MAJOR SOURCES Mornings on Horseback – McCoulloughThe Rise of Theodore Roosevelt – MorrisTheodore Roosevelt, A Life – MillerThe Rough Riders and an Autobiography –Theodore Roosevelt

“Do what you can, with what you have,where you are.”“Believe you can and you're halfwaythere.”“It is hard to fail, but it is worse neverto have tried to succeed.”

MAJOR INFLUENCES ON TR, JR1858 – 1877Birth – Preparing for Harvard Ancestors and Immediate RelativesCIVIL WAR“FIELD WORK” Physical ExersionAsthma, Physical Training, BOXINGReligion and PhilanthropyTRIPS ABROADEYE GLASSES

A man must think well before he marries. He mustbe a tender and considerate husband and realize thatthere is no other human being to whom he owes somuch of love and regard and consideration as he doesto the woman who with pain bears and with laborrears the children that are his.” TR, JR."


CVS Roosevelt’s ChildrenSilasJames Alexander – Business GeniusCornelius Jr.Robert – Unorthodox (see pre-reading)Theodore – “Thee” – Father to TR Jr. PresidentWilliam died at the age of one. Room

Dining room of the Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. house, 6 W. 57th St.,New York, NY

"Economy is mydoctrine at all times,""at all events till Ibecome, if it is to beso, a man of fortune."Patriarch – CVS Roosevelt1794 - 1871

Patriarch – CVS Roosevelt1794 - 1871# 1 Silas WeirRoosevelt# 4 Robert# 2 James Alexander# 3 CVS Roosevelt, Jr.In charge of business and financials,Head & Chief Spokesman of Broadway Improvement Association (thetotal real estate owned by CVS and kids).Director of Chemical Bank,like CVS. In 1868, 5 of the 10 richest in NYC were these brothersRooseveltsT R, JR’sFAVORITEUNCLE onFATHER’SSIDE#5 Theodore Roosevelt, SR

Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt, Sr1794 - 1871Margaret Barnhill 1799 - 1861Married October 9, 1821

nd-worst-firstfathers/2012/06/14/gJQAZGcXcV gallery.htmlHome-schooled/World TravelerNo talent forbusiness, no realinterests or hobbiesGreat rich friendsStraight-lacedLoving, tenderhearted"My father was thebest man I everknew. He combinedstrength and couragewith gentleness,tenderness, andgreat unselfishness.He would nottolerate in uschildren selfishnessor cruelty, idleness,cowardice, oruntruthfulness.”

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Theodore Roosevelt, JrInfluences from Mother



IMPACT OF THECIVIL WARGrandmomma BullochHalf-Brother, Daniel Stewart "Stuart" Elliott (1826–1861), who died of tuberculosis while serving inthe Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Uncle Jimmie – Captain James Dunwoody BullochIjames Dunwood Bulloch and rvine or-shares-story-of-covert-confederate-hero/

“More than any otherbook or books,President Roosevelthas read and re-readthe Life of Lincoln.Lincoln is his NorthStar; he steers by him.In those tangles whichbeset a president, hisfirst silent inquiry is,‘What would Lincolnhave done?’”Theodore Roosevelt wore this ring, containing pieces of Abraham Lincoln’s hair, on March 4, 1905,during his second inauguration

Theodore Roosevelt, SrCHILDREN#1 Anna (Bamie) Roosevelt b. 1855 Closest in temperament to Theodore Trusted advisor#2 Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. b. 1858#3 Elliott Roosevelt b. 1860 Father of Eleanor Roosevelt# 4 Corinne Roosevelt b. 1861

Theodore Roosevelt Jr’s Religious Influences

“Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only” (James 1:22).This was the biblical text on which Roosevelt placed his handwhen he was inaugurated President in 1905.What does the Lord require of you but to dojustly, and to love mercy, and to walk humblywith your God?”“Trust in the Lord, and do good” (Psalm37:3).

Teddy Roosevelt letter toDr. Henry McCookregarding his ScotchIrish heritage, 1899.

“As much as I enjoy loafing, there is somethinghigher for which to live.”“I always believe in showing affection by doingwhat will please the one we love, not by talking.”“I have often thought that unselfishness combined in one word more ofthe teachings of the Bible than any other word in the language.”“Seize the moment, Man was never intended tobecome an oyster.”

THEODORE ROOSEVELT, SR’S PHILANTHROPYNYC Orthopedic and Dispensary HospitalNY Museum of Natural HistoryTR, SR Friends and Associates: Frederick Law OlmsteadBrook AdamsE.L.GodkinHenryJoseph ChoatePierpont MorganHoward PotterJohn HayMatthew ArnoldAlbert BickmoreCabot Lodge

Theodore Roosevelt’s Asthma ROLE OF RELIGION RELATIONSHIP WITH FATHER RELATIONSHIP WITH NATURE RELATIONSHIP WITH COFFEE and CIGARS ROLE IN EARLY CHILDHOODAt 12 years old, “You have the mind, but you haven’t the body. You must MAKE your e/features/tr-mccullough/

“With asthma, life is a constant battle .”Refuses to be a helpless victimDecides to fight back“I am to do everything for myself”“For Teedie, in some powerful way, father and theout of doors meant salvation, and Theodore, Sr. inthe most encouraging ways, set the example.” p108

“Gained by observation.” “My serious career.” “That seal filled me with every possible feeling of romanceand adventure.” Lifelong keen observer and documenter – of specimens,nature, men Carbon Manuscript pad, beginning in 1909 in triplicate, toimmediately send off information to publishers,politicians, and one to keep Careful eye to understand all around him, analyze theparts, all elements, to understand the whole.

There has been no meeting for two years owing to the absence of a majority of themembers in foreign countries collecting specimens.Whereas the size of the Museum requires entire reorganization it is resolved that a newconstitution be adopted.Said new constitution having been read and signed by directors. It is also resolved thatMrs. James K. Gracie, Miss Elizabeth Lewis, Mr. Elliott Roosevelt and Mr. John Elliott beconstituted members.It is also resolved that in consideration of the great services rendered by Messrs. ElliottRoosevelt and John Roosevelt that they be not obliged to pay any initiation fee.It is also resolved that any of the directors be authorized to sell or exchange duplicatespecimens of the Museum the proceeds to be given to the Museum.It is also resolved that Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. President of the Roosevelt Librarypresent at the next meeting written proposition for the incorporation of the Library andMuseum.Present at the meeting:T. ROOSEVELT, JR.J. W. [JAMES WEST] ROOSEVELTW. E. [WILLIAM EMLEN] ROOSEVELT.

THEODORE ROOSEVELT’S FIELD st-194-the-field-notes-of-theodoreroosevelt/

It is also resolved that Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. President of the Roosevelt Library present at the next meeting written proposition for the incorporation of the Library and Museum. Present at the meeting: T. ROOSEVELT, JR. J. W. [JAMES WEST] ROOSEVELT W. E. [WILLIAM EMLEN] ROOSEVELT.