February2008Issue#1Kihei Community Association www.gokihei.comKCA Urges You to Volunteer to HelpUrgMake Kihei a Better CommunityMakeCommunityunity.Here’s what happened at the February Community Meeting andwhat’s coming up in March be part of it all. Attend the meetings.KCA President Jon MillerLast month, in the preview issue of TheKihei Insider, here’s what I promisedyou for Febraury:“February 19 we will be exploring thevolunteer opportunities open to us inSouth Maui.”What a great community meeting wehad, too. I really want to thank all theorganizations that came by to tell usabout volunteeropportunitiesfor South Mauipeople. Please,understand this,if I forget youro rg a n i z a t i o n ,it’s an oversight,and I’m sorry.Jon MillerLet me hearabout it, and I’ll thank you twice in thenext Kihei Insider. Here are the onesI can think of:Mahalo to all of you! Community WorkDay, represented by Rae, or RhiannonChandler, who said she looks forwardto meetings like ours as a way toconnect with the actual volunteers whodo so much for Community Work Day.Maui Food Bank sent Pedro Faingaert.He’s arranging to have a Food Bankcollection container at all our meetingsnow.Our own Bob and Lis Richardson spokeup for Hoaloha‘aina. They mentionedtheir ongoing efforts on every Mondaymorning at the Kihei Boat Ramp andthe Kamaole Beach Parks doing dunerestoration and other land activities.Kapono “Troy” Stupplebeen camerepresenting the County of Maui andthe Fire Department. Maui Fire Dept.has no volunteer opportunities, but hehad a wealth of welcome information.Emily Carlson came to tell us about theopportunities at the Hawaiian IslandsHumpback Whale National MarineSanctuary, and Nicole Davis gave usthe facts about volunteering on projectsof the Hawaii Wildlife Fund. Maui ReefFund and other ocean concerns,including Cheryl King’s HawksbillRecovery project.Dan Kuhar, with the help of KCABoard Member Gail Weaver showed usthat schools, including Kihei CharterSchool, have real volunteer needs andother involvement opportunities.South Maui’s State Representative JoeBertram III checks in with JulieQuintiliani who is offering KCAmembers the opportunity to volunteerwith Junior Achievement during theFebruary Community meeting.came by to tell us what his departmentis doing in South Maui.Finally, a big “thank you” to Jeffersonand Patricia Stillwell who supplied ourpupu, and to Menehune Water Co. forthe bottled water.Oops. No space. See page 2 for the.Gerri Shapiro told us about NeighborsHelping Neighbors, an organization fullof aloha. Julie Quintiliani was there toexplain Junior Achievement, a step inthe business education of many youngpeople. And, last in this list, but highon KCA’s list of favorites is KiheiYouth Center. Pohai Kaihiwalu was onhand to tell us about the center’s needsfor volunteer help.While I’m thanking people, let meinclude Mary Kielty of Maui Parks andRecreation who opened the lowerparking lot when KCA and theDemocratic Party Caucus were on atthe same time. Also mahalo to MiltonArakawa of Maui Public Works whoWhile supplies last, Kihei CommunityAssociation is giving away reusableshopping bags like the one held hereby Board Member Mike Moran. Thebags, supplied to KCA by Maui CountyRecycling Section, are free to thosewho will sign a solemn promise to usethe bags when shopping.February 2008 1

Tidbits the Editor CouldnesistCouldn’’t RResistNot necessarily “something for everyone,” but maybe somethingfor you or someone in your ‘ 879.5390Kihei Insider editor . [email protected] KCA Board and OfficersMichelle [email protected] [email protected] Bertram [email protected] Cordentcorden [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ElbanKelaban [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Office: Shadan [email protected] Kihei InsiderSpecial Guests at KCA Community Meeting on March 18There’s been a little change in theagenda for KCA’s March meeting.This was going to be the meetingabout development in South Maui,but we have a great opportunity tohave guest speakers from the Stateof Hawaii Department of Land andNatural Resources.A Note from Bob RichardsonLis and I had a great workday at Kamaole II. There were over 24 peopleworking with our group. Older,younger, visitor and local, real localsand transplants. It was a great morning.DLNR Administrator Morris Attawill be there. Even though we don’tknow which other DLNR officialswill join us, there will be others.DLNR, according to its website, is“dedicated to managing Hawaii’snatural and cultural resources, andis equipped with several divisionswith various jurisdictions. Pleaseexplore our website more to findthe many resources and servicesthat DLNR manages; we hope youfind that and any other informationthat you seek.” Check it out onlineat know them better from workingwith them on coastal issues, oceanconcerns, public land questions,and environmental conservationsubjects. These folks are motivated.They want to talk to us. let’s findout what’s up.The doors will open Tuesday,March 18, at 6 p.m. We’ll havepupu from Stella Blue and half anhour to talk with each other. Then,speakers from the DLNR! I couldguess about what subjects willcome up, but I’m not even going totry. These people are responsiblefor so much of the fragile andbeautiful space in South Maui!We don’t get a chance to heardirectly from DLNR often. Don’tmiss this meeting.We planted and cleared green wastefrom the Kamaole II Beach Park areathat was the site of the worst of theKona storm damage.It is ongoing partnerships with bothState and County that make the mostof our efforts. Want to help next time?InsidetheInsider KCA Urges You to Volunteera message from the president . 1South Maui EnvironmentThink globally, act locally . 3Volunteer OpportunitiesKPAT is still going strong . 4Insider Has Questionsand a malihini’s asking . 5Silvani Art Cartoonby James Silvani . 5The Least You Can Doto make Maui even better . 6Solutionsto Insider puzzles . 6Kihei in Actionpictures without captions . 7Kihei Krosswordand other Kool stuff . 8

The South Maui EnvironmentCelebrating or Mourning our ReefsCelebrbraMourningReefsThis is happening here and now, in the International Year of theReef, around Maui, and you are not going to like it.Mike MoranWhere are all the colorful fish that usedto swim our coral reefs? The yellowtangs, the Moorish idols and the ornatebutterflyfish are gone. As we are losing the fish, our interconnected coralreefs are dying. Are we celebrating2008 as the international year of thereef, or are we mourning the loss?“Collectors” for wholesalers, who sellthem for home aquariums worldwide—not only on the mainland—have ruthlessly scooped up millions of thesebeautiful creatures.Exactly how many of these fish arecollected from Hawaii’s reefs in a givenyear is unknown, but the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR), advises the best estimates run as high asten million per year! No wonder wedon’t see many of these beauties in ourocean waters.Aquarium fish bag limits must be imposed while some of these fish are stillin Hawaii. The collectors don’t care ifall our fish are depleted, as they’ll justhead off to another tropical area to rapethose resources.They don’t even care if the fish survive,and many do not, just so long as they’realive when they sell them. If they diein some aquarium in Utah, they’ll justsell more of them.Two bills before the Hawaii State Legislature—SB 3225 and HB 3330—willestablish those drastically needed baglimits. But you have to influence yourrepresentatives to get these passed, asthere’s big time opposition comingfrom those far off places where thesefish end up for rest of their short, weaklives.Ask our senators and representatives inHonolulu about the deluge of calls andemails they are receiving from numerous countries and states demanding thatthese bills be defeated.Should our legislators and administrators be concerned with the clamoringfrom outside of Hawaii, or shouild theyshow their allegiance to the well beingof all things living here?Go to whereyou can find phone and email addressesfor all 76 legislators, as well as the status of all bills for the 2008 session. Justfollow the user-friendly instructions onMike Moran is a dailyocean swimmer, dogwalker and frequentcyclist in Kihei. He is acofounder of the PumpDon’t Dump program,and serves on boththe Services andPublic Relationscommittees for KCA.the website. So contact them and veryrespectfully ask them to do the rightthing.Will passage of these two bills fix allour reef problems? Unfortunately not.There’s no quick fix for this long-termabuse, but this is a big step in the rightdirection. Also check SB 2154, whichwill help state officers (DoCARE), toensure the environmental laws andrules we have are enforced. Mahalo.This is a yellow tangin a plastic bagready for export toan aquarium andsure death, all for alittle human amusement at the expenseof the reefs ofHawaii and for theprofit of a fewindividuals whoshould find employment doing something productive forthe planet. (Imagecourtesy of HawaiiAudobon Society.)Clearly, it is too latefor these oncebeautiful Hawaii reeffish. They were ontheir way, but didn’teven make it to theaquarium store. It’snot just that theirlives were cut short.Their offspring won’tpopulate Hawaii’sreefs either. (Image—sadly providedto us courtesy 2008 3

South Maui Volunteer OpportunitiesCommunity Workday ProgramCommunityorkdakdayProThis is one volunteer opportunity that you can plan for, and it willgive you plenty of days off between “shifts.” Get involved.Bob RichardsonCommunity Work Day Program(CWD) is the “Mother Ship” of volunteer programs in Maui County for picking up the rubbish that yourgroup has gathered? Is there a sectionof beach that needs some TLC? Community Work Day Program can put youin contact with the appropriate State orCounty agency and also get you helpwith native beach plants if that is partof the effort.Almost all other volunteer programsthat involve service to the island andits environment rely on CWD in someway. CWD organizes six major workdays during the calendar year that arecountywide clean-up efforts. Thoseprojects and dates are found on theirweb site at Kihei Community Associationsupports CWD’s efforts by participating in their work days, with financial support from KCA members, andby testifying before the county administration and County Council for funding for this worthwhile effort.The title and 2008 dates for the yearlyevents are listed below. Some havepassed; many have not.Aloha AinaJanuary 19, 2008Great American CleanupMarch 1-5, 2008Keep America Beautiful Day CleanupApril 4, 2008Litter Bugs Me CleanupJuly 26, 2008Get the Drift and Bag It CleanupSeptember 9, 2008Holiday Gift to Maui Nui CleanupNovember 11, 2008WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME?If you see an illegal dump site in yourneighborhood or anywhere else thatyou are concerned about, call CWD andsee who else might be interested inhelping you clean it up. Do you knowof some graffiti that you would like4 Kihei InsiderBob Richardson is anactive South Mauivolunteer with KiheiCommunityAssocation and otherlocal organizations.WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?You will notice most of the examplesmentioned involve “you” helping insome way. That is because CWD relieson volunteer labor for almost all thatthey in removing? Contact CWD, andarrange for some donated paint and perhaps a brush or roller. Need bags andgloves or drinking water for a groupthat will be working? Do you need helpPhoto above: George Rixey at a CWD/KCA clean-up site in North Kihei. Below:Steve Frayer, Karen McGinnis, andProject Manager Kai Chung from CWDworking a clean-up site around the VFWarea in Kihei.CWD is funded by Maui County, private donations, federal grants, andgoods and services from private citizens and businesses.They are not in existence to clean up amess in your neighborhood or yourcommunity, they are here to help youfind the solution to that and many otherproblems that sometimes are overlooked by county agencies, or just can’tmake it onto the official calendar forwhatever reason.

Insider Has QuestionsOur Curious Columnist Goes SouthYou can help make this column the most and best it can possiblybe just by chatting with the columnist any time at all.Maury KingTalk about thegreatest job in theworld!I just had a chanceto drive down to theend of the road andtalk with Joe FellMcDonald out at LaPerouse. Joe is one of three Departmentof Land and Natural Resources(DLNR) employees who hang aroundthe reserve filling a jack-of-all-tradesrole. He works helping to manage oneof the Natural Area Reserves (NARS)which are small setasides of mostlywild land used as benchmarks againstwhich to measure changes. AhihiKina‘u Reserve is the only one of thesethat includes a coastal area—and theonly one that is accessible to the public.Joe’s job is pretty much to hang outthere and be real nice to people whileenjoying one of the most beautiful spotsin the world. I never actually asked himif he was enjoying himself, but as a selfprofessed native plant geek and naturelover, he has had a chance to explorevirtually every inch of the lava flowsaround Ahihi-Kina‘u Reserve andyou should see his commute! Not tooshabby if you like eight miles of coast(oh yeah, and dodging tourists). He wasinvolved in the recent discovery of theordnance left over from bombingpractice in the area (how rude!). Don’tworry, they just detonated it on site(even ruder?).report will be generated with suggestions that might include giving thearea a chance to take a break fromhumans for a while. (I was assured itwill be delivered at a faster pace thanGPAC).ridge to get to Aquarium. He pulled outhis Palm Pilot to be sure to correctlyinform me that 4,000 people have madethat trek since November.Most everyone who came up and talkedto Joe was extremely nice, and theyseemed genuinely interested ineverything he was willing to share. Hesaid people really want to be informedand seem happy to take suggestionsabout the best places to go and not go.A lot of educating people, some firstaid, some science, keeping an eye onthings and keeping people safe. Gohome. Repeat tomorrow.While we talked, on a fairly choppyday, he mostly told people thesnorkeling wasn’t going to be any goodand they’d be better off at one of theKihei beaches or even taking a surfinglesson instead. (Oh, that’s why theKihei beaches are getting so crowded.)So, if you’re ever down at the end ofthe road and need anything, be sure toask Joe or one of his partners, Judy orMatt.By the way, see Pat at Makena Stablesif you like getting on a horse in the area.Joe Fell-McDonaldAgain, talk about a dream job! I hearthey’re actually going to hire anotherperson.At one point Joe pointed across thefishpond to where people traipse theThanks Joe, and be sure to drink lotsof water.There is a management plan being puttogether for the area by DLNR. As ithas become a destination for so manypeople Ahihi-Kina‘u Reserve is sorelychallenged to remain wild enough tobe a benchmark area. Being the onlyNAR that contains an accessible coastalarea adds a management challenge tothe job.Years in the making, a multi agencyFebruary 2008 5

The Least You Can Do for the Future – 2Joseph W. BeanI don’t mean to disturb you, but the leastyou can do to prevent plastic grocery bagsfrom becoming “trash birds” caught in trees orkilling turtles and fish in streams and nearshore waters is this: Tie them in knots beforeyou discard them. No fancy nautical knots arerequired. Any knot will do. Tied up with no airballooning, even if they do have to go the landfill, they’ll stay there.Other things you can do about plastic bagsinclude:1. get a permanent shopping bag and useit,2. reuse the plastic bags you do get manytimes,3. pack your own goods in fewer bags thanare usually used,4. carry one or two items in your handswithout a bag, and5. use dirty or wet bags to pack dirty orwet trash.It’s not a lot, but it makes a lot ofdifference. The best possible answer to thequestion “Paper or plastic?” is “Neither. I’ll .”Finish the sentence thoughtfully. You mightsay, carry things in my hands, or in mypermanent bag, or in this reused bag or, I’llput them in my bicycle basket.Kihei in ActionThis is a SOLUTION. Challenge yourself on pagesix before reading the answer, which is upsidedown below.The photos on this and thenext page are images andcaptions from well,anyone you?Who said this?“We abuse the land because we see itas a commodity belonging to us. Whenwe see land as a community to whichwe belong, we may begin to use it withlove and respect.”Aldo Leopold, Sand County Almanac, 1949.Solution to the Kihei Kommunity Puzzle #2(puzzle on page 8)Above: ReecePottorff is a studentat Kihei CharterSchool who is tapingKCA meetings forairing on Akaku.Thanks, Reece!Right: Lion fish! It’sjust another invitation for you to readpage 3 (Imagecourtesy of RobertWinter).6 Kihei Insider

Is someone watering Kalama Park with tons ofsplit-pea soup? No! See below.If you don’t know the beautiful South Mauiplace above, look at page 5 of this KiheiInsider. If you don’t love the puffer fish atright (Image courtesy of Robert Winter),see page 3. Below: Mary Kielty speaks toKPAT about the plans of the Maui CountyParks and Recreation Department forKalama Park. (Mahalo, Mary, KCA reallyappreciates your hard work.)Above, it still looks like soup. Below you see thatit was a beautiful “sea” of recycled glass all along.February 2008 7

Kihei Kommunity Puzzle. #273. Two scoops76. In bad taste,but great fun29. Don’t go30. Employ78. Stepping out solo31. Approve in ahurry79. Rub out32. Cause sadness37. Wet line in IaoDown39. Inquires1. Rank of seats40. Workshop clamp2. Double tocook chicken43. Oops cousin3. Gore to pals4. Poet Ogden54. Brass and courseof study6. Mil. cop57. Shipper: Bros.7. Hawaiian dawn58. Filipino chickenfavorite9. Ke Ali‘i29. With shoes51. B.P.O.E.33. Ms. LongoriaParker53. 31, 30, 28 or 2934. Needle valley35. Polynesian totemAcross1. To mahalo6. Defunct dock36. If The Shoe38. TCP follower55. Hawaiian thing56. Lokelani (yellowin Texas)57. WaveRunnermaker60. Ring site52. and behold5. Ho‘o Beach8. Hawaiian brains,Pidgin crazyPlease let us know ifthere is something incorrect, disturbing or uncomfortable about anyclue or solution in thispuzzle.50. Wrap-on dress59. Mighty10. Maui tour flier63. “In the world,but not ”11. More pay64. Frilly fabric12. Portuguesemusic style65. Whopper speaker21. Maui protector66. Sings a lahip-hop22. Frazier Nivens67. Eye bump23. Respecteddiplomat74. Calif. shorter25. Opponent of AL75. Latin exampleabbrev.28. Fingertipprotector77. Pa’s betterhalf13. Iune 139. Sound-PictureEQ or montior14. Wet amenity41. Salem’s st.61. Hanson Roadfeature, often15. Friends of Bill W42. So and62. KCA presidentThe solution to this puzzle and the “Who SaidIt?” question below are on page 6.16. Paso44. Lions onscoreboards68. Hawaiian forshout or roarWho said it?45. Opp. of rt.69. Day Hope10K Run17. Lang. of 16across“We abuse the land because we18. So. Cal. city46. Chihuahua yes19. Kind of tag20. Lis or Bob47. Alt name for gymclass24. many words48. Pres. in 192971. The ShopsWaileasee it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land asa community to which we belong, we may begin to use itwith love and respect.”26. Consume49. Eston., Kazakh,and Lith in 195672. Fredericton isits cap.Hint: The quote originated in analmanac.27. Mates for aunites8 Kihei Insider70. Hawaiian forfood or sex

that schools, including Kihei Charter School, have real volunteer needs and other involvement opportunities. Gerri Shapiro told us about Neighbors Helping Neighbors, an organization full of aloha. Julie Quintiliani was there to explain Junior Achievement, a step in the business education of many young people. And, last in this list, but high