OB/GYN services. AtInova, when we provide care to women, we know weare treating more than just the individual, but the futureof our area.PhilanthropySpotlightWOMEN IN NEED FUNDLocated in Falls Church, Herndon and Alexandria,the clinic works in partnership with the Fairfax CountyHealth Department and Inova Fairfax Hospital topromote early and continuous prenatal care. OurInova Cares Clinics provide comprehensive outpatientobstetrical services, gynecological care, diabetesmanagement, case management, non-stress testing,colposcopy procedures, cryosurgery and nutritionalcounseling — all at little to no cost to the patient.One of the center’s latest initiatives in 2016 includedthe launch of a new breastfeeding program at theICCW. This initiative includes education for providersand starts patient education during their prenatalvisits. Further support for breastfeeding moms includesnew Women, Infants and Children (WIC) peer lactationconsultation services at the Inova Cares Clinic forChildren.Caryl Byrnes was determined to winher fight against cancer. In the end, hercancer didn’t play fair, which can often bethe case. Caryl, however, refused defeatwithout a fight. She would claim victoryand her triumph would benefit hundreds ofwomen. In partnership with her oncologistDr. Ruchi Garg, and Gynecology OncologyThe Inova Cares Clinic for Womenprovided nearly 40,000 obstetricaland gynecological patientencounters for more than 5,300patients. More than 2,372 deliveriestook place at Inova Fairfax Hospitalin 2016.Patient Navigator Christine Bloom, RN, theyestablished the Women In Need (WIN) Fund.Caryl and her family generously seeded theWIN Fund and, in less than two years, thefund has raised more than 100,000 to helpwomen less fortunate than Caryl fight andwin their battles with cancer. While Carylmay not be here to witness the differenceshe is making in the lives of women withcancer, she will be remembered by womenand their families for her winning legacy.18 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

AGING POPULATIONNorthern Virginia, similar to the rest of the country, is preparing for a major demographic shift in theage of our population. As the region’s premier health services provider, we have been working tomeet this mounting need through a variety of health-related and community support programs as ourresidents continue to age.76%More older individualsin Northern Virginia20102030Source: Northern Virginia Community FoundationInovaCares for Seniors, a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), is the region’s first program of its kind. PACE is an evidenced-basedmodel of care that delivers all the care family caregivers need for their agingloved ones, all in one place. PACE provides the entire continuum of medical carefor adults aged 55 years or older who require daily care and assistance. TheInovaCares for Seniors PACE Center, located in Fairfax, VA, acts as the main hub of support, offeringthe highest level of care coordination on-site. As part of enrollment, participants have access to afull-service medical clinic with four primary care examination rooms, a rehabilitation therapy gym,wellness groups, adult day recreational programming, a library and a lounge at the PACE Center.For medical emergencies, members of the InovaCares for Seniors team are on-call 24/7/365. EachPACE participant is served through a comprehensive plan of care which is developed by a specializedinterdisciplinary team of geriatric physicians, nurses, social workers, dietitians, recreational therapists,physical therapists, occupational therapists, drivers and home health aides who work in partnershipwith family caregivers to provide all medical and social services. Additional specialists at the PACECenter include a geriatric neuropsychiatrist, podiatrist, optometrist and ophthalmologist, all of whomare able to see PACE participants on-site on a scheduled basis. The PACE program is built on thefoundation that seniors with complex healthcare needs who wish to live in the comfort of their homecan continue to age-in-place in the community with the support of their family caregivers and the PACEteam for as long as possible. The InovaCares for Seniors service area expands over 800 square milesin Northern Virginia, serving participants residing in Fairfax County, Arlington County, Prince WilliamCounty, the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park.In 2016, PACE had an enrollment of 133 participants and had 1.2 million inunreimbursed expenses.19 Inova 2016 Report to the Community

Inova in the Community Impact SpotlightFINDING NEW PURPOSEThe story of a legally blind participant who sees with her heart and finds renewedinspiration in sharing memories of those who have passed away.I just started being a Pastor for my church whenI lost my vision. My sight was taken from me allof a sudden. Before that, I had been workingat my job as a manager and a cashier for asmall family-owned business for the previous17 years. After I went blind, I sat around forthe first year and didn’t know what to do withmyself. Because I just sat around, I then lost mymobility. I was used to being a do-er, working40 hours a week. I used to work as a nursingassistant taking care of others who neededhelp, initially in Brick Haven, North Carolina,and then at the Little Sisters of the Poor conventin Richmond, Virginia. I was used to taking careof everyone and had to get used to peopletaking care of me for a change.I first learned about InovaCares for SeniorsPACE when I was filling out my papers fordisability. They told me to check out the PACECenter, so I did. I didn’t know what I was goingto be doing, but I wanted to see it for myself,even though my sight was taken from me. ThePACE Center had a good feeling to it. Despitemy limited sight, I could see that it was a safeplace. It felt like a safe environment. Like whenyou’re surrounded by family.Becoming disabled doesn’t cha

Inova Physical Therapy Center - Ballston Inova Physical Therapy Center - Virginia . Lake Ridge Inova Alexandria Hospital Inova Medical Pavilion - Mark Center . million people in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, employed more than 16,000 people across