top shelfright end panelsupport strapgap fillerdoorassemblyleft end panelHARDWARE INCLUDEDQTYPART 60-116608601-2087DESCRIPTION10 x 5/8 sheet metal screw10-16 x 3/4 tek screw10-32 x 1/2 machine screw10-32 hex nut1/4 washer36” double sided tapeR-07.11.07 STR-08335-0142existing gondolaULTRA & MILLENNIUM SECURITY CASE INSTRUCTIONS2

turede picrutixfUltraULTRA & MILLENNIUM SECURITY CASE INSTRUCTIONS 30”3R-07.11.07 STR-08335-01421Place the top shelf into the gondola at thedesired height. For example, if you want tobuild a 16” x 48” x 30” security case youwould place the top shelf about 30” fromthe bottom of the shelf bracket to theshelf or deck below (see below).

2gap fillerfront of door assemblysupport strap332With the front of the door assembly facingyou slide the gap filler in from one end tothe other so the gap filler is centered in theframe of the door assembly.4ULTRA & MILLENNIUM SECURITY CASE INSTRUCTIONS2R-07.11.07 STR-08335-0142With the front of the door assemblyfacing away from you (door handles areaway from you) slide the support strapsinto the channel closest to you about 8”from each end.front of door assemblysupport strap

gap filler554shelf brackethatsupport strap5Attach the support strap on the backside of the door assembly to the outer–most hat on the top shelf using one (1)10-16 x 3/4” tek screw per support strap.5ULTRA & MILLENNIUM SECURITY CASE INSTRUCTIONSsupport strap4With the front of the door assemblyfacing you tip the top in slightly andinsert the gap filler behind the ticketmoulding, then slide the bottom of thedoor assembly in so it sits vertical onthe bottom shelf or deck.R-07.11.07 STR-08335-0142shelf bracket is transparent for clarity

6ULTRA & MILLENNIUM SECURITY CASE INSTRUCTIONS66R-07.11.07 STR-08335-01426Attach the bottom of the door assemblyto the bottom shelf or deck with two (2)10 x 5/8” sheet metal screws, 1 per endend of the door assembly.

877top shelfend panel8Hook the end panels into the slots onthe uprights so the hole in the end panelaligns with the keyed hole on the shelfas pictured to the left. When installedthe end panel should overlap the topshelf slightly as well as the bottom shelfor deck.ULTRA & MILLENNIUM SECURITY CASE INSTRUCTIONS8R-07.11.07 STR-08335-014277Apply one piece of double face tape tothe inside of each end panel (end panelhooks face in). If the height of the endpanel is shorter then the length of tapetrim the tape to run between the twoholes in the end panel. If the end panelis taller then the length of tape cut thetape in half and apply each half one justbelow the top hole and the other justabove the bottom hole as pictured to theleft and below.

99ULTRA & MILLENNIUM SECURITY CASE INSTRUCTIONS8R-07.11.07 STR-08335-01429Secure the end panel to the top shelf usingone (1) 10-32 x 1/2” machine screw,washer and hex nut per end panel. Thewasher goes inside the security case withthe nut.

existing gondola left end panel support strap right end panel top shelf gap filler. R-07.11.07 STR-08335-0142 3 ULTRA & MILLENNIUM SECURITY CASE INSTRUCTIONS Place the top shelf into the gondola at the desired height. For example,