MaraMeter. Indicating Measuring Instruments for Inside Dimensions9-48Willrich Precision Ph: 866-945-5742 Email: [email protected] Dial Bore Gages 844 K IntramessFeatures Measuring the diameter,roundness and conicity ofbores Spring-loaded halves ofmeasuring probe are split viaexpanding pin withprecision-lapped taper. Thismovement is transferred toindicating instrument Maximum wear-resistancedue to hard chrome plating.From 4 mm alternativelywith carbide tipped availableon request Highly versatile, each gagecovers a large range. Withinthe respective limits, quicklyand easily adjustable to anysize and any type ofmeasuring application Measuring probe, holder,depth extensions,right-angle attachmentsand depth stops are partof an extensive modularsystem Constant measuring force asa result of built-in springthus eliminating userinfluenceTechnical DataComplete InstrumentAccuracy844 KDeviation of linearity 2 % measuring ranges 0.47-1.55 mm 1 % measuring ranges 1.5-18.6 mmMeasuring heads hard chrome plated,expanding pin made of stainless steel844 KH Measuring heads carbide tipped on both sides,carbide expanding pin844 KS Blind hole measuring heads hard chrome plated,expanding pin made of stainless steelCatalog no.Measuringrangemm844 K(inch)Numberofmeas.probesRepeatability1 µm manual measurement 0.5 µm measurement with Stand 844 Kstand Floating Holder 844 KstsOrder no.*Indicating Instruments0.470.951. 0.97- 1.55- 4.2- 7.3- 10.3- 18.6(.018 (.037 (.060 (.145 (.26 (.37 *844 KH1. 4.2- 7.3- 10.3- 18.6(.060 (.145 (.26 (.37 *4471004**4471005**844 KS1. 4.2- 7.3- 10.3- 18.6(.060 (.145 (.26 (.37 *4482165**4482166*** Includes holder, measuring probe, expanding pin and wooden case, but notindicating instrument** Additionally includes measuring force spring 4470828 and disk 4470821All indicating instruments that has a 8 mm mounting shank may beused. Recommended are:Dial ComparatorReadingsmm / inchCompramess1004 / 1004 ZMillimess1003 / 1003 ZMillimess1003 XLSupramess 1002 / 1002 ZExtramess 20005 µm/ .0001“ 4333000/43339001 µm/ .00005“ 4334000/43349002 µm43340010.5 µm/ .00002“ 4335000/43359000.2 µm/ .00001“0.5 µm/ .00002“ 4346000*1 µm/ .00005“0.2 µm/ .00001“0.5 µm/ .00002“ 4346100*1 µm/ .00005“.0005mm/ .00002“ EDI-20302**ExtramessµMaxµm2001Digital Indicators see Chapter 5Electrical Indicating Instruments see Chapter 7* 230 V, for 115 V please refer to page 6-5** requires contact 4360045Order / inch

MaraMeter. Indicating Measuring Instruments for Inside Dimensions9-49Modular Unit System for 844 K Standard Measuring ProbesIn addition to complete Dial Bore Gages 844 K, modular units can also be compiled as required to suit a individual measuring taskand or application.Measuring Probe 844 Kk, Expander Pin, individual Ring Gage for 844 80Measuring probehard 4706284470629}}Expanding Measuring probe 94482340

9-50MaraMeter. Indicating Measuring Instruments for Inside DimensionsModular Unit System for 844 K Blind Hole Measuring ProbesIn addition to complete Dial Bore Gages 844 KS, modular units are available for assembly as required to suit a individual measuringtask and or application.Blind Hole Measuring Probe 844 Kk, Blind Hole Expander 012.6013.6014.6015.6016.6017.6018.60Blind holeBlind holemeasuring probe expander pinhard chrome 7}}4482028ø1435MeasuringdepthMeasuring depthMeasuringrangeMeasuring depth 14 mmNominaldimensionExpander PinMeasuringProbe844 Kk4482192Ring Gage Sets 844 KeFor setting Dial Bore Gages 844 K, 844 KH and 844 KS. Suppliedin sets to match the measuring ranges of these instruments. Canbe stored in wooden case of bore gages.Diameter tolerance 1 µmRing Gages 844 Ke are only available with the diameters givenin the table on the right.For all other dimensions use must be made of Ring Gages 355 Ewith dimensions as per DIN 2250 and with actual deviationengraved.For Meas. rangemm0.47 0.95 1.5 3.7 6.7 9.4 -0.971.554.27.310.318.6DiametermmOrder 016044701614470162447016344701644470165

MaraMeter. Indicating Measuring Instruments for Inside Dimensions9-51Modular Unit System for 844 KHolder 844 KgWith locking clamp for an indicating instrument and aconnecting thread for a measuring head 844 Kk. Heatinsulated handleOrder no.44708519544470070Right Angle Attachment 844 KwFor measuring bores which are difficult to reach, e.g. in tightspaces, on machine tools or when work piece bores are inconveniently located. For screwing in between Holder 844 Kg andMeasuring Head 844 KkOrder no.844 Kg4470821844 KvM6x0,754360013M6x0,75844 Ktø8For plugs with ø 4 mmand larger.60Order no.447082864Extensions 844 KvFor extra-deep bores. Screws in between Holder 844 Kg andMeasuring head 844 Kk for measuring range 10-18 mm.Length 64mm, ø 8 mm,4470110ø10M6x0,75Lifter 954Facilitates insertion of measuring probe in bore by liftingmeasuring spindle of dial comparator.ø8844 KkDepth Stop 844 KtFor checking diameter of bores at prescribed depth. Only to beused with Extension 844 Kv.Order no.4470115M6x0,75M6x0,754372030M6x0,75M6x0,75Order no.ø24Expanderpin844 Kw844 KkExpander pinMeasuring Probes for Special ApplicationsFor measurement of blind holes, diameters of recesses, distances between plane-parallel surfaces, etc. special models of measuringprobes are available on request.1. Measurement of the diameter of recesses*2. Measurement of plane-parallel surfaces* Requires holder 44711963. Measurement of polygon bores4. Measurement of inside serrations, see 844 Z Page 9-60

9-52MaraMeter. Indicating Measuring Instruments for Inside DimensionsAccessoriesStand 844 KstFloating Holder 844 KstsFeaturesFeaturesFor quick checks of bores in small work pieces. Hardened tableplate can be raised with lever, thus moving test piece intoposition. Plate can be clamped at any height for checkingeccentricity. Particularly suited to use with digital indicators,where appropriate in conjunction with data printers orcomputer equipment, in cases where determination of reversalpoint is inappropriate.For use in conjunction with Stand 844 Kst. Enables measuringprobe to find common axis of bore and measuring instrumentquickly and easily on insertion into hole, thus providingoptimum measuring speed and high accuracy. Particularlysuitable for small diameters, as measuring confidence isconsiderably enhanced.Table dia.Throat depth of armTable strokeMax. work piece heightOrder no.58 mm /2.28“45 mm / 1.77“30 mm / 1.18“approx. 100 mm / 4“Order no.4470105447010033,5Angle Stop 844 Ka63026Facilitates positioning of cylindrical work pieces undermeasuring instrument. For clamping to Stand 844 Kst.Order no.44701203858

844 K Measuring heads hard chrome plated, expanding pin made of stainless steel 844 KH Measuring heads carbide tipped on both sides, carbide expanding pin 844 KS Blind hole measuring heads hard chrome plated, expanding pin made of stainless steel Catalog no. Measuring Number Order no.* range of meas. mm (inch) probes 844 K 0.47 - 0.97 (.018 .