GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE – AFKL CARGOEnforceable as from October 4th, 2022GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALEAFKL CARGOThe General Conditions of Sale (“GCS”) hereby sets out the conditions of implementation of cargo transportation, tenderedby the Company to “AIR FRANCE”, a joint stock company organized under the laws of France, registered in the « Registredu Commerce et des Sociétés de Bobigny » under number 420 495 178, having its head office at 45 rue de Paris, 95747Roissy CDG Cedex France, and Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (“KLM”), a limited liability company incorporatedunder the laws of The Netherlands, registered in the Trade register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Amsterdam,The Netherlands under number 33014286 and having its registered office at Amsterdamseweg 55, Amstelveen, TheNetherlands (hereafter the” Carrier” or “Carriers”), on a regular or one-off basis. The Carrier(s) and the Company arehereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties”.These GCS apply to all one-off and regular transportation, irrespective of whether or not such transportation is subject toPrice Agreement or Price List, Capacity Agreement or Block Space Agreement (together referred to as “Specific Conditionsof Sale”) agreed between the Parties.These GCS do not apply to sales of transportation realized by Air France KLM French market, which is governed by Carriers’Conditions Générales de Vente (French version of the GCS).These GCS are entering into force starting on October 4th 2022. They supersede all earlier versions of the General Conditionsof Sale.PART ONE: GENERAL PROVISIONSThe articles 1 to 9 below apply to all one-off and regular transportation, irrespective of whether or not such transportation issubject to Price Agreement or Price List, Capacity Agreement or Block Space Agreement (together referred to as “SpecificConditions of Sale”) agreed between the Parties.1.THE AGREEMENT1.1. The carriage of cargo agreed between the Parties shall be governed by (i) the conditions of the Contrac t of Carriage asdisplayed on the back of the Air Waybill, (ii) Carriers’ General Conditions of Carriage for Cargo (“GCC”), (iii) the presentGCS, (iv) the Specific Conditions of Sale, if any, and (v) Carriers’ Local Conditions (“LC”). Those documents altogetherqualify as the “Agreement”. In the event of discrepancies and/or inconsistencies, the order of precedence (i) to (v) will apply,unless expressly stated otherwise.1.2. The purpose of the Agreement is to frame the transportation of the Company’s cargo, from a point of origin to a point ofdestination (hereafter the “Service”).2.BOOKING2.1. A booking is a firm commitment made by the Company to the Carriers to transport air cargo (including ancillary services)(hereinafter “Booking”). The Company must at all times keep the Carriers informed in writing of the last available Bookinginformation.2.2. After making a Booking, the Company acknowledges that in case of no show, cancellation (total or partial) or discrepanciesbetween the Booking and the actual shipment offered for acceptance to Carriers, the following additional fees may beinvoiced to the Company:No show fee*(For shipments that are not delivered before the LAT)Bookings up until 10 ton or 60 m335% of the total All-in Rate according to booking.Bookings above 10 ton or 60 m3100% of the total All-in Rate according to booking.* For deliveries after the LAT, Carriers will do their utmost to restore original forwarding plan. Additional costs incurred will be invoicedto the Company at cost. Any missed connections due to the late tendering of a shipment will be subject to this no show fee.Cancellation fees*(For cancellations within 24 or 48 hours of the LAT)CONFIDENTIALPage 1 / 8

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE – AFKL CARGOEnforceable as from October 4th, 2022Bookings above 2 tons or 10 m3 and under 10 tons or 60 For cancellations within 24 hours of the LAT: 25% of the total Allm3in Rate according to bookingBookings above 10 ton or 60 m3For cancellations within 24 hours of the LAT: 50% of the total Allin Rate according to bookingFor cancellations within 48 hours of the LAT: 25% of the total Allin Rate according to booking* Booking updates within 24 hours before LAT, for shipments above 2 tons or 10 m3 and involving more than 25% decrease in cha rgeableweight will be subject to cancellation fees mentioned above for shipments above 2 tons or 10m3.Booking discrepancy fees*(If significant discrepancy between chargeable weight at booking versus chargeable weight at acceptance)Low show for bookings above 2 tons or 10 m3If the chargeable weight at acceptance is more than 20% lowerthan the booked chargeable weight, 80% of the chargeableweight according to the booking will be charged against thebooked All-in rate.High show for bookings above 17 m3If volume at acceptance is higher than booked, the All-in Rateof the shipment may be adjusted. Shipment may be carried onanother flight due to capacity limitations. No ad-hoc fees willapply.Shipment booked as pre-build unit but delivered before 0.10 Euro (or the equivalent in local currency) per kilo. ShipmentLAT as loose cargomay be carried on another flight due to handling or timelimitations.In case of disputes concerning the above-mentioned fees recorded by Carriers, the burden of proof in supporting a potentialerror of calculation lies with the Company.2.3. Times shown in timetables or elsewhere are approximate and Carriers reserve the right to delay, cancel, divert and/or postponeany flight and have the right to alternate Carriers or aircraft without notice.2.4. All shipments must be booked in advance in accordance with the conditions below, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed inwriting by the Carriers.Carriers may refuse to carry a shipment if no prior Booking has been made or if information provided at Booking is notin accordance with the actual shipment offered for acceptance to Carriers.Rates and capacity displayed in the Booking are based on information provided by the Company at the time ofBooking. They may be adjusted in case of (i) any discrepancies between Booking and the actual shipment offeredat acceptance or (ii) any change made to the Booking details. In such event, additional fees and specific conditionsas specified in article 2.2. may apply.Company must update Bookings as soon as underlying shipment details are modified, in particular regarding theweight, volume or commodity type.Bookings should be made either online, by email, telephone or fax using the contact details shown in the LocalConditions of the country at stake, and indicate the air waybill number, the exact weight, volume and product typeas well as, if applicable, any specific agreement reference. Detailed information is available via local service office.Shipments are accepted on a prepaid basis only. Acceptance of shipments on a collect basis, subject to certainconditions and charges, is restricted to CDG and AMS. Contact Carrier’s local service office for the applicablecollect requirements.Depending on the destination, type and size of the cargo, contractual conditions and specific limitations may apply.Any related information can be obtained from Carriers’ local customer service office.The accuracy of the air waybill information is of utmost importance. Carriers may re-weigh and re-measure theshipment tendered. Based on the dimensions and weight thereby determined, Carriers are entitled to recalculatethe Rate and Other Charges and to add any applicable fee as appropriate. If the Air Waybill delivered with theshipment tendered does not contain all required information or contains an error or discrepancy, Carriers maycomplete, correct or re-issue the Air Waybill to the best of Carriers’ ability, without any obligation to do so.CONFIDENTIALPage 2 / 8

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE – AFKL CARGOEnforceable as from October 4th, 20223.INVOICING AND PAYMENT3.1.The Carriers shall invoice the Company for the Rates and for any applicable fee, tax, levy and Other Charge in line with theCarriers’ Local Conditions, General Conditions of Carriage and Specific Conditions of Sale if any. Details of these chargescan be obtained from Carriers’ customer service department and online on and MyCargo.3.2. Notwithstanding article 2.2. of the present GCS, invoices are issued based on the Booking information, the Air Waybill or itselectronic equivalent and according to the adjustments made in case of discrepancies between the shipment details atbooking versus those at acceptance.3.3.The Carriers’ invoices are processed via CASS or other available industry payment facilities (customer account) as agreedto by the Parties.3.4. Company shall be liable for all unpaid charges payable on account of any shipment, including sums advanced or disbursed bythe Carriers on account of that shipment. The Company shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Carriers against allclaims made by a third party in relation with the Service. The Company shall cover all damages, costs and expenses(including legal cost and reasonable legal fees) or other sums which may be incurred by Carriers in connection thereto. Inthe event where the Carrier(s) paid fees, fines, penalties, costs or other sums that ought to have been paid by the Company,the Company shall reimburse the Carrier at first demand.4.FORCE MAJEURE4.1. Neither Party shall be liable for failure and/or delay in the performance of any of its obligations under the Agreement in respectof the Agreement if such failure and/or delay is due to an event of force majeure (“Force Majeure”).For the purpose of this Agreement, Force Majeure shall mean, without limitation, any of the following circumstances: i) actsof God, explosions, floods, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, airspace or airport closures as a result of ashcloud eruptions orany natural disaster; ii) wars, hostilities, invasions, rebellions, revolutions, insurrections, civil wars, riots, acts of te rrorism,civil commotions or disorders; iii) acts, restrictions, regulations, or measures of any kind issued or enacted by any relevantgovernmental authority; iv) national strikes, lockouts, blockades or sabotages; and/or v) other unforeseeable events of suchnature that go beyond the Parties’ control and cannot be attributed to negligence or wilful misconduct of any of the Parties.4.2.In any such cases, the prevented Party shall immediately notify the other Parties by any means of the nature and extent ofthe circumstances. The Parties will discuss actions to take to remedy the consequences of the Force Majeure.5.MISCELLANEOUS5.1. Each Party hereto is an independent contractor. Nothing in the Agreement is intended or shall be construed to create orestablish any agency relationship, partnership, joint venture or fiduciary relationship between the Parties. In no event will AirFrance or KLM be held jointly or severally liable for the performance or non-performance of the Agreement.5.2.Except with the Carriers’ prior written consent, the Agreement shall not confer on the Company any right to use “AirFrance” and/or “KLM”, nor the Carriers’ name, logos, trademarks or other intellectual property whether in performing theAgreement or otherwise (including but not limited to) on any advertising media, any professional documentation, orally orin writing.5.3. Any failure at any time of either Party to enforce any provision of the Agreement shall neither constitute a waiver of suchprovisions nor prejudice the rights of the Parties to enforce such provisions at any subsequent time.5.4. The Agreement cannot be assigned, or be totally or partially transferred by the Company without the Carriers’ prior writtenconsent.5.5. Although the Agreement may be translated into other languages for convenience or recording purposes, the English la nguageversion shall prevail, and any dispute over the interpretation of this Agreement, whether directly between theParties or involving any competent court shall be resolved based upon the Agreement as written in the English language,any interpretation thereof being merely for convenience of understanding.CONFIDENTIALPage 3 / 8

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE – AFKL CARGO6.Enforceable as from October 4th, 2022ETHIC AND SOCIAL COMMITMENTS6.1. The Company acknowledges the receipt of the AFKLM Group Anti-Bribery Manual and commits not to deviate from any of theprinciples it contains. The Parties will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to anti -bribery andanticorruption (together referred to “Anti-Bribery Laws”). In particular, the Parties hereby warrant that they will not, offer,promise, give, authorize, solicit or accept any undue pecuniary or other advantage of any kind in any way connected withthe Agreement which constitute an illegal practice under Anti-Bribery Laws. The Parties also warrant compliance with thisobligations by their employees, suppliers or eventual representatives operating as part of the Agreement. The Company willimmediately notify the Carrier(s) of any observation of acts committed in violation of this involvements by this employees,and stop such acts immediately. The Parties must avoid all conflicts of interest or situations giving the appearance of apotential conflict of interest. The Parties are expected to provide notification to all affected Parties in the event that an actualor potential conflict of interest arises. This includes a conflict between the interests of the Carriers and Company’semployees’ personal interests or those of close relatives, friends or associates. Even where facilitating payments are notprohibited by law, the Parties must not use payment facilitation in the performance of the Services hereunder defined by theAgreement.6.2. The Parties represent and warrant to each other that they do and shall continue to comply with all laws and regulations relatingto labor, employment, working conditions, environmental matters and ethics as applicable in each of the jurisdictions inwhich the Parties have facilities and employees.6.3. The Parties’ failure to comply with Anti-Bribery Laws and any of the provisions of this Article will be deemed to be a materialbreach of this Agreement which will entitle the other Party to terminate this Agreement immediately without notice or penaltyby registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Company warrants the Carriers of any third party’s claim and shallindemnify Carriers for any damages arising out a Company’s failure to comply with the provisions defined in this Article.7.EXPORT CONTROL AND SANCTION LAWS7.1.Company is responsible for tendering shipments to Carriers "READY FOR CARRIAGE", in accordance with IATAresolutions and all applicable laws, regulations, procedures and policies of all applicable jurisdictions for shipments’ itin erary(including but not limited to France, The Netherlands, European Union and United States of America).7.2. Shipments tendered to Carriers shall comply with all applicable export controls and sanctions laws regarding the country oforigin, transit and destination and sanctioned individuals and entities in such countries, and Company will not cause Carriersto violate any such laws or engage in any transaction that could result in the imposition of sanctions on Carriers.7.3. Company is responsible for determining export, transit and import licensing or permitting requirements for its shipments andfor obtaining any required licenses and permits (including any required authorization for shipping U.S.-origin controlledcargo, dual-use items, military goods and/or technology).7.4. By tendering a shipment, Company certifies that the documentation includes all required licenses and permits, that thestatements in that documentation and any other information that the Company provides relating to exportation andimportation are complete, true, correct, and in compliance with the laws of the origin, transit and destination countries.7.5. Company understands that civil and criminal sanctions including seizure and forfeiture may be imposed for failing to provideCarriers with all required documentation, licenses and permits, and for making inaccurate, false, or fraudulent statements,or for violating U.S., EU or other country laws regulating exports or imports.7.6. Company further acknowledges and agrees that neither the Company, Company’s Customer nor any consignee of the cargois an EU Listed Person or a U.S. Specially Designated National or appears on another applicable sanctions list dependingon the origin or destination of the cargo and that the consignee is authorized to receive the shipment.7.7. Company’s failure to comply with export control and sanction laws and any of the provisions of this Article will be deemed tobe a material breach of the Agreement which will entitle Carriers to terminate the Agreement immediately without notice orcompensation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Company shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless theCarriers of any third party claim for any damages, including but not limited to penalties assessed against Carriers by anygovernmental office or agency, arising out a Company’s failure to comply with export control and sanction laws.8.PERSONAL DATA8.1. In the context of the implementation of this Agreement, each Party shall remain independent data controller from each other.CONFIDENTIALPage 4 / 8

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE – AFKL CARGOEnforceable as from October 4th, 20228.2. In that regard, each Party undertakes to process personal data in accordance with the GDPR and any other applicable nationallaw, in particular by ensuring the protection of the rights of data subjects, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality o f thepersonal data processed, inter alia by introducing internal organizational and security measures and by ensuring thelawfulness of the processing.8.3. In their quality of independent data controllers, each Party shall remain fully and individually res ponsible for the processing ofpersonal data that it undertakes under this Agreement, in particular against any claim for compensation made by a personwho has suffered material or moral damage as a result of a violation of the applicable regulations.8.4. In the event a data subject wrongly lodges a claim against a Party for the damage suffered as a result of the processing ofpersonal data undertaken by the other Party, this latter shall intervene at the first request in defense of the first Party i n orderto confirm its actual role of data controller with regard to the processing of the personal data of the data subject and thusexonerate, guarantee and hold harmless the other Party.9.GOVERNING LAW AND DISPUTE9.1.The Agreement shall be subject to, governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands.9.2. Should a controversy, dispute, difference, disagreement or claim between the Parties arise under or relating to the Agreement(each, a “Dispute”), either Party shall send the other Party a written notice by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.The Parties shall, in the first place, endeavour to settle in good faith such dispute by means of negotiations.9.3. IN THE ABSENCE OF AN AMICABLE SETTLEMENT WITHIN A PERIOD OF THIRTY (30) DAYS FROM THE SERVICE OFTHE NOTICE, THE DISPUTE SHALL BE SUBMITTED TO THE COMPETENT COURT OF AMSTERDAM, THENETHERLANDS.PART II: ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS FOR SPECIFIC CONDITIONS OF SALE (PA, PL, CA, BSA)The articles 10 to 13 below are additional provisions which apply exclusively, in addition to articles 1 to 9, if Parties ent eredinto a Price Agreement or Price List, Capacity Agreement or Block Space Agreement (together referred to as “SpecificConditions of Sale”).10.PRICING CONDITIONS10.1. For the regular transportation, Parties can agree on specific financial terms in Specific Conditions of Sale, in particular :Price Agreement (PA) or Price List (PL): Price Agreement or Price List sets out the specific pricing conditions offered bythe Carriers to the Company for air cargo transportation services, subject to the Company meeting the Target. Access tothe Carriers’ cargo capacity is subject to available capacity and minimum rate settings at the time of the Booking, and istherefore not guaranteed.Capacity Agreement (CA): Capacity Agreement sets out the specific pricing conditions under which the Carriers will providethe Company with a fixed amount of cargo capacity in weight and/or volume, on a given route and/or flight number, subjectto the Company meeting the Target.Block Space Agreement (BSA): The Carriers agree to provide and the Company agrees to pay for a fixed amount of cargocapacity in weight and/or volume, on specific flights, at the Negotiated Rates, subject to the Company meeting the Target.10.2. Performance follow-up, necessary in particular to evaluate if the Company has met the Targets, is based upon statisticsavailable at the Carriers’ customer service office and therefore, will be derived solely by calculations from the Carriers’records. The Carriers’ measurement is the only indicator for the performance follow-up and is conclusive and binding on theCompany, provided no justified claim is made by the Company within five (5) days following the notification of said statisticsby the Carriers.10.3. In case the Company does not meet one of the Targets, the Carriers may adjust or cancel the Specific Conditions of Saleafter informing the Company, at Carriers’ discretion, by registered letter with an acknowledgment of receipt, fax or email.CONFIDENTIALPage 5 / 8

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE – AFKL CARGOEnforceable as from October 4th, 202210.4. If, at any time during the performance of this Specific Conditions of Sale, the external costs of performing the services increasesignificantly, Carriers reserve the right to levy an additional charge to cover such increase subject to providing fourteen (14)days prior written notice to Company by e-mail. Such increase may result from new legislation or government acts, fuelcosts, currency rates, new or enhanced security measures or airport fees, without limitation. The Company shall be entitledto terminate the Specific Conditions of Sale. In any such case, Company shall notify the Carriers within seven(7) days from Carriers’ notice, by email, fax or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The Specific Conditions ofSale shall be deemed terminated on the effective date of the additional charge indicated in the notice to Company. Theadditional charge will only apply to services performed after such effective date. It will then automatically be applied to t heCompany, unless the Company has terminated the Specific Conditions of Sale.11.ADJUSTMENTSIf there is capacity reduction and/or other modifications to the Carriers’ network, the Carriers may cancel the SpecificConditions of Sale or adjust the Allotment pro-rata, based on the percentage of capacity reduction. The adjustment will becommunicated in advance to the Company.12.TERMINATIONNotwithstanding the duration mentioned in the Specific Conditions of Sale, the Specific Conditions of Sale may beterminated:by either Party, immediately upon written notice to the other Party, if a Party becomes insolvent, makes a generalassignment for the benefit of creditors or commits an act of bankruptcy or files a petition in bankruptcy or forreorganization, subject to the provisions of law and Carriers, immediately without compensation or judicial intervention, if the Company does not comply with legaland regulatory provisions, as mentioned in article 6 and 7 of the present GCS, or if the Company does not set tleinvoices within specified timeframe.13.CONFIDENTIALITY13.1. The Company shall keep confidential and shall not disclose the terms and conditions of the Specific Conditions of Sale andany information, documents, rates and data in connection herewith to any third party without the Carriers’ prior writtenconsent. The Company shall not disclose, reproduce, display or otherwise make available any such information, documentsand/or data except 1) to its representatives or employees for the purposes of implementing and administering the Agreement;and 2) as may be required by applicable laws or by order of a competent court or any other government or public authority,provided that the Company notifies the Carriers beforehand.13.2. The obligations set forth in this Article 13 shall continue to apply two (2) years after the expiration or termination of the SpecificConditions of Sale.PART III: DEFINITIONSThe definitions below apply to all capitalized terms used in the GCS and in the Specific Conditions of Sale.The terms of this GCS will mean as follows:“All-in Rate”: Air cargo transportation rate based on the Booking information, excluding any applicable taxes, levies, feesand Other Charges (e.g. related to screening, customs, DGR handling, etc.). All such taxes, levies, fees and Other Chargescan be obtained from Carriers’ local customer service office and they may vary depending on the origin and local operationalsituation.“Allotment”: Cargo capacity reserved and allowed in advance by the Carriers for the Company, on a given flight number orroute, as defined in Specific Conditions of Sale if any.“BSA Commitment Weight”: In a Block Space Agreement, mutually agreed minimum Weight to be tendered by Companyfor an Allotment as set forth in Specific Conditions of Sale if any.“BSA Underperformance”: In a Block Space Agreement, when the Company uses less than the BSA Commitment Weightagreed between the Parties in the Specific Conditions of Sale.“BUP”: Build-up pallet.“BUP Rate”: Build-up pallet Negotiated Rate.“Company”: The legal entity booking air cargo transportation on the Carrier’s flight.“Company’s Customer”: a third party to the Agreement who uses Company as its intermediary to organize and haveperformed the shipping of its cargo (amongst other services) by the Carrier(s).CONFIDENTIALPage 6 / 8

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE – AFKL CARGOEnforceable as from October 4th, 2022“Commodity”: Type of cargo.“Dest.”: Destination. “Dir.Flight”: Direct flight.“Discount”: Negotiated Rate consisting of a percentage reduction from the Market Rates.“End date”: Expiration date of the availability of the capacity made available by the Carriers.“Flat”: Negotiated fixed amount for a shipment. For loose cargo, this Negotiated Rate applies to shipments, which weightfalls between the related weight breaks indicated in the Specific Conditions of Sale, regardless of the exact number of kilos .“Flight”: A specific flight with corresponding flight number on a specific day of the week.“Freq.”: Weekly frequency according to the following aturdaySunday“From”: Origin.“LAT” or “Latest acceptance time”: Latest acceptance time of the shipment(s) by the Carriers for each flight as specifiedin the Local Conditions.“Local Conditions”: The Carriers’ local conditions specifying the Booking conditions and the operational specificitiesapplicable to the sales of air transportation for cargo handed over at the country of departure. The Local Conditions areavailable on the website of Air France KLM Cargo.“Market Rates”: Rates provided by the Carriers to their customers or available on request to the Carriers.“Max”: Maximum invoicing amount per ULD based on its weight.“MaxWt”: Maximum shipment weight below which the Negotiated Rate is applicable.“MIN”: Minimum collection amount for a shipment. For loose cargo, it applies from the first kilogram or pound. For palletizedcargo, it applies to shipments which weight is below or equal to the Pivot Weight. “MinWt”: Minimum shipment weight abovewhich the Negotiated Rate is applicable.“Negotiated Rates”: Specific agreed Rates set forth by the Parties in the Specific Conditions of Sale, applicable to thetransportation services sold hereunder on the basis of the Market Rates, subject to the Company meeting the Target. Theycan be either Unit, Discount or Flat. The Negotiated Rates apply to shipments which weight falls between the weight breaksindicated in Specific Conditions of Sale, subject to the minimum collection amount (MIN).“Net Rate”: Air cargo transportation rate based on the Booking information, excluding any surcharges related to fuel andsecurity, and any ancillary services, taxes, levies, fees or Other Charges (e.g. related to screening, customs, DGR handling,etc.). All such surcharges, taxes, levies, fees and Other Charges can be obtained from Carriers’ local customer service offic eand they may vary depending on the origin and local operational situation.“Org.”: Origin.“Other Charges”: The commodity type, handling, delivery of goods and/or any additional services may give rise to OtherCharges added on top of the Rate. Other Charges are subject to change and may vary depending on the origin/destinationand the local operational situation."Over Pivot Weight": Negotiated Rate per kilogram applicable from the Pivot Weight.“Pivot Weight”: Minimum weight for palletized shipments in kilogrammes used for invoicing purposes above which the OverPivot Rate shall be applied.“Product”: The Carriers’ cargo product segment: Express, General, Specialized or Customized.“Rate(s)”: Air cargo transportation rate based on the Booking information. Rates can either be “All-In Rate” or “Net Rate”. Alldetails regarding applicable surcharges, taxes, levies, fees and Other Charges can be obtained from Carriers’ local customerservice office and may vary depending on the origin and local operational situation.“Service Type”: Type of aircraft, either full freighter or passenger (PAX). When not indicated in the relevant box in SpecificConditions of Sale, the Negotiated Rate will be valid for all aircraft types.“SHC”: Code indicating the nature of the cargo (“Special Handling Code”).“Specific Conditions of Sale”: Terms and Conditions expressly agreed by the Parties to complement or to derogate to theGCS hereby, which set

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE - AFKL CARGO Enforceable as from October 4th, 2022 CONFIDENTIAL Page 3 / 8 3. INVOICING AND PAYMENT 3.1. The Carriers shall invoice the Company for the Rates and for any applicable fee, tax, levy and Other Charge in line with the